New CARS UPDATE in Fortnite! (Season 3)
Typical Gamer
New update Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 winning in solo cars gameplay live stream!
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  • Daniel Hare
    Daniel Hare

    I love the cars

  • Connor Hipworth
    Connor Hipworth

    Fu c. Kk

  • Ty Bishop
    Ty Bishop

    My brother always falls alseep when you make more then one hour vids

  • Ridgefield-Wilton CBS Leadership
    Ridgefield-Wilton CBS Leadership

    3:45:00 is what you came for

  • Xxsweat- God
    Xxsweat- God


  • Elvin Ponce-Rodriguez
    Elvin Ponce-Rodriguez

    Type 1 if typical gamer is the best. 1

  • Jude Dunne
    Jude Dunne

    typical church is the best

  • AwesomeAshwath1

    You are my favorite man

  • AwesomeAshwath1

    Yo typical gamer i love ya

  • AwesomeAshwath1


  • Sohum Mohan
    Sohum Mohan

    I can’t believe he streamed for 10 hours and didn’t get at least 😙1 victory royal

  • Kalmetrics Deliford
    Kalmetrics Deliford


  • Kalmetrics Deliford
    Kalmetrics Deliford

    Yoo I play with you

  • Sabera Samadi
    Sabera Samadi

    ng on Friday



  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph Howard

    im in sesine5

  • bruh I don't know
    bruh I don't know

    When mom says one more video

  • ARZ 7
    ARZ 7

    9 hours On my way! Captain I will die tg please stop streaming the 9 hours saying tg nah

  • SoundDrout

    3:44:07 Oh yeah bro The servers are up but look he's gonna go check cuz I said servers are up and he's gonna go check and the servers aren't gonna be up I'm going to laugh so much when he loads up and there not up Typical Gamer: Oh the servers are up holy smokes

  • Withrow Portugal
    Withrow Portugal

    Hello everyone! I would like to address something I have gotten many comments about. Yes, my background has changed because my recording space has changed. In my previous house we had a finished basement, and I would record there, and I was able to leave my recording equipment up (four lights, camera, tripod, mic, table, background etc). When we moved to this new house, I started recording in my living room but that was very difficult. It only allowed me to record during very limited days and hours (two hours a day on Mon and Fri). when the kids were not home, and I obviously could not leave all that equipment up because it was my living room, which means it wouldn't be fair to my family to have our entire living room acting as my recording space 24/7. And, it upped the chances of something getting broken, and I don't know about you, but I can't be replacing expensive items like that. Additionally, I got complaints about reflections in my glasses, etc, because I would have to take everything down and set it back up again every time I recorded, meaning that sweet spot where I was lit properly but didn't have a reflection in my glasses was hard to find again. So, I got the booth, put it in my basement and this allows me to not only record more often during the week because it's soundproof (meaning more videos, as you have seen this month) but, I could leave my equipment up so that sweet spot was always there. It has made my life easier and more productive. Now, I do plan on adding a back drop, putting some things in the back to make it more personal and homey, but there are also challenges there. One, it took a long time to get it set up and ready to use, and I just need a little break, and I have a lot of work to do, as well as family stuff happening. Two, it's going to take time and money to plan exactly what I want to do with it. Do I want to get a green screen and change up the background? Maybe, but then I have to learn how to use a green screen, and we all know how dumb I am with technology. Maybe I'll just put a back drop, a nice lamp, some books etc, like my last recording area, but that still takes planning and funds since most of that stuff either will not fit (so I have to get smaller, scaled down versions) or is being used elsewhere in the house now. I am working on turning the booth into something that is great, but it's one of those "do you want it done fast or right" sort of situations, and I'd like to get it right. For now I am happy that the sound quality is top notch, and I have the lighting set up where you don't see reflections in my glasses, since these have been challenges in the past, and I only ask that you allow me to enjoy these small successes for a little while before I move on to the next challenge. Some of you have said you are unsubscribing specifically because of the background, I am very sorry you feel that way, because my content hasn't changed, and I think the video quality has only gotten better. I am only one person, I don't work with a team. I do my own research, writing, editing, posting, thumbnails, everything, and as much as I LOVE what I do, it takes a lot of time, leaving very little for anything else. But, if you can be patient with me for a few weeks, let me catch up and get back on track, I promise the background will be so much more cozy and Harlowe like, it's really going to be great, but sometimes finding that perfect set up takes a little time. For those of you want to unsubscribe, I can't stop you, but check back in a little while and see if it's more to your liking, and maybe you will rejoin the community. For those of you who have had my back and have been understanding, patient and awesome since the start, I really appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. You know how hard it gets to be a human sometimes, you know none of us is perfect but we are all trying our best, and you are the ones who keep me going every day, even some days where I feel a little down. Thanks for reading this book. I'll see you in the next video!

  • Maricela Castellano
    Maricela Castellano


  • Misty Fireworks
    Misty Fireworks

    This stream is long bro

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    Yes it was just like the last one ☝️


    Yes yes

  • Hackis Flex
    Hackis Flex

    3:38 what is that contrail

    • Hackis Flex
      Hackis Flex

      3:38:49 what is that contrail

  • Tommy Jay_325
    Tommy Jay_325

    im sitting here still watching 6.5 hrs in hoping that you can pull off the car only win

  • Mücahit Durdu
    Mücahit Durdu

    Burak Durdu IT-my follow me

  • elma el
    elma el

    omg 9 hours 😱

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    Tap shotgun

  • Jack Marston
    Jack Marston


  • nikia sanchez
    nikia sanchez

    Post on you tiktok

  • Seaweed Brainn_
    Seaweed Brainn_

    5 million views :O

  • Austin Everhardt
    Austin Everhardt


  • Austin Everhardt
    Austin Everhardt

    Typical truck is the best

  • Austin Everhardt
    Austin Everhardt

    I love your video

  • Hustlehardmike22

    well that one way to spend a day of your life.

  • Scullcracker222


  • Luiss YouTube
    Luiss YouTube

    I fell asleep when the stream happened and I woke up my phone was still alive for some reason and I still see he’s streaming like I slept for 5 hours man lmaoooo

  • ayden williams
    ayden williams

    not tg plays 6:55:56

  • ayden williams
    ayden williams

    10.4mil sub and 5636926 mil

  • SoundDrout

    3:44:06 When the servers are not up blah blah blah Typical Gamer: Oh there up! Holy smokes

  • YoCross


  • Glitch

    I one of the 700+ friend requests


    Does he expect us to watch all of this bruh it is 9 hours

  • Apple man Gamer
    Apple man Gamer

    I don’t know how this man sleeps

  • Rylan Gaston Student
    Rylan Gaston Student

    I wached for 10 and fell a sleep

  • Sawyer Duncan
    Sawyer Duncan

    What a shot!!!!

  • Gabriel Richardson
    Gabriel Richardson

    I use code typical gamer

  • Dan Thompson Bateria
    Dan Thompson Bateria

    How can you play fortnite for 9 hours straight 😑

  • Emma Hampton
    Emma Hampton


  • Courtney Mitchell
    Courtney Mitchell

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  • Betty Mujica
    Betty Mujica


  • Betty Mujica
    Betty Mujica


  • Betty Mujica
    Betty Mujica


  • Betty Mujica
    Betty Mujica


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    Mark Sammon


  • Dino Ψ
    Dino Ψ

    3:48:52 thank me later

  • Ivan Payen
    Ivan Payen

    Are use your support a creator code



  • Brady Mitchell
    Brady Mitchell

    Typical Gamer: Excuse me sir, that’s illegal, you can’t just throw your gas can at me. Me: But killing isn’t illegal?

  • Бранко Аврамовски
    Бранко Аврамовски


  • Lorie Hudelson
    Lorie Hudelson

    There are no new fish

  • lukkaz3

    Im in season 4 know And there is a iron Man boss

  • oDiMo HCR2
    oDiMo HCR2

    5 million veiws

  • Willam Afton killer
    Willam Afton killer

    3:48:50 is were he gets in a car!!

  • FaZe_ join478
    FaZe_ join478

    I’m trying to join FaZe

  • Kitten & Dragon Gaming
    Kitten & Dragon Gaming

    omg cars

  • yara qahtani
    yara qahtani

    thats the best update in fortnite

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    This is the longest typical Gamer Stream

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