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  • LazarBeam

    "lazar looks stoned" ya must be new here. Eye disease is one hell of a drug lol

    • 200%awesome\ k
      200%awesome\ k

      LazarBeam 😂 LOL

    • Christopher Cheatwood
      Christopher Cheatwood

      LazarBeam honestly

    • Jessica Franco
      Jessica Franco

      Lol aydenn

    • Jessica Franco
      Jessica Franco

      Lazer I am a fan

    • Nicole Moreno
      Nicole Moreno

      Was holding your friend on fortnite

  • Damien Schmitt
    Damien Schmitt

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your videos lazar beam

  • RCN Sweaty_Kid_Ray
    RCN Sweaty_Kid_Ray


  • Alison Lewis
    Alison Lewis

    Can you do custom Mach making ever

  • Presto MagMag
    Presto MagMag


  • Alex Jensen
    Alex Jensen

    ßrõ thātş ætrâlïñ åś hëll TRY to read this =D

  • Scott Zakrzewski
    Scott Zakrzewski

    Hi I'm a big gig fan

  • Ry ry Gamer boy
    Ry ry Gamer boy

    We be aussies

  • Smooth_ Electricity
    Smooth_ Electricity

    Comments get spammed lol Yeet

  • Sabe Corleone
    Sabe Corleone


  • Sabe Corleone
    Sabe Corleone


  • Carson Chaput
    Carson Chaput

    Yeet, every time he said jewel I was just thinking juul Edit: It’s 2019 fellas

  • Andrew Bates
    Andrew Bates

    Iam British 😂🇬🇧 hahaha

  • Rolando Robledo
    Rolando Robledo

    Joogie is fresh in this video

  • Rebecca Arran
    Rebecca Arran

    Is it weird that I dream of playing with Lennon and Lachy on fortnite it would make my dream come true I play squads fill hoping I get to play with Lennon or Lachy

  • RNG apex playz \apex solo
    RNG apex playz \apex solo

    Rip crackshot

  • RNG apex playz \apex solo
    RNG apex playz \apex solo

    I remember og crackshot 1st came out

  • Jordan

    I like this duo better than fresh

  • YPG_Cronziee

    1:11. YoUtUbE DoEsNt GiVe Me AdS There are two ads XD

  • stuart forrester
    stuart forrester


  • pirhenz

    they need juul

  • Zynthol

    3:10 That’s what i tell my mom when she takes my juul from me

    • Sign In
      Sign In

      R.I.P you, lol you’re gonna die in a few years if you keep vaping

  • Zynthol

    I want a juul as well :)

  • Unbelted Games
    Unbelted Games

    8:59 when you’re broke but you really want to vape

  • SaVaG3


  • Waffles Kid
    Waffles Kid

    Rip joog lazar make a video


    What is the music in the beginning

  • David Cannon
    David Cannon


  • Logan Neiswonger
    Logan Neiswonger

    That default was me

  • Jadin Garcia
    Jadin Garcia

    👨🏼 👕 👖 This Is Ninja He Is A Bot He Has 100 HP For Every Like It’s 1 damage

  • alright then
    alright then

    half the time I thought you were saying Juul

  • Kryptic Bolt
    Kryptic Bolt

    Rip joogie

  • Limpo highroller
    Limpo highroller

    Britain is the best country

  • Stickii Gaming
    Stickii Gaming

    Who is watching in season 9

  • Cubby327 Gaming
    Cubby327 Gaming

    Suprised no one has noticed but 2:00 behind lannan the guy that killed Joogie is called "LazarBearBallSak" Just thought I'd point that out.

  • Jacob Leeson
    Jacob Leeson

    1:30 it was 3 hits

  • jdmstar

    When it says " enemy has jewel " it looks like lazerbeam is actually saying it

  • Dill Pickle's
    Dill Pickle's

    Anyone watching this 9 months later and when he says jewel we think he means juul lol XD

  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips


  • Shiitania Headspeth
    Shiitania Headspeth

    He is a. Dick

  • ethan trammell
    ethan trammell

    i have the wild card skin in fortnite even though it past the getaway but i still have it

  • ayden b
    ayden b


  • Mr Unknown ?
    Mr Unknown ?

    love watchen Lazar Beam

  • Ulrika Malmkvist
    Ulrika Malmkvist

    Pls don,t say bitch

  • The Bryce Johnson
    The Bryce Johnson

    Juuls are bad

  • Hyperzs 7363
    Hyperzs 7363

    New guns are coming out

  • Fernando Lopez-Largaespada
    Fernando Lopez-Largaespada

    juul lmaoo

  • Jack the king of Potatoes
    Jack the king of Potatoes

    Hey just to let you know that P90 is actually a Famas

  • B47 Sup
    B47 Sup

    Ur the best lazarbeam 😏

  • Dr. Menzy
    Dr. Menzy

    R.I.P Compact SMG AND Pump

  • Villicous Playz
    Villicous Playz

    4:25 everything in his inventory is vaulted 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😩😣😣😣😣😣

  • Kasey Jaracz
    Kasey Jaracz

    So can you get a win land an

  • JackyCookie 1107
    JackyCookie 1107

    It funny how much effort he puts into ruining someone’s day😂

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander

    4:53 I see no god up here *OTHER THAN ME*

  • Gage Brock
    Gage Brock


  • Colin Bower
    Colin Bower

    we need to get that juul

  • The cute little doggy
    The cute little doggy

    4:52 I see no god up here... other than me!

  • tik tok videos
    tik tok videos

    Can i have your ending song it has a lot of bass and i love bass

  • Kruze Hammill Vlogs
    Kruze Hammill Vlogs

    That is cooooool

  • Michael Marcucci
    Michael Marcucci

    Like the new motor but OK this bro why are you on fortnight people even in battle ring anyways anyways sorry if it didn’t catch your blade I’m using the

  • The Fantasy
    The Fantasy

    Nobody: Freshman girls: 3:10

  • fortnite ethan
    fortnite ethan


  • The Awesome Mario YT
    The Awesome Mario YT

    0:00 What is the music?

  • jonesyeb

    RIP c4

  • Stanford University
    Stanford University


  • jason zhu
    jason zhu

    im on 144p

  • Ryan Bloom
    Ryan Bloom

    I need me Juul I know you got the juul

  • Alexanardo 28
    Alexanardo 28

    Roses are red Boiling water creates steam In the fortnite item shop Use code lazarbeam

  • Mr. mo
    Mr. mo

    10 minute add revenue

  • Kingsamski 4
    Kingsamski 4

    I just waited in the van until it de spawned than it glitched me out and I was invincible and I still had my guns. I didn’t kill anyone though. People can see you and shoot you and dance with you while calling you a hacker and you’re just dancing or getting in the way of guns! Protecting the wounded by standing in front of them

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