[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch
Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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  • Deo Balinos
    Deo Balinos

    And already he got that whole Lex Luthor mad scientist vibe.

  • Noodles Sama
    Noodles Sama

    holy shooot what is this horror show lmao XDDso my guess his ULT IS GONNA MAKE ENEMY TRAPPED INSIDE A GRAVITY FIELDS OR MAKE THEM FLOAT TO THE SKY BOX AND WHEN THEY FALL THEY TAKE LOTS OF DMG xd wish you would have made a maybe younger male tank as we already have old male tank XD

  • Ryan Winter
    Ryan Winter

    Actually creepy

  • Gary Kline
    Gary Kline

    this gave me genuine chills. they completely captured madness and chaos in a short almost still video. how absolutely horrific and spine tingling.

  • Nihon Genji
    Nihon Genji

    my only request is that I can deflect his abilities.

  • Landon Greer
    Landon Greer

    This character actually looks dope

  • Sarina Hoffman
    Sarina Hoffman


  • Derpy Dude
    Derpy Dude


  • Felix Shots
    Felix Shots

    Forgive me for this but LIGMA

  • Gilbert Cobos
    Gilbert Cobos

    Where’s jet pack cat.

  • LEZO


  • illegalGucci

    Sub for SUB

  • Galactic blu
    Galactic blu

    0:39 : When you trying to get out of plat

  • naaecco

    He’s a 5head bois

  • Drat Enening
    Drat Enening

    sigma balls

  • Alexis

    so what we concluded here: Sigma is a literal maniac, so he fits right in!

  • john

    ok lex luthor tea.

  • Matthew Brune
    Matthew Brune

    Okay, if this guy doesn’t have a Megaman-Sigma themed skin, imma be disappointed

  • SGTV

    Awesome chills man awesome job blizzard! Can't wait

  • Bignuts inyourmouf
    Bignuts inyourmouf

    Sigma balls

  • Kumo Sakura
    Kumo Sakura


  • Freaker

    He is a Muse fan

  • Senor Shawn
    Senor Shawn


  • Laserjay123

    Am I the only one who's getting we gaster vibes from him

  • Grant's Gaming channel
    Grant's Gaming channel

    Cant wait to shoot rocks at them

  • BorderCxntrol

    Play the video backwards for secret messages

  • Vire ASMR
    Vire ASMR

    #1 TRENDING!

  • Typlosoin103

    Dude look like lex Luther

  • Jackson Kennedy
    Jackson Kennedy

    Blizzard trying to revive their game

  • Adolfy!

    I found this really creepy.

  • Koalamanda Bear
    Koalamanda Bear

    #1 on Trending “OvErWAtCh iS a DeAd GAmE” But seriously, he looks and sounds amazing. Super pumped for his release.

  • Hamzola 4
    Hamzola 4

    Sigma balls son

  • Other Southern
    Other Southern

    I really appreciate this more artistic way of storytelling, thank you!

  • aesthetic memes
    aesthetic memes

    0:46 what are thoes sound effects called

  • hungry Wolf98
    hungry Wolf98

    Well at least we know what the legendary skins are

  • Jerrrmyyy

    Sugma balls

  • •TheToxicKor•

    **Sigma entered the chat** **evangelion starts playing** The whole of the cast in Overwatch: Why do I hear boss music?

  • Überkritz

    Sigma balls lmao

  • Omar Munir
    Omar Munir

    Is this game still relevant? If so I’m buying it!

  • One spicy Kebob
    One spicy Kebob

    My boi lex Luther

  • bbb bbb
    bbb bbb

    sigma balls lmao

  • Staifu E.
    Staifu E.

    I don’t tank unless the team needs it but I Might play him for fun

  • Medic Main
    Medic Main

    This dude better be a tank

  • The Creamer
    The Creamer

    What the actual frick just happened?

  • Rogue Cheney
    Rogue Cheney

    Lex Luther

  • CasterMore 2118
    CasterMore 2118

    ...this guy scares me.

  • Shabaka Smkss
    Shabaka Smkss


  • SolarMx6

    Jekyll and hyde

  • fakingtrels

    So another scientist/engineer?

  • Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
    Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso

    *Sigma Balls.*

  • Dragon Kecske
    Dragon Kecske

    So sigma was before than zarya cause zarya use gravity as power

  • Max Montana
    Max Montana

    "What is that melody" ok... i am completely sure that sigma refers to a certain "character" that is accompanied by a particular melody of drums and flutes

  • Chuwie

    He became a mad scientist became he was tired of so many toxic overwatch matches. That's why he went crazy

  • Shrek - Sama
    Shrek - Sama

    Zarya mains in a nutshell

  • Hoi Hoi
    Hoi Hoi

    This is the best origin story so far, in my opinion

  • no no
    no no

    Sigma? More like LIGMA

  • abdou yay
    abdou yay

    Sigma balls *laughing in dead meme*

  • yos doggo
    yos doggo

    my man's being like diavollo

  • thomas hamel
    thomas hamel

    I feel like this is the most WTF character so far


    Sigma or Lex luthor?

  • Little Chimpanzee
    Little Chimpanzee


  • Mr Legitz
    Mr Legitz

    No alien lady that showed up in the pod with he ashe preview?

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    So....is he a good guy?

  • Egg Dude
    Egg Dude

    And that kids, is how I met your father

  • Blaze king
    Blaze king


  • The Eighth Moon
    The Eighth Moon

    Sigma... AKA the Character with the thickest voice

  • Chit Mon
    Chit Mon

    sigma balls

  • Darius Patterson
    Darius Patterson

    From the thumb mail I low key thought it was Lex Luthor with his green lantern mechanic suit on lol.

  • Young Bolt
    Young Bolt

    Check out my band if you like bands.

  • Tanvvir

    Rainbow six siege has Jim Gordon, overwatch has Lex Luther.

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