New Volvo EC200E Excavator!
Check out the new 20 ton Volvo EC200E Excavator below!

  • James Lindley
    James Lindley

    Will the 4 pot pull a 60 inch bucket in clay ????

  • James Lindley
    James Lindley

    Not much of a test in Gravel !! Some heavy virgin clay would prove its worth

  • Twisted Mountain
    Twisted Mountain

    Such a cool machine! What do these new 200's go for roughly? Also loved the ending touch, as well as the green frame on the MACK that was BA!

  • asang longchar
    asang longchar

    which Excavator is best for coal mining ?

  • God Pongsakorn
    God Pongsakorn

    When it a have in thailand?

  • John Gormley
    John Gormley

    Ok this one is gravel, but you make it look easy. And, you get paid to play in the dirt. I childhood dream.



  • Dean Ali
    Dean Ali

    Legend 👌👍

  • Berghof Hochwallner
    Berghof Hochwallner

    Sie sollten eine ruhige Kameraführung anstreben. Volvo und so ein Film!! Aber fahren kannst Du !!

  • Kimberly Excavator
    Kimberly Excavator

    FC. Form Thailand.

  • Ryan

    I just ordered the 160 for my business! Never thought id be making purchases and machines this big!!

  • Kosta Pleqi
    Kosta Pleqi

    Extreme videos Volvo amzing

  • Molotov With Lux
    Molotov With Lux


  • Mark Eddy
    Mark Eddy

    who is the music from???

  • Jorge M Rivera
    Jorge M Rivera

    you let him waiting. lol

  • last card
    last card

    I don't like a volvo. Excavator..because a lot of maintenance. Caterpillar is the best

  • MrSaemichlaus

    Why do tag axles on y'all's trucks look like they are glued on prototypes? lol

  • MrSaemichlaus

    As good ole AvE said: "Safety rules are written in blood!"

  • Foardhook

    2 bars of green on the throttle setting, in my 220 that's 1400rpm. If the 200 is the same that's very quick for such a low setting. Nice machine but next time I'll probably go for the 250. Had a Komatsu 200-8 before the Volvo averaging around 24-25 liter's per hour the Volvo 220 averages between 13-15 depending on the work I'm doing. It's faster and has more power than the Komatsu. I've never owned a Volvo before now but I have 700hrs in the 220 now and I'll be Volvo for life. I only tried the Volvo after watching how smooth they look in these video's.

  • **

    Volvo is a lovely machine

  • Matthew Meuleman
    Matthew Meuleman

    is the ec200e now a part of the letsdig18 fleat

  • Poppi2006

    This link was in my suggested viewing list - “A Day With Excavator Pro & IT-my Star Chris Guins (LetsDig18)” I learned that his grandfather founded the company.

  • Mohd Nazrey
    Mohd Nazrey

    Ford ranger design...

  • jamie knowles
    jamie knowles

    Could have got a nice round 15 on there 😂😂


    Hello you

  • Southern Farmer85
    Southern Farmer85

    Pretty sweet ending!

  • Tn Fescue
    Tn Fescue

    Love the sound it makes when swinging

  • teamidris

    What a honey :o)

  • Eocr8t Minecraft
    Eocr8t Minecraft

    48 inch I have a cx130 d with a 58 inch bucket

  • photocontrol

    That's a nice excavator! Liked the LETSDIG18 at the end!

  • Dakota stewart
    Dakota stewart

    Well the 160 is getting up there in age and it is your smallest you should upgrade to the 200 I am sure you like that it is so fast . Like the 200 it is different

  • Garret Lux
    Garret Lux

    That 750 is sweet. Lmao

  • Paul Goodchild
    Paul Goodchild

    recon nearly every new Excavator in UK use quick release Buckets so people put bucket on other way around when fill Trench with Concrete from Mixer Truck

  • MJE

    That thing is awesome

  • Brian Webber
    Brian Webber


  • Gio Michael
    Gio Michael

    Check out my Excavator video

  • Gio Michael
    Gio Michael

  • Joe Hlavacek
    Joe Hlavacek

    Did u do the letdig at the end or wus it them. That wus cool

  • Steve

    So have got a delivery date?

  • B

    Looks nice i used to operate a older 220 was a nice smooth machine plenty of digging power, hows the 200 for digging power ?

  • Neal Equipment
    Neal Equipment

    Still waiting to see how you enter to win one?

  • Keith Dunlap
    Keith Dunlap

    Believe that was 13 teaspoons full !!! Lolol Yep !! The "Letsdig18" at the end was pretty Sweet !! Awesome one Chris ...Thanks for sharing...

  • Retired driver
    Retired driver

    That I whole excavator and the truck operator are great the music sucks

  • John Furey
    John Furey

    Your next new excavator coming your way

  • Allen Breedlove
    Allen Breedlove

    Love it !! Can’t wait to demo this machine . I’m a huge fan of 20 ton machines .. Thanks for sharing Chris love all your videos.. Been watching for over 10 years now I guess..

  • Alita Battle Angel
    Alita Battle Angel

    You should get that EC750 next to you those rip anything out haha 😂

  • Scotabot

    Love that Zinc Chromated body on that Granite. Nice touch, as someone is thinking. And the Godwin dump body. Yes Sir, Dunn NC representing quality manufacturing!!!!!

  • joe tiller
    joe tiller

    Chris could operate the box it came in.

  • Alex Osborne
    Alex Osborne

    Ahhh, the joys of being a cracking operator and ambassador for Volvo.... You get to play with the new toys!! You could hear a pin drop inside the cab..... Oh, and there is nothing quite like hearing a gravel pile being shifted 😎

  • Jan van den Bos
    Jan van den Bos

    That Volvo 200 looks very fast and stabel excavator Chris 👌👍✌😎 i love these drone shots, and the music to it......!!! Wow these writing in the sand looks good Letsdig18!

  • nicktecky55

    Since a small boy, I've always wondered... how does the driver get the bucket to 'scrape' horizontally? Is it great skill adjusting the two movements? Or is there a clever balancing doodad?

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Very nice video until that music started "blasting" in my ears. Gonnnnnnnnnnne.

  • Arturas Smirnovas
    Arturas Smirnovas

    i have problem thit skid steer gehl , maybe you know whats the problem , then i work straight evrything is fine , but then skid steer go up hill or down hill , joystick starts vibrait if i go up i cant lift bucket down if i go down hill i cant lift it up , thank you for answer

  • jet kel
    jet kel

    Wonder what the $ price is as shown .....?

  • A jones
    A jones

    Looks quick

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    What will it be like on tree roots etc?

  • TheSoloAsylum

    Andrew Caramata Quake music.

  • TheSoloAsylum

    That's probably the fastest swinging heavy machine I have ever seen, that thing flies around..

  • Man With A Plan
    Man With A Plan

    Where is the thumb? lol Nice toy!

  • Primoz Secundus
    Primoz Secundus

    Justin didnt signed up with JUSTN?😁

  • Primoz Secundus
    Primoz Secundus

    It's fast.

  • apcheto

    here in europe we have EC140-160-180-200-220 in medium size machines

  • Elite Earthworks LLC
    Elite Earthworks LLC

    Man that thing is quick! Nice machine! Love the Letsdig at the end! 👍🏻

  • Clyde Acor
    Clyde Acor

    I don't know why they never had a 200 before now. They also had a 210 but every other manufacturer makes a 200 because the 200 class machine is literally the ultimate all around size and most popular machine for most excavation companies. And once you put a thumb on it I'm sure that you'd find the balance a little bit heavier out there with that bigger bucket.

  • Waylon dunkin
    Waylon dunkin

    How much horsepower was the 210 Chris?

  • B.k. Godbey
    B.k. Godbey

    How about a how too operate the machine videos for us who just enjoy watching and maybe how you got into doing this kinda work?

  • Stuart Luig
    Stuart Luig

    To me thats like a toy store, i bet its the same for you too

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Can you delete the emissions on these machines like on a diesel truck?

  • rico dykstra
    rico dykstra

    Do you own it

  • Joe Dorweiler
    Joe Dorweiler

    What do you have for excavators now i cant remember?

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