NHL Highlights | Canadiens @ Penguins, GM2 - Aug. 3, 2020
Extended highlights of the Montreal Canadiens at the Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Asiah Flores
    Asiah Flores

    Yes upload all the hits that lead to injuries and upload all the nhl fights

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Really Not Digging the Commercials at All, Interrupting the Highlights. My Goodness, Commercials during Highlights ?! 😑👎

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Really Not Digging the Commercials at All, Interrupting the Highlights. My Goodness, Commercials during Highlights ?! 😑👎

  • Francisc Szakacs
    Francisc Szakacs

    Money makes the world spin....

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    Had to watch ads almost every minute- useless waste of my time Google/IT-my Sucks

  • 146fx

    720p O_o? i didnt realise those were game from the 90s !

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      All great saves are belong to PRICE !! You have no chance to survive, make your time !!! Ha Ha Ha

  • Cassie

    Carey Price is 74 saves and 2 times having the second star in 2 games

  • Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
    Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia

    I was rooting for the Penguins, but I can't help but feel Montreal got shafted on that first no-call goal. ...no pun intended.

  • Hooti P
    Hooti P

    Let's go pens wooooooh we taking the trophy this year

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      Tatar slashed guentzel pretty bad on that empty net breakaway

  • Kit Mafu
    Kit Mafu

    Price was real good. The Habs has so many opportunities to win it. They didn’t seize them. As usual

    • Cassie

      How come some hockey highlights I can go full screen on iPad pro, but others clicking does squat🙄

  • Roland Tinker
    Roland Tinker

    I didn't understand the goal being called back after the pens knocked the net off Close game thanks to price hopefully game 3 GO HABS GO

    • Christmas Cookie
      Christmas Cookie

      It hit crossbar and did not go in

  • Fan Theory Central
    Fan Theory Central

    So good that hockey is back!

  • Sylent

    Imagine price was not on Montreal

  • lil tjay
    lil tjay

    price is carrying

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    Would've definetly been a 5+ goal game against the habs if they didnt have Price. That man is a legend

  • Dominiguez bolo
    Dominiguez bolo

    To me I really don't think the habs have a chance at getting lafreniere, I mean they are in the conversation to some degree I guess depending on how they do this first round vs the penguins, if they lose to the penguins in this series then the habs have a 12.5% chance of drafting him first overall but I still don't believe that the habs have enough chance of getting him because I believe there is at least 7 teams ahead of the habs who have the better chance at getting him... but at the same time nobody really knows anything is possible, the habs could probably get him at 12.5%..

  • Felix Gainey
    Felix Gainey

    Imagine being Carey Price. Knowing your wasting your career with a team that’s pure garbage. Plekanec and Markov was their team forever. Now what Gallagher ? Byron the one move wonder. Domi? Is the whole team stubby ?

  • HaNdYmAn 420
    HaNdYmAn 420

    We need the crowd's reaction!!!!

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      The habs want lafreniere too much to win this series , not that they had a chance anyway

  • andrew shepherd
    andrew shepherd

    Pens need this effort next game.. Habs wont go down easy


    All great saves are belong to PRICE !! You have no chance to survive, make your time !!! Ha Ha Ha

  • StanleyCupChampions GoBolts
    StanleyCupChampions GoBolts

    Really good goaltending on both sides.

  • j p
    j p

    Tatar slashed guentzel pretty bad on that empty net breakaway

  • hippie man
    hippie man

    That's the pens we know and love. LET'S GO PENS

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King

    How come some hockey highlights I can go full screen on iPad pro, but others clicking does squat🙄

  • Matthias Guldentops
    Matthias Guldentops

    Nhl what is up with all the ads man i am watching more ads than hockey

  • Nautics

    Subscribe to my channel if u r a Penguins fan lets see how many penguin fans are there

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql

    l'effort était bon et ils n'ont pas males jouer. La série n'est pas terminer

  • YTMichaelTV

    Can’t wait to see the next game: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Carey Price

    • FlawZ

      @rami ben carey price shut up

    • rami ben
      rami ben

      vs Petry

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Game three extra pacifiers have been sent for Cindy Crosby 🧸🚼😢😥 GO HABS GO.

  • iansteelmatheson

    AT&T Sportsnet? wtf channel is this and since when do they have hockey?

  • Dominiguez bolo
    Dominiguez bolo

    Yeah, #31 for the habs is playing great right now so far no doubt but I'm not going to get too carried away about him because to be honest he was not a top 20 goaltender for most of this short regular season that just past and that is facts and he was probably not even a top 30 goaltender.. and of course he doesn't have a great or a good team in front of him no doubt but because he's getting paid big time to do big big things like extraordinary things and to become absolutely special for them, he definitely has not been that for sure for most of this short regular season but I would say this for sure, at the end of the this short regular season he was starting to play a whole lot better but it was too late the habs were more likely to going to miss the playoffs even though they actually had a chance.. because they weren't that far out.. so mathematically they weren't officially eliminated.. But anyways the habs are in the playoffs because of the format changed we are very fortunate has habs fans, I mean the habs weren't absolutely the worst teams in league or else they obviously wouldn't be in the playoffs right now..

  • Pittsburgh B3nny
    Pittsburgh B3nny

    Price has been unreal...but there's no goalie alive that can keep that up against the onslaught the Pens have been giving him. Even machines overwork and break.

  • CpnStbn12

    The habs want lafreniere too much to win this series , not that they had a chance anyway

  • Quincyy_68

    The Canadians don’t deserve price i swear


    Price may be insane, but Murray has played pretty well in this series too

  • Landen Gregory
    Landen Gregory

    I feel as if Matt Murray really only ever performs when he’s in the playoffs

    • Av GOGO
      Av GOGO

      He plays better in play offs but he doesn’t play and in regular season only sometimes.

  • Luke RBLX
    Luke RBLX

    Let’s go pens!!! 🐧

  • Andrew Henry
    Andrew Henry

    Montreal is only in this because of Price ONLY REASON

  • Let's go Pens!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Monola
    Toni Monola

    That 2nd goal was sum Tiki-Taka stuff

  • Andrey Ugarov
    Andrey Ugarov

    had to make the 400th comment sorry

  • Linda Matile
    Linda Matile

    My dad practiced with Carey price. Price gave him his old skates

    • Eric Peacock
      Eric Peacock

      Cool, Linda. 😎👍

  • Christian Sarrazin
    Christian Sarrazin

    halack oups price joue bien mais en avant c est pas fort

  • SuperTugz

    Take a second to appreciate the 2 great plays Sheary made on that Zucker goal. Sheary gets a lot of criticism from Pens' fans, all of it 100% deserved...but that was awesome!

    • Eric Peacock
      Eric Peacock

      I've been watching him these two games. He looks ineffective out there. Too small. But yes, 2 Great Plays, 2 Huge Goals 👍

  • Dank Wolf
    Dank Wolf


  • DeejayNuKe

    I feel really bad for Price. He pretty much wasted most of his career away with a Montreal team, that somehow manages to appear worse year after year. If he wouldve played for pretty much any Top 16 teams, he'd probably have a couple cups in his 15 years so far

  • Tsang Tsung
    Tsang Tsung

    Thanka for showing all the ads NHL you goofs! Surprised they werent all BLM ads!

    • Eric Peacock
      Eric Peacock

      So there being diversified and Politically Correct. Monday is Sharks Lives Matter ( you know, with Shark Week and All ). Tuesday is Minor League Baseball Lives Matter.

    • Eric Peacock
      Eric Peacock

      Insanity !! Creating Racism, not Curtailing it. Absolutely Absurd. I think Wednesday is Oriental Lives Matter, Thursday , Jewish Lives Matter, Friday, Polish Lives Matter, Saturday, Luxembourg Lives Matter, Sunday El Salvador Lives Matter.


    Price going to win us one more this series yet, What an ANIMAL!


    Perfect scenario, as a die hard lifelong Habs fan, Habs loose in 5 with KK, Max, Suzuki and the rest of our youth looking good and getting experience, Price looking like the beast he has been and...... LAFFY2021........ Fingers crossed

  • John & Becky Pyo
    John & Becky Pyo

    more game sense

  • Gerard Vinet
    Gerard Vinet

    Alway's love Crosby's game play , even if I'm a Habs fan !!!!!

    • Felix Gainey
      Felix Gainey


  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen

    Y’all act like this is shocking. As soon as I saw the draft lottery I knew it was a set up for the NHL to give their little pretty boy another #1 pick

  • Daniel Sanford
    Daniel Sanford

    Four ads? Who are you? What have you become?

  • orser61

    literally nobody: Announcer: "YoEl ArMiA"

    • orser61

      @ukkelis kukkelis I looked it up after my comment lol!

    • ukkelis kukkelis
      ukkelis kukkelis

      That’s how it’s supposed to be said

  • lamrod83

    You can see the weakness of the habs that defense is too weak the pens is pounding so hard on them that carey price will not going to be able to stop all those shot is just a matter of time

  • Sandra Beninato
    Sandra Beninato

    Thank God Montreal has price if not it would have been a much higher scoring game for the pens I love my Penguins Go Pens Go!!!!!!

  • Adam Zielinski
    Adam Zielinski

    I was annoyed that the pens gave up that late goal. They do this constantly late in games it seems. Hope this doesn’t continue. Reminds me of the winter outdoor series against Philly . Just keep your focus 60 min!

  • Dominiguez bolo
    Dominiguez bolo

    To me obviously the habs need get forwards who could really score but the habs management are not going to look to try to fill those positions just yet because jesperi, Suzuki and of course droin for the habs are expected to be those answers.. and so far this series Suzuki and jesperi have been a factor but droin not so much.. And for me I'm a big Weber fan because even though he's not a dynamic puck offensive moving defenseman, one thing he does really bring a whole lot of is stability at the defenseman position, most of times when he's on the ice the other teams rarely rarely scores.. but offensively Weber is very good at playing off of others players but he doesn't really create any offense from the defenseman position and that's the issue that's why to me the habs really need acquire a top 2 defenseman who could really generate some offense and at the same time they could really play some solid defense to play alongside Weber because the habs don't really have that to be honest, most of their defenseman are one way players.. To me I expect a top 2 defenseman, to be really good at both ends of the ice.. For a top 4 defensemen and for a top 6 defensemen, expectations are different..

  • Darrell Chabaniuk
    Darrell Chabaniuk

    Read comments after ridiculous amount of commercials hope this cash grab will save your business because you will lose viewers your not the only game that plays clips

  • Darrell Chabaniuk
    Darrell Chabaniuk

    9 minute video 6 commercials not even a good game

  • pitfppyc kh bk9olc
    pitfppyc kh bk9olc

    Both Murray and price did good last night but contresversaly I think Murray had a better game

  • Darrell Chabaniuk
    Darrell Chabaniuk

    Way to cash in with all your commercials

  • Jacques Untel
    Jacques Untel

    Really pisses me off that CBC isn't showing the play-in games so we can watch Canada's team.

    • Tsang Tsung
      Tsang Tsung

      CBC would rather show diversity propaganda

  • secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch
    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

    Hopefully penguins will take the rest of the games but the question is which team are we playing in the playoffs if we go into round two

    • Michael-Mircea Moldovan
      Michael-Mircea Moldovan

      Carolina/New York the winner of this matchup I think.

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris

    Leave Sid uncovered he will score. LETS GO PENS!!!!

  • Jim Fox
    Jim Fox

    Sid - Best player on the ice - Reese and McCann were about as good as a porcupine in a balloon factory they couldn't have sucked any worse!

    • Eric Peacock
      Eric Peacock

      That's Funny !! 😄😄... McCann & Malkin are OFF right now.... Crosby & Murray are carrying the Team...

  • Bruce Yelohed
    Bruce Yelohed

    Carey price pads say CCM? Is that still the Company?

  • Forta hockey
    Forta hockey

    Go Montréal

  • Miner

    IT-my channels DONT choose where ads go or how many there are

  • dayne eagle
    dayne eagle

    to bad Canadians have to pay to watch

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