Nice Morning
Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman founded Laughing Man coffee so he could give back 100% of his profits to the fair trade farmers who grow it - and also to make himself way less of an asshole. That coffee is actual magic.

  • Seven Watson
    Seven Watson

    In some alternative universe Ryan and Hugh are conjoined twins!

  • Keith Deevy
    Keith Deevy

    We want to see that celebrity boxing match between Reynolds and Jackman, let's end this feud, Now!!!!

  • Danny Ohio
    Danny Ohio

    When X Men movies about Wolverine finally finished and you don't know what to do now

  • Mary S
    Mary S

    We own the states

  • James Dalziel
    James Dalziel

    "Dog not included"

  • Lenny Summers
    Lenny Summers

    I wish they had these kinds of ads all the time

  • ZoobiVan

    I like the music. What song is it called?

    • H3xon

      Anitra's Dance

  • Steven Atkinson
    Steven Atkinson

    Have watched this 5-6 times. Chuckle every damn time. Great coffee!!

  • Mr. Biswas
    Mr. Biswas



    This looks like wolverine morning routine

  • libicutos

    stuffed with cocaine too

  • Jey el w17cher
    Jey el w17cher

    Dog not included

  • JToxic

    The day this video was posted is my brother's bd

  • Agung Gumelar Goniyyu Putra
    Agung Gumelar Goniyyu Putra

    why why why XD


    "The dog's not included", lol

  • felixianto

    The name of the track please

    • Jay Ray (Official Channel)
      Jay Ray (Official Channel)

      Here's the song. Hope u like it :)

  • Yorhana Almeida
    Yorhana Almeida

    É o verdadeiro Rayan Reinadls? sim da coração

  • Ahmed Mo
    Ahmed Mo

    I'm on an ad watching streak.

  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams

    Damn. Now I gotta buy laughing man. My pockets are crying. I keep buying stuff I believe my body needs

  • Eggs, For breakfast?
    Eggs, For breakfast?

    BIGGEST CROSSOVER EVER jacksepticeye’s top of the morning coffee, Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gim and Hugh Jackman Laughing man coffee

  • Jockstrap Diaries
    Jockstrap Diaries

    Nicest coffee on earth? Why you gotta put it in those horrible K-Cups? Waste much?

  • The Holy Son Himself
    The Holy Son Himself

    Its the ✨hey kids, SHUT UP!✨ for me

  • RadStaz

    this is how wolverine became hugh jackman

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    how many do i have to buy to get my own hugh jackman? do i find him at the bottom of the box like a prize in cereals?

  • Baby YodA12
    Baby YodA12

    A typically Jackman we now

  • Shokhrukh Saidkarimov
    Shokhrukh Saidkarimov


  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones

    What about top of the morning coffee

  • Chloee Catherine Maki
    Chloee Catherine Maki

    DOG NOT INCLUDED! This outrage!

  • Jaz Diaz .-.
    Jaz Diaz .-.

    Los amo ❤

  • edunkerson

    Damn look at all that McIntosh gear $$$

  • Ceo of Falcon Mains
    Ceo of Falcon Mains

    Drinks espresso instead

  • SebSk

    _"(Dog not included.)"_ Lol only in 'murrica

  • Daniel Zhong
    Daniel Zhong

    Ryan reynolds commercials are the only commercials i actively search for

  • Olowo Jeremiah
    Olowo Jeremiah

    Hugh, Hugh, my man for the Reams, how on earth you keep person of wolverine, to keep his grace? I wonder at Logan I guess you should have kept it at Wolverine, #Wolverine, It you,. #YoungGod; help you so firm, keep at it, don't mind those that want to die, you keep at it, no worrie

  • Pat Sylvest
    Pat Sylvest

    Maybe I should buy a coffee pot.

  • Raully G. Teixeira
    Raully G. Teixeira

    Hugh Jackman: Absolute!

  • Eltacobueno08


  • John Godfrey Malig
    John Godfrey Malig

    Which one will *you* pick? Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee? or *Jack* man's Top of The Morning Coffee?

  • Arda Agaik
    Arda Agaik

    Me aloud: Is that Hugh jackman This is hugh jackman

  • Luke McDonladson
    Luke McDonladson


  • Aesthetic MIZO
    Aesthetic MIZO

    This is the first time i re-watch a ads

  • Vokena

    Who is this Huge Ackman, and why am i finding out about him this late?

  • Andrew Sanchez
    Andrew Sanchez

    I’ve already rewatched this five times


    Imagine their brands did a crossover and created an alcoholic coffee

  • James Silliker
    James Silliker

    What's the song at 0:27?

    • Jay Ray (Official Channel)
      Jay Ray (Official Channel)

      Here's the song mate. Hope you like it.

  • Александр Каспин
    Александр Каспин

    Music / song / track / sound: Jay Ray - 137

  • tewat umpa
    tewat umpa

    universal truth: everybody's a spawn of devil in the morning before we get our dose of coffee 😂

  • Sudhansu Sahu
    Sudhansu Sahu

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY . ''''Wolverine"" ( Huge Jackman ). Enjoy your birthday, Because the age of 52 Never comes again. 🙂🙂🙂 Laughing man.

  • Marta Nika
    Marta Nika

    Ryan Reynolds can be funny and a smart ass all at the same time kudos for him and i hope he keeps up the great work .

  • Tushar Bhat
    Tushar Bhat

    This video has probably the best like to dislike ratio of any IT-my video I've seen I think

  • Katherine Kass
    Katherine Kass

    October 11, 2020: "Hey sara" Shut up! "His s--- ain't broke"

  • tung lam vu doan
    tung lam vu doan

    0:16 get out of my lawn

  • Rm Wraps LLC
    Rm Wraps LLC

    Love to have that sound system... :) looks like Macintosh amps.

  • Boujée Insta Girl BoujéeBoux
    Boujée Insta Girl BoujéeBoux

    Ha ha awesome.

  • AL Videobricks
    AL Videobricks

    “Dog not included” ARE YOU TRYING TO CONN ME?????

  • Captain Irish
    Captain Irish

    This is great but have you ever tried Top of the Morning Coffee? Both are great in my opinion.

  • Sir MrMimeGuy712
    Sir MrMimeGuy712

    honestly the metal song was a banger

    • Jay Ray (Official Channel)
      Jay Ray (Official Channel)

      Here's the song if you're interested :)

  • Spyfullgaming

    Uh oh looks like hugh has some competition with jackseptic eye and his top of the morning coffee

  • Randall McGrath
    Randall McGrath

    They should do a cigar commercial next as a wolverine shout out.

  • Syazwana Aljunid
    Syazwana Aljunid

    I thought it was House/Hugh Laurie in the thumbnail😅

  • Blue Monster
    Blue Monster

    I want the cup😂

  • Shailesh Tiwari
    Shailesh Tiwari

    0:28 does anyone know if this is a real song? Can ye please name it?

    • Jay Ray (Official Channel)
      Jay Ray (Official Channel)

      Here's the song mate. Hope you like it :)

  • Chameleonic74

    Coffee pods. Worst product recently invented. Just goes to landfill as it is not suitable for recycling.

  • Pop Gas
    Pop Gas

    Now I’m scared.

  • random black hole
    random black hole

    3 million of us clicked on an ad and enjoyed it. Should advertisers learn something from this?

  • Sharp Xenon
    Sharp Xenon

    Sean is not happy

  • Terd Ferguson
    Terd Ferguson

    Your dog died btw.

  • Valifornia

    I need that dog


    I drank it im still an asshole .....

  • Galser100

    Whaaaaaat? No dog included? Dis+unsub!

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