The Bella Twins
Follow Nikki’s exciting pregnancy journey to becoming a first-time mom throughout all the baby bumps, belly lotions, nursery decorations and everything else leading up to the birth of her and Artem’s baby boy!
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  • wendy Stols
    wendy Stols

    i am so happy for you nikki

  • janita khalid
    janita khalid

    Is nikki get married now ?

  • coates_ tha_goat
    coates_ tha_goat

    John cena might be a good father

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      No he didn’t can’t have kids that’s why Nikki left him because she wanted kids

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy

    Congrats on being a mom I will be in uncle

  • Leanne Box
    Leanne Box

    Congrats im so happy for you

  • Arfan Kabir
    Arfan Kabir

    May god bless your child

  • Arfan Kabir
    Arfan Kabir

    Why did you leave John cena he was good I was really sad that day for you two.And I stopped supporting you nikki but I still like you.

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      She left him because he didn’t want kids and Nikki wanted kids so she left him to find someone who could give her kids and now she is happily engaged and is a mom to her baby boy mataeo

  • Adrian Iancu
    Adrian Iancu

    And you named Cena? 😅 Sorry!

  • Angelica Dorado
    Angelica Dorado

    I just couldn’t imagine you not experiencing this at all. You were made for this and you were ready. You’re a great mom. Congrats 🎊🎉🍾

  • Olivia H
    Olivia H

    Omgggggg congrats 🥳

  • Amy Mcguire
    Amy Mcguire

    AMY MCGUIRE Nikki Bella congratulations having a baby boy Amy McGuire Facebook page

  • Amasa Bigelow Bigelow
    Amasa Bigelow Bigelow

    I love you so much Nikki

  • Mattiasbaby

    nikki finally got what she wanted and i'm so happy for her and i'm so happy that she met artem, ngl i was very sad when i had found out a while back that nikki and john broke up, it broke my heart but then i came to the realisation that she wasn't really happy in that relationship and john couldn't give nikki the 2 things together that she really wanted, which was to get married and to have a child, i am so happy that she met artem and that he gave her everything she wanted :))

  • Bright Musonza
    Bright Musonza

    From kimberly musonza nikkie you are so beautifully love you and your baby😚😚😚😚💖💖❤❤

  • The Murphy Family
    The Murphy Family

    Awesome video love to see it

  • Carrie Williams
    Carrie Williams

    So happy for you Nikki. Your dream to be a mother has finally come true!

  • gagan deep
    gagan deep


  • gagan deep
    gagan deep

    Oh my god lol finally

  • Juliana Lopez
    Juliana Lopez

    Who else got an ad of John Cena before the video started ?

  • Donesha George
    Donesha George

    I’m not crying you are🥺❤️❤️

  • Bearpaw

    Respect for John. He didn't keep her from being a mother.

  • Giovanna Hernandez
    Giovanna Hernandez

    Nikki is going to be suchhhhh a gooodddd mommyyyyy!!!😄 Brie is alredy such a goodd mommm!!!😄 Love you soooooo much!!!😍

  • Maria Cyele silva
    Maria Cyele silva

    Com certeza você será uma excelente mãe.

  • Sierra's Kingdom
    Sierra's Kingdom

    I'm so happy for you Nikki. You went from thinking you won't be having children to being blessed with a baby boy. I bet your heart is so full and mine is for you!

  • Hayley Likeslemonsxox
    Hayley Likeslemonsxox

    Omg congrats ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I.Castillo

    Congratulations beautiful Nikki and handsome artem! So happy for you guys ❤️

  • Vicky Bakari
    Vicky Bakari

    im so happy for you Nikki

  • Mariane Therese Paguirigan
    Mariane Therese Paguirigan

    awww, god bless u guys!

  • Jemimah McKenzie
    Jemimah McKenzie

    God is so good

  • Cess Cess
    Cess Cess

    Congratulations to Nikki and Artem. How we love this family is unbelievable.

  • Stevany Polnaja
    Stevany Polnaja

    Congratss nikkie and artemm!

  • Ana Bertha Chavez
    Ana Bertha Chavez

    Cuando conoceremos a este hermoso bebé

  • Diana Laura Tlacomulco Sánchez
    Diana Laura Tlacomulco Sánchez

    De falseada

  • Yanara Penaloza
    Yanara Penaloza

    Don't think about going back to wwe

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      She has retired from wwe due to her neck and brain injury

  • Noah Dadoy
    Noah Dadoy

    Their Both Boyssssss

  • R_S-45 -HITS
    R_S-45 -HITS

    Like seriously ..nikki is a mommy...I can't believe..but congratulations dear fearless nikki...

  • 0nly_Lyric

    I love u so much Nikki when u took out Carmella in a tag team I love u so much ur baby is going to have the best mom ever one that will keep them safe I love u so muchhhhhh💕

  • Raquel Aguilar
    Raquel Aguilar

    Why would you sell your house. I know artem is going to be dancing with the stars, but for you to leave your first house next to your sister. no weno. You could of just rented a house. Think clearly. Love you Nikki

  • Heather Branham
    Heather Branham

    How is the baby's doing

  • Denise Haley
    Denise Haley

    I love you both so so much💖💖💖...

  • Markees Gunn
    Markees Gunn

    Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggg. Lllllllaaaaaammmmeeee

  • kimberly D.V
    kimberly D.V


  • Checa's Rasa
    Checa's Rasa

    Where john cena

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      She left him two years ago because he didn’t want kids and Nikki wanted kids simple

  • Icrimax


  • R_S-45 -HITS
    R_S-45 -HITS

    I am very happy for nikki and very excited for see the baby.

  • Jonathan Ibarra
    Jonathan Ibarra

    Congratulations beautiful Nikki love you

  • jenna kim
    jenna kim

    I Miss You Nikki

  • Chardonnay Ford
    Chardonnay Ford

    Congratulations Niki and Artem I was so excited to hear you were pregnant🤩🤰🏻. You both will be amazing parents💏. May God continue to bless your family👶🏻👣💙🙏🏽

  • Dakota Natomagan
    Dakota Natomagan

    I never watched the Bella twins in 3 years and I found out there both pregnant omg I was so happy

  • jahdyn Haynes
    jahdyn Haynes

    How many days are they apart

  • Bobody Nobody
    Bobody Nobody

    Hahahahaha could have been John cena

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      He didn’t want kids you idiot she is with someone way better that him be her new fiancé artem actually cares about what she wants unlike John

  • maria lim
    maria lim

    how i wish to see ur baby boy❤️

  • Coolboy YT
    Coolboy YT

    :( But not John Cena :(

    • Ben Walsh
      Ben Walsh

      He didn’t want kids that’s why Nikki left him because he lied to her about giving her a child

  • Ritws

    No one : Literally no one: John Cana : 🤧

  • cloby s rebecca
    cloby s rebecca

    Congratulations nikki i am so happy

  • Millicent Mutototwa
    Millicent Mutototwa

    Good luck with your kids 😊😇

  • Millicent Mutototwa
    Millicent Mutototwa

    You are the best female fighter l know. Good Luke with you kids 😊❤️

  • Liz Marquez
    Liz Marquez

    Congrats 🎉🎈🍾

  • TheOgy 7
    TheOgy 7

    John cena 😭

  • EM Famiily 2020
    EM Famiily 2020

    Nikki HES gonna kick som buts!?

  • Hendrik Yosia
    Hendrik Yosia


  • Glitter Baby
    Glitter Baby

    Obviously they are waiting for a magazine offer to show the babies to everyone...really???

  • Her Kimse
    Her Kimse

    Owww nikkkiiiii💋💋🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️

  • Ciada Hayes
    Ciada Hayes

    She looked so much like brie in the last sec of the video I know they twins but usually I can tell them apart. So happy for u Nikki can't wait to see the baby boy and know his name

  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres

    So happy for Nikki and brie

  • mara andrea buendia
    mara andrea buendia

    Congratulations 🎊 My Mommy Nikki Take cake always Iloveyou ang I misssssssbyouuuu so much 💕❣️

  • Lorencia Baartman
    Lorencia Baartman

    Nikki may god bless you and your beautiful son 😇

  • MusclecarsImportLove

    I’m so happy for you 😃 ✨👼🏼

  • Yen Vu Thanh
    Yen Vu Thanh

    love nikki

  • Kim Harrison
    Kim Harrison

    Have never seen 2 ppl (Nikki and Brie) so obsessed with being pregnant. I can understand Nikki since it was her 1st

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