Noob vs MAX LEVEL in High Heels
We're taking things to the literal next level with High Heels. I've never felt so high playing a mobile app game.
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Video Edited by Terry & MauriCleric
I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Samuela Stefkova
    Samuela Stefkova

    I play this game it is awsome pls do another video on it...

  • Iris Feegel
    Iris Feegel

    The cow print is actually Doja cat from her new music video

  • ꨄ ꨄ
    ꨄ ꨄ

    If I didn’t know gloom had a dog I would thought she had a bunny…

  • Muso Meyers
    Muso Meyers

    Girl go you ken doo et

  • Alex Cali
    Alex Cali

    I love ur outfit!!!

  • Brook Shelly
    Brook Shelly

    I like to watch this cuz i fail too much

  • Amanda Miller
    Amanda Miller

    Hi gloom

  • Cousins gacha
    Cousins gacha

    When my mom ask me to do chores oh no oh no *jumps of the clif*

  • Athalea rainbow
    Athalea rainbow

    It hurts when they do the splits.

  • Priscilla_mintcookie

    citronella is doja cat

  • April Denty
    April Denty

    And you seid it was easy to run in heels and you lost

  • Adorable Angels
    Adorable Angels

    Gloom: Citranella ( at least Cleopatra made it to the end) Gloom thinking about how Cleopatra didn't get to the end...

  • Strem

    Cintrenella is Doja cat

  • Chutamat Yongchaiyut
    Chutamat Yongchaiyut

    Kassie playing high heels *high heels app pops up*

  • Mahdis Momtaz
    Mahdis Momtaz

    This is my new favourite game EVUR

  • Sass Thrower
    Sass Thrower

    ok but the outfit 💅

  • -*Cookies and Cream*-
    -*Cookies and Cream*-

    Gloom doesn’t know that the moo moo queen was doja cat from the moo moo video

  • Adorable Angels
    Adorable Angels

    what Kassie is gunna say: This is for the haters well Citranella made it. What Kassie said: This is for the haters the- they well they tripped her they made her nervous. * shrugs Thx for reading such a long comment! >-

  • Becky Lee
    Becky Lee

    Like girl is your realy name archly gloom

  • Raif Murshed
    Raif Murshed

    I think where you got the name cintrnella to Cinderella

  • Gilmore Girls
    Gilmore Girls


  • Lara Maria
    Lara Maria

    Gloom is a gift from heaven! She makes our days brighter and better! 💙💙💙

  • aroop day
    aroop day

    9:50 beat that done that 5 pair of high heels beat that Kassie

  • Ella Tube
    Ella Tube

    You are pretty gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom

  • EagleRAGE114

    gloom looks so cute in the high heels combined in that outfit! she rocks that look!

  • Suneta Rostas
    Suneta Rostas

    I founed this game before

  • kitty queen 208 official spy ninja
    kitty queen 208 official spy ninja

    And no that's not fire its marker

  • kitty queen 208 official spy ninja
    kitty queen 208 official spy ninja

    You should play Friday night funkin

  • Aurora Rios
    Aurora Rios


  • Addy.S

    I already got the high score 6122


    I am a pro a this game at level 286

  • Jennifer Marshall
    Jennifer Marshall

    Bounce big is kinda inappropriate

  • Frankie Demodog
    Frankie Demodog

    " I'm going to get max level INSTANTLY" 2 seconds later she falls off a cliff

  • Duhnda

    She instantly won in one minute

  • Sahar Sisters
    Sahar Sisters

    Kassie should of got the Billie Ellish bonus level

  • KJ :3
    KJ :3

    In high heels I have everything and I’m level on 2894 I’m very lonely 🤠

  • Heidi Daniels
    Heidi Daniels

    I love how she is blaming the characters! Btw I love you kassie!💕

  • Chrissy Gojda
    Chrissy Gojda


  • J Lorenowicz
    J Lorenowicz

    Is Jane pregnant?! Lol

  • Lerato Thinyane
    Lerato Thinyane

    Yes adot time

  • sister,s craft time
    sister,s craft time

    I'm on level 101 I'm in grade school

  • Toca mine
    Toca mine

    I have this game so funny

  • Potato Fish
    Potato Fish

    You can tell how long she played this cuz her gems are quickly increasing

  • Remercia Dieubon
    Remercia Dieubon

    It’s fun because it’s fun I play it all the time and I watch you play it so many times like 1 million times

  • Remercia Dieubon
    Remercia Dieubon

    I play High Heels! and I always win why is your puppet friend hanging from the ceiling

  • little Lizzy teddy bear
    little Lizzy teddy bear

    What the game she sponsored?

  • Jazlynn Rivera
    Jazlynn Rivera


  • helloimlia


  • Rhaine Gumbs
    Rhaine Gumbs

    I have that game need help

  • Melissa Payton
    Melissa Payton


  • Strawbyzz

    Absolutely nobody: Cassie: Do u know what time it is? 🤧😏 *pulls boots* It’s not time to eat Mah shoes 🥲

  • Debra Adeyemi
    Debra Adeyemi

    I got up to the max level five times

  • Sylvio Synal
    Sylvio Synal

    0:18 *THE DOG ATTACK*

  • Andrew McElwain
    Andrew McElwain

    Your puppy got bigger

  • ¿ Cløudy_Nxght ¿
    ¿ Cløudy_Nxght ¿

    Tf is this a coincidence?!? The literal high heels app just made an advertisement on her vid

  • Alea Love bajer
    Alea Love bajer

    The character that you like her name is queen of dance

  • Antra Raman
    Antra Raman

    Not to be rude but please don't blame the character for you not being able to beat the level. It makes me mad.

    • Antra Raman
      Antra Raman

      @Zolewiczeggg Idk I know that it is for entertainment. I just think she should do it less. Sorry if I was being offensive.

    • Zolewiczeggg Idk
      Zolewiczeggg Idk

      That was the joke, she did it for entertainment purposes

  • Unknøwn_pøtatø

    I already went passed 4 heels😩👌🏻✨

  • Shantala bhat
    Shantala bhat

    I play High heels 😀 and I am in level 800..

  • Monique James
    Monique James

    The cow fit is doja cat from MOOO!

  • Natalia and August
    Natalia and August

    Where is Twinki

    • Zolewiczeggg Idk
      Zolewiczeggg Idk

      He sadly passed away, she made a video about it

  • Killa Qween
    Killa Qween

    Cassie: saying shes at max level at level 1 Me at level 400: sure Cassie

  • Sophia Lagarda
    Sophia Lagarda


  • Mosidi Motsau
    Mosidi Motsau

    KqawaaaawertyuiopBilly Ellish salon video about Billy Eilish he’s my favourite IT-myr I have I like her and Kayla I love everyone in this live well bye guys live and I love you guys because I love opening only one who can love me so you

  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards

    Typically used by the first time that eye for Richard Branson has been event event of event in the UK is a lot of people Richard and understanding of what the other day of

  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards


  • Viola A
    Viola A

    Can you say it like that it makes me sad 😢

  • Viola A
    Viola A

    GoOm you arethe best

  • sara rasouli
    sara rasouli

    i love how she names them and say it is their fault lol

  • Elora Kay
    Elora Kay

    I love gloom’s shirt

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