Odd1sOut Shorts Shotgun // All Dogs Go To Heaven? #shorts​
Happy Mothers day #shorts


    I hate that the add I got before this is longer than the video, like if you agree.

  • Riley’s Weird
    Riley’s Weird

    By this logic white people don’t go to heaven because we were bread into existence-

  • Drawing Disasters
    Drawing Disasters

    You mean the human I didn’t create we only have monkeys here

  • poképeeps

    Can someone tell this dude to stop only making shorts like for shorts and no videos in between

  • Mr. Corrado's Email
    Mr. Corrado's Email

    Where is calling shotgun from

  • Alan Pucilowski
    Alan Pucilowski

    i like these shorts

  • Tony The great
    Tony The great

    I actually remade the first comic and showed it to my non and she said “who made this obviously not you”

  • Malenie Leggo
    Malenie Leggo

    Wolves! I love wolves and dogs but wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wolves

  • lincx

    You cant call shotgun this an airplane steve he called shotgun 😠

  • blue ortiz
    blue ortiz

    God bless your dog

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    James: i call shotgun Guy flying plane:what in the living-

  • quickthinker

    Ion get that last 1

  • lucas cooking for kids
    lucas cooking for kids

    You can't call shotgun this is an Aeroplane

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams


  • ferret god123
    ferret god123

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noice

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      Georgi: where am i the devil: in hell god: your dog is in hell odd: oh

  • Jack Draws
    Jack Draws

    W oo ff

  • Prashant Kannan
    Prashant Kannan

    also in family game vid of yours chess is 99% tactics and 1% strategy and we are on the mercy of both the players minds

  • Noah Holvick
    Noah Holvick

    Make more long animations

  • SunshinePinkFox

    “ You mean the HUMAN that I didn’t create? We only have monkeys here."

    • 햇빛 쨍쨍
      햇빛 쨍쨍

      @Nexus 😂 “we only have common ancestors here”

    • Nexus

      we actually didnt evolve from monkeys lol look it up

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    James: i call shotgun Guy flying plane:what in the living-

  • Lucas Mateo P. Calma
    Lucas Mateo P. Calma


  • Collin Wilson
    Collin Wilson

    The last one had me dying

  • Christy

    I believe that ur pet can go to heaven!

  • Kai

    Where’s gabe the dog

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      pov: u forgot the dogs name was georgie and jumped bcs it’s ur name

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon


  • Shallow wolf
    Shallow wolf

    Good tging im a wolf :D

  • ADecentArtist

    That 'This is a bathtub' reference had to be intentional

  • The Video Box
    The Video Box

    Chickens being a domesticated version of the Red Junglefowl: *where am i*

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      James: i call shotgun Guy flying plane:what in the living-

  • kreeky

    Georgi: where am i the devil: in hell god: your dog is in hell odd: oh

  • Abdi Hassen
    Abdi Hassen

    I call shotgun no me no me CwEnsWD

  • Tree

    we gonn talk about the "this isn't the beach this is a bathtub!" reference

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    I just found out that james is his middle name and ROBERT is his first name

  • Jurassic nation
    Jurassic nation

    does god have dinos?

  • Douglas Milne
    Douglas Milne

    I watch all your videos the odd ones out even my player game you are the greatest IT-myr ever you are like the top 10 best as IT-myrs something but you are the greatest IT-myr

  • Charmaine Gillespie-west
    Charmaine Gillespie-west


  • Martin Muñoz Herrera
    Martin Muñoz Herrera


    • alida flus
      alida flus

      this is pathetic

  • Dx Hearted
    Dx Hearted

    Why we say airplane is a shotgun Me: is the law

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido

    pov: u forgot the dogs name was georgie and jumped bcs it’s ur name

  • aguynamedlink

    James: i call shotgun Guy flying plane:what in the living-

  • Bubble Narts
    Bubble Narts

    you could make this one short if you added a scene of the plane crashing because there was no co-pilot

  • it-my.com/watchvideo/video-Xrd60YjTTyE.html


    Am Planeguy120

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen

    I call shot gun (kicks the person and get in the seat)

  • sophia leia
    sophia leia

    If you had a pet wolf and you went to heaven that would be a different reaction..

  • Esteban Video’s
    Esteban Video’s

    Are you saying that dogs came from the pits of hell

  • Duck Derp
    Duck Derp

    This is why we have cats people Get cat now, cat in heaven

  • Five Arts
    Five Arts

    But you said you don't work on your bday month!

  • William

    Can we talk about the hula dancer on the airplane window

  • TheAdvertisement

    The dog not going to heaven because humans bred dogs is saddening but probably accurate to the Bible somewhere.

  • Marija Josifovska
    Marija Josifovska

    this is pathetic

  • Alex P
    Alex P

    Yo whats up odd1s been subscribed for over 3 years how you been?

  • Lotus Cat
    Lotus Cat

    0:10 Me sees pringal man

  • Jonas Jose
    Jonas Jose

    bro why do you make shorts now a days

  • EamonBOSS11

    Hey!!😡 All Dogs Go To Heaven

  • CatFishyYT

    I used to like your channel before you started these shit SHORTS

    • I hate being a meme✔
      I hate being a meme✔

      Dead meme

  • Loveme

    lol you can see mr pringles in the back

  • Vecinalfish Pac
    Vecinalfish Pac

    I didnt understand the "shotgun" one

  • Memes and Music For life
    Memes and Music For life

    you should make a video about superstions and if you already made that kind of video im an idiot :)

  • Hanako-Kun


  • fleurDelis munive
    fleurDelis munive

    STEVE he called shot gun.

  • James

    My name is also James

  • Dark

    Im sorry but you fell off hard

  • Ppl in da streets
    Ppl in da streets

    I mean he’s neither wrong nor right

  • Emerald Trex
    Emerald Trex

    Thank you so much you made a video just for me thank you doing believe it Had a wolf

  • Jay The Sadist
    Jay The Sadist

    Fillers for the new storytimes? Legit

  • Lobsters Ghost
    Lobsters Ghost

    I really wish I would be in a theOdd1sout video...

  • Marcel Telang
    Marcel Telang

    ✔ this does not mean its verified

  • Livnitch Afuan
    Livnitch Afuan

    Where do domestic dogs go when they die the hell or to an interdimensional dimension or to domestic heaven

  • New Apple
    New Apple

    Wait the the real thing that should be there are those bacteria that evolve into a fish to a lizard to a whole animal in the world!

  • brice srikaya
    brice srikaya

    The plane is already in the air so he can not call shotgun

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