Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more!
Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more!
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Oddly SATISFYING Video Compilation - ASMR , Slime Pressing and more!
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  • Lily Powers
    Lily Powers

    Not to be rude I can not listen to the asmr

  • Sahida Shahan
    Sahida Shahan

    The last one is not cheese . It is instant snow .

  • maria khan
    maria khan

    Which kind of slime is your favorite ? my favorite is cloud slime......if it is than give a like and if it not than also give a like

  • Gaming_withDA HorseStable
    Gaming_withDA HorseStable

    ∧__∧ (`•ω• )づ__∧ (つ  /( •ω•。) しーJ (nnノ) pat pat

  • Leann Huynh
    Leann Huynh

    This is my dream -3-

  • maria khan
    maria khan

    LOVE your videos

  • Moon Mukesh
    Moon Mukesh

    It is so good

  • Nicholas L
    Nicholas L


  • Poppy Burton
    Poppy Burton

    Azzy shut up we’re trying to listen to the slime!!!

  • Erin Lutz
    Erin Lutz

    Some times I don't know what you saying

  • Erin Lutz
    Erin Lutz

    I do not know what you are saying because I am a 9 year old girl 😊

    • Erin Lutz
      Erin Lutz

      I am also 8 I am about 9 i

    • poтaтo

      I'm 8!

  • Leah Gallagher
    Leah Gallagher

    Is it slime. Over Anything or is it food over slime

  • jose acosta
    jose acosta

    1i love you slime 2 i love ya slime 3 i love you slime 4 i hate you slime

  • N0va Animati0ns
    N0va Animati0ns

    *gets triggered cuz she doesn’t know fishbowl slime*

  • Wendy Multop
    Wendy Multop

    Neapolitan ice cream

  • Pat Thomson
    Pat Thomson

    Who thinks that u carnt even hear the good parts of it and only hear her VOICE

  • its zoe girl fun g
    its zoe girl fun g

    Pls give me a shout out azzy pls pls pls

  • Anna Pesiö
    Anna Pesiö

    Can you Make slime and do video

  • iris efidia
    iris efidia

    3:49 azzy:what is this? Me:slime!!

  • Michelle McGee
    Michelle McGee

    That made my life better !! Thank you .😂😂😀😀😜😜💓💕💞💛💚💙

  • Brianna Ragsdale
    Brianna Ragsdale

    KADRi RyLi Ryli Kadri

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva

    Do try to do not say wow it put on the satisfied videos.😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva

    Why does slime always get even satisfied? 😭

  • Amy Francisco
    Amy Francisco

    The ice cream 🍦 you were talking about was politen

  • Swati Srivastava
    Swati Srivastava

    I am a kid btw I wish I could lose weight I am not joking I am really fat

  • Sandie Renwick
    Sandie Renwick

    so sattesfiing sorry for my spelling

  • Kendra Schneider
    Kendra Schneider


  • Kylee Hansen
    Kylee Hansen

    Ice cream

  • Kylee Hansen
    Kylee Hansen

    It’s called Neapolitan

  • moomoomatt5

    am I the only one who gets kinda annoyed when she thinks everything is slime (please don't tell me im the only one)

  • Salve Orias
    Salve Orias

    Egg plant char??? What

  • Heather Macau
    Heather Macau

    does anyone know what that thing at 3:20 was?

  • jurgita pipiraite
    jurgita pipiraite

    hey Azzy l know lm late but can you react to poping boba?

  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow

    I think azzy should make her own slime ASMR

    • itsSassy Gacha
      itsSassy Gacha


  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow

    Slime makes me hungry because it reminds me of edible marshmallow slime

  • Jogo De Android 12 Thiago de Souza
    Jogo De Android 12 Thiago de Souza

    Gostosa do caralho

  • Kitty Playzz
    Kitty Playzz

    4:42 that is soap

  • Scott Lawson
    Scott Lawson

    Azzy you are so awesome!!! By the way I am also a girl that man on the picture is my dad🦄🦄🦄🐣👑🍕🍉🍑🍺🍭

  • Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover
    Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover

    You should do some videos with gloom. I Love both of your channels

  • Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover
    Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover

    When I saw pusheen my mouth dropped

    • Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover
      Oscarpoppyluna85 Pusheenlover

      pusheen love I

  • Egidijus Adomas
    Egidijus Adomas

    į laiko šis vidijo

  • Ella Slick
    Ella Slick

    Not hating at all I love you Azzy but you know nothing about slime

  • Ziva Falchetto
    Ziva Falchetto

    Fait une vidéo slime avec gloom

  • Lilac Rose
    Lilac Rose

    👁 👄 👁

  • Crafty Cookie
    Crafty Cookie

    Did you know that some clips were Hong Kong slimers?

  • Kiara Lewis
    Kiara Lewis

    Azzy: what are they doing to the slime. Me: they are sponges

  • Wendy Simpson
    Wendy Simpson

    Not hair, it's yarn, they are making hand spun yarn.

  • Tt Clarke
    Tt Clarke

    I like your chanel

  • Swati Jadhav
    Swati Jadhav


  • Natalie's world
    Natalie's world

    This is how many times she gasped Like and see your number and reply and say your number

  • Andrea Crawford
    Andrea Crawford

    lol I love you

  • J Chin
    J Chin

    It's not slime the car is crushing floral foam

  • Meg & Lily
    Meg & Lily

    Okay azzy thinking everything this video with slime is kind of annoying but I still love her

    • David Moore
      David Moore

      Leave a like on this comment if you want Azzy to make slime

  • Alyssa Craig
    Alyssa Craig

    Neapolitan azzy 😂

  • Catlover Heart
    Catlover Heart


  • lisa mckelvie
    lisa mckelvie

    I'm wearing metallic nail polish green and purple well I turquoise green

  • Lena Cokas
    Lena Cokas

    3:20 that cat is pusshen!!!

  • Super Slime Girl
    Super Slime Girl

    Azzyland if this was a wow challenge your ouuuuuuuttttttttttty

  • Anna'z Art
    Anna'z Art

    9.55 it's paint 😀lol

  • Annalise Putros
    Annalise Putros

    For the last one it was instant snow not cheese Like if u agree | | \/

  • Jess Murley
    Jess Murley


  • Stephanie Parker
    Stephanie Parker

    Do you know about 9/11 cuz I know about it about it

  • boey's comeond suby's
    boey's comeond suby's

    Can I make slime to🙀💞

  • MaxGame 201YT
    MaxGame 201YT

    Azzyland: ON *FLEEK* me: *da $&#$*

  • Cheyanna Singing
    Cheyanna Singing

    Maria Olivia Ciera greasy Madison jazzy Mary Raquel

  • Melissa Meyer
    Melissa Meyer

    Lol oof

  • Melissa Meyer
    Melissa Meyer

    I would share my slime but I’m already sharing it with me myself and I

  • XxOceanGurlxX Love
    XxOceanGurlxX Love

    This is how many times azzy gasped 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I listened to azzy how many times she gasped 😯😮😲

  • IW - 05DA - Corliss PS (1107)
    IW - 05DA - Corliss PS (1107)

    i mean leah ashe

  • IW - 05DA - Corliss PS (1107)
    IW - 05DA - Corliss PS (1107)

    i love azzy but i cant join her group or funnehs group bc nobody will pay it for me so i can join her i only joined leach ashe group on roblox

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