Officially got the FIRST 2020 Toyota Supra in California!!!!
Tj Hunt
Toyota San Diego ILYSM
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA
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  • sanramondrift

    Sorry bud you not the first one with a launch edition in Calli.

  • Floris Rodermond
    Floris Rodermond

    Revealing a Supra from a sheet while it is gonna be mass produced, you sir, should use your brain

  • filoIII

    Isn't it actually less of a Toyota and more of a BMW?

  • Verasign

    Black!! Supra

  • Darryl Wilson
    Darryl Wilson

    I already know what color it is cuz i work at the dealership the car is next to my stall lol

  • Salvador Hernandez
    Salvador Hernandez

    It will most likely be black to match the Mk4 supra.

  • Boosted And Bagged
    Boosted And Bagged

    You got a white one didn't you! lol

  • Adam Gary
    Adam Gary

    The Supra color is black with red interior i have a video of what I believe is tj hunts car it had 1 black Supra and 2 red Supras

  • Jeff Allen - The Travel Guy
    Jeff Allen - The Travel Guy

    Hi TJ, are you still getting the Supra? be interestinbg to know.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Congrats man

  • Fury Flighter FPV
    Fury Flighter FPV


  • Andrew

    I was in eastern maryland and i saw a 2020 supra on the highway. I run up next him, downshift and he took off so i followed suit. Dude, im in a 350whp e85 wrx and i was keeping with it no problem. I was are you gonna go anywhere or...? Nope, stayed right next to me. Fucking garbage cars lmao

  • Pickle_Rick_OG 14
    Pickle_Rick_OG 14

    The color is blacm

  • Charlie Newman
    Charlie Newman


  • AlmightyJaeciie

    $63k for the supra😎

  • GTA5 Livestreams
    GTA5 Livestreams

    At 5:27 you can see at the top corner of the picture there is a black mirror

  • Poppana Skips
    Poppana Skips

    Next video: Selling the 2020 supra

    • daren harris
      daren harris

      For a C8!!

  • JovicVidz

    He got white ez clap

  • Longhut

    lol it’s all black

  • Justin Xu
    Justin Xu

    The Toyota Supra is out I saw a few videos at a dealership in North Carolina. Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, North Carolina! The launch edition looks the nicest!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne K
    Joanne K


  • eternallyfaithful

    Congrats so dope 🤙🏻

  • Justin Vallenilla
    Justin Vallenilla

    It's red.

  • moosekie9

    Congrats on your BMW ripoff...

  • Martin Blanco
    Martin Blanco

    I have 1997 240sx vin number 100 do I have a launch edition? 😂

  • Daniel Seale
    Daniel Seale

    It is a black Toyota Supra

  • Them Idiots!
    Them Idiots!

    dumb! lol should of got the c8

  • SirCliamain

    Launch edition isn't worth the high price.

  • Royal Gold Family
    Royal Gold Family

    I would get a vet

  • Victor Ordonez
    Victor Ordonez

    I already that the Supras color is going to be black because you have it off on the mirrors

  • Dayne Rampersad
    Dayne Rampersad

    lemme guess pandem wide body or the genuine trd carbonn package

  • dadaduece

    $57K plus a markup for an oversized Miata. Jesus. They found some suckers with this car.

  • Leigh Mc Ginley
    Leigh Mc Ginley

    You should add the MK3 Supra to your collection as well 👍.

    • Leigh Mc Ginley
      Leigh Mc Ginley

      Team Nico I personally am not a fan of the MK1 or MK2. If I was collecting my self I would just have the MK3, MK4 and MK5 in my collection 👍.

    • Team Nico
      Team Nico

      and the mk2 and the mk1

  • StaticTube Matic
    StaticTube Matic

    Waste of time watching this tard.

  • rgregory23

    Standing by for the complaining videos cuz it’s not a Toyota engine 🤷‍♂️

  • David White
    David White

    That cars gay as fuck. Your gay as fuck.

  • Richard  Burgess
    Richard Burgess

    Youre a little kid why would anyone want to lisyen to you ?

  • Laiton Pope
    Laiton Pope

    It’s gonna be white

  • Yusuf Petersen
    Yusuf Petersen

    Why is it taking so long bro we have them here in South Africa already.

  • carlo desire
    carlo desire

    Go get a refund boy the new c8 corvette is here so you suck.

  • Christian Arthur
    Christian Arthur



    Who gives a fuck

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Paying over sticker for a mass produced car is really smart

  • Alvin Acosta
    Alvin Acosta

    Should've gotten a c8 vette instead of a slow mk5 supra

    • Lynx 4LGang
      Lynx 4LGang

      Fuck the new Vette. Its retarted. They might as well have made a supercar. Its unamerican and gay. Fuck outta here with that.

  • Salemdxb

    You wont change your mind and buy corvette C8


  • PJ Morrison
    PJ Morrison

    Seems to me like the guy’s daughter was the Sabrina before Sabrina🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Micheal Barns
    Micheal Barns

    I know what colour your getting it a white one and they look sic congrats on the car it’s got bmw parts on it

  • Grizzly Addams
    Grizzly Addams

    Dude! Ok, I gave you shit in your, sweating in a Ferrari looking for a Supra vid. HOWEVER, I feel you on THIS video because I was the first person to get a VW JETTA TDI in 1999! So yeah! Good job bro!

  • Tru Story
    Tru Story

    You have such a punchable face

  • morenobeyo

    You mean your BMW parts bin😂

  • Montreal StreetCars
    Montreal StreetCars

    What made the Supra special in the past is NOT present in this new car.

  • Humbly Driven Media
    Humbly Driven Media

    Dude, I can't wait for it!!

  • Tr Vlogs Car Life
    Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Congratz bro! Let's gooo!

  • Douglas Buck
    Douglas Buck

    How can SD be your home town when you're from Canada?

  • Rock town
    Rock town

    Up in Canada my local dealership is already driving there supra around. The gm bought it

  • Mariano Villa
    Mariano Villa


  • ArmedNewYork

    I would have spent the money on an R34. That "Supra" is a JOKE!

  • Drew Parker
    Drew Parker

    yay you just bought a BMW Z4 congrats

  • Dreamy

    A sucker born every second 😂

  • Lil Pew
    Lil Pew

    Why is there a porche in the beginning? Calvin wya

  • Carlos Aranda
    Carlos Aranda

    I work at Toyota and all dealers are only getting one launch edition and the some colors of the launch edition Supra is exterior absolute zero white or nocturnal black or renaissance red with interior cockpit red or black

  • MechE184

    Paying over sticker for a mass produced car is really smart

  • Kosova Ks
    Kosova Ks

    Ugliest car ever🤮

  • Jonny Villa
    Jonny Villa

    I would've gotten the new Corvette. Just the 60k base Vette will blow away the new BMW powered Supra. Oh, well each to their own. Congrats!

  • Phuong Le
    Phuong Le

    That's another car on the lift.

  • OperatorDOD

    #C8Corvette 0_o

  • Jasmine

    looks so cool

  • Ducati Guy
    Ducati Guy

    Everyone should ditch the crappy rebadged BMW Zupra and just buy the new 2020 Corvette instead since its about the same price range, mid engine like a real exotic super car and even way faster!!

  • Richie Braund
    Richie Braund

    Congratulations on your purchase of a bmw with a Toyota badge on it

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