Oh No It’s The Cops!
Danny Duncan
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  • KingFreddy001

    13:35 Karen rolls in. MEANWHILE 10:35

  • Gage Carman
    Gage Carman

    699 days later nuthin

  • Kayden Truckenmiller
    Kayden Truckenmiller

    I know that exact defy

  • potato man
    potato man

    The wild Karen appears

  • Regit Run
    Regit Run

    Salt and materwelon

  • Skating Kids
    Skating Kids

    Roman Hager does Ollie over Danny that was sick

  • Alpha_ Wolf kid
    Alpha_ Wolf kid

    Me:sees Karen Welp she's gonna be filmed

  • harry Antaya
    harry Antaya

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-ixowBfLN9Gs.html Pops and I made a big oxy-acetylene bomb!

  • Muhammad Bilal
    Muhammad Bilal

    watching this channel after 2 years. What happened to that asian/filipino guy?

  • Warrior

    I want to see Danny vs mr beast home run Derby

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    I read the title in the voice if the cop from super bad !😂😂😂

  • Kingz x
    Kingz x

    “What’s up big dick nation”

  • Isaiah Darity
    Isaiah Darity

    Me realizing he said his address

  • Jose De Dios
    Jose De Dios

    Glad im not the only one who eats tomatoes simply because you love tomatoes

  • Retarded Faggit
    Retarded Faggit

    Ya there causing trouble

  • Daddy yes
    Daddy yes

    i’m from florida too

  • Fresh Memes
    Fresh Memes

    just gives his address

  • Dareil Onez
    Dareil Onez

    Yo you past 250k likes push Frankie in the water

  • pickle on30ping
    pickle on30ping

    He low key kind of looks like pat Tillman

  • DylanMG

    What rockets were those?

  • Airplane Mode
    Airplane Mode

    4:12 lowkey got me lmao

  • Michelle Yobama
    Michelle Yobama

    it’s good to see Danny no? YEAAAAAAAAEAEEAAH

  • Tye Canon
    Tye Canon

    Anyone else feel like nick uses Danny for clout on his videos

  • Mohmed Magdy
    Mohmed Magdy

    Hate the Karens so much

  • Darkbanana

    Idaho made you hard Danny?????

  • Nick Krispy
    Nick Krispy

    Yall gotta be the only other teens in englewood because i cant find anyone to chill with lmao

  • H_E mikxyzz
    H_E mikxyzz

    410k likes push him in push him in

  • bill smith
    bill smith

    No brain trick needed. Refuse to leave childhood in the first place. No regrets.

  • I'm still deciding
    I'm still deciding

    When are you gonna push him in the water

  • Typical Rae
    Typical Rae

    like bruh this guy probably makes so much money lmao

  • Typical Rae
    Typical Rae

    imagine how much money this guy makes

  • MDP 77
    MDP 77

    Eww he likes cucumber Gatorade

  • TheFrenchZarrior

    If my boi was black and in that ball pit he would of been popped like pop smoke

  • David Crawfurd
    David Crawfurd

    omg the Karen

  • Hector Montes
    Hector Montes

    Can you do more fishing 😂😂

  • Owen Rhodes Vlogs and Games
    Owen Rhodes Vlogs and Games

    As seen on jackass lmao

  • j wasto
    j wasto

    if a criminal was stuck in a foam pit then the cops wouldn't be able to get them. They should have special foam pit training.

  • Yes

    Limon pupino

  • Krioz FN
    Krioz FN

    Who’s watching during quarantine


    I love tamatos too

  • nomz

    bruh danny duncan is cool and all but bruh how does he think stealing is funny if someone stole my shit I'd be mad too

  • Toastybops_on_ig

    Bro I live in Florida I hope I can see u in person

  • Ivy Flip
    Ivy Flip

    Dude they did this in jack ass 😂😂😂😂

  • GladHeAteHer i
    GladHeAteHer i

    I'm so surprised hes not a god at flipping he can legit do anything good af

  • Penny Penny
    Penny Penny

    That lady cop is cute as hell. Wonder if she likes girls.

  • Penny Penny
    Penny Penny

    Danny Duncan is kind of a douche. I only watch for Papa Joe.

    • Fuck Craig
      Fuck Craig

      Papa Jim fake fan

  • AutistiNisti

    *you wheren there for me, for fix the problem* *some little girls running* me: hmmmmmmmmm

  • Proffit !
    Proffit !

    lol what if the cops gun came out when he jumped in and they couldn't find it

  • The Luinqued
    The Luinqued

    21st may is my birthday

  • Ryan Novel
    Ryan Novel

    4:19 maybe dont light that next to tannerite


    literally all of his followers watched this video. HE officially has a cult following.

  • Jaime Vasquez
    Jaime Vasquez

    Black panther on the hunt for the volleyball!! WAKANDA FOREVA

  • Maarten Suijkerbuijk
    Maarten Suijkerbuijk

    Danny be like : I had a eraction for 4 hours next scene just kids running around 😂

  • Jacob Castoria
    Jacob Castoria

    GOD and JESUS loves you with all of their heart go get bathttised and repent from your sins

  • leinad95

    no wonder Florida numbers goin up

  • Holden Galloway
    Holden Galloway

    Yo my names Holden

  • Sneeble

    Why do the shirts have a censor bar


      It's to get around the fact that kids are getting in trouble for having the word virginity on a shirt.

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    Mater sammach

  • Max Moran
    Max Moran

    He said u weren’t there to help then cuts to the kids playing

  • CRT_SpArKz

    In quarintine baby!🤙🏼

  • Colin quesnel
    Colin quesnel

    thats roman from woodward

  • kehcan

    So are we just going to ignore how nick literally just comes walking in from the ocean

  • Pamela Mendoza
    Pamela Mendoza

    What shorts does sun hat kid wear?

  • Nathan Steinmetz
    Nathan Steinmetz

    At least I’m not the only one that eats tomatoes with seasoning

  • Ayden Clark
    Ayden Clark

    Literally the best IT-my channel, No doubt in my mind!

  • Various Layerz
    Various Layerz

    Aaron’s balance is ON POINT haha

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    Danny’s laugh sounds like a train whistle

  • Nikolas Mayorga
    Nikolas Mayorga

    13:42 everyone gangsta till Karen pull up

  • Matthew Kline
    Matthew Kline

    CEO of Karen

  • Rynn 00
    Rynn 00

    You knew where the light was all along

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