Okay, Gloves Off! #CROWDERRIOTSTREAM | Louder with Crowder
While CNN and the mainstream media are reporting that the riots are merely peaceful protests, Steven and the LwC team are your live source for calling the real balls and strikes. This couldn't wait for Monday, the gloves are coming off, and Steven's ready to call out the rioters and media!
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  • StevenCrowder

    What do you think? Who is propelling most of the violence in these protests?

    • Scotty G
      Scotty G

      I know that your a busy guy but if you have a few minutes this might be interesting, Hollywood has sold out to CCP Government. IT-my:- Whistleblower doctor's widow reportedly pressured by CCP; Wuhan mass virus testing results released

    • Kalamar_ from_Slovakia
      Kalamar_ from_Slovakia

      I´m from europe (slovakia), and sometimes when there is a football match or something and the hooligans are fighting eachother we use water canons, why don´t you use them in us.

    • Marie ELSTER
      Marie ELSTER

      @Eye Ore No Popeye's! No Peace!

    • Dutchy McSmoka
      Dutchy McSmoka

      you let out at least 10 clips with that stress ball in this video mate lol

    • William Stellmon
      William Stellmon

      The violence is being funded by socialist/communist groups seeking to establish their rule. Sorry "black people." But you lives are more disposable to these extremist organizations then they are to the police.

  • Steven Bennett
    Steven Bennett

    I know it could not happen but when I see these types of "PEACFUL PROTESTS" and see a guy getting chased by a pack of wild animals for wearing a fucking hat, I want Trump to say fuck it, I'm the POTUS and I've had enough, shut this shit down now! SEND IN THE MARINES! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Nubbeu Mcjames
    Nubbeu Mcjames

    Fuck I love this guy man 😂

  • Blue Ridge Garage
    Blue Ridge Garage

    Starting at 4:56

  • Scotty G
    Scotty G

    Hollywood sold out to CCP Government ............ IT-my:- Whistleblower doctor's widow reportedly pressured by CCP; Wuhan mass virus testing results released 16:00 minutes

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor

    Good I am glad I am not a cop and I am old enough that I am out of the guard

  • Vick Vinegar
    Vick Vinegar

    Lots of people get murdered brutally by lots of varying factions every day. And no outrage or nothing. This is all a scam. Noone cares about some random guy who got killed. It's just a buncha posturing. And what makes me cringe the most is all these ppl half a country away streaming themselves whining and crying oooohhh Floyd. What a barrel full of crap.

  • ArchetypeGotoh

    Oh my... This stream was a month ago? Goodness, the Left of this country has incredible destruction-endurance... like, if only they had this marathon-stamina for doing a damn job, they'd be the next billionaires by next year. They just need direction



  • nikidijawen

    Need to research more I wonder during the 1967 Detroit did many of the residence also loot and burn their own buildings and beat their own residences?

  • #1 Marmaduke Fan
    #1 Marmaduke Fan

    Start of the show begins at 4:54

  • kattay

    I have a question as a Canadian viewer who is both new to politics and ignorant of most US laws. Steven brought up the point that President Trump should have brought in the military to break up the violence. I agree with that. So many homes and businesses have been destroyed. Let alone the murders. Lives have been ruined. I assumed that the independence that each state has would mean that the Mayor or State Reps would have to ASK for the military to intervene otherwise the President could not act. Is this assumption completely wrong? If a President sees their citizens in danger can they suspend the State laws and step in? I feel like I've been misinformed somewhere. Thank you in advance for any information you can share :)

  • Christopher Fischetti
    Christopher Fischetti

    what happened to NotGayJared? just wondering

  • blarg bruh
    blarg bruh

    What is the timestamp for when he talks about the new Nazis and KKK and how he's been tracking them with the FBI or is that a different video

  • flamebroiledsquirrel

    "No systems, no structures"? Monkey's paw interpretation: the rioters coerce widespread defunding and/or abolition of police, exactly as they want. America becomes incoherent and fragmented, and largely lawless. The U.N., recognizing that America is "too big to fail", sends 50 million Chinese soldiers in with blue helmets as "peacekeepers". Does anyone really care to roll those dice?

  • SJWs Really
    SJWs Really

    CNN reporting about "protests" (well riots) from behind the police line and then criticizing police officers ad nauseam.

  • Nicoleeoo 19XX
    Nicoleeoo 19XX

    First of all I live in Cleveland and now I’m mad at you. But I still love you guys. And I know this was a while ago, but it was downtown Cleveland. I heard mainly about tower city and that area. I happened to be at a bar in mayfield when it happened.

  • SJWs Really
    SJWs Really

    Please do another one of these. I can't get enough.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    Yet so many called the COVID protestors idiots and stupid, not peaceful protesters and they were

  • Nick Milly
    Nick Milly

    Still don't know why people are protesting/rioting over here in the UK it's stupid it didn't even happen here lol.

  • xvx xvx
    xvx xvx

    Hey im not even sure if its this live stream but im looking for trumps deleted twitter video tribute to george floyd if someone could get me a time stamp thatd be awesome

  • Peter Limburg
    Peter Limburg

    Steven the government have been tyrannical since almost December i think it’s time do do somthing

  • Chris

    The guy with the glasses looks like an older version of The Video Game Nerd. Maybe that’s him but from a different timeline. I think he’s from the future.

  • brad yeager
    brad yeager

    So bc we got him then that means that our work is done all the bad cops are gone. We need to keep going.

    • Jebalita BattleBush
      Jebalita BattleBush

      Every protester belongs in jail, until BLM is crushed the cops deserve a free pass

  • statt spikech
    statt spikech

    Thats because don lemon is a cancer that just wants to feed the fire. There are so many people that understand that all lives matter no matter color gender and so on everyone matters. No one is special remember that shit

  • statt spikech
    statt spikech

    Lol gotta love 2020 jesus christ covid and dumbasses what a world

  • FanServiceFan

    "Triceratops…?" 2:24:50 two horns, I do believe that would be a biceratops. Unless you're counting the mask. If so, I guess that would be three.

  • Cheryl Patton
    Cheryl Patton

    Como is a clown. He's going the way of Joe Biden.😊!!!

  • Mikki Farmer
    Mikki Farmer

    CNN are truly full of shit. How the fuck can a protest be peaceful when a car is on fire? It's just another day in the life of the cocksucker news network.

  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel

    Anyone have any links to the Chris Cuomo CNN “protest” videos?

  • DizzAY 420 - TM
    DizzAY 420 - TM


  • Lostcoy

    This is paid for by probably Soros and or someone else. There is NO way they would let this go on for so long. De-fund the Police to bring I'm the national guard and God knows who else. Defunding the police is complete and utter Ignorance but hey, this is all set up. Funny how celebrities are in these riots. Like in my state one of those idiots Logan Paul or what ever his name is in AZ 3-5 min. Away from me was caught. Everything that has been going on all year has been planned. It has been 109 here in AZ dumbsh*its with masks on in this heat! Lol. But if the news says ppl are getting sick and dying the news is correct as they NEVER lie That is all they do.

    • Lostcoy

      They all know this is set up that why they are joking around about one of my favorite childhood actors being on tv and then was zoomed in on. Most young fold do not know who Edward is so he can blend in with though they are all funded. Ppl sitting back thinking this crap is Real just blows my mind. It is ALL staged for global reset and NWO which is far more nefarious then people even understand. Being chipped for a vax for a fake pandemic that can change your DNA, a compound to be used is Luciferase, the patent is 0606062020 = 666/2020 agenda 201 = 21/2021. Meanwhile, Elon is going around setting up cameras and satellites all over the world. Stand 6 feet apart so when it all goes live, it works better. For transhumanism. If you don't get chipped you will not be able to buy, sell,trade, work etc. Messing with DNA makes you no longer human and therefore you will only belong to one kingdom. Trump throws up the a okay sign which is 3 6's all the time the 3 fingers to the sky is Bathomets sign which Rome has a statue of which means child sacrifice. The tearing of sculptures down, burning churches, Christian persecution on its way. If you do not believe in God and he wasn't real why go through all of this to meet one end either join the dark or the light. All the trannies male and female is what the Bathomets represents male and female. Gay pride pushed so hard they are changing everything to make sure the elites help Lucifer bring as many souls to hell as they can before the end comes. We are in the end of the church period, heading to tribulation. Most Ppl do not believe in God anymore and therefore cannot see what is truly going on. Demon/spiritual attacks more so lately, myself included unfortunately. If there is dark there is light. WAKE UP and do some research and read scripture KJV. Or wait until the world literally goes to hell, hell on earth! What will be walking this earth soon will make all men or it that believe in God or not tremble and may now down to the false god. God bless all of you.

  • Lostcoy

    It looked JUST like Edward Furlong!!

  • dannyt4304

    Does anyone know the source of the black cop that kneeled on the white man’s neck killing him???

  • The Political Nihilist
    The Political Nihilist

    I think the worst state America has ever been in, in regards to race relations, was the American Civil War but thats just me. Also just like the ACW, the Democrats start it.

  • Luke Bullock
    Luke Bullock

    Where can I find a clip on Chris Cuomo's report on protests? That sound hillarious.

  • Shay Perry
    Shay Perry

    Don't like cop's,STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE!!

  • Shay Perry
    Shay Perry

    The white hat's are going to take out the evil forces in power WATCH TRUMP 2020

  • slim pickinsworld
    slim pickinsworld

    4:05:23 minute marks the Raptor moment:>) they do still exist.

  • Jim Cornette
    Jim Cornette

    They should've channel surfed back and forth to FOX, because they were basically just as bad. All mainstream media is just as bad as the next one.

  • Reese McKartnee
    Reese McKartnee

    man 3 week old vid and there is no difference in violence holy shit

  • Lcck dkdklod
    Lcck dkdklod

    Christianity is the one religion that can bring up together,it always was

  • OakForestBoys

    A back man doesn't feel safe in a white neighborhood, that's the funniest most deluded shit I've ever heard 😂

  • samuel griffin
    samuel griffin

    watch the movie "Meteor Man". the ending is sort of inspiring in these times. People were brave enough to band together to fight off the terrorists in their neighborhood and ended up not needing a super hero after all.

  • jase gtree
    jase gtree

    Gloves off hey🙄

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis

    This honestly reminds me of how the Radical Republicans alienated the south after the Civil War, twisting affairs such that white southerners would blame black southerners for their woes. Also, I like the approval for Atlanta's mayor; it's quite the contrast to the present.

  • JamCamGamer

    i’m one of the only obviously white people in my class (i live in hawaii) and i am constantly made fun of and almost set aside as an option for being a good friend because i share a skin color with the people that stole their land. When in fact my white side is either from canada or people who were in hawaii and were effected by the overthrow. I hate being white and i constantly go to the beach without sunscreen so i won’t have people using “shut up your white” as a comeback. It hurts when people are being racist and putting me down when they are mad at my race for doing that to them. Not to mention that in my class we we have graded discussions about BLM and protests and things like that. Because people make fun of me i don’t want to add to avoid conflict and i end up with a bad grade. I feel that the people who are complaining about everything being made about race are the people who are making it that way

  • Larry Harvey
    Larry Harvey

    Nothing has changed for me from any of this. Except I carry an extra magazine now.

  • J SkriptXXIII
    J SkriptXXIII

    I have to say I'm a creative writer, making sentences that have an "epic" vibe and coming up w stories that keep you on the edge of your seat is something I've been naturally good at since birth and I want to meet the person the wrote the script for the reporter at 48:50 because his build-up was amazing, the way he described the chaos in the county was perfectly worded and would take me a few minutes to perfect as he did. I've never gotten bad feedback from anything I've come up w or wrote (Though I am young and just starting). That was written by a professional.

  • J SkriptXXIII
    J SkriptXXIII

    "Oh we're gonna take this to the suburbs!"..... "Goodluck." lmaooooooo, oh shit honestly, we're bored as fuck out here.

  • Austin Chafin
    Austin Chafin

    The owner grabs the shotgun from the back seat. Doom Bfg division plays

  • The Official Cannabis Quality Control
    The Official Cannabis Quality Control

    I hope those blanket statements keep you warm at night

  • Daviceberg

    I kinda think that the worst race relations in America would be slavery but I agree the relations now are pretty bad

  • Clinton Stephens
    Clinton Stephens

    Peaceful protest that always end in riots....

  • ITPalGame

    Only the forceful intervention of the arriving Kingdom of God, taking over the world using benevolence, re-education from the ground up, under the laws of The Eternal, with the King of kings and Lord of lords, is the answer to all of mankind's problems.

  • ITPalGame

    Where are those microwave crowd deterrent dishes I saw on a show several years ago? Bring them out and roll them down the streets clearing the way.

  • henry tep
    henry tep

    Crowder loses discussion against gabriel, then threaten to call the cops. That's what we call beta energy. BEYTAHHHHHHH

  • Zephyr Wolffox
    Zephyr Wolffox

    I'd have done that drinking game with you, but I'm afraid I might die.

  • Max Steigauf
    Max Steigauf

    As someone who lives in the twin cities I'm pissed that CNN didn't show the damage these rioters did to the cities

  • NemesisPrime1984

    I don't like how you are making fun of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (mormons)


    Are you still faking being a conservative. You're bought and paid. Crowder you betrayed all of your friends and you don't know anything about the United States at all this country was made into a dictatorship by Abraham Lincoln when he violated the southern states his constitutional rights and started a war by attacking Fort Sumner. Since then we are not a country under the Constitution this nation is ruled by Dictator by a president instead of by the individual sovereign states of the United States but you don't know what you're talkin about because you're in bread want to be conservative or not the genuine article don't care about European white people you push multiculturalism your a fake

  • NemesisPrime1984

    Speaking about normal people being harmed by a.couple of misbehaving cops asking a passenger in the shotgun seat of a car that was parked for an ID and was dragged out of the car and tazed in the nuts for not showing identification.

  • NemesisPrime1984

    We can bring fascist and communist countries down to it's knees 70+ years ago but we cannot protect our own people and bring peace then we have failed as a world power.

  • Jay P
    Jay P

    I love Hermione Mix lol

  • Dallas Stevens
    Dallas Stevens

    youtube censored my comments on videos like your watching saying the things they are doing..

  • chucktwnkid

    You know CNN is fake news when they call a mortar a "firecracker"🤦‍♂️

  • Caleb Clifton
    Caleb Clifton

    It’s insane how oblivious the media is trying to be

  • David Jauch
    David Jauch

    The real question is, where do you get the music for your intros!? I almost never watched the show!!!

  • Yvonne Kissoon
    Yvonne Kissoon

    Democratic lawmakers.

  • FrankySaint

    These riots are a result of socialist propaganda in America's liberal media. You tell uineducated snowflakes that it's impossible to be racist to white people, and this is what happens.

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