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  • Nela Kukučková
    Nela Kukučková


  • Emily's Attic Arts
    Emily's Attic Arts

    1:36 the horse in the background was like dude are you okay?😂

  • Alvaro Dos Santos
    Alvaro Dos Santos


  • Lords Servant
    Lords Servant

    0:42 1:31🔁

  • Astrid yeribel Perez Hernández
    Astrid yeribel Perez Hernández


  • Astrid yeribel Perez Hernández
    Astrid yeribel Perez Hernández


  • Laura Jankauskaitė
    Laura Jankauskaitė

    Nice.funny and amazing

  • Lopey778

    Joooeeee you broke the trampoline... BRO. THE DOG. GET THE DOG. He was legit getting crushed

    • whats his name?
      whats his name?

      the dog was fine.

  • Patricia Monge
    Patricia Monge

    나는 나를 계산하기 위해 스페인의 은행에 의해 나에게 보낸 문서를 첨부

  • Paulina Socas
    Paulina Socas


  • Paulina Socas
    Paulina Socas

    Video from minute :600?

  • NoMaam

    pause at 5:38 and take that beautiful sunset in. Stunning.

  • Sagittarius Xo
    Sagittarius Xo

    4:21 I laughed to hard

  • Emma Sanford
    Emma Sanford

    Tank makes me want to cry because of how adorable he is.

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man

    I would worry about injuries

  • Billy Caplice
    Billy Caplice


  • HiYa Pal
    HiYa Pal

    If u fall... that is all.

  • Damian Burrell
    Damian Burrell

    Fffffffuuuuuuuunnnnnnnyyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Very funny

  • word news
    word news

    i like this videos it's very funny, i invite you all to see my channel i have many funny videos

  • Render Forest
    Render Forest

    0:01 lol

  • teresa ames
    teresa ames

    At 4:50 lady is saying something and I can't understand her does anyone know what she said?

    • teresa ames
      teresa ames

      @Jenna thank you

    • Jenna

      She said I think “we got your iPad fix for you”

  • daily life of the cats
    daily life of the cats

    Ops hhhh , welcome in my channel ,I have a funny cats

  • Mariam Joyce
    Mariam Joyce

    That big bouncy pillow i've been on it its in new zeeland

  • JfreNL Games
    JfreNL Games


  • Dalaxy TV
    Dalaxy TV


  • Dalaxy TV
    Dalaxy TV


  • Dalaxy TV
    Dalaxy TV


  • Dalaxy TV
    Dalaxy TV


  • Dalaxy TV
    Dalaxy TV


  • Nero Nets
    Nero Nets

    The Belly Dives its always the bests... NEVER FAILS to make me laugh! lol Ouch! It hurts sooooo much!

  • Владимир


  • sharyn Sedorefa
    sharyn Sedorefa

    Great video when you are bored😂😂


    I enjoyed this I would love To be friends xD

  • Toxic Crumble
    Toxic Crumble

    One time I was getting on my dirt bike and I didn’t know but i was holding done the thing that made the bike go as soon as I did it the bike lifted because I was not sitting on it properly then it was moving and I let go of the bike and it almost broke

  • Goodlooking Forever
    Goodlooking Forever

    I don't need to be racist or anything but this video only showed 1 black person on it that was really mean thats my opinion

  • Jordan Eberle
    Jordan Eberle

    So good

  • Marcus Huntley
    Marcus Huntley


  • It's Me
    It's Me

    2:08 "Oops"

  • Jewel Rayne
    Jewel Rayne

    Progect zorgo is watching

  • Martin Franco
    Martin Franco

    Put more funny videos to make me laugh 😂😂😂😂 please

  • Muneera Begum
    Muneera Begum

    It's not that much funny

  • Best Funny
    Best Funny

    Find More Fun 🤣🎉 Moments On Our Channel 🥳 We are looking for Critics 🙃 and Lovers 🙂 of funny collections 😊

  • Mentorcase

    Moorica, land of quality diving boards, trampolines and wire nuts!

  • Marwa Noori
    Marwa Noori

    Like it your watching this DURING CORONA VIRUS

    • CT Hutchison
      CT Hutchison

      everyone is watching during corona this was posted in may dummy like this is not going to get you likes if anything it will get you dislikes Edit: I gave you a dislike 😄 😛👍🏿 Edit2: you won’t get more than 10 likes

  • Siraj Soomro
    Siraj Soomro

    Americans Are Good People

  • Carson Washington
    Carson Washington


  • R4k7s

    4:08 my man kids will kill for breaking there slide that’s 💯 I don’t know if it’s slide but what ever 😂 I know it's not broken I'm just crazy why did I say that 🤦‍♂️

  • Taz Eagle
    Taz Eagle

    Not fonny

  • BlueBlazesWildcat

    Enough water-related fails! And quit showing clips you've already shown a thousand times already!!

  • JEnYBOss YouTube
    JEnYBOss YouTube


  • Joseph Komarnicki
    Joseph Komarnicki

    I sometimes like to, you know..... then immediately watch funny videos to see how fast I can snap out of my PNC (Post Nut Clarity)

    • TiaMystic


  • LOL

    great video dude ..... i think that your videos are funnier than mine..



  • Tremps


  • Norah Bear
    Norah Bear

    Why did those people jump on the trampoline with that dog that is so mean that dog probably didn’t like that

  • Nayeli Guadalupe
    Nayeli Guadalupe

    Tu yo piquinglis

  • ir10031981

    next Sunday May 17th, we say happy birthday to original host Bob Saget, and it marks the 5th anniversary of longest running host Tom Bergeron's last AFV, with Bob Saget joining him at Disneyland, and on Bob's birthday no less!

  • Johnathan Davis
    Johnathan Davis

    Not even funny👎👎

  • Yeetr Kiling
    Yeetr Kiling

    How do people find this stuff funny?

  • Patricia Gomes
    Patricia Gomes

    i was searching for funny videos!!! this ist not funny!!!!

  • Lia bailey
    Lia bailey

    You guys are too

  • 33 sunny
    33 sunny

    6:17 is that a di... oh sorry god😂😂

  • 33 sunny
    33 sunny

    2:33 ???: taser taser

    • 33 sunny
      33 sunny

      @Lia bailey haha thanks

    • Lia bailey
      Lia bailey

      You are the best one in the world 🌎

  • Xtremecherry 95YT
    Xtremecherry 95YT

    2:12 i guess they can live on there dated limited cellphone since nowadays not many people have computers they all have TV's and phones but am i the only desktop user on youtube???

    • Seth C
      Seth C

      I have a laptop 😎

  • TheSimpsons&MegamanFan2005

    What if you guys can make Coffin memes out of it

  • Lee-ann Radnidge
    Lee-ann Radnidge


  • Lee-ann Radnidge
    Lee-ann Radnidge


  • Veronica Verma
    Veronica Verma


  • Head Banger
    Head Banger

    At 8:30. Uh, hint hint.😉😏.

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