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  • Stokes Twins
    Stokes Twins

    If you want to be roommates, all you have to do is subscribe and turn on our post notifications and comment “done” when you’re done! ❤️

    • Ryxel Ramos
      Ryxel Ramos


    • Samuel Peña
      Samuel Peña

      I am done 🎄

    • harini venkatesh
      harini venkatesh


    • Mohit Datta
      Mohit Datta

      Literally Like Dream House 😁❤ I Loveed IT and ALWAYS LOVE To You Guys ❤🤗 Love You Alan And Alex ❤❤ A Very Good Warm Hug To 🤗🤗

    • ravi bhatia
      ravi bhatia

      Done 👍👍 I really want to be your roommate


    Me:forgotten that i didnt do the dishes yet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Me:Laying on the lawn watching this video imagining this is my house pretending to swim in the pool but swimming on the lawn Mom: Tresann get your ass up out of the lawn and go do the dishes! (hisses) out here day dreaming like an lunatic swimming in the grass! what do you think is under it huh dirt is under it and your wearing a white T.shirt and clean your room to you lumatic Me:I'm so sorry mom i just fell inlove with the pool Mom:(laughing) hey Janique come and look at your big sister out here swimming in the lawn saying she fell in love with her favorite youtubers swimming pool Sis:laughing and running to take a quick peek Me:walking of wishing my mom dont tell my big bro nor my big sis I was so ashamed guys😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen


  • Sania Sushil
    Sania Sushil

    I have a question.....who else lives here with you??? im very confused because Andrew, Shane and Tanner are always with you when you film... Do they live with you??

  • Gabriel EDM
    Gabriel EDM


  • Ratul Baishya
    Ratul Baishya


  • veda 1504
    veda 1504

    His hallway is bigger than my house 🤣


    Please decorate is so Empty

  • noorie vohra
    noorie vohra

    With who do they live

  • noorie vohra
    noorie vohra

    What is Alex and Alan age

  • Angel Polk
    Angel Polk

    ok all to be roommates done



  • Anaya’s world Diyanah
    Anaya’s world Diyanah

    One time Ben's IT-my video was sponsored by raycon

  • Anaya’s world Diyanah
    Anaya’s world Diyanah

    You guys sound the same

  • Leslie Padilla
    Leslie Padilla

    Why do they have a big house if there just 2people living in there that’s a big house just for two people?

    • Devanshi Nirmal
      Devanshi Nirmal

      there friends moved in with them.

  • Juliet Henry
    Juliet Henry


  • Shaurya Agarwal
    Shaurya Agarwal

    I want a house like that😥😥😱😱

  • Shazia Tamkeen
    Shazia Tamkeen


  • Yo bro Yog
    Yo bro Yog

    Me toooo

  • GoTech AKASH
    GoTech AKASH

    Can i be once in your house 🏡 with you both guys ☀ that would make me ❤️ to feel like best ever possible moment of my life 🌟

  • Naomi Pang
    Naomi Pang

    done also pls csn i live with u

  • Addy’s gaming Corner
    Addy’s gaming Corner

    I need a big house i Live in a apricot

    • Addy’s gaming Corner
      Addy’s gaming Corner

      I’m 9 though

  • Aiden Hart
    Aiden Hart

    I liked and subscribed so could I be roommates with you guys

  • 3mma Kwun
    3mma Kwun

    Sad they moved they used to live at my aunts apartment complex I saw them before but didn’t say hi 😭❤️

  • Isaac Gutierrez
    Isaac Gutierrez

    So, my name is Isaac, and I am Mexican 🇲🇽, so I'm done to subscribe and hit the bell. And I want to say about the Zoom call and the Raycon hearphones, so the hearophones, in the video I have the link and if we click in the link I can chosse whatever hearphones wan't, but I don't hnow how to do. Comment down below how to do it. The Zoom call, you can comment down below all the steps

  • Ayezza Whitte P. Zaño
    Ayezza Whitte P. Zaño


  • mari gold
    mari gold


  • Kancana Devi
    Kancana Devi

    Why do i feel alex got a smaller room..My thought

  • Keobokile Magano
    Keobokile Magano

    That shower is bigger than my bathroom man

  • Keobokile Magano
    Keobokile Magano


  • Jason Prass
    Jason Prass


  • Sparky The Dog
    Sparky The Dog

    i want to live in that house but i sisters

  • Vithurshana Mayuren
    Vithurshana Mayuren

    house isn't the correct word mansion is

  • vel roohan mathi
    vel roohan mathi


  • Vita Naat
    Vita Naat


  • Christy Chiu
    Christy Chiu

    D. for done. O. for one. N. for ne. E. for e. DONE

  • Estrellita Hernandez
    Estrellita Hernandez


  • Anthony Askander
    Anthony Askander


  • Zawmi Chhakchhuak
    Zawmi Chhakchhuak

    I love the pool

  • miri

    Wow your house is soo good ❤️ I wish I will buy a house like this ❤️💖

  • Snehalohar Snehalohar
    Snehalohar Snehalohar


  • Akshit Garg
    Akshit Garg

    Is this because of the coca cola experiment with mentos in tub

  • Esnairah Lidasan
    Esnairah Lidasan


  • nethara amarasinghe
    nethara amarasinghe

    DONE! i love to see a cooking video in this channel that would be fun!!!!!

  • Shailendra Gupta
    Shailendra Gupta


  • Sofia Pacheco
    Sofia Pacheco


  • Laura Asnis
    Laura Asnis

    A brand sponsored of video do they like tell you what to do in the video if they do like just answer this comment because I guess I really really really really really really really want you to answer this because like I've always wondered it and yeah I said a lot of really really really in this video so Yadi Yadi yes yes okay I'm Gucci by😐✌✌✌✌✌✌✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  • Ann Butterfield
    Ann Butterfield


  • Alanna Lancaster
    Alanna Lancaster

    Me looking at there house be like 👁👄👁

  • Nabam Yama
    Nabam Yama


  • channelメリー自由人


  • Kapil Ram
    Kapil Ram

    Was it a heaven 😃😃😀😀😀

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King

    Is oils love to move in 😂😂🥺😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but I am British

  • Jonathan Villarreal
    Jonathan Villarreal


  • Mahnoor Sarwar
    Mahnoor Sarwar

    When I thought they’re house can’t get better then they pull out a 2nd kitchen

  • Enncee Leonard
    Enncee Leonard


  • Enncee Leonard
    Enncee Leonard

    You guys have been on IT-my for a long time and I still don't know which one is which 🙁

  • Bhumik salunkhe
    Bhumik salunkhe

    Best house i have ever seen!

  • Arpita Sapra
    Arpita Sapra

    The size of your closet is bigger than my room 😭😂

  • Jayachandra R L
    Jayachandra R L

    I think there is a movie hall

  • Faiza Faqi
    Faiza Faqi

    this is how many times they said but 👇

  • Shorty

    This is how much times he said every room as a rest room 👇

  • Shorty


  • Jayjay Singham
    Jayjay Singham

    I like Alex hair specifically in this video

  • Kershia Elliana
    Kershia Elliana

    Woow all of that because of u tube congrat twins

  • Healing Mind Body Soul
    Healing Mind Body Soul

    Done pls pick me

  • Ashton Sebastian
    Ashton Sebastian


  • ImIk Fun Arts Productions
    ImIk Fun Arts Productions

    Their house is so big that it can accomodate giants. That's why the door is 10 ft.

  • Raunak Sharma
    Raunak Sharma

    Such a great kitchen, I just can't get all of it in. Wowwwwww... MATTER of fact, I don't cook a lot but I don't wanna get out of the kitchen, I might as well do all the cooking. 😂

  • Braylei Rose
    Braylei Rose


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