Our Snake Gave Birth to a Double-Headed Baby!
Snake Discovery
The title says it all- Prius (our garter snake) gave birth to a wonderful clutch of babies, including one with two heads. Unfortunately I don't think the little guy is going to make it, but he's still a fascinating animal nonetheless!
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  • Snake Discovery
    Snake Discovery

    Update: Still don't get attached, but I was able to get some tilapia in him last night 🥰

    • Durpy_ Meowth
      Durpy_ Meowth

      Im attached

    • The bløød łMøønł
      The bløød łMøønł

      I will try.

    • Łazý Eggs
      Łazý Eggs

      Did you keep de two headed baby snake?

    • Its Corona Time
      Its Corona Time

      Did he die?

    • Prosperos Moon
      Prosperos Moon

      He probably won't, but I hope he survives

  • Ashley Sineath
    Ashley Sineath

    How is the two headed snake doing?

  • Angry Muffin04
    Angry Muffin04

    Is a 2 headed snake a snake with 2 heads or 2 snakes with 1 body???

  • Tyson Thompson
    Tyson Thompson

    Baby snakes: Am camfloge

  • Abby Stafford
    Abby Stafford

    What if it is a twin

  • Charcoal The Grey HiveWing
    Charcoal The Grey HiveWing

    My turtle might have eggs! Im excited! Do you have any advice about baby turtles?

  • Freesiapup97 ,
    Freesiapup97 ,

    How do you feed your snakes and how often do you feed them also I love your videos

  • ThatmanDon

    he is so cute i hope he survives

  • Mayah Tijerina-hernandez
    Mayah Tijerina-hernandez

    That one snake: IM S A N I C

  • •• はる せんぱい
    •• はる せんぱい

    If you look closer, the 2 headed snake has 2 jaw but they are sticking together

  • Lilly Seawing
    Lilly Seawing

    twice the snoot, twice the boop

  • Lilly Seawing
    Lilly Seawing

    i wanna pet snek but i cant get a snek im in a rental and i think you need a snek permit in australia but if i get permittion i can sand some stuff

  • Cute Cat I wAnT miLk
    Cute Cat I wAnT miLk

    Snakes:**I sonic no hand get me now**

  • Julie Ellis
    Julie Ellis

    aww snakes are so cute and i wish where i can get a snake

  • Rica Yamiezzz
    Rica Yamiezzz

    I need a update!! 😭

  • #PrincessElleanor P
    #PrincessElleanor P

    Hello hi yes hello yes I am so very scared if it will die I want it to live

  • Memory Joyce
    Memory Joyce

    the bubbel headed baby was 0.001 chanc your lucky

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel

    The dual headed serpent

  • Gacha life Girly girl
    Gacha life Girly girl

    Cano have the two headed baby he looks so cute

    • Gacha life Girly girl
      Gacha life Girly girl

      Can i

  • VaughnStories

    Does it have one brain or two brains?

  • nathalie natha
    nathalie natha

    Hmmm did he make it tho??

  • Asha Howarth
    Asha Howarth

    Pryis: day not ur baby’s day mine

  • Victoria Abbott
    Victoria Abbott

    Is (he or she) still alive and are you selling (him or her)hope (he or she)lives good luck (btw I'm watching this one month after this happens please replie love you guys bye)🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Nacho Dog
    Nacho Dog


  • Jessie W.
    Jessie W.

    Like everyone here is supposed to like snakes, I mean if u don't like snakes or ur scared of snakes u shouldn't be watching this lol

  • Graceanne Gansky
    Graceanne Gansky

    :) I hope that baby servivse

  • Drachenherz 2019
    Drachenherz 2019

    The 2 headed baby needs a mythical name ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

  • Drachenherz 2019
    Drachenherz 2019

    The two headed baby could be named hypo bc i thing she/he looks like a hypo ^^

  • Alice Tran
    Alice Tran

    woah thats so wired a double-headed baby!?!?!?!?! i never seen a double headed snake before

  • Zyrille’s Adventure I
    Zyrille’s Adventure I

    I think you have a hydra

  • Its Newtz
    Its Newtz

    0:20 that snake looks very proud

  • poor pigi
    poor pigi

    Name the two headed one zwei kopf , bc it stands for the two headed one in german. Only if it makes it out alive

  • JustElizabeth

    Did he survive???

  • Elatednightmare

    More like a 2.5 headed snake.

  • jjkomik

    The first found baby: Looks Dead the second found baby: SPEEDY there that's the two I noticed

  • Kaleb Tompkins
    Kaleb Tompkins

    That is actually rare

  • Ireland James Green
    Ireland James Green

    Name in ne

    • Ireland James Green
      Ireland James Green

      I mean nick

  • The Red Diamond
    The Red Diamond

    Looks like he does have two jaws there just fused together

  • G. Tavares
    G. Tavares

    HOLY -

  • G. Tavares
    G. Tavares

    WAIT A MINUTE, If he has two heads... DOES THAT MEAN HE HAS TWO BRAINS?!

  • G. Tavares
    G. Tavares

    13? more like 14

    • poor pigi
      poor pigi

      Or 15 bc theres a baby with two heads.

    • G. Tavares
      G. Tavares

      Cuz if there’s two brains then it like conjoined twins

  • Dusty-Ann Fortier
    Dusty-Ann Fortier

    Who did your braids with that girl garter snake to make a two headed snake because probably don’t breed him with anybody again because probably just make more two headed snakes.

  • Myrah Perry
    Myrah Perry

    Name that you had in one Heado

  • Dan KittyKat
    Dan KittyKat

    Great! Can you find me a 8 headed one?

  • Raul Rivera
    Raul Rivera

    The look on preius is fa e is like"WAIT I DID"

  • samantha Khor
    samantha Khor

    You have Twins some twins have conjoined but they are still twins

  • Florida Cooking
    Florida Cooking

    Name him dual headed nick

  • ZRC

    Emily: BABIES! PRIUS, YOU HAD YOUR BABIES! Snek: Yes, I was there. Thank you for noticing.

  • joeferragamojr

    I think that the two headed snake was just undeveloped twins or one twin did not develop right like if u agree

    • Nathan Nguyen Tran
      Nathan Nguyen Tran

      Loop ko

    • Cleopatra-rose King
      Cleopatra-rose King

      That's not quite how two headed snakes work kiddo

  • 「 Teddy bear 」 random stuff
    「 Teddy bear 」 random stuff

    Wait- what happens if you breed two headed snakes will it make a four headed baby?

  • Reborns 180
    Reborns 180

    Conjoined twins

  • Clould Puff
    Clould Puff

    I love how Emily doesn’t click bait!

  • Clould Puff
    Clould Puff

    The more I watch this the more I think snakes are cute.

  • arcticfox 607
    arcticfox 607

    I love your baby snakes!

  • Kayleigh Ward
    Kayleigh Ward

    RIP little dude 🥺😢

  • Michelle Chen
    Michelle Chen


  • Yarali Perez
    Yarali Perez

    i Java a tredrelo

  • Skye's Gunn
    Skye's Gunn


  • Brianna Hurst
    Brianna Hurst

    Is it possible for a snake to have 3 heads?

  • Yαмαнσ Eѕтєllα
    Yαмαнσ Eѕтєllα

    Sooo technically, there were 16 babies?

  • Mikaela Ileto
    Mikaela Ileto

    This is my excuse to watch yt

  • Regino Cadungog
    Regino Cadungog


  • Derik Mitchell
    Derik Mitchell

    No I had 16 who agrees

    • Derik Mitchell
      Derik Mitchell

      No15 sry

  • Teagan Leora
    Teagan Leora

    Rest In Peace death noodle

  • Omar sebali Warrier!
    Omar sebali Warrier!

    I'm ten years old

  • Omar sebali Warrier!
    Omar sebali Warrier!

    I want to be on your channel and let your alligator and see the snakes

  • Jamie Sparkle
    Jamie Sparkle

    2 headed baby: 🙃🙃 hello Other babies: am I a joke to u?

  • Tường Vy
    Tường Vy

    Its alive!! Ay and it survives

  • Patty Crystals
    Patty Crystals

    What set up do you need to take care and enjoy one or more?

  • emmett bartz
    emmett bartz

    It a hydra

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