Customizing A Wall In 24 Hours - Among Us Themed | ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts
I painted an Among Us mural on my friend's bedroom wall lol
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  • ZHC Crafts
    ZHC Crafts

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    • Anila Kico
      Anila Kico


    • Tom Bond
      Tom Bond

      HI zhc

    • Erna Sherril
      Erna Sherril

      you should do a mini series where you costumize subs walls

    • BILLIE EILSH eilish
      BILLIE EILSH eilish

      Hey I have no anything from you please please

    • Dkmznah Dkmaznah
      Dkmznah Dkmaznah


  • RohanXianCreate ‘s
    RohanXianCreate ‘s

    I wonder what brand of markers he uses because it’s very nice

  • gamer son
    gamer son

    P sup to me gamer son

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    Is it for free

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    2 for my brother’s and 1 for me

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    Can I get the 3 ps5 for my brother’s and me

  • Anila Kico
    Anila Kico

    You are the best drawer in the world and I am your bigest fan. I like your videos

  • Vanessa Walsh
    Vanessa Walsh

    an among us character is basically just a tooth inna suit..

  • GamingWithTremell

    Can you do mine

  • Cody Filori
    Cody Filori

    Another amazing video 👍🏼☺️

  • Aleena Siddiqui
    Aleena Siddiqui

    Our elders tell us not to draw on walls or do nothing and here they do a whole huge wall

  • Emily Bartschi
    Emily Bartschi

    You are the best ZHC

  • twinz and sis Channel
    twinz and sis Channel

    Do the sidmen

  • bartek Jablonski
    bartek Jablonski

    i did sub thow

  • bartek Jablonski
    bartek Jablonski

    do i get a ps5

  • Justin Ngo
    Justin Ngo


  • Lewis-g27 Is my epic name
    Lewis-g27 Is my epic name

    You should do a painting on a dragon biting a douhnut

  • Emma Carpenter
    Emma Carpenter

    i which zhc come to my house

  • Temprance goldfarb
    Temprance goldfarb

    can you by me an i phone please

  • _itsmejudd_

    I love you so much

  • Rooksana Tootla
    Rooksana Tootla

    I really wish I can enter the giveaway but I'm only 9 years old but I've subscribed and liked every video I've seen from your channel

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M

    I lave jor vidios men i reli reli reli wantma ps5 end im subscaybd

  • kk Skaggs
    kk Skaggs


  • Shay Mathers
    Shay Mathers

    I love watching your videos, it's so entertaining. Good job.

  • dread desert8712
    dread desert8712

    What will happen when among us becomes irrelevant and you just have a whole wall covered in among us paintings

  • Lisa Westfelt
    Lisa Westfelt

    Its a wonderfull wall

  • Jack Sedgman
    Jack Sedgman


  • Daniel Portelli
    Daniel Portelli

    Zack you are very talented 😜😜😜😜

  • Katie Montgomery
    Katie Montgomery

    My name is McKenzie

  • Katie Montgomery
    Katie Montgomery

    How do you do that

  • Nicky Hayward
    Nicky Hayward

    Wen im bord i wath ZHC

  • Happy Feet ECD
    Happy Feet ECD

    Dude seriously

  • Happy Feet ECD
    Happy Feet ECD

    Stop using mrbeast voice

  • SophiaandGiordigamingchannelandmore Bff
    SophiaandGiordigamingchannelandmore Bff

    Subscribe to ZHC

  • Creative Crafty at Home
    Creative Crafty at Home

    super cool..👍🔔

  • Rebecca Panza
    Rebecca Panza

    ZHC you are the best

  • zhfkck Trejo
    zhfkck Trejo


  • Jonathan Campbell
    Jonathan Campbell

    Costumize a paint marker and sell it

  • George Aguilar
    George Aguilar

    I love playing among us

  • 83molin

    I love you

  • Jet Force
    Jet Force


  • Amelia Lebailly
    Amelia Lebailly

    Hi I love love love your videos and tik toks hope the best for your family and you and also happy new year

  • Meatless Marley
    Meatless Marley

    Your the mrbeast of art

  • Meatless Marley
    Meatless Marley

    Love ur vids keep up the great work!!!one of the best you tubers on the platform

  • Rylee Slade
    Rylee Slade

    You should do a vid with Dhar man

  • beyblade beyclub boss beyblade beyclub boss
    beyblade beyclub boss beyblade beyclub boss

    Hey is you're Carole tunnel still effect you I loved you're old drawings ?🤔

  • Amanda Lesslie
    Amanda Lesslie

    Can l have an iPhone 11 pro max l am subscribed to both of your channels

  • Priscilla Hernandez
    Priscilla Hernandez


  • Genesis Monoya
    Genesis Monoya


  • Genesis Monoya
    Genesis Monoya


  • Renin-Kile Mercado
    Renin-Kile Mercado

    Play among us challenge draw I’m going as well you see the color

  • Oliver Worboyes
    Oliver Worboyes

    Let’s admire his work and his friends! There amazing❤️

  • Tnuri plays Combo
    Tnuri plays Combo

    Papa it’s tnuri

    • Tnuri plays Combo
      Tnuri plays Combo


  • Tnuri plays Combo
    Tnuri plays Combo


  • Theoneandonly Gamer you know
    Theoneandonly Gamer you know

    I wish you could do my room

  • kmd Daire
    kmd Daire

    ZHC if you like this I will be quite - H.@p.p €€

  • joel

    He should make a mc house

  • Johan Bengtsson
    Johan Bengtsson


  • Johan Bengtsson
    Johan Bengtsson


  • Johan Bengtsson
    Johan Bengtsson


  • A Fa
    A Fa

    Guys I dont understand he spends a lot and he is still not poor

  • Rosalie Napil
    Rosalie Napil

    Noone: Not even the world: Zhc crafts: *amon-gus*

  • Lettie Thirion
    Lettie Thirion

    I love ZHC they are so good at art


    Make a DeX youtuzz character


    Make an gaming channel

  • Romn gamig
    Romn gamig

    Hey I didn't get any price 3/77 Vikas nagar India Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Please give me 2 gifts,🤗🤗

  • BTSGirl life
    BTSGirl life

    wow the figerts came out on my moms birthday

  • Luis Navarro
    Luis Navarro

    That is the faze houses

  • Tsermaa Tsermaa
    Tsermaa Tsermaa

    Can u draw ink sans watch at IT-my the name is drawing ink sans undertale plz can u draw plz?

  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee

    Turquoise is like the most nice colour it’s not that bright not that dark it’s perfect

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