Parents Face Off With 15-Year-Old Daughter Who They Say Acts Out Of Control
Dr. Phil
A father confronts his teen daughter about her behavior and lack of willingness to change. And, Dr. Phil offers the parents advice for what they should do with her moving forward.
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  • Generic Wolf Fursona Frost
    Generic Wolf Fursona Frost

    The voice of the girl demeanor and her nose and mouth are almost dead on to a girl who went to my high school last year and "left" before this year. And the situation described is almost identical to what a girl at my high school was going through I'm 99% convinced that the girl in this video is the same girl.

  • Erin Downing
    Erin Downing

    Put her on Beyond Scared Straight they'll straighten her butt out for sure.

  • Violette Shakilla
    Violette Shakilla

    She doesn't love her father? That man seemed a nice, really good man though...

  • Kenny Pham
    Kenny Pham

    I wonder if her parents are nasty and sociopathic people in real life, behind the scenes!

  • foolcoooy m
    foolcoooy m

    If I acted like that, my mother would’ve beaten me up and left me dying on the floor and I’m not kidding

  • Andrew .q
    Andrew .q

    She need sum chapstick on gawd

  • Meskimo, The Fallen Angel
    Meskimo, The Fallen Angel

    1:49 The mother is trying hard not to cry

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    This is what happens when you dont punish your kids they go off the rails.

  • afmeister

    0:05 is that the same damn voice? that sounded like some robot voice came out of him

  • Brawl Dock
    Brawl Dock

    If you need someone else to influence your child you failed as parent 💯

  • Brawl Dock
    Brawl Dock

    I wish he tried to force me to talk to my parent's or do what he wants me to do

  • Ariadna Reyes
    Ariadna Reyes

    Lmao everyone coming after her crusty lips 😂 and it’s making me weak😂🤣

  • Christian Fake
    Christian Fake

    Send this man back to Jessie

  • Joe Morrison
    Joe Morrison

    Can not stress this enough...JAIL CREATES CRIMINALS!

  • B F
    B F

    Dr Phil got the sniffles.

  • Mandy Dumesny-Blahut
    Mandy Dumesny-Blahut

    I’ll bet she’s still a virgin

  • Mandy Dumesny-Blahut
    Mandy Dumesny-Blahut

    Go Dr Phil. Tell it like it is. You’re such a good psychologist. I especially respect you for not pandering to this child who has personality disorder screaming from every pore.

  • Leon H
    Leon H

    I hate these clips of the show, I always want to know what happened and can never find out, at least list the episode number so we can look it up

  • Loren

    Seems like we need some connection before correction here

  • Aly-BeAnS sss-
    Aly-BeAnS sss-

    Aha why she crying tho....oh now she be feeling bad huh? R A N C H N O W P L Z !

  • Nathan Reeve
    Nathan Reeve


  • Natalee Rightmyer
    Natalee Rightmyer

    if her parents didn’t love her they would’ve sent her to jail by now but they love her so much that they haven’t barely thought of doing that

  • Bitch, please.
    Bitch, please.

    I hate Sociopaths .. this parents are really caring and loving .. and this girl is just i don't have words.

  • R

    The father probably beat her/sexually assaulted her

  • Darin Bateman
    Darin Bateman

    Beat these kids whoop these kids

  • Tommy boy
    Tommy boy

    I could see like military school or work camp or something but honestly jail should be the last option. People think jail is good and will straighten people up but alot of times it doesn't it just makes em worse. I know from experience

  • Aschin

    I want her nose

  • Seamus Odonoghue
    Seamus Odonoghue


  • Ethuy16


  • Joel Renoir
    Joel Renoir

    whats her @

  • Kayla Thompson
    Kayla Thompson


  • Dylan Pezet
    Dylan Pezet

    Is there another part on yt

  • Ana Vieira
    Ana Vieira

    Her mother must be so sick of the situation. Stop saying she is a bad mom. They are so fed up with this girl

  • Mrboss 5588
    Mrboss 5588

    Look at her lips wtf

  • tae you Very much
    tae you Very much

    If I did these kind of crimes, my punishment would’ve been 100x worst than her mothers one for hers.

  • Pablitoes ツ
    Pablitoes ツ

    Send her to the desert and leave her there without anything!

  • Pablitoes ツ
    Pablitoes ツ

    Send her to the desert and leave her there without anything!

  • Jo Fisher
    Jo Fisher

    Send her to the ranch or to jail that's her choice

  • dreaming4ffr

    atleast they're trying to meet her half way..... she needs to wake the f up, she's lucky

  • ViperJuice

    Why do they never show her face tho

  • The Sevilla Show Everyone
    The Sevilla Show Everyone

    You are not the father of the girl that took the pregnancy test. OmG

  • The Sevilla Show Everyone
    The Sevilla Show Everyone

    Give that girl a medal. She is a cool harcore gangbanger.



  • Aisha Alnaqbi
    Aisha Alnaqbi

    TO THE RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sami Mackay
    Sami Mackay

    But was she pregnant though

  • Brenda Zelina
    Brenda Zelina

    I would kill to have a father that cared for me

  • Adrienette4 Ever05
    Adrienette4 Ever05

    Send her to a Hispanic family

  • Actaem Azantor
    Actaem Azantor

    To be totally fair these kind of children don't come out of nowhere, they were raised wrong. Most probably she started behaving wrong as a desperate cry for attention, time passed and she pushed her limits until she was not just misbehaving, but committing crimes while still not getting what she really needed from her parents. Here Dr. Phil seems to blame just the child and treating her like a criminal who made her choices in life and now has to pay; she's 15 FFS, half of the time she doesn't know what she's doing and the other half it's probably stupid stuff anyway, they can send her to the ranch or juvenile or whatever, she'll come back home and the context won't be changed at all and the whole thing will take another dysfunctional turn. Jesus Christ, unless they're born psychopaths no child is born evil and if they turn bad 90% of the time it's mainly because of how and who raised them, blaming the kid is easy, admit that there are people on your show who should not be parents at all is not. Didn't like Dr. Phil here. 0 stars.

  • Pigoda Broadway
    Pigoda Broadway

    Stupid fool, some of us don't have any parents.

  • Destination God
    Destination God

    I blame the parents.

  • lol

    bruh seriously you need to her to juvenile detention she will never do anything bad again

  • Panda Joyy
    Panda Joyy

    Why they zooming up on her lips ummm 🧐

  • ʕ·ᴥ· ʔノN
    ʕ·ᴥ· ʔノN

    Ok but was she pregnant??

  • Samantha Cardeli
    Samantha Cardeli

    Give that girl some lip balm please bro I’m putting on chapstick right now I’m not trying to be ashy😂❤️❤️

  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran

    This girl has identity issues. Most people will be yearning for their father and what do she see when she look in a mirror? An Asian face that is yearning for a White father. That is why she is acting up. And that is why I'm not a fan of mixing races; your kids Will have identity issues.

  • rolla.18 S
    rolla.18 S

    Send her to bootcamp

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C

    Just a reminder, we don’t know what has happened behind the scenes... What happens at home

  • alejandra ortiz
    alejandra ortiz


  • Mike The gamer
    Mike The gamer

    I don’t get wats wrong with here attitude dr. Phils attitude seemed to be worst 😂

  • Zach p
    Zach p

    Let her spend a day with the sergeant from Full Metal Jacket

  • Dave

    what happened to those "scare them straight" programs?

  • The Diecast Fanatic
    The Diecast Fanatic

    She is on the wrong show. Shoulda been on Beyond Scared Straight

  • Armando The gamer/12
    Armando The gamer/12

    That was my daughter I'll be whooping💀

  • Isaiah Burg
    Isaiah Burg

    Didn’t think 13 year olds could get pregnant...


    Why they hiding her ratchet face????

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez

    My country doesnt show dr Phil, so now im adicted to watch clips on yt

  • chase Allen
    chase Allen

    She's crying because she knows that she's making her own life miserable

    • Flaffa

      nah dude she crying because she gotta go places instead of continuing her old habbits. typical selfish person that feels very bad and sorry for herself instead of cooperating and feel bad for the ones that love you.

    • RiQTooRandom

      giovanni cazares I agree

    • giovanni cazares
      giovanni cazares

      Shes crying because her parents are so blind.

  • Uncle bumblefuck
    Uncle bumblefuck

    You need to send her to mexico, were life is a little harder

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    Is this lil xan?🤣

  • Isaac Landin Flower
    Isaac Landin Flower

    Is that Billie Eillish's sister?

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