Parents Poisoning Their Children To "Cure" Autism, Part Of YouTube Cancel Culture Being "Canceled" &
Philip DeFranco
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IT-my Changes Sub Count Display:
Baltimore Held Hostage in Cyber Attack:
Misinformation in IT-my Videos Promote MMS Treatment:
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Canada Hires Company to Remove Its Trash After the Philippines Announced Plans to Send It Back at Its Own Expense:
Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Arthur Episode Featuring Same-Sex Marriage:
Al Jazeera Suspends Journalists for Controversial Video:
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    Oh hey there, here are those time codes: IT-my to Change Sub Count (0:06), Baltimore Cyber Attack (3:19), TIA (7:05), Misinformation Used to Spread MMS (8:38)

    • The Guitologist
      The Guitologist

      Glad to see you cheerleading for censorship. Not surprised.

    • TBAEC

      Edit to my last post. I purchased MSM. Perhaps these people are getting the 2 confused as I just did.

    • TBAEC

      Philip DeFranco Kevin Trudeau mentions MMS in his book Natural Cures they Don’t Want You to Know About. It’s interesting that when this book was published that now it’s being talked about. I’m not a scientist so I can’t say anything about it but shouldn’t something have been done about this before now if there are actual cases of this harming people. Get an interview with people that have used this no matter the results. Also interview a scientist that specializes in chemicals and their effect on people. Also I purchased a bottle of MMS on Amazon in 2006 so it wasn’t illegal then I’d like to know why.

    • Dylan Searcy
      Dylan Searcy

      Your face is a meme

    • the prophecy
      the prophecy

      Fight my Philip

  • Wheels Lifts
    Wheels Lifts

    Ingesting MMS actually dissolves strips of your intestine and you poop them out. Its gross, and very sad.

  • Lanla Colan
    Lanla Colan

    ugly wop

  • DOnt L.
    DOnt L.

    Umm... autism isn’t a disease though??? XD

  • Peter Cannonier
    Peter Cannonier

    Big Phil in Little Pharma! Philip DeFranco prescribes his videos as the only cure people need

  • Lt_Lefty15

    I was diagnosed with autism at a young age, so hearing about the parents using bleach to "cure" their children was particularly terrifying for me. I shudder to think about what it would be like if my parents bought into such a terrible excuse for treatment.

  • K05H

    They propose to "fix" IT-my drama by making IT-my subscriber counts harder to observe or track? If you believe this will work, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you'd be interested in.

  • [-]

    Boomers: all these stupid kids eating tide pods smh my head. Also Boomers: **drinks bleach**

  • singinwithceline

    This is the result of severe socialized ableism. People are so unnecessarily TERRIFIED of disability that they will make their kids sick in order to "cure" it. Newsflash: People with disabilities live full, capable lives. We just accomplish things differently. Not all of us WANT "cured". Deal with your own internal fears and anxieties, see a therapist and STOP pushing the idea that disabled is the worst thing a person can be.

  • Betsy Smucker
    Betsy Smucker

    If you think Chlorine Dioxide is poisonous you better tell the local city water supply to stop using it because that is how they clean your water you drink and bathing in. 😂😂😂 campers also use Chlorine Dioxide to clean river water. It’s not poisonous otherwise everyone would be dead. So basically we are listening to FAKE NEWS!

  • Wink TartanBelle
    Wink TartanBelle

    What a refreshing voice of reason you are! Thanks you.

  • Brandi Boutwell
    Brandi Boutwell

    I am binge watching some Philly D videos to catch up on ones I have missed in the past few weeks (as we adjust to summer schedule with kiddos). But, as someone who was in IT and biz tech sales for years, and especially in states and areas with consistent budgetary issues (I am located in Louisiana, for instance), municipalities across the country are without a doubt FAR behind all other sectors with regard to their IT staffs, operating systems, hardware, software & especially cyber security. I have worked with several towns who were needing us to make their peripherals and various other systems compatible with Windows XP or even 2000. It is crazy!! This will keep happening until they dedicate more of their budget to updating and upgrading their systems.

  • Laser Panda
    Laser Panda

    If you want more Information on MMS look at a channel called 'Myels Power' he's a chemist and has done a lot about it

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte

    What? This MMS thing is STILL going on?

  • Taylormoon

    well then i guess people should stop paying attention to the stock market..

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte

    I have this wallet made out of duct tape. I made it myself. It took 25 minutes and cost less than a dollar.

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte

    Well fuck. At least no one wrote "Subscribe to - " in the ransom note. More importantly, this should bring attention to the fact that cyber warfare is about to become a very really thing that we should be taking very seriously.

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte

    Well fuck. At least no one wrote "Subscribe to - " in the ransom note. More importantly, this should bring attention to the fact that cyber warfare is about to become a very really thing that we should be taking very seriously.

  • TheKarret

    Yeah that miracle mineral totally works. If you ingest it, you die, and when you die, bam! No more disease. C:

  • Benjamin Touchet
    Benjamin Touchet

    Bleach is actually made from Sodium Hypochlorite, not Chlorine Dioxide

  • kristofize

    Just force all people distributing or advertising MMS to drink some bleach themselves. I am sure it will 'cure' the problem.

  • TheNightWatch001

    "misinformation is the true disease"... man, truer words huh. this is super prophetic, i have been seriously concerned about this for a while now and it only seems to be getting worse. dark times indeed

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James

    This blows my mind people are that terrified of autism that they would willing poison their kid and leave them vulnerable to diseases (non vaccinated).

  • Daniel Keogh
    Daniel Keogh

    Any adult stupid enough to drink bleach because "it's healthy!" deserves what they get, but any scumbag who forces kids (or anyone else for that matter) to drink it should go to jail for torture

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H

    Hackers will hack thousands of computers in Baltimore, but won’t hack student debt companies. Do the good work please hackers.

  • Phantomneko Cameron
    Phantomneko Cameron

    As an autist I’m fucking horrified that people like me are suffering and that I am AUTIST is SMARTER THAN THESE PEOPLE (granted I have highly functioning autism which is actually sometimes a benefit)

  • Brenden Minei
    Brenden Minei

    In the military it is standard operating procedures to use one cap full of bleach to sterilize one water buffalo (400 gallons of water). Anything more will at least cause dysentery.


    What the hell is "Cancel Culture"??

  • BradleyJHumble

    I really hope im not related to that idiot who is telling people to drink bleach to cure autism.

  • ExpendableGuard Entertainment
    ExpendableGuard Entertainment

    I swear, there was a Law and Order episode involving a issue like the Bleach issue.

  • Anastasia Johnson
    Anastasia Johnson

    Jim Humble and MMS reminds me of Zorp from Parks & Rec.

  • something els
    something els

    Someone just came into my workplace well I was recovering from a cold after sneezing she started spraying this liqid in my face. I did not realize she was spraying me with bleach...

  • JamieJay

    lol Cure to Autism using CD! Cross Dressing??! 😆😂

  • Uqbah Kabir
    Uqbah Kabir

    Oh yea Chlorine dioxide may be able to kill bacteria and other pathogens as well as every other cell in the body

  • Mundane Pixels
    Mundane Pixels

    A church that claims to heal people? I’ll award that one cult thanks

  • Tanisha Applin
    Tanisha Applin


  • Hex Blackwood
    Hex Blackwood

    Concerned parents being duped into poisoning their children in order to cure them of something that isn't a disease.

  • Jersey Shawn
    Jersey Shawn

    I live near and work I Baltimore, and it's helped make the bureaucracy even more efficient in slowing down government action

  • benJ432

    Honestly surprised that you didn't mention a IT-my channel by a guy called Myles powers, hes put a lot of time and effort into educating and debunking this MMS quackery, the sad part is MMS isnt the only mirical cure all that can get you seriously hurt, MMS, Black salve, turpentine therapy, vitamin B17, jilly juice, hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy are to name but a few "cure all" treatments these people have been pushing these treatment convincing people with no hope that they work when all they are doing is causing more damage and this isnt a new thing this stuff has been going on for a long time it's just modern day snake oil salesman.

  • Rachel Ny
    Rachel Ny

    MMS "reduces" substances in that there is a oxidation/reduction reaction. Sounds like this all started with a misunderstanding of chemistry

  • Juil

    Isn't providing fake medical advice grounds for a lawsuit?

  • Cameron Sepeda
    Cameron Sepeda

    I'm a IT-my whore, please don't look at my screentime. That being said, I like what IT-my is doing! We need to stop being obsessed about stupid shit like real-time subscriber counts and focus more on the things that actually matter.

  • Wise2Lies

    Stop being a COWARD Phil and simply talk to Del BigTree AND OR JFK Jr regarding vaccines! You are so obviously brainwashed that it's a joke to think big pharma would ever need to bribe you.

  • EcnalKcin

    Well, I guess if you kill your kids by making them drink bleach, you are helping purge the gene pool of your stupidity.

  • Rachel

    Sure bleach kills pathogens. The problem is that it kills your own cells too.

  • tjm

    Just so you guys know, a bunch of you went to a video by the channel Gut Feelings and left comments on her MMS video - she deleted them all. So people coming to get info on mms are only going to see the comments praising it. It’s evil.

  • trinthetrex

    I'm glad my mother got a nursing education and she isn't trying to "cure" my autism with bleach.

  • David Dobarganes
    David Dobarganes

    I told a woman online that a woman in the UK had given MMS to her daughter and he had to have his bowels removed and went to jail She told me she drank it and was fine and the woman probably did it wrong

  • Lauren Cirillo
    Lauren Cirillo

    I don't see many comments about the cyber attack so I'll just put my 2 cents in: Time To Recover =/= Preparedness When it comes to ransomware, many organizations take several weeks to bring systems back online. They have to be absolutely sure that reinfection will not occur. As for their preparedness leading up to that point, they could have patched their systems (kinda embarrassing if you ask me). Thank you for mentioning that you should not pay the ransom. There is always possibility of attackers coming back for more. Have good backups!!

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James

    Thanks for now threats of physical violence

  • Tina Carson
    Tina Carson

    I don’t think you’re working for big pharm but I don’t agree with your stance on vaccines.

  • Tina Carson
    Tina Carson

    I believe that parents are trying to help their children. There has been cases where a drastic change in diet has helped. Eat organic to reduce chemical preservatives and pesticides. Even eliminate sugar and gluten completely. All people would benefit from eating organic as well.

  • lindsey paputa
    lindsey paputa

    Who’s here after watching FatheringAutism?

  • Amber Lynn Martin
    Amber Lynn Martin

    Just love the autistic person in your life the way they are!!! We are NOT bad the way we are... This may make high/moderately functioning children feel like they are useless and unloved by their parents.

  • Tart Nouveau
    Tart Nouveau

    I think we should get Jim Humble and Carrie Rivera to livestream themselves drinking bleach to cure their stupidity.

  • Jack Craig
    Jack Craig

    Why do people and parents feel like they need to cure autism? Autism is not a disease, it’s not something you can cure. You can however love the child, take care of the child. What kind of parents can’t accept their child’s innate birth defects, and just be loving kind people. Parents are supposed to take care of their children not poison it.

  • Viin Rula
    Viin Rula

    I'm okay with people drinking bleach as long as they are the ones who thought it was a good idea. Once the parents do it to their children, then it's all the parents fault.

  • R.B.

    Honestly I think this real time sub count DOES fuel toxicity with cancel culture. Like I literally saw people saying they subscribed to James Charles JUST to unsubscribe. And people watch that social blade / live sub count stuff during controversies like it's free Netflix. People are just so interested in seeing big names dragged and those live counts do fuel it, because it seems to really entertain people ....

  • CSDAdvocacy

    Autism is a different operating system. How the f*^+ do you think your children feel that you are dissatisfied (hate) who they essentially are. Such a hurtful message.

  • Kayla Chin-Loy
    Kayla Chin-Loy

    "VaCcInAtiOn iS DaNgErOuS" gives their children bleach

  • RobVS

    Carrie Rivera is just another Jenny McCarthy when it comes to spreading misinformation!!!! #StopSpreadingMisinformation

  • Omar Elmejjati
    Omar Elmejjati

    i think humble is a genius he found a way to reveal the idiots of society that think its a good idea to drink one of the deadly substances known to man

  • Killjoy26

    Man I thought the tide pod thing was bad but this is worse.

  • hbeachley

    IT-my subscriber count: meh. Just seems masterbatory.

  • Kate P
    Kate P

    Lol they use “MMS” cuz they know “im treating my kid’s autism by giving them bleach” sounds wrong

  • Lydia Flynn
    Lydia Flynn

    guess what also works? Therrrappyyy. Ya don’t need to poison your kids (which is ludicrous) when you can just find a licensed therapist 😂

  • LeeMisha

    To be fair I don’t trust the FDA but I wouldn’t feed my kid bleach....

  • hearmymotoredheart

    I think it gives James and Tati way too much credit to influence such a change in IT-my's functioning with their bullshit

  • Arthhman

    why didn't you say 14.99? you said 15 and 6.99, why not 15 and 7?

  • lindsey bailes
    lindsey bailes

    Why are people so stupid? Seriously. This MMS stuff is very disturbing.

  • Blue Skittlez
    Blue Skittlez

    Honestly it feels like censorship from youtube, as I think it is really one thing we enjoy is the very limited amount of censorship that separates reg tv from youtube!

  • Mo Shambles
    Mo Shambles

    Just eat yeast and it will go away

  • Cody Williams
    Cody Williams

    Cities should just outsource their tech to google or Microsoft.

  • Pamela

    So now we have to tell grown ups to not drink bleach.....? 😐

  • Obsidian Sirius Blackheart
    Obsidian Sirius Blackheart

    Government needs to start using their own internal "intranet", a physical network that cannot be accessed externally. It's ridiculous that this hasn't already happened. Baltimore shouldn't have happened

  • Omari_X 65
    Omari_X 65

    Idk if it's IT-my's job to stop Darwinism. As opposed to anti-vaccers, this movement seems to insular in its harm. People of sufficient intelligence aren't being hurt by this, so why go out of the way to stop it? It is problematic with foreign ambassadors though. That's just outright exploitation in that situation.

  • President Trump
    President Trump

    Phil, stop spreading fake news. MMS is not a bleach.

  • thelikwideffect

    I cook all of my food in bleach because it keeps my teeth white

  • thelikwideffect

    These Cyber Attacks are EMBARRASSING

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown

    That's, disturbing, terrifying, and fucked up on so many levels. But also a great reminder to be thankful that I have a loving and supportive family who never saw my autism as something that needed to be "cured".

  • Goddess of the oak Gods Peace
    Goddess of the oak Gods Peace

    Let them all drink bleach and reduce the surplus population Honk! Honk!

  • notsosxechris

    So does this mean all those trolls online are just trying to help cure people of their illnesses?

  • Swirly Swirl
    Swirly Swirl

    How to combat the in a mess misinformation campaign, Spread Jeff holiday and miles powers videos around the internets

  • Pidge K
    Pidge K

    I have autism and I find this very, very depressing. I see these psycho moms online trying to find miracle "cures" all the time. My parents were always looking for a magic pill or treatment for me. The best way to "deal with autism" is with patience and understanding.

  • prettylittleravenna

    A couple of days ago I saw an amazing thing on Instagram. Basically a mother came with their kid for a checkup and refused to vaccinate because of the conspiracies etc. Instead of trying to reason with her, the doctor asked her if she is sure that the whole antivaccine movement is not a ploy by the Chinese or Russians to destroy the health of American citizens (and thus the country itself, from the inside) and she was actually considering it and agreed to get the vaccines up to date. I'm not sure if it's true, but it doesn't hurt to try it. Have someone infiltrate their Facebook groups and start rumors such as these. Their conspiracy cravings get satisfied and the kids are also safe. Win win

  • Angelina Mainetti
    Angelina Mainetti

    Omg! I gotta say this: My husband was going to a brazilian masseuse here in Boston and she was a bit...eccentric, let's say, with all things. We went to see her 3 or 4 times. She asked him if he felt better and he said that he didn't feel much different. Her answer to the problem? That my had vermins, parasites in his intestines. She was adamant about it and said that if my husband had, then so did my son and I. I shit you not, my husband believed all her crap and bought this MMS stuff. She recommended it because she had been taking it for so long and it was great. My husband drank it once, hoping it would help him with all his back pain and his migraines. I never heard about it again and it is still in the cupboard. It was expensive too!

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan

    Does it work for depression

  • kingofmonsters14

    son of a-- really!?! how stupid do these people have to be, thinking bleach is a magical cureall? and they think autism is a epidemic? i'd say massive stupidity is the biggest one. YOU CANNOT CURE INBORN MENTAL DISORDERS LIKE AUTISM!!!!!!

  • Jordan Honeycutt
    Jordan Honeycutt

    Myles power on IT-my has been covering MMS and similar dangerous trends for a few years. Great information from him. Check out his channel.

  • Lennox Valencio
    Lennox Valencio

    fuck fine bros still stupid over what they try to do

  • Polly Wolly
    Polly Wolly

    The solution to misinformation is education and critical thinking.

  • Aspen Young
    Aspen Young

    The bleach stuff is like 6 years old, thank god people are finally talking about it.

  • butel12

    lol doomsday phil XD

  • Gwen

    I would have hoped that parents of children with autism would know the cause of autism. It's extra genes. It's not caused by pathogens or poisons, and so even if MMS wasn't literal bleach and actually wouldn't work on autism.

  • factoredpuppy

    Dihydrogen Monoxide has been found in the systems of 100% of people who died since we developed the capability to detect it. It's known to be lethal in sufficient quantities, and, despite being the most studied and cited molecule EVER, is still given to children throughout the world DAILY. Wake up sheeple! Dihydrogen Monoxide, H2O, is the greatest public health threat EVER! Stop giving your children water! You're killing them! /sarcasm /H2O is literally water /MMS is literally bleach /start teaching critical thinking in schools, omg

  • Felipe Chang
    Felipe Chang

    IT-my I think it's just an IT issue. If they can show 4.2M for a while, instead of calculating the counter for each view, it saves them a ton of resources. Google has a massive operation, these minute details must save them hundreds of thousands.

  • Air Force
    Air Force


  • capt. madness
    capt. madness

    Dude can they just leave these kids with autism alone? I swear they just torturing em with all that BS going on lately

  • TrueGreed

    Well. Looks like Tide Pods are back.

  • Tan Charlotte-Jayne
    Tan Charlotte-Jayne

    thank you for addressing the MMS situation, it's important to make known to people about the dangers of trusting people who could be taking advantage of people with serious conditions with little progress or recovery.

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