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Twix. They’ve been at the heart of a debate that goes back more than five decades. Lines have been drawn so intractable that friendships, relationships, even nations have been ruined. Who could forget the Great Twix Battle between the UK and Finland in 1984? No, we’re not speaking of the Left vs. Right debate. We’re talking about the Conflict of Classification that rages to this day. The age old debate: is Twix candy or cookie? Out of respect for those who came before, we will not take a position. Instead, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Twix that can hopefully bring peace to this conflict.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Colton Wells26
    Colton Wells26

    It’s car-mal it’s not care-a-Mel

  • Cathleen Fry
    Cathleen Fry

    Another way to remember how to open stuff: take your right hand, point your thumb in the direction you want the thing to go, then your fingers curl in the direction you want to turn it.

  • TenaciousG

    You never see an old man eating a Twix

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison

    You're a topgirl, baking has never been my forte but I find these great to watch!

  • Fred K.
    Fred K.

    so twix is pretty much a millionaire? never thought of that

  • Juliana Quinones
    Juliana Quinones

    we need a brad and julien solomita PLUS a claire and jenna marbles collab

  • Michelle

    If you are really a chef, make something that I can't buy at the corner store.

  • haley sellars
    haley sellars

    Claire is my favorite part if this series

  • bakarangerpinku

    I wish somebody would do something like this but with vegan and gluten-free foods. There aren’t enough options for reasonable prices... Can’t have dairy or gluten but I like watching these. Twix were my favorite. Caramel: ˈkærəmel is the correct pronunciation. Everywhere else is a Western ACCENT lol.

  • Jared Vanerem
    Jared Vanerem

    6:45 lmao "At this point they make me say this..."

  • Charles Li
    Charles Li

    Claire:Oh no! I forgot the butter! After the cookies are cooked: Surprisingly, They aren’t too bad!:)

  • Chloe Larimore
    Chloe Larimore

    Claire and Brad are the Jim and Pam of gourmet makes

  • Daniel Callahan
    Daniel Callahan

    i wonder how many times brad banged claire on that countertop lmao

  • Vanessa Rokoszak
    Vanessa Rokoszak

    the fact that claire is a virgo makes sooooo much sense

  • diamondflaw

    Only halfway through the episode.... Claire: "I don't think there's a curse of the third day."

  • The Roses
    The Roses

    you claired it 👌

  • Joe Bush
    Joe Bush

    She was ACTUALLY pissed. Like fully.

  • Alecia Kim
    Alecia Kim

    Watch some Hercules Candy videos on tempering chocolate. Or really any of their candy making videos they are strangely relaxing.

  • Legendary Plays
    Legendary Plays

    As old as her hair looks I’d still would love for her to be my baby momma😍

  • Eliana Price
    Eliana Price

    7:58 Gabby is so precious 💕🥰

  • TMB09

    I swear they are different taste in the UK

  • lily downes
    lily downes

    all the men and a majority of the women i this kitchen ARE in love with you

  • Luna Fowler
    Luna Fowler

    I, too, love assaulted caramel.

  • Ben

    IDK about that rapoport guy sometimes........ anyways if you're reading this ADAM, Claire should make Dunkaroos. Great idea.

  • shay campbell
    shay campbell

    I watch these like I'm gonna be able to eat them afterwards

  • Andrew Winston
    Andrew Winston

    I like that people in the background drink water out of plastic quart containers

  • FoxyStealth

    Instead of dehydrating the cookies overnight, what about just cooking them for 1 min longer?

  • FoxyStealth

    Oh my goodness, Twix are DELICIOUS!

  • Barry O'Hara
    Barry O'Hara

    I’m obsessed with Claire.

  • ktktktktktktkt

    2:37 did he spit it out into the recycling bin??? Twix are not recyclable... guy just ruined a perfectly good batch of recyclables...

  • Samuel Fjellman
    Samuel Fjellman

    Hi, I'm Morgan, I'm 7 years old. I love your show. I have a suggestion for your gourmet makes. You should do a show on Pez candy. Thank you!

  • Poppy Calder
    Poppy Calder

    Gaby is soo thoughtful and nice it’s unbelievable 😘


    Gourmet tootsie pops? Tootsie rolls?

  • Clayton Moore
    Clayton Moore

    Ok, Personally... your goal isn't to simply recreate the task food. It is called "Gourmet Makes," so I don't think it SHOULD taste exactly like a Twix (Sorry Brad). If your goal is to make a gourmet version of it, it should taste better, and all around BE better because you're using better ingredients, fewer ingredients without the added junk and preservatives. Good job. I want to try yours.


    "You want to taste something disgusting?" Chris: .....Yes. Chris is the unsung hero of this show.

  • Emi M
    Emi M


  • Ewan Jones
    Ewan Jones

    "CLAIRE'S STUFF; PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR THROW OUT" Lol I had to go back to see what it that sign

  • Amber Billings
    Amber Billings

    I just really want to know where Claire shops for her earrings

  • Granger744

    Amiel always looks like a mob boss

  • Aleona

    Whats with the sound effects around 8:56 - 9:03 ? 😂 I think it's unnecessary. Rice flour sounded like uncooked rice. 😂

  • Kelly Dempsey
    Kelly Dempsey

    I have never seen different varieties of twix. I'm shook

  • Ren Kim
    Ren Kim

    8:05 Claire: You can be in the video! Gaby: (immediately gets cut out)

  • TWIX

    Mhmmmm, its actually a candy bar

  • Anthony Sapone
    Anthony Sapone

    I so bad want to like everyone at bon appetit. I am so close. I love all but one. Adam. Cmon buddy, be a little less.... whatever that is.

  • DocBrewskie

    My 8 yr old now wants to make her own Twix 😆

  • ToxicTrump Tube
    ToxicTrump Tube

    And this Alex guy for real. And a lot. Really.

  • jacob koppendrayer
    jacob koppendrayer

    you need a enrober

  • K. Moo
    K. Moo


  • gyups

    Excuse me, but I demand more footage of Amiel cooking in that amazing half apron-white shirt combo.

  • Matt Rutkowski
    Matt Rutkowski

    6:46 Wait. Is reading the ingredients NOT Claire's favorite part?!? The world is currently feeling really flat...or hyperbolically-paraboloid. Claire, you have to tell us, "Is reading the ingredients your favorite part for real?" If you're being held under duress, set one parchment paper divider on fire to show us.

  • Unknown Idiot3211
    Unknown Idiot3211

    Do how to make JELLY BEANS

  • Judea Dumont
    Judea Dumont

    Claire is the cutest human being on the planet. also thicc

  • Frankie Bee
    Frankie Bee

    31:37 Gabby reaching for those bowls is a Mood . . . and basically my life.

  • Barney Quinn
    Barney Quinn

    In Brads world, righty tighty lefty lucy is the best thing ever.

  • J T
    J T

    Can she attempt Whoppers next?

  • Shayne knight
    Shayne knight

    I want skor bar

  • hayhay509

    has she done gummy bears yet?

  • Thereal.memes

    22:15 why did i try to blow it out

  • TheOtherNeutrino

    MVP: Heat gun

  • K.A. Bollin
    K.A. Bollin

    righty tighty lefty loosey never made sense to me as well for the same reason. For me I think counter clockwise/rewind time to remove/loose. Thats how I remember

  • PhoenixXFeatherz

    She didn't try the peanut butter, which is second best to the original!

  • SumerianCupBearer

    I have the same problem with righty tighty and lefty loosey too. Instead I kind of cup my right hand, stick out the thumb, and whatever direction the thumb is pointing when you rotate your hand is where the force is going

  • ahhh WAE
    ahhh WAE

    Idk why she can't just dip them cookies into chocolate?

  • Haley Ehler
    Haley Ehler

    Please dye your hair. Your grey hair is so distracting.

    • Allison Lee
      Allison Lee

      White forelocks are wonderful!

  • Arman Aryan
    Arman Aryan

    31:57 when you realize that a hole in a net reduces the number of holes in a net

  • MooMachine90

    "What could go wrong?' *half the video left*

  • Karli Hill
    Karli Hill

    You should make gourmet toblerone

  • Zetapology

    Its not a Candy bar, its a prescriptivist!

  • Thecla Shubert
    Thecla Shubert

    right-tighty left-loosey has always confused me too.

  • Emma Kokor
    Emma Kokor

    31:57 (I just think she’s really cute)

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