Pat McAfee Reacts To Joe Kelly Getting An 8 Game Suspension
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Dodgers, Joe Kelly might be my new favorite player.
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  • DC Long
    DC Long

    Damn snowflakes. From now on we will be forced to wear meany monitors that go off when you have a thought that might offend all the sandy vaginas out there.

  • Redpill Spiller
    Redpill Spiller

    Absolutely despised Kelly in Boston but he just might be my all time favorite dodger

  • Juan Ceballos
    Juan Ceballos

    Lmfao 😂. “Kelly the savage”🔥 GO Kelly✊🤙

  • Keith Chapman
    Keith Chapman

    The mans gonna go down a legend among a few teams fans if not ghe entire MLB fanbase

  • Hugh Cyhowski
    Hugh Cyhowski

    Joe jelly was pitching with a training device called Clean Fuego

  • Adam s
    Adam s

    MLB is trash

  • A4A5

    The Astros did have a better away away average than home average

  • Zach brewer
    Zach brewer

    Dodgers fans don’t forget

  • Erik R.
    Erik R.

    Houston Ashcans

  • Erik R.
    Erik R.

    Correa is one smart cookie

  • Mookie Betts
    Mookie Betts

    I love how joe kelly gets suspended for more days than the astros cheating for 3 years and in the world series

  • Keyz And O's
    Keyz And O's

    I hated the STL. Cardinals got rid of Joe Kelly. We so need him in our rotation again, especially with everyone getting sick this year.

  • asvp R
    asvp R

    Joe Kelly is the fuckin man! I met his little brother Chris in Utah and he talked about Joe all the time. Little did I know he'd end up killing it in Boston and now in LA. Wish I could get in touch with him.

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500

    I was trying to segway away from NFL, but MLB is the same indoctrination scheme.

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500

    It's a way to indoctrinate us all. Don't do anything outside of the line or else. Don't show your emotion, don't question the calls. Just sit down and behave.

  • Marcelo Soprano
    Marcelo Soprano

    Yankees fan here. Joe Kelly I applaud you good sir. You deserve an ovation.

  • tbecker403

    Jesus, does it always take this guy so long to get to the point?

  • mikee mejoo
    mikee mejoo

    Joe Kelly was on the cheating Red Sox and was not even on the Dodgers at the time of the Astros scandal.

  • Todd K
    Todd K

    Boo hoo hoo. Astros cheated but MLB is to blame b/c they knew and did nothing about it when it was happening. So did some of they players but no one did anything about it. Now Joe Kelly complains .. too late bro.

  • Brian Hum
    Brian Hum

    Joe Kelly's my spirit animal.

  • R B
    R B

    MLB is a joke.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

    tough to tell if Pat needs to get on Adderall ... or needs to take less Adderall

  • Bif Webster
    Bif Webster

    This is merely a microcosm of average America whereby the System gets caught cheating and it's the whistleblower who goes to jail. While the System's Daddy, Corporate, can rape, pillage, plunder, GET BAILED OUT FOR IT, do it AGAIN, while the Average Joe goes to jail for "unpaid parking tickets," gets their car impounded, has to pay a hefty fine, loses their job, gets Covid-19, gets evicted? Yeah, this is STANDARD America, people.

  • Joe Kaput
    Joe Kaput

    When fans get back either postseason time if we get a vaccine that works, or sometime next year, it's gonna be awesome to hear them playing away from Houston. I can only imagine how many drums Oakland's gonna have when they come to town

  • B M
    B M

    Where can you buy a scrolling sports scoreboard like Pat has in the background? I've searched for years and have never found one.

  • Filthy Mcnasty
    Filthy Mcnasty

    Really that’s just 2 starts for joe so it’s not that bad but I still stand with joe and think any suspension was uncalled for

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave

    Astros are the Dodgers Daddy!!!

  • steven guevara
    steven guevara

    When the fans come back the Astros are gonna hear it I gurantee. We have not forgot

  • George papageorgiou
    George papageorgiou

    The Astros will sign Joe Kelly to a ten year 350 million contract

  • 2 0
    2 0

    Joe Kelly deserved 8 games he probly thinks it was worth it

  • orin alaric
    orin alaric

    Maybe Pat thanks for that anit pitching leuge when the lat time MLB had 30 game winning

  • 4shady0

    I mean...not defending the Astros, but they had better bavg, runs, and wins/loss record on the road than at home in 2017... it’s not hard info to look up though. Maybe it helped at home, but how do you cheat on the road? Lol

  • ToiletPaperRoll

    Reread that tweet. Kelly has a HISTORY of intentionally hitting players. I understand the 8 games. I also understand the anger towards the astros

  • Tina Dima
    Tina Dima

    I friggin LOVE Joe Kelly, and this suspension is pure BS!

  • Adam Wheeler
    Adam Wheeler

    Love your show! And to answer your last question mark shaped like a ".". Sure as bearshit on a mountain hiking trail the MLB is, has and will always? be anti pitcher. The Atlantic League's(I believe it's called)baseball diamonds is where the MLB has chosen to set up it's dungeons where "Our National Pastime" suffers the diabolical experimentations that MLB's "Money Men and Women" eager seek to inflict upon it such as 62 feet between home plate and the pitcher's rubber(or ~61'11") between the dish and the pitcher's bird), a "20 sec. Pitch Clock violation", the opportunity for a batter to steal 1st. on a wild pitch/passed ball regardless of count and or swing, a now adopted rule that apinch runner will be placed upon 2nd. every half inning of extra innings, a DH batting for the pitchers spot in the order regardless of League and a bunch more examples of barbarism I'm sure that's best not spoken of here. No longer even in the National League must a pitcher answer for plunking the opposing team. 62'! The MLB'$ indifference to the game is blasphemy with a gesture to the face of "The Baseball Gods" watching at home and high above. Shame! Shame SHAME ON THE "MLB"!

    • Adam Wheeler
      Adam Wheeler

      *eagerly seek to....

  • Joshua Bunkers
    Joshua Bunkers

    Isn't Joe Kelly just a sore loser? No respect for crybabies.

  • Nick Quinn
    Nick Quinn

    don’t worry. the minute we are allowed to get into the games. the signs coming back!!

  • Sergio S.
    Sergio S.

    The fact that they don’t win anything big since the effing 80’s is so funny because they think they are this “legend” of a team.... ROFL. Losers!!!

  • Sergio S.
    Sergio S.

    Poor losers can’t get over it. The Doyers are just a bunch of losers.... they love crying.

  • peterfrknpan

    Mlb commissioner’s bs decision, to give immunity then allow the ASStros to keep their title, BEGGED for pitchers to hit them. Then he gives a suspension, of 8 games? If my team is out of contention I’m throwing at their dugout

  • BeanTrashcan

    Jesus, the rambling...

  • Paintbait

    Loved Sean Casey while he was in Detroit.

  • Clutch Clay TV
    Clutch Clay TV

    One day the MLB will put a damn pitching machine out there that just throws 100 mile per hour fastballs

  • AnDrew Couch
    AnDrew Couch

    Good points, baseball is a super complex reality of right and wrong, and often operates in the gray area of things. Joe Kelley is former cardinal, and absolutely deserves to be applauded for taking the piss out the Astros. Anyone that has a problem with his performance, I’d direct to historical pieces on bob Gibson and many other greats. So to summarize, what joe Kelley did might have been “wrong” but in the world of baseball it wasn’t and no baseball person had any problems with it, the crying Astros are who we can’t stand..... just turn your back and take the shot so you can slow walk to first and pretend it doesn’t hurt. Trust me we’ve all been there homie

  • Vince Martinez
    Vince Martinez

    good show - now subscribed Go Joe Kelly fight Club (in Blue)!

  • Alfredo Munoz
    Alfredo Munoz

    That's why i rather watch Golf.... MLB just isn't fair... Cheaters get protected... Fk Houston

  • margaret walsh
    margaret walsh

    Joe Kelly was one of the few reasons I stayed a Sox fan until Joe said " Nah, I;m going back home to LA". Besides Betts, he was the only guy on the team with balls. He'd throw at anyone when the situation dictated and protect his team mates who, most of whom are pussies. Kelly could have pitched back in the good old days. Love the guy!

  • Alex Cuadrado
    Alex Cuadrado

    Kelly is a Jerk..suspend him for 20 games..


    It's kind of funny that the commissioner reacted to protect the Astros. Did the ump? No.

  • Stanley Jordan
    Stanley Jordan

    I like him, but if suspension time changes, recover time from taking a 90mph+ ball to the dome, isn’t going to change

  • Rudy De Leon
    Rudy De Leon

    If the Patriots had deflate Gate, what do we call this Astro’s situation? Trash can Gate?

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell

    joe kelly broke a window throwing a changeup while 15 year olds are striking people out with them. ps Im a dodgers fan and kelly for MVP

    • deebest568

      Still suspended lol Go Stros 🤘

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis

    They seriously need to reevaluate the requirements or background needed to be qualified for running an organization! Because how Rob Manfred is the commissioner of a professional sport is now beyond me! His unethical bias towards the Astros knows no appalling bounds and he's unceremoniously making it more obvious

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis

    This is freakin' unreal! Joe Kelly was doing nothing but retaliating, with a single pitch, and God forbid taunting (poor Carlos Correa for having his feelings hurt LMAO) for his teammates and the rest of his fellow baseball players throughout MLB against the team that had egregiously cheated and stained the game and some of its integrity/identity and he individually gets suspended for eight games! While the Cheatros as a whole, who had blatantly cheated the game for a few full seasons, got off with a slap on the wrist! There are no words! Manfred, if he needed to go as commissioner before for basically letting the Astros and several of their deserved suspended players off the hook, just added to the reasoning! Manfred and certified idiot go hand in hand

  • Jose Linares
    Jose Linares

    😂 he was with the 2018 cheating Boston Red Sox team that beat, wait for it it's a shocker....the dodgers in the world series O wait and so was Mookie Betts but that's ok cause he's a dodger now. MLB is full of Hyprocrites

  • jaybee95

    I don't watch baseball just Joe Kelly

  • WReed Shupe II
    WReed Shupe II

    Got me to subscribe. Sorry ive been sleeping on ya.

  • djrand62

    If Manfred puts a ban on ever speaking about the biggest debacle in baseball since the BLACK SOX scandal, I will never watch MLB again. He will basically be saying, "Hey, if you cheat, I will make sure you never have to face any consequences, ever!"

  • D Block
    D Block

    “Joe jelly did not forget”

  • Mike Himself
    Mike Himself

    @2:32 Los Angelos Dargers! 😂 such a huge fan Pat! But, hilarious verbal typo

  • Nate H
    Nate H

    Aiming not for the head, whatever (to an extent) but a 96 MPH fastball at the head is a potential career ender for a batter

  • Lee Lantern
    Lee Lantern

    MLB is a joke, the Astros and the league cover up have killed this sport for me and I'm done, never going to follow this sport again.

  • Bryan Hunt
    Bryan Hunt

    LA cheats a lot as well just FYI

  • killamike 617
    killamike 617


  • beavis and butthead
    beavis and butthead

    Man this guy tells a story like a woman, get to the goddamn point already, what happened?

  • Nisei

    Die hard Padres fan. Hate the Dodgers w a passion but I hate cheaters even more. Kinda hard to side w the Dodgers haha but I def agree that this is BS and wish kelly made contact. Hate the POS Astros.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

    I'm calling him "Machine Gun Joe Kelly" from now on

  • I’m Joe’s Husband
    I’m Joe’s Husband

    I’ve been an Astros fan all my life.... I see nothing wrong with this other than this guys ridiculous suspension.

  • reginaldino enchillada
    reginaldino enchillada

    As a Dodger fan we got cheated and who caught it not the Dodgers not the league not the commissioner not Rob Manfred some random blogger caught it. Shout out to jomboy. He is a defender, a friend of America's pastime. The astros and the league office, only out 4 themselves.

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris

    Guys its Rape Rapelessburger tm

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