Pat McAfee Reacts To Mike Vrabel And John Harbaugh's Fight Pregame
The Pat McAfee Show
What would the line be set at if this were a real fight?
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  • Ian Vlogs
    Ian Vlogs

    The big panther postsynaptically peep because sense continuously bolt unlike a dangerous bandana. dysfunctional, false familiar famous exclamation

  • Simon Glauser
    Simon Glauser

    Ravens dead?????

  • joel pearson
    joel pearson

    this ddnt age well

  • Willi Seabon
    Willi Seabon

    This video aged well

  • JoHecht

    This aged well

  • omar alqaatabi
    omar alqaatabi

    Who’s here after the ravens playoff win

  • Juan S. Salazar
    Juan S. Salazar

    Awesome backhanded compliment!

  • Masta Dingus
    Masta Dingus

    How did I miss this!? This is pure gold!! lol

  • Austin Ewing
    Austin Ewing

    The fact that Ian Rappaport even thinks that Harbaugh would stand a chance against Vrabel is laughable 😂

  • g w
    g w

    Bottom line, ravens are a better team and organization and John is a wayyyy better coach soooo what are we talking about? A fight that would never happen lol

  • Glasseye Offical
    Glasseye Offical


  • Michael Churney
    Michael Churney

    Vrabel could take both harbums out in 30 seconds, assuming those two half sissies even show up...

  • random •
    random •

    confirmed vrabel is a mans man

  • Matthew Mulleavy
    Matthew Mulleavy

    6'1"???? When did the ravens head coach grow 3 inches

  • Troy F.
    Troy F.

    AJ looks like the crazy kidnapper from Silence of the Lambs

  • Z. Joseph Graham
    Z. Joseph Graham

    Ian Rapoport coming in with the horrendous take hahaha

  • Albert james
    Albert james

    Jim will throw hands...not John

  • BanginOnFools

    Mcafee is a smart ass coked up ex punter. Stfu pat

  • Nick Snider
    Nick Snider

    All I’m saying is being good at football doesn’t make you a good fighter

  • Smokey The goat
    Smokey The goat

    It’s the madden curse

  • jdubb45

    Damnnnnn as a Ravens fan this might've been the hardest video to watch all year 😂😂 the disrespect lol

  • Green Eggs
    Green Eggs

    Rappaport has a hard on for the Harbaughs

  • Travis Yates
    Travis Yates

    Yeah this is an easy pick lmao for sure Vrabel bounces Harbaugh off the pavement like a basketball

  • Tommy Draino
    Tommy Draino

    pat you have lost a lot of weight since February, looking great

  • JK DeMartino
    JK DeMartino

    Ahhh now we know why ravens got the covid

  • R Smitty
    R Smitty

    Vrabel would definitely be taking Harbaughs lunch money.

  • Bernard Jurs
    Bernard Jurs

    Eats that for dinner that's funny

  • D m
    D m

    sometimes i just watch the videos to see how many new trinkets i find on the walls or the desk.

  • Von Skunk
    Von Skunk

    Rapaport knows jack sh*t about fighting

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney

    I would pay good money to see Mike fight John.

  • Table Top Cards
    Table Top Cards

    Ian made the call ravens run the division looks like Lamar can’t even run Covid

  • E H
    E H

    Jim Harbaugh > John Harbaugh. John only has a ring because ray lewis retired that year. Randy Moss deserved that ring way more.

  • Dr.J 412
    Dr.J 412

    Vrabel is a baaaaad dude

  • Ok

    Lmaoooo I’m cryin 50 punches 💀💀stfu pat

  • Halvor80

    Vrabel would smack John so hard Jim would get a concussion.

  • billy hill
    billy hill

    maybe he was pissed that Vrabel is too stupid to know how to wear a mask.

  • Zohar Uzuki
    Zohar Uzuki

    Vrabel being cry baby and poor sportsmanship, whats new? Harbaugh would straight up squash Vrabel

  • Agent 9922
    Agent 9922

    Where was the coward Raven players to support their coach?

  • Don Armstrong
    Don Armstrong

    This conversation is ridiculous, Harbaugh is small and old, never played, why not just have a fight between Aaron Donald and Jerry Jones.

  • Husqy44

    "iT's dISreSpeCTful 😢" Harbaugh was about to get fucked up

  • Kbholla

    This guest really thinks that Harbaugh stood a chance. Sad.

  • Eric O'Mara
    Eric O'Mara

    Whichever coach has Pats trashy pinky ring loses.

  • steeleru7 Burgh
    steeleru7 Burgh

    Ex Steeler would kick the Raven to the curb!

  • Nik C
    Nik C

    So is it vrabel vs joe judge for the championship fight now?

  • devilboykillz

    shows how lil u know about fighting thinking just cuz a guy is bigger he is going to win. Only takes one shot and speed kills.

  • Lonewolf Jackson
    Lonewolf Jackson

    Pat really just said that Jeff Fischer was a great coach...

  • tom burton
    tom burton

    I'd like to see Vrabel and Pete Carroll fight. I don't like Pete Carroll.

  • 6 Slice
    6 Slice

    Harbaugh should just keep picking his nose and either eating it or wiping it on his mouth lol... Search for the IT-my video. I was shocked

  • Spazz Jenkins
    Spazz Jenkins

    Texans shoulda promoted him long ago smh

  • AngryLittleSpider _
    AngryLittleSpider _

    "It was YOU, Rappaport!" LMFAO

  • david clements
    david clements

    Confirms my lack of respect for Rapapapaort...

  • freddy zamaripa
    freddy zamaripa

    Vrabel reminds me of aaron Hernandez for some reason

  • Tommy Urso
    Tommy Urso

    I love this show lmao

  • Shaad H
    Shaad H

    This is meathead logic, this guys bigger than the other smh. This guy can drink and smoke this much.

  • Blake Kwamin
    Blake Kwamin

    I’m a bit mad Baltimore didn’t back up Harbaugh. He’s a great coach, and the Titans and Vrabel was way out of pocket and the Baltimore players should have been fighting, just for disrespecting their awesome head coach.

  • richard morello 3
    richard morello 3

    Harbaugh is a punk.

  • Black Algorithmist 000
    Black Algorithmist 000

    A rivalry reborn.......but I'm very disappointed that none of the Ravens players came out or felt offended 🤬🤬🤬

  • Parabellum_ Recondos
    Parabellum_ Recondos

    “Shoot for a single leg” 😂😂

  • j oxley
    j oxley

    is this guy coked out of his mind?

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen

    Rapaport has never been in a fight, Vrabel has 50, 60 pounds on him - what are we talking about?!

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D

    Ohio state always smacks around Miami.

  • David Velozo
    David Velozo

    Ravens are nothing without Ray Lewis

  • Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
    Spicy Flavor Tide Pods

    Jeff Fisher as a coach was trash.

  • Steven Valle
    Steven Valle

    Vrabel would beat up any other coach in the league

  • XoXo Bearboi
    XoXo Bearboi

    Sorry to say just because your big doesn’t mean you win 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  • BeautflDisaster4

    The Titans actually do this every game. The Ravens are just giant pussies.

  • Abby H
    Abby H

    Vrabel's neck alone wins that fight without breaking a sweat

  • Dream King
    Dream King


  • Tim Stephens
    Tim Stephens

    Raven's lost the game Sunday and their manhood.

  • Mo Vo
    Mo Vo

    Coaches need to lace up and join UFC in the off season

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