Patriots vs. Dolphins Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019
The New England Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • Jim V
    Jim V

    This Pats team started so strong. Can't believe how the season ended.

  • Juan Carlos Aleman Frias
    Juan Carlos Aleman Frias

    art for kids hub

  • John Paul
    John Paul

    What if I told you that in the second time these teams would meet that the dolphins would win

  • MD88Pilot

    How does it all fall apart so quickly 😭😭😭

  • Skill CHAMP
    Skill CHAMP

    2-0 patriots

  • Yahir Berrezueta
    Yahir Berrezueta

    little did we know this would be antonio browns last game in the nfl

  • J Money
    J Money


  • Luis M
    Luis M

    This is the last game , After this game , Changes started to come, And now patriots Are like a Regular Team , All bec Of Belichick Fault

  • GTA Fan
    GTA Fan

    The Dolphins were trash last year.

  • MilkSauce

    Bruh imagine this offense with that defense

  • joevonloser00

    2009 The Patriots beat my Titans 59-0😒

  • Ellis Toyn
    Ellis Toyn

    If the patriots kept Josh gordan and Antonio brown, I could of seen them winning their seventh superbowl

  • Daniel cheetah
    Daniel cheetah

    Patriots defense was better then dolphins defense.What a patriots touchdown!!! Incredible?! Great game.Patriots!!Patriots!!Patriots!!Great touchdowns Patriots!!! What a Amazing game!

  • Kronyx

    Why did the patriots have their home jerseys on?

  • Lgf04 LGF04
    Lgf04 LGF04

    What this team couldve been......i cry myself to sleep thinking about it sometimes

  • Joseph Lowry
    Joseph Lowry

    Did the Miami Dolphins win or the New England Patriots?

  • Jonathan Thomason
    Jonathan Thomason

    Shm, AB thought he was gonna win a free ring with the Patriots...

  • Whizz Tube
    Whizz Tube

    It's strange how they lose 43-0 in Miami and win in New England.

  • ddawgg23

    When you watch this game and the Week 1 game against Baltimore, it's hard to believe that this Dolphins team won a game, let alone five. No wonder it was also Minkah Fitzpatrick's final game of his very brief stint with Miami.

  • meme_soup

    I love how Rosen ran away from the d-line when he got sacked😂

  • Baki Retsu
    Baki Retsu

    He just said Brady started 10/10 he is now 8/9... In the same sentence 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Devin Trick
    Devin Trick

    Doesn't look like the Patriots winning anything now.😏😏🙃🙃

    • bruhhh

      You were saying?

  • Annie Stjuste
    Annie Stjuste

    I like it

  • C N
    C N

    this team had so much potential :(

  • Alexia Is On Fire
    Alexia Is On Fire

    oh what could have been smh if AB and Flash stayed we could have seriously gone 19-0. I am gonna miss TB12 so much

  • Stephen Martinkovic
    Stephen Martinkovic

    I hope coach flores remembers this. Ravens running a fake punt up 40 points, patriots still throwing deep up 37 in the 4th.... show no mercy next year.

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez

    1:20 chop block

  • xNBAChamp

    SB trip if Flash & AB never got taken away...

  • Brody McCanless
    Brody McCanless

    Antonio Brown has possibly the biggest fall from stardom in sports history or at least in NFL history.

  • Joel Owen
    Joel Owen

    🔥🔥 *how much excitement there is* 1:27 🔥🎬 👇🔥

  • Alex Naanep
    Alex Naanep

    From a Miami miracle to a Miami massacre

  • Amari Tann-Wilson
    Amari Tann-Wilson

    Little did they know the dolphins would be the saviors of the nfl in week 17

  • #popcornblast Awinde
    #popcornblast Awinde

    Who’s here after pats trade for obj

  • Daylon Burks
    Daylon Burks

    Dang the only game this season where Tom Brady loves seeing his receivers get separation 😩

  • puggy

    I'm still angry we don't have AB

  • VFSactor67

    WHAT CHANGED😳😱 after this game for the Dolphins to comeback (Week 17) and WIN over the Patriots?!🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • HungryHippowdon7

    Brady, endzone... CAUGHT BY BROWN! TOUCHDOWN, NEW ENGLAND! And then he was gone.

  • BucketOfKFC

    only here for antonio brown

  • nhlombardi

    And people have the audacity to question Tom Brady's ability..... this is what happens when you give him real receivers instead of a broken down 33 year old white guy to throw to. And he still goes 24-9 for 4,000.

  • Nehemiah Hicks
    Nehemiah Hicks

    No one talks about how well the Pats were when they had an offense but never forgt week 9 to the playoffs

  • Amanda Zsoldos
    Amanda Zsoldos

    Go pat's

  • Amanda Zsoldos
    Amanda Zsoldos


  • Carlos Abc
    Carlos Abc

    Whos here after the patriots lost to the dolphins in foxbourogh

  • Carlos Abc
    Carlos Abc

    Whos here after the patriots got eliminated from the wild card

  • Bruce Benson
    Bruce Benson

    Just a pats fan, wondering wtf happened 😭

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan
      Sasha Tamara Keegan

      No good offence and no good receivers that's what happened.

  • Gerard

    Brady with receivers

  • Jeff Spekhardt
    Jeff Spekhardt

    Back at this video to remember what we could’ve had🙃

  • FamilyMSV

    Who’s here after the Dolphins stun the Patriots giving the Chiefs their first round bye in the playoffs?

  • Terry McBride
    Terry McBride

    Great job running up the score Bill,It really encouraged Miami to come into Foxborough and gift rap the 2nd seed for Kansas City

  • Sam [SJ13]
    Sam [SJ13]

    “You buffoons, We were only harnessing our power for the entire season.” -The Miami Dolphins to the New England Patriots Week 17, most likely

    • Mason Rudolph’s Bae
      Mason Rudolph’s Bae

      Kaitul no he didn’t tf

    • Kaitul

      Sam [SJ13] you called it

  • Voltaire Thomas
    Voltaire Thomas

    This Brady with weapons

  • Lucas Rezende
    Lucas Rezende

    New England Patriots Massacred the Dolphins and have a very good defense

  • Turtbun

    Hahahahaha these retarded comments are so funny after Miami beat y’all in Foxboro 🤣

    • Nehemiah Hicks
      Nehemiah Hicks

      Miami beat a pats team wit no offense this here shows us wht we do to yll with an offense bt its ok

  • Daiyon Harden
    Daiyon Harden

    The fact the pats lost to this same team in week 17 to give us (chiefs fan a bye) thank you 😭😭😭

  • ChedengMB

    And the dolphins beat the Pats again. Dolphins are just here to ruin the party🤣

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia

    Tom Brady is gonna be 1 of the new pepole on þhe Miami dolphins

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia

    Week seventeen Miami dolphins won against the patriots lets go Miami lets go

    • Nehemiah Hicks
      Nehemiah Hicks

      Did they beat this pats team here or a patriots team from dollar general

    • Goldberg Brian
      Goldberg Brian


  • W J
    W J

    This is it I'm pissed how can we lose against one of the worst teams in the NFL brady needs to do a lot of sole searching the DBs looked clueless gilmore play some Defense stop playing on your own hype #1 DB please

    • Jerry Junior Official
      Jerry Junior Official

      W J oh you gon do me like that? Okay...

    • W J
      W J

      Try winning a superbowl in this Decade then you can talk to me

    • Jerry Junior Official
      Jerry Junior Official

      W J haha you guys lost to Miami, and I’m a Cowboys fan btw.

  • Melanie Guenette
    Melanie Guenette

    Who's back after Dolphins beat them?


    Anyone here after the dolphins beat the patriots 😂

    • angery boi
      angery boi

      @Sasha Tamara Keegan salty ass

    • Live Life3
      Live Life3

      Skelly haha shut up ur a nobody

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan
      Sasha Tamara Keegan

      Laugh all you want but how many times the Dolphins been in the Superbowl smartass.

    • J Givenchy
      J Givenchy

      Skelly lmao miami didnt even make it to the playoffs so stfu

    • kyle stelter
      kyle stelter


  • Clayton Latone
    Clayton Latone

    LOL None of these comments aged well after the Dolphins got their revenge

    • Kirby

      @Live Life3 I'm gonna just smile and nod like I understood what you said.

    • Blo0dThIRstT_phinsup XXX
      Blo0dThIRstT_phinsup XXX

      @Live Life3 need some water to wash that salt down?

    • Live Life3
      Live Life3

      Yeah it does the dolphins win Super Bowls like the patriots that’s right dolphins can’t even get into playoffs

  • Scott Miranda
    Scott Miranda

    Coming back to this video after the Patriots lose to the Dolphins today LOL

    • Scott Miranda
      Scott Miranda

      @JamTop1105 thank you lol

    • JamTop1105


  • Skrt V
    Skrt V

    Anyone else here hoping the Pats offense can figure it out before the playoffs :(

    • Omgdannie2

      They did, and they're amazing now. Oh, wait...

  • Amarri Cephas
    Amarri Cephas

    Tom Brady is such a cheater

  • Escattit Jr
    Escattit Jr

    I miss ab. Please let him come back

  • tae trojan
    tae trojan

    At 3:58 Did he just say Brady pulled the trigger???

  • Harry Aviles
    Harry Aviles

    Rookie mode on Madden

  • T C
    T C

    Gives brady a weapon for 5 days

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith

    Let's go Miami dolphins

  • Sean Lutke
    Sean Lutke

    Brady to Brown!!! One and done☹️

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