Patriots vs. Texans Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019
The New England Patriots take on the Houston Texans during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • onyeka onyyebuchukwu
    onyeka onyyebuchukwu

    *I dare Brady to run like that during a shooting*

  • Chris Nowak
    Chris Nowak

    This is the one time Bill O'Brien truly out-coached Belichick. He had the perfect game plan offensively to attack that vaunted defense. Bravo.

  • Angel Cadena
    Angel Cadena

    Rewatching this. Anybody who's a Broncos or former is a kryptonite for Brady idk y tho. Even we can't figure it lol

  • Rickyxvm1521 G
    Rickyxvm1521 G

    Pats came close to pulling off an upset if only they recovered that onside kick like Micha Hyde did

  • toomanyjohns

    Y'know as a patriots fan, winning all the time can get boring. So I wasn't that mad about this season


    Has any team in NFL history benefitted more from favorable officiating than the PATRIOTS??

  • Sneakhyperion92

    That complacent attitude came back and bit the texans in the ass against the chiefs. Lucky the patriots didn't get that onside kick

  • Brooke Alvik
    Brooke Alvik

    HAPPY birthday

  • emojidude73

    That onside kick gave me anxiety

  • Anitra Coronado
    Anitra Coronado

    This was a good game

  • Java Jones
    Java Jones

    Oh wait.. The refs along with the Pats didn't cheat this time..

  • LopsterSharks

    Even as a bills fAn I respect the Texans

  • James Porter
    James Porter

    Brady aged like 10 years during this game

  • Michael MACCHIA
    Michael MACCHIA

    See guys, this is how you can tell that the patriots didn't deserve their record of 12-4. Almost all their victories were against Cupcake teams like Miami, Washington, and New York (Giants and Jets). But when you guys matched up against the AFC heavyweights like the Ravens, Chiefs, and Texans, they embarrassed you guys.

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo

    Lmaooo everyone hates the Patriots and want them to lose😂😂😂

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g

    If it was not for James White, this game would of been a blowout

  • GamerAyden

    2 years ago the patriots won against the Texans But 2020 Texans won against the patriots

  • André Amaya
    André Amaya

    All this just to lose to the broncos the next week?!😂😂🤣

    • André Amaya
      André Amaya

      Who blew a 24 point lead in the playoffs😂?

    • Mustanglover_69

      Who made the playoffs?

  • Ben Kerstetter
    Ben Kerstetter


  • Lovely Alezi
    Lovely Alezi

    Brady slow

  • Tai Weaver
    Tai Weaver

    When it was 28-9 it brought me flashbacks to the last time the patriots were down 28-9 in nrg

  • ddawgg23

    Only the second time ever that the Texans have beaten the Patriots

  • Lewis Holland
    Lewis Holland

    🔥 *how much excitement there is* 1:45 🎥 👇👇👇👇👇

  • Moonroof

    Respect to TB12

  • Jay

    This game was really not that close. Texans dominated the Pat's. Now Brady's gone but Texans also lost Hopkins.

  • Luis P
    Luis P

    Texans are good but they play dirty

  • Kurtis Jacob
    Kurtis Jacob

    Who is here after they traded d hop

  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan
    Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    #TexansSuck #PatriotsWin From a Chargers fan

    • Gautham Ananthanarayanan
      Gautham Ananthanarayanan

      @Mustanglover_69 why is that?

    • Mustanglover_69

      Lol you made because we beat yall

  • Cubs Productions
    Cubs Productions

    I’m sorry, but how do people find this entertaining?

  • Charles Shores
    Charles Shores

    As a chiefs fan thinks Houston for getting chiefs to number 2 seed

  • Declan Cole
    Declan Cole

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 *just watch and enjoy* 1:37 💘🔥💃🎬 👇👇💓

    • The Moon
      The Moon

      no you dingus

  • Jaydon Schneider
    Jaydon Schneider

    🔥 *just watch and enjoy* 0:58 💯🔥💃💚 👇 👇 👇 👇💓

    • The Moon
      The Moon

      no you dingus

  • ABunchOfMeskinzTv

    Brady running looked like he was wearing gokus gi shoes

  • Pooper Gang
    Pooper Gang

    When you realize you won 6 Super Bowls but the eagles have more wins than you. Edit:When you realize you won 6 Super Bowls and you lost to the worst franchise in the nfl

  • Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan

    That was my favorite game for the 100th season the TEXANS beating the patriots at home in houston WE ARE TEXANS!!!

  • Daniel Olvera
    Daniel Olvera

    the touchdown of the minute 10.14 is no a touchdown


    Texans : does anything positive Refs : penalty TEXANS

  • carlos palacios
    carlos palacios

    god!! i love when the patriots lose!!

  • daniel olvera
    daniel olvera

    9:44 he slapped him lmao

  • wm stacey butts
    wm stacey butts

    Duke Johnson ! Made the right decision in getting out of Clevelsnd

  • Audman Hun
    Audman Hun

    I think the coaching needs an overhaul. Specifically the Offensive side of the staff. 1st and goal at the 1 yd line, you have Tom Brady and your staff calls 3 runs to the same spot to the left. Makes no sense in play calling. MIX IT UP for f××k sakes. Titans did a good job but Patriots made it easy. Tom don't retire yet, TELL the team who You want as an offensive coordinator. There never has been a player like Tom nor will ever be again. They wasted his talent from the opening whistle.

  • Jordan Truce
    Jordan Truce

    Deshaun Watson makes the Texans so much better than they are. If he wasn’t so athletic and mobile, he’d be getting sacked 20 times a game and they’d put up no points.

  • TTV Ur Mom
    TTV Ur Mom

    The goat is not Tom Brady and the Patriots, but rather the team that beats them. -Fax

  • Kody Freeman
    Kody Freeman

    I'm not a Patriots fan but damn Brady has some sexy legs

  • Felipe Souza
    Felipe Souza

    Cometeram um erro ao mandar Antônio Brown embora, não tem ninguém que tem o pode de ataque dele. Esse ano acaba a dinastia.....

  • Danny Leyva
    Danny Leyva

    Great AFC football

  • P

    Any patriots ref Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez


  • jose martinez
    jose martinez

    The New England Patriots dynasty is about to end

    • Jay

      It's officially ended and so has Brady's career.

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez

    The New England Patriots had so many scandals the cheaters watch out for the cheaters

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez

    That’s all I want for Christmas

  • Randy Martinez
    Randy Martinez

    The patriots are going to be knocked out of the playoffs soon

  • Brian

    How it feels running in ur dreams: 2:43

  • Og Kil
    Og Kil

    They should rename this Houston Texans vs Patriots Defense highlights

  • Master_ov1235

    I feel like a kid is faster then Tom Brady I mean he feels so slow to me anyone else

  • timomastosalo

    What a TD to 27 by the Tex. They just registered to the SB prospects.

  • DJ Chill Will
    DJ Chill Will

    How does #24 miss the new england running back at 6:56? It's like they were magnets and they're both north poles (science simile).

  • Victoria Hao
    Victoria Hao

    I never and ONLY wAtch football....when the Patriots compete the finals. No fantacys of any kind ,but Tom Brady and the or out i am IN. Goodluck.

  • Lyn Holden
    Lyn Holden

    7:56 that police officer was hilarious.

  • Latrale Harris
    Latrale Harris

    2:40 fastest player in NFL HISTORY tom Brady

  • Debaser Deducer
    Debaser Deducer

    Lmao Roby broke Brady's ankles.

  • Sage Locke
    Sage Locke

    *Brady sees Roby coming at full speed* Brady: iight Imma eat this sack up

  • Maneet parmar
    Maneet parmar

    The dynasty has ended

  • Chantalan

    Ayeee this game had me edge fr, Texans have hella potential im telling y'all.

  • Ryan Mindgone
    Ryan Mindgone

    I love him but age catches us all

  • Ryan Mindgone
    Ryan Mindgone

    Brady must be replaced with youger aggressive QB.... buffalo did the entire team damn near

  • YungYeev

    Imagine patriots getting that onside lol Tom would’ve scored a td for sure.

  • HoobaDooba135

    Do people not realize the reason why the Texans played so sloppy in the end. It's called garbage time. They let the Patriots do there thing so the Texans could get the ball back and win. That was the plan and it payed off. Should they have done that, no but GO TEXANS!!!!!

  • Alexander Berman
    Alexander Berman

    I go down and I’m like why is everyone fussing about this kick and then I see it and I’m like ohhh my god... lol

  • ryan calhoon
    ryan calhoon

    Funny how the patriots ran their mouth about the Texans all day because they wore swat gear and still take the L. Man these pats fans are about to be on another band wagon here soon!!

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