Paul George Clippers Debut 33 Points! 2019-20 NBA Season
Chris Smoove
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  • NBA shawny
    NBA shawny

    I will take off work for now on with load management

  • AJ Zoro
    AJ Zoro

    And the Clippers still took an L!


    what is load management?

  • Jb Macaraeg Nillo
    Jb Macaraeg Nillo

    0:35 🔥

  • EJ Crowder
    EJ Crowder

    1:44 only if he had the ninja headband

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    But drew holiday

  • Moyin Osibodu
    Moyin Osibodu

    Lou will drops 31 for the pelicans He is on the clippers dumbo

  • Agent Dobol O 10
    Agent Dobol O 10

    Load management😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Boss Jay
    Boss Jay

    I will take a work leave on Monday, reason: load management.

  • Gian Markus TALENS
    Gian Markus TALENS

    nobody gonna talk about how competitive the pelicans are when former lakers are out

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee

    Where are the 2k videos Chris

  • Rayzajw

    Franky boy Jackson

  • Kritin Kaler
    Kritin Kaler

    “Lou will score 31 for pelican”

  • Appa Yipp Yipp
    Appa Yipp Yipp

    I called out of work because of load management

  • octo20

    1:42 holy moly look how empty the arena is.

  • MalRulesAll


  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee

    0:11 lou will drops 31 pts for the pelicans 🤔

  • Aakaash narayannan
    Aakaash narayannan

    Jrue is the GOAT

  • Abdi The GOAT
    Abdi The GOAT

    He probably meant Jrue holiday and he scored 33

  • Swag_21

    PG and Kawhi duo can’t wait

  • Shaunos MeMate
    Shaunos MeMate

    Lou will for pelicans ahahaha

  • END

    Lou Williams defense lol

  • Aayush Gautam
    Aayush Gautam

    0:10, lou will with 31 points for the pelicans. BRUH

  • omar sheriff
    omar sheriff

    Loooooaaaddd management

  • revALution4

    Kevin Loooooooooove

  • uncle myles
    uncle myles

    Lac trash gsw for the chip

  • Baller

    Bro they left him wiiiide open at the end :/

  • Dior

    "Lou Will drop 31 points for the pelicans" when did he start playing for them 😂

  • AzanK-06

    We gotta wait for DeMarcus Cousins bois, he already practicing his 3s and he will kill PG13 when he comes back

  • shogrran

    Sequence at 1:37 did he really have to go to the double team?

  • Ahrar Jagirdar
    Ahrar Jagirdar

    0:12 did he just say lou will was on the pelicans

  • Navid Tanvir
    Navid Tanvir

    Did he say Lou will drops 31 points for the pelicans

  • ATG Clxmps
    ATG Clxmps

    Wtf is load management

  • Keith Nell
    Keith Nell

    I got the new Kawhi kicks. Can't wear them today. Load Management.

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice

    Chris smoove :" LoooooAaaaadddd managment

  • Flawq

    I swear these laker fans are getting me tight

  • Spoonicide

    Kawhi gonna load management the clippers to 5 to 8 seed in the playoffs

  • Jay Blast
    Jay Blast

    *Clippers about to go flawless now! LOAD MANAGEMENT!*

  • Lawrence Gutierrez
    Lawrence Gutierrez

    Clippers are overrated

  • Don't look back 2003
    Don't look back 2003

    Did anyone else hear 👂 Chris smoove say Lou Williams dropped 31 for the pelicans 😓

  • Not Tromarツ
    Not Tromarツ

    Warriors beat pelicans but the pelicans beat Clippers 😂


    0:07 “No Kawhi Leonard tonight; he’s out with lOaD mAnAgEmEnT” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jay Blast
      Jay Blast

      I fell back in my seat lmao! 😂😂😂

  • Jason Fennell
    Jason Fennell

    Did he say Lou will drops 30 pts for the pelicans?

  • Nachiket Ayare
    Nachiket Ayare

    Nobody : Smoove : Lou Will drops 31 points for the Pelicans. 🤣👌

  • im2hastyle

    Kawaint playin tonight

  • Lucky’s Reacts
    Lucky’s Reacts

    You can’t be the Best defensive Team Giving Up 132 Points.

  • Richard Abitong
    Richard Abitong

    Nobody: Smoove: Luuu wiiilllll.....

  • Mr Meme person
    Mr Meme person

    Paul George: *debuts Other NBA teams: well guys, were dead Lakers: Hold up

  • 1kDean

    jrue gets a poster 2k "alright lets give him a 99 driving dunk

  • Ruff Prophet Productions
    Ruff Prophet Productions

    MLB pitchers do LOAD MANAGEMENT I don't wanna hear it

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B

    Holiday had 6 steals too man was on a mission

  • J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle
    J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle

    C(L)ippers 🗑

  • Luke Flaherty
    Luke Flaherty

    He said lou will for pelicans ?

  • Pranav Pujari
    Pranav Pujari

    what is load management

  • Matthew 2700
    Matthew 2700

    Bruh him and Kawhi gonna be unstoppable

  • SK-BEAST99

    can someone explain what is load management

  • RJPG Gaming
    RJPG Gaming

    Load Management cheeeeeese!

  • J -Swish
    J -Swish

    Everytime kawhi is out smoove should say "khaload management back at iiit!!"

  • yoshatabi

    Smoove you've been inaccurate a'f these past few days with the videos. Lou ain't with the Pelicans

  • Juls Bulls
    Juls Bulls

    Young bucks are stopping Jru Holiday greatness dude is a beast

  • Tyree Collins
    Tyree Collins

    My hometeam pelicans shocked the clippers. I wasn’t expecting that

  • Jepi

    Kawhi was out because of knee injury

  • Charles Barron
    Charles Barron

    Loooad management

  • Kevin Golan
    Kevin Golan

    "Lou Will drops 31 pts for the Pelicans" ????

  • Aitor

    PG is back😍😍😍

  • Mark Dinosaur
    Mark Dinosaur

    They cant produce those number if him and kawhi are both on the floor

  • TheRock Johnson
    TheRock Johnson

    Imagine EVERY ALLSTARS of the NBA in Load Management ALL YEAR LONG #boringseason

  • FSO yeti
    FSO yeti

    Kawhi is getting an update on his iOS during "looooooad management"

  • Dcdatruth85

    P Gizzle

  • Rossome Guy
    Rossome Guy


Prossimi video