Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime
Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime

Music video by Paul McCartney performing Wonderful Christmastime. © 1979 MPL Communications Ltd, under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Иоахим Blitzkrieg
    Иоахим Blitzkrieg


  • Ariana Zayas
    Ariana Zayas

    So this is Paul without The Beatles.....

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      No, this is Billy Shears with a muzak song.

  • Joshua L
    Joshua L

    Mf doom did this song all kinds of justice

  • willsky

    The best Christmas song, I don't care.

  • Rayobey

    I still play this even if it’s not Christmas

  • kaori

    happy 2020

  • knabzco

    Who else is listening on the 16th January 2020 AD?

  • Anthony Paulson
    Anthony Paulson

    I always listen to this song right before I go to bed on Christmas Eve and when I wake up on Christmas morning

  • Olaf Johnson
    Olaf Johnson

    Who’s listening in January 2020?

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Hey Paul I sure people always send u songs,but I have been singing John Lennons vocal parts since I 7 or 8,47 years now,when John started his solo stuff,I'm just across the river and it was always on the radio,102.7 NYC an that's when I really started getting John vocals good because like John I like studio albums best,cleaner live performances are great but the old days the sound was not as good as today...some bands really turn it on live...I would love to sing some old Beatle songs some johns an some of yours that u never got to do together,I was always better at johns voice some times u guys were unrecognizable together and when I sing I useally try to mix both u and john together,but 50 years I have really been happy doing johns parts an would love to do some harmony,may Tokyo the would really love hearing some old Beatles tunes with great sound of John an Paul,or Paul an John...I always use eight days a week as my warm up....and tell me why too....I had a song I was starting,a Beatles tune,but no worry s u probably get lots,I was looking for an official site to reach u...I'm in the USA...just sitting here doing nothing but aging as George put it....thanks...there s a lot of song I would love to sing with u,and a lot of songs u mite want to sing with john voice,or may not....more I thought u mite enjoy vocalizing with johns not similar,nobody gets his sound they all sing more like u,I sing more like john...hah hah I never realized he did most of the leads,because most u can't tell the two of u apart...I'm a loser,day tripper,hard days,eight days,tell me why,I should have known,help...can't buy me man,I like the harder rock stuff,I got my voice listening to my moms 45s from 1955 thru an up...the great 50s music but then quickly got the white album an was having more fun with u guys then the 50s stuff...u guys were tighter an more polished and the songs were more fun better written....

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      1: "Sir Paul" will not read this. 2: William is NOT Paul McCartney. Stop wasting your time.

  • comrade 2003
    comrade 2003

    Carefree 80s. what wonderful times

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Oh sorry I hope u had a nice holiday by the way.....hah hah hah

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      It is called "Merry Christmas". And it has been over for a long time now.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino two songs,I was trying to write some Nirvana style music an came and started listening to Beatles songs that I love,now I'm writing Beatles songs....hah hah hah,don't know if u want to try finishing them I 'll send them to you....if I can...

  • Lieblingstier# Pferd
    Lieblingstier# Pferd

    I Love the Song ❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💘💘💘💘

  • 荒野の用心棒


  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Hey Paul I think I figured out how George came up with while my guitar gently weeps...he's looks mostly to be just playing rythym...instead of getting to write of do some thing fancy on his guitar was sad and it gently weeps while no one hears or cares....melancholy...THANKS

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      The song is about George mourning REAL James Paul McCartney and it is "Billy Shears" in this stupid video.

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I have been carrying Johns voice around in my head for 47 years and all those Beatles songs too....that's a lot of writing an inspiration....of pop music....THANKS

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    An idea pops into my head and its like a poet and an English teacher are fighting over words to see who can come up with the best my head....there s a lot of static then useal the lyrics come sometimes great some times good words with a message but other words need to be used....

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Hey Paul u got a pen handy...I gots some lyrics for song I want to send u ,bonce off u see if u can write a song for it.....its called...ROTTEN APPLES...let me know if u got a chance,reply here and ill send it too u...when ur ready....this song came to me listening to old Beatles tune...if u like take a crack at it...I just sing but don't play I can't write a melody

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      This is Billy. Stop spamming.

  • ilhan halil seyhan
    ilhan halil seyhan

    Alright I’m on Spotify, some how this son came in to my Christmas list. When this song starts to play I’m hitting next song button and after 1 second I’m coming back and listening. It’s weird I hate this song but I’m keep singing whole day this stupid song lol. Nevermind hit the play.

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins

    We 💗 This Fun Record it’s so Christmassy ....always like to hear it..🇬🇧👍

  • David Brou
    David Brou

    I saw Paul in Lima abril 2014, miss in 2011 because I went to England to visit my family and had a beautiful Beatles tour. In 2014 he played on april 25 my birthday, of course my best birthday in my live. TY Paul.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      You did see Billy. Not that interesting. I only care abour thoose who saw Fab four live with REAL Paul.

  • TaylorHamm

    i LOVE the synth in this. It adds an electric feel that fits with all the christmas lights. Some may find the synth abrasive but I think that fits too with how dazzling some houses/trees are.

  • Fulano

    Vi este video en el metro :u

  • James Joseph
    James Joseph

    if you only knew what happiness you brought me. Meet the Beatles. linda paul george and john etc

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Meet William pretending to be Beatle-Paul.

  • marty isnottrendy
    marty isnottrendy

    What a wonderful surprise I didn’t know this song had a music video

  • Krakatoa Pinatubo
    Krakatoa Pinatubo

    Love this weird song!

  • Smack Goofs
    Smack Goofs

    Yeah this song is too fire to be a Christmas song

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang

    i always heard this song and johns christmas song on the radio i loved the songs. im 14 years old and i grew up hearing the beatles on the radio and all i listen to is the beatles. paul is my favourite beatle he’s an amazing singer and songwriter. the beatles literally turned me into more of a calmer and chill person theyre just so amazing. they even got me playing some instruments like the piano and bass and drums, but im more better at drumming then any other instrument. i just wanna drum like ringo he’s such an amazing drummer. i love the beatles so much ill never stop listening to them.

  • Capivara Loka
    Capivara Loka

    paul come to curitiba brazil please i am anthony and i am 13 years old i would love to meet you my english and very bad please come to curitiba

  • CertainBlank

    The instruments, the video, the melody, they don’t make sense I absolutely love it

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      You love Billys muzak ? Well good for you!

    • Fako

      Got to love the fake guitar playing

    • Krakatoa Pinatubo
      Krakatoa Pinatubo

      Me too

  • Gaby Diaz
    Gaby Diaz

    I hope Paul had a nice Christmas

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      His real name is William and i doubt a 666-worshipper cares for Christmas.

  • mauro unitli
    mauro unitli

    Who's watching after christmas because this song is just beautifull

    • itwontcomeout5678

      mauro unitli you got me ahaha I just had to come back

  • Incel Kingdom
    Incel Kingdom


  • Hunter Roudenis
    Hunter Roudenis

    This song really gets me in the Christmas spirit

  • Mike Brady
    Mike Brady

    If you removed the jingle bells and "ding dong, ding dong" it could be a regular song...

  • Zztop Costelow
    Zztop Costelow

    What a s-t song

  • Janice Bennett
    Janice Bennett

    He is a good singer

    • Theo Chocolate
      Theo Chocolate


  • My Friend Goo
    My Friend Goo

    Also note that people didn't have cellphones to record the festivities back then.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      True. But back then people didn't have internet and took for granted that Ol Billy was the real JPM.

  • My Friend Goo
    My Friend Goo

    I swear it's an inspiration, conscious or not, for Kevin Parker and Tame Impala's recent material, especially "It Might Be Time." Also gotta say that I was around when it came out and bought the 45 and on the first listen was thinking "Huh?" It's only in recent years that it's gotten recognition and - the ultimate compliment - cover versions by others.


    My Fav! #Superb

  • Jill Foley
    Jill Foley

    This is the ultimate Christmas song to me. I named my lovely son Paul after Paul in 1968 and visiting The Fountain in 2019 last Sunday had such a wonderful Christmas lunch with all my family and grandchildren. Such lovely memories of the beautiful Linda who I will never forget. The Fountain pub looked so beautiful with all the lights in the garden - looked up at the stars and thought of Linda. Such a beautiful talented lady.

    • Jill Foley
      Jill Foley

      Aw Shucks! A happy new year to you you poor sad person.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      ..And the irony is that the "Paul" in 1968 is not a Paul at all.

  • l.a. man
    l.a. man

    music for libraboy

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      No, Muzak for Billy Shears lovers.

  • N A D I N E
    N A D I N E

    This song is about friends practicing witchcraft but someone walks into the room and they have to play it cool. The moon is right The spirits up We’re here tonight And that’s enough *-someone walks in-* SIMPLY HAVING A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME SIMPLY HAVING A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME

  • Juan Manuel Morales Torrezz
    Juan Manuel Morales Torrezz

    Te rifas paul

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri


  • Xiaxs

    I had no fucking idea this was a Paul McCartney song. What the hell??

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      It is NOT a Paul McCartney song.

  • mard212

    Beatles, for ever❤⭐🛰🛸🚀

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Yes... but the real Fab four band with real James Paul McCartney. Not the "Billy Shears" (William) years from 1967-1970.

  • Steve Cann
    Steve Cann

    Wow, it looks great - loving the remastered video. I’ve never seen it looking so good! Even after 40 years of hearing this every Christmas, I never get tired of it - it’s a true Yuletide classic 🎄

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Nah... Billy Shears muzak to my ears.

  • Julie Meibaum
    Julie Meibaum

    Simply having the most annoying ear worm.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      What is the matter with you ? Don't you like Billy Shears muzak ?!?

  • Julie Meibaum
    Julie Meibaum

    Christmas is simple. All you need is a mood and ding dongs.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      And Billy Shears.

  • strose2002

    Love it. Has become my favorite Christmas song!

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      I hope you stand by that opinion even when it is revealed that he is NOT the real Paul McCartney. Do not be a hypocrite.

  • zibbyzubb

    Love this. Takes me back to happier days in my life.

  • goernie20

    Love seeing Linda, so young, beautiful - makes me happy seeing Paul and Linda so happy. Great time of your life Sir Paul! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      William bought the "Linda tapes" for a reason. You people are "cute" in your gullible way of looking at this man like he lives some kind of a Disney life. Wake up. He is NOT Paul McCartney and he didn't always treat Linda the right way. Living is easy with eyes closed.

  • Fabio Mendonça
    Fabio Mendonça

    Hello Paul, knowing how much you care for our planet, I wanted to share with you a song I composed in Portuguese called “Mensagem da Terra” (Earth’s Message). Irs on the videos in my youtube channel, and the description comes with an english translation. It It is letter of love to our planet and a plea to humanity.

    • Fabio Mendonça
      Fabio Mendonça

      Ölsk Zeri thank you for letting me know.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      This is not Paul and he will never read your comment.

  • Hazim Harola
    Hazim Harola

    Looks like Robert De Niro on double bass

  • Will Dafoe
    Will Dafoe

    You came here for 1:54 don’t @ me

  • deathlymidnight0

    Every mall ever:

  • Jone Straw
    Jone Straw

    Some stupid people said that Paul is dead, if it's true the double is more talented than the real one

    • Jone Straw
      Jone Straw

      @Ölsk Zeri and what about Hey Jude? Let it be? Live and let die? I looove "Fuh you", for me "Yesterday" is boring, so like I said, I prefer the double, The Beatles had their best songs with "William"

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      ZzzZzz. JPM was replaced late 1966 and he have done alot of MUZAK. Lennon called him out for it. You guys pretend pretends everything he touches becomes gold. When in fact he have done ALOT of sh*tty songs. Like this one above, "Fuh you", "Frong song" and alot of other crap. He only have become this big because he lives on JPM's legacy. It was the REAL Paul that wrote the mest covered song in the world, "Yesterday" NOT William. Writing stupid comments like yours. You should be ashamed of yourself. James Paul McCartney was a so much better human being then "Billy Shears" will ever be.

  • Fabrico Manda
    Fabrico Manda

    You will want to kill me but I like Paul's solo career more than with The Beatles, "Yesterday" is a bad song if you compared with "My love"

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Paul did NOT have a solo career. "Yesterday" a bad song ? Yeah, that is why it is the MOST COVERED song in the world. You normie Beatles fans seriously writes the stupidiest things.

  • THTT Productions
    THTT Productions

    A Chillwave Christmas

  • video2crabby

    And a Wonderful Christmas Time To You ! .....

  • georgelee43211

    i love this wings song.

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Yes a "Wings" song not a Paul song.

  • tatara kogasa
    tatara kogasa


  • CherryGage productions
    CherryGage productions

    I love it. It has a nice feel to it.

  • Hunter Kottke
    Hunter Kottke

    Weirdest thing is I discovered this song when in gym the teacher was playing Christmas music. *Not gonna lie, once I got the beat I started singing the song*

  • ZOE

    Como alguien dijo en un comentario en ingles, de alguna forma, es la mejor y la peor canción de navidad que he escuchado XD !! . es decir, es espantosa jaja, pero es tan feliz y adictiva, que la nunca te cansarás de escucharla,, porque..todos amamos a Paul MacCartney, quien podria decir lo contrario?

  • WizradFX

    i first heard this underrated song on the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Movie from the 80s or 90s when i was small. Great to know it was by a legend like Sir Paul McCartney

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      He is not the man you think he is.

  • doomer cave
    doomer cave

    That chord progression gives a perfect melancholic feeling. Bring back memories you never had.

  • odalvarado

    dark magic??

    • Ölsk Zeri
      Ölsk Zeri

      Well Billy is maybe related to Aleister Crowley. He is however 100 procent NOT related to Jim McCartney.

  • Toni Claxton
    Toni Claxton

    Being high and watching this for the first time 💦💦💦💦

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