Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & FACE BLOODIED in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov
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Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
Paulie Malignaggi BROKEN HAND & SLICED FACE in LOSS vs. Artem Lobov - Interviewed by Radio Rahim.
#BareKnuckle #Boxing
Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov

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  • Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now
    Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now

    My foot was a balloon!! Ow sorry, wrong topic.

  • AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER
    AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER

    That guy he keeps calling THE CLINCH, must be a real asshole

  • Paul Mears
    Paul Mears

    I was really praying Artem would have broken his jaw so they could wire his mouth shut for at least 3 or 4 months of fckn silence! Not sure how this got in my news feed but old news is old news

  • JOHN Doey
    JOHN Doey

    This mf talking 100MPH

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy

    You lost to a less than mediocre MMA guy using fists only. Shut up already.

  • Abdul Binzz
    Abdul Binzz

    This Guy is a joke

  • jason cartmell
    jason cartmell

    Paulie cracks me up. Lol

  • Cleatis Tolbert
    Cleatis Tolbert

    “If they landed even at all” (He’s bleeding from 4 spots on his face)

  • Cleatis Tolbert
    Cleatis Tolbert


  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones

    Paulie was bullied in school

  • chu nation
    chu nation

    Put on a shirt

  • Feel Good Fights
    Feel Good Fights

    “My right hand is broken” @3:40 grabs towel with “the broken hand” his left hand is the one that’s really hurting he’s only icing the right for show

  • MAn Str
    MAn Str

    at least get in shape if you know you're going to fight

  • Seigfred Leguro
    Seigfred Leguro

    Yeah and his fuckin idiot too. Yeah put your broken hand in your broken fuckin ass and put it in your fuckin mouth "The dumb ass Malignaggi"

  • gferil

    You talk shit about manny pacquiao too much.. and yet darn you suck in boxing stop with excuses..

  • gideon dela cruz
    gideon dela cruz

    malinaggi is trash

  • zach lo
    zach lo

    Malinagi haha idiot boxer loser

  • zach lo
    zach lo

    Malignagi hahaha fuck you

  • paxster76

    This interviewer might as well just blow him..

  • paxster76

    How was this goof ever a champ?

  • paxster76

    Like Artem said - “Paulie is a pussy that plucks his eyebrows, I’m gonna spark him.”

  • The northeast nagas
    The northeast nagas

    Paulie's face says otherwise . Boxing fans trying so hard to ignore all the cuts , like those cuts open themselves hahahhahaha Sore fucking loser . He should change his name to Paulie 'excuse maker's maligiani

  • AttractDirectSex

    He should fight McGregor, it will sell and people will like it.

  • Dan Farmer
    Dan Farmer

    This guy is so delusional if he thought he won that

  • Nelwin Rivera
    Nelwin Rivera

    Paulie speaks faster than he punches

  • Gibstuh

    Paulie does not have a fuckin broken hand! 😂🥊 🤣

  • Stefan13

    What a stupid wingy little bitch...

  • Antonio Dias
    Antonio Dias

    Looks like a frail broken child

  • Matthew Rg
    Matthew Rg

    He’s definitely hurt.. lol

  • Alx Hades
    Alx Hades

    Captain Denial.

  • david lee
    david lee

    Boxing doesn't work without the gloves

  • MeLoeBeast 321
    MeLoeBeast 321

    Excuses excuses. Biggest little bitch in boxing. The worst person to prep the sport

  • Skottink R.
    Skottink R.

    Yea Conor never dropped me I was only hit me once. Wtf ! Dude is brain damage. He acted like he was going to punch. Then Artem really did punch him. Hold on my hands are in ice. I would have could have. lol

  • A Bigs
    A Bigs

    SHUT THE FUK UP! Paulie!

  • Roland Duca
    Roland Duca

    Malinaggi deserved be beaten black & blue and should have his mouth really beaten so he can talk less bullshit

  • madmike1

    I will point out it's clear Paulie is a bad FIGHTER. He is great at point fighting with the gloves. But as soon as he joined a rule set that required him to look for a finish...He simply bottled it. He broke his hand straight away due to bad placement and honestly bad wrist alignment...then just...kinda rolled over and let himself lose. He did not want to even come close to exchanging, to the point it looked like some form of intimidation. Or he simply thought 'Oh shit. OK this is real. I am not paid enough for this' and simply just 'avoided getting finished'. This happens in combat sports, you mentally check out and just take the path of least resistance. In mma usually its when people who get beat up with ground and pound, basically gives the other guy a choke and don't defend it.

  • Ebony Owens
    Ebony Owens

    To be honest, Paulie is not at fighting peak and probably doesn't even train as regularly as he used to. Artiv is still an active fighter. Paulie is damn near 40 yrs old. If he was in his prime that mma dude would have been ko'd early. Fighters tend to fight too long. I'm glad Paulie understands it's a sign to hang em up.

  • Dabare Knucklechamp
    Dabare Knucklechamp

    Paulie is a bitch, you stupid? Paulina got owned, no way around that. No Excuses. 🤣🤣 Dudes irrelevant from here on out NEXT! 🤣🤣 Look at you, then look at artem! Yeah keep telling yourself you won Paulie, this AINT boxing, its Bare Knuckle u twig!

  • William A
    William A

    Cmon side piece. Lol. Broke your hands?Wtf. You supposed to have the more thougher hands because your a professional boxer ..

  • RobotxGirl

    i mean Paulie was so salty against Mcgregor and he lost against Lobov, Conor would definitely wipe the floor with him.

  • Mr. Hot Potato
    Mr. Hot Potato

    Weak paulie!

  • ikawpipa

    Paulie don't know shit about boxing.

  • Juan Cena
    Juan Cena

    never state win/loss on video title hence your like rating

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz

    How you durin

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz

    Uhhh ok

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz

    Ummm huh

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz

    Uhh uhu

  • rickey rom
    rickey rom

    paulie won

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz

    You were in control of NADA

  • Enzo Cruz
    Enzo Cruz


  • mansonlamps

    Paulie lost plain n simple

  • Organized Entropy
    Organized Entropy

    Paulie will be reminded of the 🐐 every time he looks in the mirror and sees that juicy scar on his eyebrow.

  • Rene Perez
    Rene Perez

    Pauline is the most annoying person on the internet

  • 482 644
    482 644

    Artem demolis him!

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus

    Paulie won rounds 1,2,3. 90% these comments are teenagers who train ufc in their room.

    • GV Games
      GV Games

      It was fixed because Artem is still young and has a big contract with these guys. It wasn't like Paulie looked good, he didn't but he landed more shots.

    • Tren Kokoko
      Tren Kokoko

      Lord Beerus bareknuckle is like boxing but way more brutal and not gay

    • Tren Kokoko
      Tren Kokoko

      Lord Beerus 😂 no Paulie lost you can’t fight like a bitch in bareknuckle

  • RaLLenheimer

    This guy is riding paulies dick like a pro

  • Timothy Bradley
    Timothy Bradley

    Paulie Malignaggi landed more punches on Artem Lobov, but "judges" declared Artem the winner. Paulie was robbed!

    • GV Games
      GV Games

      Seems like facts mean nothing to the moronic left wing people of this world.


    What a jabbering Butt plug.

  • Tel

    I want to piss in his mouth

  • LANo

    Boxing fans punching the air in these comments 😂💀

  • Eduardo M.
    Eduardo M.

    Paulie was never a heavy handed dude (not even in his prime) and has always had hand problems (sorta like Floyd), so I figured he’d fight on points and was talking all that trash to sell the fight. (Though he also spit on Artem, which is indefensible/makes me think it wasn’t just promotion.) He should have reviewed the scoring system a bit more-though, one could have guessed that a bare knuckle fight won’t be won by out pointing the guy/trying to outbox the guy.

  • Jarmeain Carswell
    Jarmeain Carswell

    Pauile won 3-2

  • GV Games
    GV Games

    Yes but to be honest if the fight had gone on longer he could easily have won. He did connect more. If people watch the full fight in slow motion. He had the balls to fight a bigger guy bare fist and probably should have won it too. All these people in their mother basement jumping on the bully bandwagon. It was a decision win and Lobov connected about 8 times the whole night, facts.

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill


  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali

    I see somebody had a field day on his face

  • daniel rodriguez
    daniel rodriguez

    Paulie should of and could of just talked his apponent to death or

  • 2WheelForte

    IT-my would be so much better without comments. Keyboard "warriors/experts" are so cringe worthy.

    • Jeremy B
      Jeremy B

      Looking at your comment history bro ,, You are quite the warrior yourself.. And an expert as well .. Pot meet kettle

  • Orchaisama

    Yeah sorry paulie got robbed. Not sure who the judges were or what they were smoking but Atrem clearly didnt win that fight. I mean the dude was practically crying blood for Pete sake. I swear the amount of biased against paulie has always been unreal.

  • Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus
    Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus

    Paulie Malignaggi vs tony ferguson would be awesome

  • Gabe Lopez
    Gabe Lopez

    Pauli footwork did not have an answer for a striker like Artem, probably most of boxers as well is a fighting IQ thing. Boxing is comfortable technically. Definitively a lost for Pauli, so unfortunate that he have poor sportsmanship.

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