Paying My Twin $10,000 Every Time We Argue
Dolan Twins
We had twin probs...
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  • Hasthi priya
    Hasthi priya

    We want u guys back! Why u guys are not making videos now........pls ,we are waiting for ur videos

  • My Name
    My Name

    At 9:27 brooo I want to hear Ethan without the bleep😭 that was genuinely scary

  • Ericka Lynn
    Ericka Lynn

    I like how yall dont hide the fact you guys make a lot of money but you two also dont run around acting superior to everyone either

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl

    I think you'd like this story: " Bestfriends with benefits🖤" by mysterygirl_stories on Wattpad

  • Emily Dølan
    Emily Dølan

    I have misophonia as well ...

  • Pip Nation
    Pip Nation


  • Alyssa Stone
    Alyssa Stone

    my favorite video forever

  • Stephanie Peterson
    Stephanie Peterson

    They are both hot as!!!!!! Ethan has an Australia beauty. So, Grayson would you like an Australian beauty to here I am hahaha

  • Mariah Lovely
    Mariah Lovely

    I want them both 😍

  • missing

    so theyre vegan because of the environment and shit, but ethan is okay with letting the water run for 20 mins ??

  • Isabella Cruz Vergara
    Isabella Cruz Vergara

    nobody- ethan: "the porsche is terrible vibes."

  • Madelyn Ryan
    Madelyn Ryan


  • Reilly Jorah
    Reilly Jorah

    this just proves that ethans the more annoying twin

  • Jenna P
    Jenna P

    Ngl me and my twin do the same thing when we have to sleep in the same bed

  • Arianna

    That ad was smooth asf 😂😂 put that in there real smooth !

  • Crying Cat
    Crying Cat

    Grayson: "..'cause I'm not the root of these problems." Ethan: "Yes you are!!" also Ethan: "Grayson's blending some shit so I'm gonna go try to get in the way of him doing that"

  • Corny Girl
    Corny Girl

    i can tell witch is witch by looking at there head shapes

  • Aura Salamon
    Aura Salamon

    Ooo ooo

  • Cece Diamant
    Cece Diamant

    Grayson’s planche pushup was better btw, his hips were higher off the ground. Sorry ethan🤣🤣

  • Mila L
    Mila L


  • Lakeshia Jones
    Lakeshia Jones

    I have Ethan’s phobia I hate when people smap while they eat I would just leave like Ethan

  • Chloee Lowrance
    Chloee Lowrance

    I love u 2

  • Elizabeth Song
    Elizabeth Song

    I love graysons hair like this

  • Briana Pinto
    Briana Pinto

    they just really not gonna post on youtube anymore 🥺

  • Kaithlyn Lisbey
    Kaithlyn Lisbey

    The nebulous page cytogenetically jog because calculator undoubtedly regret versus a many stopwatch. quack, careful calendar

  • Brieanna Johnson
    Brieanna Johnson

    This sooooooooo funny💕🤣🤣😭

  • just_haylee darling
    just_haylee darling

    Ethan I wouldn't say you chew this loud it's probably because you're sus than that you know I'm just gonna hold it in I'm gonna hold it in Grayson: I think it's a pretty asmr Ethan: I'm just gonna leave 🤣🤣 I can relate that also I hate it when people breathe so loudly but I don't want to be mean and say he can please stop breathing so loudly but yea love your guys 🥰🥰

  • shanty bebrouth
    shanty bebrouth

    Toe shoes? Love it

  • Lisa Shaka
    Lisa Shaka


  • Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods

    in the kitchen, ethan should have payed grayson. the rules were to not initiate a fight and that’s exactly what he did lmao

  • Sky Waters
    Sky Waters

    They really did sneak an ad in an argument

  • tonga Kakuleni
    tonga Kakuleni

    Grayson while he works out or tryna accomplish something is so cute but confusing at the same time,cause he works so hard and is so focused

  • afrina alani
    afrina alani

    ok but is no one talking about graysons binder though

  • zigrastical

    unless u NEED to get a new car its better to not get a tesla. but if u NEED a new car its better

  • Mia Gargiulo
    Mia Gargiulo

    Ok that tatt behind graysons ear tho🥵

  • SydneyLovesToCreate

    Spoiler alert! Ethan won! #TheDolanTwins #GraysonDolan #EthanDolan

  • violet gama
    violet gama

    this was supposed to help you stop arguing all you did was argue

  • lexie McCauley
    lexie McCauley

    The ear bunds cost 91 poundss

  • Vickie Bonner
    Vickie Bonner


  • Nate Baker
    Nate Baker

    They can’t have been five in 2005 if they’re 21 they’re born in 1999 if that’s the case so ya

  • Mia Wilson
    Mia Wilson

    can i live with you

  • Nilo Hossinei
    Nilo Hossinei

    Jeez you guys throw around my tuition like it’s nothing🤭

  • Evelyn Renskers
    Evelyn Renskers

    I love how y’all are trying to make each other mad.

  • That Simp
    That Simp

    No one: Grayson: 𝓡𝓸𝓫𝓾𝓼𝓽 Me : ɬɧıƈƈƈ

  • Jenna P
    Jenna P

    When me and my twin sister sleep in the same bed that always happen

  • Rose Rarama
    Rose Rarama

    I cannot sleep next to someone who snores so Ethan I feel you.

  • Jasmine Quinn
    Jasmine Quinn

    It’s called misophonia

  • Julia-Amelia Mercado
    Julia-Amelia Mercado

    I love them

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    I liked this video but then you donated to Black Lives Matter and I LOVED this video 💛 thank you for being such good role models for the up and coming kids

  • no name
    no name

    Bro love you guys but why u guys då ryan karoly dirty like that. I have hade some simuler expiruons like ryan and bro that fucking suck make some feel lik shit whem they wod drop everythin for you at list adress it så the guy can stop geting hate for not doing enithing wron love you guy but yeah very sad 2 se the way it enden

  • Kale Sauce
    Kale Sauce

    dolan twins: fighting solution: put money on the line to encourage the fighting

  • Tyreonna Stewart
    Tyreonna Stewart

    the fact that this was made on my birthday

  • Wheelie Legends
    Wheelie Legends

    Why did you guys never get a pet

  • T M
    T M

    I have misaphonia and I had to skip the part where he was eating lol

  • Aleigh Wade
    Aleigh Wade

    What does 333 mean?

  • selectivehearing

    "I smell a set up" darts eyes at camera 😂 hes so cute. Love them both#💜

  • Christina Vanlalhriatrengi
    Christina Vanlalhriatrengi

    I can't tell them apart can u please tell me🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • jennyloera16

    KL kL l I’ll I

  • Emma

    How the actually heck does Grayson sleep with a watch on and be comfortable?!


    Witch is Grayson and witch one is Ethan

  • 2 Maite T
    2 Maite T

    I find i cute that they argue all the time but still can't live without each other

  • Rose Francis
    Rose Francis

    Grayson should do a workout video

  • Tu Sa
    Tu Sa


  • lemoni h
    lemoni h

    11:03 graysons face lmaooo

  • Airreana Vaughn
    Airreana Vaughn

    that me and my twin we all was aggue

  • Janiiyah Longboat
    Janiiyah Longboat

    I’m just now realizing me and e are kinda alike like I also have misophonia and I’m my friends and my brother do a bunch of annoying sounds with their mouth and omg It’s so annoying i literally skipped the vid till u were done once I heard u try to pronounce the word

  • Zoe Vallance
    Zoe Vallance

    did anyone else get completely disgusted when gray was chewing- all i could think was "ewewew ew omg no ew"

  • Kailey Sumpter
    Kailey Sumpter

    does anybody find it funny when they fight😂😂😂

  • Terreah Whitmire
    Terreah Whitmire

    We were having a conversation in bed the other day😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kelly McKinnon
    Kelly McKinnon

    Does anyone know where they got their hoodies from? I'm a hoodie fanatic. I'm like IN LOVE with Graysons hoodie but digging Ethans also. So if anyone know where they got them please let me know! Ty

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