Pentecost Sunday Mass with Word on Fire (5/31/2020)
Bishop Robert Barron
Friends, we invite you to join us online for Sunday Mass from my chapel. I am the celebrant of today’s liturgy for the Solemnity of Pentecost. Find all past videos at
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  • Joe McKenna
    Joe McKenna

    This is late in coming but, my wife and I wanted to say thank you so very much to Bishop Barron and Fr. Steve for all the daily Masses. We miss it very much. The Masses have enriched our lives and wish they could continue. Churches may be open but many do not feel safe as not all churches take social distancing precautions nor do many people wear face masks. Having daily Mass on our TV seemed so up close and personal and we looked forward to it every day. Thank you again and God bless you all at Word on Fire. Thank you for blessing us all. We'll be here if you decide to start up again! :)

  • Lesley L
    Lesley L

    Will miss Mass with Fr. Steve and Bishop Barron. I"ve truly been blessed and have gathered many fruitful treasures. God bless you all!

  • Melissa Stock
    Melissa Stock

    For those who miss Bishop Barron and the WOF team, I've found another daily Mass that is also very uplifting--St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica in Toronto with Cardinal Collins. He offers Mass daily, with a Rosary immediately after.

  • Maritza Bartra
    Maritza Bartra

    Thank you for clarifying what Love is

  • Marie DeMicco
    Marie DeMicco

    Are you doing the mass today 6/7/20

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor

    Thank you bishop

  • Michele Jackson
    Michele Jackson

    I was looking for the daily mass from Bishop Barron chapel. I’m terribly sad this was the last mass. I was watching it every day! It felt like it was Sunday every day! I am going to miss all of you.

  • Adrian Tee
    Adrian Tee

    Dear Bishop Barron and team, I was so moved by the opening music (Veni Creator Spiritus) of the Pentecost mass. It literally revived my drooping spirit and reminded me of the love of the Holy Spirit. Please know that these little details done with so much love is making an impact. Is there a way for us to listen to the whole instrumental piece? Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Thomas Locke
    Thomas Locke

    Why is this the last one?

  • Lolita Bonita
    Lolita Bonita

    I have been following the Bishops mass almost everyday.

  • Lolita Bonita
    Lolita Bonita

    Are daily masses going to continue here on you tube even after churches open ?

  • Amanda Dalton
    Amanda Dalton

    Thank you Bishop Baron for your comments on the protests as well as the words of the creed. I feel renewed in the one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Peace, Justice, Respect for life, Love for Neighbors: this should be our focus as a church because He sent us. Your words filled me with strength. Black Lives Matter.

  • tcpcoates

    We want to know why did you stop the airing of your daily mass. We’ve been blessed by your ministry. We look forward to your daily mass again online. 🙏

  • Janet Winogrocki
    Janet Winogrocki

    Are there thoughts on the Trinity from Bishop Barron?

    • Janet Winogrocki
      Janet Winogrocki

      I want to hear about the Trinity by Bishop Barron, please .

  • Christine Valverde
    Christine Valverde

    I miss the Masses word on fire provided. I'm not the only one.

  • Patricia Tan
    Patricia Tan

    I am so sad to hear that I will no longer be able to celebrate the daily mass in Bishop Barron's chapel. This is the first time in my life that I was following the mass EVERY DAY and enjoy it so much. I have been so inspired by word on fire as a catholic. I have shared the Pentecost Sunday Mass with many Catholics at my church however the response was not as great as I expected. . The sermon on Pentecost was brilliant. For the first time in my life, I think I truly understand what is to be a Catholic. I will continue to follow Word on Fire and thank you for the all team. My prayers are with you.

  • Erlinda Abad
    Erlinda Abad

    Words are not enough to thank Bishop Barron, Father Steve and the entire WOF crew for the daily and Sunday masses during the height of the pandemic - March 17 through May 31. Both Bishop Barron and Father Steve have a unique God-given gift in preaching such inspirational homilies which I loved to replay many times. I feel like I am listening to St. Peter and St. Paul. No wonder you are followed worldwide.

  • Alma Alfonso
    Alma Alfonso

    Thank you Bishop Baron and word on fire for the daily mass. Watching it daily made me understand the depth and beauty of our faith Catholicism. I wish it did not end but I thank God for this wonderful gift of daily mass with word on fire.

  • Willetta Wisely
    Willetta Wisely

    Bishop Barron, I’m not sure if you realize how much your words affect the political views and actions of your listeners, but my parents have ignored or stood against the blacklivesmatter movement in the past. It was not until THIS HOMILY which we watched in our home on the day of the live stream that my mom finally turned to us kids and asked “so what happened to George Floyd anyways?” Her heart was finally open to be educated on why we as Christians need to be good samaritans and support black lives that are endangered or disrespected on a daily basis. She finally realized that despite what some politically charged “Christians” might say, standing up for people whose human dignity is being disregarded or valued less than property/money is our duty as Christians who preach love and understanding. Your position as a bishop gives you significant influence and my siblings and I are so grateful that you chose to use your platform to do the right thing and make a stand against the messages of complacency or hatred that many Christians have sent for centuries in America. Thank you so much!!

  • Mary Jeanetta
    Mary Jeanetta

    Please bring back mass. We still can’t attend our churches. Now are cities are being shut down.

  • Lenore Miranda
    Lenore Miranda

    Thank you for loving streaming mass. You will be missed.

  • Luis Torrado
    Luis Torrado

    We really miss your daily mass

  • Steve Vornov
    Steve Vornov

    I too will miss these masses. I can't go to daily mass, on doctor's advice, until there's a Covid19 vaccine. Thank you Bishop Barron for what you have done.

  • Helen Degbor
    Helen Degbor

    Powerful homily. God bless you.

  • Ji Eun Reid
    Ji Eun Reid

    Lord, please continue to be with my brother have a mercy on him who is in hospital for 6 months. From your mercy he is getting better thank you Lord. Thank you Bishop Barron thank you attending mass was part of my daily routine I will continue to pray everyday

  • Melissa Stock
    Melissa Stock

    I came in this morning for Mass, and I am so saddened to learn that it is no longer offered here. I am crying a bit, to be honest, but also I am so grateful for these Masses over the Lent and Easter seasons. Both Bishop Barron and Father Grunow offered deeply inspiring homilies, and I was always particularly moved by Father Grunow's reverence during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Thank you again, so much. I will never forget you, and I will continue to pray for you.

  • M PM
    M PM

    We’ll miss the Daily Holy Mass. Churches are still closed here in Canada. Thank you Bishop Barron, Fr. G. and all that made this possible. A farewell to all our brothers and sisters from around the world😢. Please with God’s grace, stay healthy. May the Almighty God bless us all! 🙏

  • Kathy Worland
    Kathy Worland

    I miss your Mass & homilies so much! I wish we could change your mind! Thank you so much for making this time so special!

  • 168vfk

    So sad to hear this. Not all counties in CA have allowed resumption of masses. Also, those that are allowed have such severe restrictions so that the majority of the faithful will still not be able to attend. With only 25% capacity allowed and most parishes not adding additional masses, this means 75% are still excluded. I do hope that Bishop Barron would at least still broadcast his Sunday homilies. The homilies given by many priests are so poor, especially at our own parish, that we had hoped to still watch Bishop Barron, as a family, each Sunday, even after we are able to resume attending mass.

  • pineapplepeanuts

    Bummed that this is the last one! You guys have done a great job with these and have reignited my interest in the mass. Hoping to see more material in the future from Bishop Barron and the WOF team. Strange how times like these can still bring about good things. Prayers to all those who hurt from the racism and violence we're witnessing these days. -|-

  • Pat Jones- P.J. Edghill
    Pat Jones- P.J. Edghill

    Thank you to Bishop Barron, Joseph G. and the entire Word on Fire team for such an exquisite celebration of Pentecost mass! From the emotional and Spirit filled recitation of the Sequence to the exquisite homily it was exactly what my quarantine Pentecost needed. Many thanks! Veni Sancte Spiritus!

  • Mabel Tauro
    Mabel Tauro

    Thanks a million. Felt like one big family. Will miss it from now on. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Kylee Monroe
    Kylee Monroe

    If you love God like this! 👇🏼

  • Luci Smith
    Luci Smith

    So sad that I can’t hear Mass with WOF. Literally had a tear. Thank you Bishop Baron and team and all the lay people who helped in making me love To hear daily Mass from the comfort of my Home. God Bless You all. I really began to get closer to God and love The Mass more because of WOF.

  • Dolphin M
    Dolphin M

    Bishop Barron we thank you for all you do. I totally understand that although there has been progress with race relations there is still much to do. I would appreciate if you expand a little more on what it is that we as the Church of God need to do to light the world with the love of the Holy Spirit in the community and in the world at large. Certainly, violence is not the answer.

  • Fabian Figueroa
    Fabian Figueroa

    I like your usual content, thank you!but the homily today was very confusing. First you mentioned about the protests, the unpeace, the violence. Then you called us to get out of the upper room. Should we go and protest? I'm not sure what you asked us for. Also, you kept mentioning most of Americans are baptized and even mentioned our protest brothers and sisters... they may be our siblings however under the catholic faith they are not baptized. They did not recieve the holy sacrament of baptism. Maybe you meant something else?

    • Karleine Graham
      Karleine Graham

      Not true. For the benefit of non Catholics please know that any Christian can baptize someone using the words ,"I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen" This is done in remote parts of the world where there is no regular priest. If any Protestant decides to join the Catholic Church from a community that uses that formula, and show proof, the person is not re-baptized. The person affirms that he/she believes all that the Catholic Church teaches and believes. The person after RCIA ( Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is usually confirmed at the Easter Vigil. Baptism (using above formula) takes way " Original" Sin. After that it is Confession to a priest for the "actual" sins committed. We consider Protestants as people who give Christian Witness. The sad truth is many of them do a better job of evangelizing with the limited knowledge of church that they have.

  • Erika Isabel Vega
    Erika Isabel Vega

    So heartbroken to learn this is the last online mass. It has been such a blessing to stream these videos daily. With Archbishop Gomez encouraging that the streaming of masses continue while the churches slowly re-opened I had hoped Word on Fire would follow suit. Since the capacity will be limited we still need online sources for mass. Aside from the excellent homilies, what I loved especially about these masses is that they were posted early enough every day that I could continue my practice of 6:30am mass before work. Most of the other streams I find aren't available until later in the day. If anyone has any recommendations for good substitutes, please share! Thank you, Word of Fire, for helping us through Lent and Easter. You will be deeply missed.

  • Tere Saenz
    Tere Saenz

    Why is this Mass cancelled? I’m not able to get to my parish and these masses have been lifesaving.

  • Marian Hansen Kaucheck
    Marian Hansen Kaucheck

    LIke everyone else, I am sorely disappointed that daily masses have ended. For me it was more than just being locked down. I've been struggling with the Catholic Church - don't go to daily mass - but started watching Word on Fire. I've been watching it every day and love it! No, I won't be going to daily mass at the church. I'm going to miss it all! Clearly, you've been reaching an audience that needs you.

  • Josephine Gandhi
    Josephine Gandhi

    Very sad, I am one of your avid follower, you’re the Best second only to the Pope per your brother. I met you Bishop in 2013 when Archbishop Listecki along with the Archbishop circle of Archdiocese of Milwauke visited you in Mundellein , Illinois.

  • Terry Ryan
    Terry Ryan

    Thank you everyone at Word of Fire for broadcasting the mass daily. Your homilies were very inspiring and informative. You will be missed. Pray for us.

  • Veronica Wong
    Veronica Wong

    Thank you Bishop Barron and everyone in Word of For for this wonderful daily Mass. You have accompanied me and have lifted up my spirit everyday during SIP. I am very grateful to you all! I will you greatly

  • Maria Blossom Varnell
    Maria Blossom Varnell

    Thank you Bp Barron and the entire WOFI for the wonderful two months (I attended from April). Your generous presence as well as your staff made a lot of difference from the quarantine at home. It brought so much spiritual maturity and consolation. I pray for you all that you may carry on the torch of light. The light of truth. I pray for my courage to bring in all the learnings from your homily. Above all, bring in Jesus everywhere He is needed to be.

  • RubberTag

    Jesus Christ saves, he loves you all and wants to get a personal relationship with you all!

  • Funny4450

    Bishop Barron, I was gutted when I found out these Masses were ending, broke into tears, in fact. Views in the tens of thousands, many, many comments like "I've been a Catholic for 40, 50 years, and now I understand so much better (or for the first time) because of this homily" - It's just upsetting. You ARE "one of the Church's best messengers" (remember that quote)? A cradle Catholic, you revitalized my faith, beginning with CATHOLICISM. One of the highlights of my life was seeing you preach the Tre Ore at St. Patrick's with my sister (who later died suddenly on Assumption Day of that year). So yes, this is a very personal loss for me. Maybe you and Fr. Steve can post Masses every once in a while? - Debbie Wojcik, South Plainfield, NJ

  • Vae Victis
    Vae Victis

    This is on the trending page !! Beautiful!! God bless you all and happy Pentecost!!

  • Angela Keen
    Angela Keen

    Thanks to all for sharing these wonderful masses .May God bless you all your families the W.O.F. team. 🙏⛪

  • Gerard Bolduc
    Gerard Bolduc

    It's been a blessing to have had these masses Bishop Barron and Father Steve. My mother is in isolation in her care facility. We communicate using a Facebook Portal. In spite of her problems with her hearing and her cognitive impairment we are able to participate in the mass by streaming this podcast @ 3/4 speed while I play it on my computer monitor and output the sound to my Jambox. Bishop Barron and Father Steve enunciate so clearly, in this manner she's able to get more from the mass than in person.

  • Myekrope

    Thank you for helping to carry us through this very difficult time! It will b so hard to give up this Mass for many reasons, particularly those great homilies! I think this has been very hard for you all to provide a Mass from the West Coast at such an early East Coast hour! Is there a chance that Bishop Barron and Father Steve would record their homilies so that we can have that on going benefit???? Thank you all for what you have given us during this time! May God continue to bless you all and your work!! Maggie Davies

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen


  • Paul Handsome
    Paul Handsome


  • kealohimauka

    I had truly hoped daily Mass would continue. I cannot attend daily Mass and thought praying along with Mass celebrated in Bishop Barron's Chapel would be such a blessing. Mahalo to all for your dedication. God bless you.

  • Lewis Karanja
    Lewis Karanja

    Big thanks to Bishop Barron, Fr. Steve and the word on fire team for the daily mass. I have followed them since they started all the way in Kenya 🇰🇪. Started my mornings with them and my days have been full of joy. Now that the daily mass are over, my mornings won't be the same, but i hold the faith. God bless you.

  • Daisy A.
    Daisy A.

    I pray for all our people fighting each other, I pray the fight with this virus, and I pray everything changes for the better

  • Andrea Nava
    Andrea Nava

    Wow, just wow!!!!! ❤️ Bishop Barron never fails to teach me something I thought I already knew. What a gift it has been to be able to share mass with Bishop Barron and all of you. We are the Body of Christ and we all need to go forth and share this gift we’ve been blessed with. ❤️ Thank You Bishop Barron and God bless you. 💕

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    Why is this trending??

  • Linda Gardner
    Linda Gardner

    Thank you, Bishop Barron, Father Steve, and the other participants who made the daily mass possible. I am deeply saddened that the daily mass is ending. From the beginning, I found myself hooked on the beautiful words and sentiments of the liturgy. Until now, I never developed the deep hunger for the body and blood of our Lord Jesus. My nearby church is opening partially, but I cannot attend due to my compromised health. I guess I must find another daily mass. Again, I thank WOF and daily mass participants for helping me grow and love my faith.

  • Jim G.
    Jim G.

    Thank you, your eminence, for taking the time to preside over mass for us the past few months. Sad to hear this is the last one for awhile. I really enjoy listening to your homilies and explanations of the gospel. Not all of us are lucky enough to have such great homilists at our local churches. I hope you can find some time to continue to do this periodically, if even only for the bigger holy days and feast days. I think you really strengthen many of us- with your explanations and views- of what our church is about. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. (Matthew 18:20) I think you covered that one pretty well in your homily today- even with just St John the baptist and the Blessed Virgin Mary together- Christ is with us... I guess we'll see if the Asenscion Presents team will continue with online mass, for the rest of us who don't have our local churches open yet. Either way- they are a great 1-2 combination with our good Bishop. Thanks again for all your great work.

  • Logan Zimmerman
    Logan Zimmerman

    Jesus is coming the signs are here more now then ever repent from your sins before its to late where will you spend eternity? Praying for you all to wake up and find Jesus God Bless 🕇

  • Julie Pontecorvo
    Julie Pontecorvo

    Thank you Bishop Barron for sharing the holy mass with us. I loved your masses and your special eulogizes. May God Bless You and keep you close to His heart always.

  • 3RCPro-life-semper1 M
    3RCPro-life-semper1 M

    Thank you, Bishop Barron, for Mass today. It was beautiful. Happy Pentecost! Every part of the Mass and homily is perfect, and I needed to hear every word that was spoken. I'm so glad and thankful to God and every one of you who brought us the Mass every day. They have all been wonderful. My family and I are grateful. Thank you and thank you to Fr. Grunow who taught us so so so so much! I am excited about all I have learned from you both. I hope I can practice well what you taught. Thank you.

  • MsCatreona

    Thank you, Bishop, for your beautiful and timely homily.

  • kadaproductions

    Nothing is more beautiful than catholic mass

  • Aprille McCauley
    Aprille McCauley

    I am sadden that I won't be able to hear mass on a daily basis from this lovely chapel. WOF mass became the start of my day during isolation and even now... I have been uplifted with your preaching and sharing of the gospel. What a powerful gift and a privilege of hearing Bishop Barron and Fr. Steve's homilies. This mass has fortified my spiritual well-being through a bleak period of isolation and then some. Thank you from the bottom on my 💓. Please, please, please do consider doing daily mass (online) during the week.🙏🙏🙏 even if not Sunday.. I tune in from Vancouver 🇨🇦

  • Viktor Ortega
    Viktor Ortega

    I'm so blessed to wake up today and have a chance to take part in this wonderful Sunday mass!♥️

  • P M
    P M

    Why is this the last day to celebrate the Mass?

  • Don T
    Don T

    We all have truly appreciated and benefited from these recorded daily masses. There are many who will still not be able to attend masses until there is a vaccine or no more virus. It would be a great blessing for those individuals to be able to continue to view some kind of a recorded daily mass or at least Sunday masses going forward. I hope and pray that this can still be provided. Thank you again for all that your ministry does. May God bless everyone and stay safe.

  • Pilar Quiroz
    Pilar Quiroz

    "to be holy means to be filled with the Holy Spirit". . "The love that connects the Father and the Son". . "Vinculum amoris". "Vínculo de Amor". How beautiful! Something like "the link of Love".

  • Noemi Cortes
    Noemi Cortes

    Me too, I will miss your homilies father Barrón, you rock! Thanks very much for your commitment to our Lord, God always bless you🙏

  • Sandra Nowak
    Sandra Nowak

    Would you consider continuing for a couple more weeks as our parish and many others are not opening for Sunday mass. I used to go to daily mass and am so grateful I found Word on Fire. I begin my day with your livestream mass before work.

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