People Finding SECRET HIDDEN ROOMS In Their Homes !
Azzyland - People Finding SECRET HIDDEN ROOMS In Their Homes !
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  • Jayasheela Thanigachalam
    Jayasheela Thanigachalam

    Her: Surprised Me: puts up will smith meme randomy

  • Deborah Hartung
    Deborah Hartung

    I mean it will be cool and creepy af

  • Talia M.samir
    Talia M.samir

    Me too

  • Who the frick asked Like bruh
    Who the frick asked Like bruh

    My previous owner of my house said I couldn't open a little door in the laundry room. I wanna try opening it.

  • Maria Alfaro
    Maria Alfaro

    I have a secret room in my parents room they never new

  • Jennifer Caruso
    Jennifer Caruso

    I’m gonna go explore my house now, thank you...

  • Soe Hlaing
    Soe Hlaing

    *why me Oh

  • Soe Hlaing
    Soe Hlaing


  • elizabeth sanchez
    elizabeth sanchez


  • Katie Hodges
    Katie Hodges

    I have a spoon ring

  • Hannah Martinsz
    Hannah Martinsz

    Look at this song Joanna do

  • Kayla Playz
    Kayla Playz

    I have 2 secret rooms it’s hallway it looks like it goes down forever..

    • Kayla Playz
      Kayla Playz

      And it’s in my bedroom closet hEhE

  • Kirsty Calmona
    Kirsty Calmona

    i want a f--king secret room now

  • Robert Barber
    Robert Barber

    My cosens had a secret room

  • Sydney Pung
    Sydney Pung

    the one with the one that gos to a plant room how did the plants survive

  • Srushti Shett Kankonkar
    Srushti Shett Kankonkar

    Everything else is good except for those creepy things

  • Ashley Rawlins
    Ashley Rawlins

    I had a secret room under my old bed which had a little bookshelf you could pull then there is this secret room

  • Frostoverx

    What else would hide under stairs harry potter: :(

  • Keani H
    Keani H

    Do you have a screetetroom

  • Shannon Wiseley
    Shannon Wiseley

    oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  • Cade Whittington
    Cade Whittington

    My house is 107 year old

  • Meise Hedegaard
    Meise Hedegaard

    I mit nye hus så er det at vi har det som der er en sikring ja det var bare fyldt med masser tre og gamle ting fra Valdal og det sig at at de har prøvet det og nu vores hus mountainbike før

  • Jesse

    I read an article about some parents who made a hidden room in their soon to be born daughter's bed room. They wrote a note to her and put some "treasure" in it. On her eight birthday they gave her a treasure map that took her all over the house and culminated in her room. She was so excited.

  • Patience Duncan
    Patience Duncan

    I used to live in a victorian house that had secret underground passages that led to every victorian house....i got lost a few times

  • prololini gacha life
    prololini gacha life

    Am I the only one who has on the screen the glithcy things

  • Royal_Kitty11

    so i actualy did a prank with invisible ink in my old house and wrote by the door

  • Esme Freeman
    Esme Freeman

    Omg that dog is my puppies twin seriously I can't say how similar they r

  • Tomasz Serafiński
    Tomasz Serafiński

    Try find a secret room in your house

  • Queen Diandra
    Queen Diandra

    Im 36 now but i still remember when i was 8 years old, my grandmom had a one story house. So one day im off exploring the house. Then i reach my room. Now mind you before this, ive been living there for 4 years and NEVER noticed on the floor in my room under the carpet, now mind you the carpet was stapled to the wood so i didnt know. So I'm jumping around when i hear right in the middle of my room a part that was hallow so I yelled downstairs for my grandma to get box cutters and she cut where ever it sounded hallow and BAM! A huge door that blended in with the stained floors because all there was for a handle was a nail and a thick brown yet strong piece of string. My grandma never knew it was there either. So we go down there with flashlights and discovered like almost an entire underground house! Mind you the outside was kinda small since it was only i think a 3 bedroom but all on the same floor. ONLY to discover a hidden house underneath. Like our minds were blown because even the retailer who sold the house to my grandparents the retailer didnt know either. What we found was like another house built with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but it looked like this house underneath looked like over 100 years old or more. Our guess was maybe it was used as a bomb shelter? But it looked no different from a regular one story house. AND found old bottles of wine, beer, whiskey etc along with what was back then $250,000 in old US currency in $1 bills, $5 bills, and so on in mint condition because the money was inside an old metal safe which was really damaged somehow and was easy to break open. But because all they were so old they were worth a LOT more. Like my grandma went to get each bill appraised and we were looking at what WAS $250,000 to about $3million. Talk about rich back then in the early 90's But like talk about a HUGE secret. A whole other house built underneath


      I liked the comment because that is so awesome and I love the comment okay 😍

  • Aria Manz
    Aria Manz

    Really it's a secret door in the fridge

  • Narelle marjoram
    Narelle marjoram


  • Tyler Derbyshire
    Tyler Derbyshire

    That was faze rug the youtuber

  • Itz Lune
    Itz Lune

    0:33 Me: goes through couch

  • Itz_Abigail

    Good video AzZy😄

  • Jozey Perina
    Jozey Perina

    The last one looks like a smooth rug

  • LukioTheDudis

    That secret room in the couch was genuineness! I might do that

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master

    I’m my cousins house we think there’s a closet in the wall because it’s hallo nite we don’t know and we might destroy the wall to ser

  • qu2jon1

    I wish it was Narnia

  • Presley Huff
    Presley Huff

    I’m gonna ask my mom if we can buy a bookshelf and then put it on top of my door and somehow find out how to open it whenever it on my door

  • Presley Huff
    Presley Huff

    The closet one was actually secret On the front of it it looked just like a shelf

  • Kirari Saikou
    Kirari Saikou

    Wow when they open the tiny it's like I'm going to Coraline

  • Nickyannabelle Van As
    Nickyannabelle Van As

    That very big house with that waspsnest, he did explored his house in tiktoks if you still want to check it out!

  • CakeWars Gaming
    CakeWars Gaming

    Bruh there is a door in the background 5:28

  • Jose Salonga
    Jose Salonga

    Anyone else expecting something to come out of those secret rooms or just me?

  • Sophie Watson
    Sophie Watson

    do you think if there one in my house 🤔

  • Aesthetic_Rblx

    * *lol* *

  • Tabatha White
    Tabatha White

    That's the cabins Crew sleeping quarters

  • Venic Schultz
    Venic Schultz

    That looks like IT'S toy doll

  • Jeanine Wathern
    Jeanine Wathern

    The one with 4 washers belong to a cult.. so they need extra. You know how it is. Ok, gotta go drink my cool aid, see ya later.

  • Criezel Dream Dalida
    Criezel Dream Dalida

    Biding It Duh And Hety Nkown

  • Cracked

    The one with the laundry shoot is faze rug

  • atika rafaell
    atika rafaell

    Please make a house Tour

  • Joe Norwood
    Joe Norwood

    You suck

  • Matt Fehl
    Matt Fehl


  • Sofija Abele kampane
    Sofija Abele kampane

    if i had a secret room in my house it will be a club i will be like">:D PARTY PARTY IN THE CLUB YEAH PARTY IN THE CLUB PARTY IN THE CLUB"

  • Leonardo Enriquez
    Leonardo Enriquez

    4Ii e i qeo3qieoeie

  • eyc021


  • Shannon Steele
    Shannon Steele

    Why Jordy and jelly and slogoman play Minecraft and GTA in fortnite hahaha and why you never be he might be crazy emojis 😅😜🤣😉😂🤣😜😂 we are y 😹🤠🤣😜😂 we

  • Shannon Steele
    Shannon Steele

    I have a secret room in my closet I'm not going in there he'll know pigno not going in there show me a picture of a r animate to a picture to it but I'm not allowed on Facebook or Instagram

    • Shannon Steele
      Shannon Steele

      A DM liq videos white jewelry is show me Hollywood jelly and slogoman

  • Maggie Playz
    Maggie Playz


  • Paul Ward
    Paul Ward

    If I had a secret room I would keep a dragon in there.🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉

  • Morris Home
    Morris Home

    The sofa one is the best

  • sanja angelova
    sanja angelova


  • sophie scales
    sophie scales

    in my hidden room it would be my candy stash

  • FortniteMasterJacob

    Do you know that I've touched a koala

  • Sharon Hintz
    Sharon Hintz

    I have a secret hidden door it's behind my bed :) We put our luggages and our storage in there :)

  • Gabby T
    Gabby T

    Wait you have a secret couch how soes that work like anyone eles🤔🤔

  • Emmy Linebarger
    Emmy Linebarger


  • Emmy Linebarger
    Emmy Linebarger

    omg i just found a secret room its in my mom and dads room ahhhhhh there is cany yummm wate this is my pantree

  • Lily Akins
    Lily Akins

    hi Im a big big fan

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