People that used to play instruments during war.
Seriously though, who decided its was coo to just play a drum while people were in mortal combat
King Kaiyo - Melodic
Oddwin - 19

  • Not a KKK Member
    Not a KKK Member

    Does that tune he's making from whistling have a name? It's fire

  • Darkswirl

    Just in case anyone was curious (as I didn't see it in the comments after a brief scroll) armies used musical instruments in order to synch actions in time with a beat, such as marching or reloading. This was especially useful during the era of firearms where reloading took several minutes. Using this method, while death was racing towards you, instead of panicking and rushing to reload your weapon only to end up fumbling due to your panic, you could focus on the beat to match your actions to avoid messing up. Additionally, while not extensively used, it sometimes found a role in organizing troop movements. Normally, however, this use was undertaken by a flagbearer.

  • Dajoiy

    Simsvilization:medieval playthrough

  • jacob love
    jacob love

    He freaken joind the empire he defending white run lol

  • Noel Vermillion
    Noel Vermillion

    Caleb just pop revenge bro!

  • Augury

    this warden vs highlanders

  • oscark20

    I'm learning English with you. You are the best soldier let me join your side XD😂

  • Hassanisthebest10

    I like how he says 2 on me like he is playing a game

  • Ethan Barlow
    Ethan Barlow

    At the beginning when the guys says, "I'm gonna go find and fight the leader alone for some reason."😅

  • Seth Thoj
    Seth Thoj

    Just the title makes me laugh 😂

  • Kaustubh Ghale
    Kaustubh Ghale

    Yo that beard look be suiting caleb well. He should try for such a role in some history battle movie.

  • NZO MV
    NZO MV

    0:39 I thought he said " two on me, I need help in mid"

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen

    for honor 2v2 when your partner dies early

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen

    that helmet actually dope tho where can i get one homie?

  • Whilly Silly
    Whilly Silly

    Too accurate 😂😂

  • ItsGabriel

    Bards in DnD be like:

  • Vanessa Schwarz
    Vanessa Schwarz

    I had to rewatch the beginning because I got distracted by the sword. I love that he has both Anduril and Aragorn's Ranger sword.

  • Daniel

    guess the didnt invent pro gamer move back then


    When you just give up because your teammates are trash.

  • TMK16

    I cracked up when the guy played the keyboard.

  • Maris Staff70
    Maris Staff70

    That was the only man who doesn’t play music

  • Reyez


  • SoulSenseiIV

    The reason the two swordsmen couldn't take him out was because they didn't have any people playing instruments, boosting their morale.🤓

  • That Epic Gamer
    That Epic Gamer

    All i wanna know is, how did you get the swords?

  • Breanna Hinds
    Breanna Hinds

    1:47 Merlin?? Yo am I tripping or does that sound like the Merlin theme tune...

  • The Strategist Minks
    The Strategist Minks

    Join the other side? No big deal we do it all the time in Fire Emblem!

  • mlsshe


  • Keshon Thomas
    Keshon Thomas

    “Kashmirga” has been living in my head rent free since you dropped this

  • Mustachemania

    Getting some mad for honor vibes

  • Brandon Goodnick
    Brandon Goodnick


  • Courtney Collins
    Courtney Collins

    Every dude in the hood when motherfukers are standing around like help I'm getting jumped

  • Arnesh Chatterjee
    Arnesh Chatterjee

    Nobody: The doot doot skeleton fom rlcraft: *I'm doing my part*

  • Rickey Bobby
    Rickey Bobby

    The for honor vibes

  • KillerDogSnipersU Plus
    KillerDogSnipersU Plus

    skill based matchmaking go brrrr

  • Arn does
    Arn does

    Do another one of this

  • Gabriel Adams
    Gabriel Adams

    caleb play cuphead with king vader

  • Valiastice

    When you're the only fighter in a party full of bards that just spams perform the whole combat.

  • Mr Baby yoda
    Mr Baby yoda

    You bad

  • Trey Wood
    Trey Wood


  • bruce haslitt
    bruce haslitt

    Proceeds to drop sword and starts clapping and singing and just says he is one of the people playing music.

  • steven vernet
    steven vernet

    What does he mean by "you're selling, you're a seller?" I didn't see anything being sold.

    • TreDay1

      Basically betrayal

  • DatEraa

    0:38 When I’m in warzone getting jumped and my teammate looting

  • Redblur


  • LT. Vulcan
    LT. Vulcan

    Mordhau in a nutshell

  • IHungy

    Why did this feel like watching for honor with your teammate just letting you get ganked

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones

    I had to cite this in my most recent video.

  • Crypt.

    that dude dat be hittin the keys do be vibin

  • ThatOneHermit

    when caleb pulls out the same sad song in all of his videos and it still gets you

  • Reeyuki

    LMFAO He's asking to join the enemy team side but the enemy team can only speak sims

  • Bradley Popkes
    Bradley Popkes

    you see the thing is *cracks knuckles* the survival rate is less than zero and I can't have people complaining about unfair racial treatment so your gonna have to sign a permission slip.

  • Min Thang
    Min Thang

    When that one guard said *im the Whistler* Me: SMH

  • Jaystrike The Otaku
    Jaystrike The Otaku


  • Forget your Vanity
    Forget your Vanity

    Terrible party. At most a party needs is one bard. I dont know what the hell they were thinking. Noobs deserved to get smashed

  • human_h

    I died of laughter after he said keshmerga

  • ΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡ
    ΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡ

    This was soooo good! 🤣 definitely one of my favs

  • Han'zo hattori
    Han'zo hattori

    The attacker is acknowledging the fact that he is fighting them with one sword and not even looking. He is even saying "Jesus oma How ?? " here 1:40

  • DxnnyLude

    Nobody gonna talk about Stevie Wonder? 😂

  • Bubbleskid2887

    okay but why did he do the viking voice so good?

    • Bubbleskid2887

      @Daniel Woods it’s not the exact voice lines he’s just my go to loud yelling Viking man

    • Daniel Woods
      Daniel Woods

      @Bubbleskid2887 that's supposed to be highlander? I don't recognize any of the voice linea

    • Bubbleskid2887

      @Daniel Woods idk highlander from for honor i guess i know he plays that game

    • Daniel Woods
      Daniel Woods

      From what game?

  • Dandan


  • Ahmed Hajjaj
    Ahmed Hajjaj

    How did he sword fight with himself? It seems caleb did have assistance


    When the bois playing the instruments in black ops lobby

  • shadowhawkninja 123
    shadowhawkninja 123

    This is what happens when I be playing for honor

  • Toon Link
    Toon Link

    When you and the new hires work the same shift, but they all dip when a customer approaches you 😭

  • Poopy head Gamer12
    Poopy head Gamer12

    Bro I have the same knight helmet 😂

  • Matthew fabers
    Matthew fabers


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    No one is gonna mention how he. Caleb had the enemies speak another language?😅

  • Fatima Alaa
    Fatima Alaa

    Not to be that guy, but instruments had a huge tactical importance in battle as they were used for communication across the army since sound travels faster than a man on horseback shouting orders at people. That's why the loudest most obnoxious instruments (like horns and drums) are what we associate with marching music

  • Allen Hunt
    Allen Hunt

    I wish he woulda used the God of war beard

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown

    I thought the whistler was finna start beatboxing.

  • Semaj Smith
    Semaj Smith

    Is he the only person with A sword

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