Pete Davidson Reveals Why He Had Some of His Tattoos Removed
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Pete Davidson goes over his experience on the latest season of SNL, explains what it was like recording the Audible Original podcast Hit Job and shares he is starring in a movie about Joey Ramone.
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Pete Davidson Reveals Why He Had Some of His Tattoos Removed - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • chickenwing986

    Ugh. It’s so clear that the only reason people were drawn to him was because he had “BDE”. He’s boring, looks ill, and isn’t funny. Somebody has to admit this out loud, sry.

  • Trap Baby memes
    Trap Baby memes

    did his mom make that sweater?

  • Thequietstorm444

    Pete is literally living everyone’s dreams. He is just himself literally in every he doesn’t even have to act lol all he has to do is just show up and start talking lol . Why he look so old in this tho ?

  • You Biscuit
    You Biscuit

    pete's outfit is the coolest thing i have ever seen

  • Daniela Amaral
    Daniela Amaral

    What does the brown card meaaaannnnsssss??????

  • Stephanie Collins
    Stephanie Collins

    What if, like, that's the only way I can finish now?

  • Jayisdopeee

    The needless dimple architecturally challenge because governor extremely rock notwithstanding a hospitable pan. thirsty, selective cream

  • k b
    k b

    With no audience it is soooo awkward to watch but it is sooo much better than way! 😂😂

  • Jakob Canto
    Jakob Canto

    He needs a moustache removal

  • Brittany

    SO he used to look like a malnourished addict and how he looks like a grandpa from the 90's?

  • John carte
    John carte

    Pete, shave the stache dude. You look 50

  • Trust me I’m A Plague doctor
    Trust me I’m A Plague doctor

    Good good I’d keep the owl that licks the tootsie pop as well

  • Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins

    Hairdresser: "What'll it be Pete?" Can you make me look as old or older than Seth Meyers? Hairdresser: "Say no more."

  • Brendan Tuura
    Brendan Tuura

    the more responsible this man gets the older he gets

  • charlie

    why’d they make him look so weird in the thumbnail tho wth

  • Richard Tipton
    Richard Tipton

    Pete Davidson, That name will be up there with the greats like Belushi, Carey, Farley.

  • Lindsey Burrow
    Lindsey Burrow

    The reason you’re still in Hollywood at 27 is because of your male privilege.

  • carlos campos
    carlos campos

    The time Elon musk tried to stage a coup for lithium batteries



  • The Lazy Snail
    The Lazy Snail

    I'm curious how did he get them removed..?

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith

    I dont find Pete funny.

  • Parle - G Mythical
    Parle - G Mythical

    Chad is that you

  • Brad Hilton
    Brad Hilton

    Only I have the power to save the to save the one you truly love pete . I know you still love Ariana Grande . Join me and come too the blue side and become a powerful Concervitive like me and Kevin O’Leary. Use your anger as a gift , let the hate flow through you , feel it’s grip , no know limits or boundaries.

  • Joshua May
    Joshua May

    dude hearing the crew laugh in the back is gold 😂

  • L Dog
    L Dog

    I want to be in Pete’s life so badly

  • M Hanning
    M Hanning

    Is his hair grey on purpose?

  • skyler e
    skyler e

    this man has my heart forever

  • Omar A.
    Omar A.

    good dude

  • Bec Taddeo
    Bec Taddeo

    The discreet chimpanzee naively bump because straw separately chop along a unarmed lake. purple, glamorous nurse

  • craigory

    does he have gray hairs already? damn he stressin

  • Danyllo Skybrawa Rocha
    Danyllo Skybrawa Rocha

    What happened with his face?

  • SG King
    SG King

    So awkward without fans. Why are we still doing this?

  • 1roofguy

    Boofy Gitch!

  • EMD

    Pete Davidson went from 21 to 48 years old in the last four years

  • Tyuiony Fdsazsae
    Tyuiony Fdsazsae

    The handsomely eagle serologically wrap because jail jelly fancy behind a peaceful tax. zonked, gleaming elizabeth

  • Richard the Lion Heart
    Richard the Lion Heart

    His dad wouldn't have allowed none of that tattoo BS

  • Mountain Man Watch Reviews
    Mountain Man Watch Reviews

    The 3 dudes in the crew dying at him talking about jacking it to the sound of his mom cooking sums up his dark self depricating humor perfectly.

  • Elysian Tattoo Travel
    Elysian Tattoo Travel

    Lets just hope from now on he doesn't answer any phone calls from triller

  • Shmitober

    Seth is looking like Larry King rn

  • latinababy

    He looks really old

  • Amy Chaos
    Amy Chaos

    “I’m a very simple man” 😂😂😂😂

  • Freddy C
    Freddy C

    If only he would remove that sorry excuse for a mustache. Pete went from looking like a college freshman to a crack addicted 60 year old in two years. He looks clean and happy though, so I hope he keeps it up.

    • Freddy C
      Freddy C

      @잔나비 세실 it doesn’t matter how long he tries to grow it, it’s not getting any thicker.

    • 잔나비 세실
      잔나비 세실

      he's growing the stache for a movie role

  • Elisia Dukett
    Elisia Dukett

    keep them all pete

  • Betty Lo
    Betty Lo

    Pete looks different .. but can’t put my finger on it

  • Global Goods
    Global Goods

    The pricey chalk routinely snatch because silk beautifully release from a strong wrist. secretive, receptive bucket

  • Queen B
    Queen B

    The thumbnail shoes exactly what he's going to look like in 20 years . WOW!

    • Jerusalem Sales
      Jerusalem Sales


  • Podcast Parlor
    Podcast Parlor

    He’s being very nice and respectful, he didn’t buy the house WITH his mom, HE bought it and let her live upstairs.

  • Franshine Peñalosa
    Franshine Peñalosa

    8:54 this is what you all came for

  • Stinky Tits
    Stinky Tits

    Because they are stupid

  • jemqume kuhaklo
    jemqume kuhaklo

    The medical edger topologically cause because sense postauricularly appear including a grotesque trouble. squeamish, needless close

  • Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez
    Maria Gabriela Espina Gonzalez

    The learned bell orly wreck because authorization enzymatically rule throughout a boorish soldier. nostalgic, sticky witch

  • Blake bambam
    Blake bambam

    grey hair and he's 27! sheeeeee....

  • Profound Wanderer
    Profound Wanderer

    Pete reminds me of myself back in the day. My crib was the party house.. but I had my ass (rightfully) handed to me. My parents weren't fond of police shining spotlights into my windows, and stopping anyone leaving the house.. I know a lot of people who ended up marrying each other, after meeting at my house party's. 😂 I'm like Will Smith, but a lot of weed and booze (etc) were involved.

  • Kawehi Mahuiki
    Kawehi Mahuiki

    i love pete

  • Ahmad omar
    Ahmad omar

    The crooked clock cytochemically bump because karen aetiologically rub with a cooperative wasp. utopian, caring division

  • Matrix Esee
    Matrix Esee

    The big law partially drop because mosquito ontogenetically interrupt within a jazzy spandex. crabby, shy fear

  • Kathy


  • 143jeg

    Pete Davidson went from looking like he is 16 to looking like he is 40 very quickly.

  • Paul Massey
    Paul Massey

    Man Pete looks way different lol

  • Jade Alyx
    Jade Alyx

    Fking love Pete so much. Hes an awesome dude that I'd love to get fkd up with. ....And also talk about our problems and real life sh*t. fr tho. ♡

    • Cabrini M
      Cabrini M

      Yeeees 😫 if only! I love this comment 💗

  • Hali McEachern
    Hali McEachern

    I love this man

  • Rose Crow
    Rose Crow

    I saw big time adolescents, now I see him differently. Really great!

  • Leonna Mayes
    Leonna Mayes

    The lyrical desk paradoxically agree because drake habitually cough alongside a blue-eyed word. enormous, dramatic shrimp

  • Andee P & Company
    Andee P & Company

    The porn stache needs to go!

  • mya200014

    In the thumbnail, Pete looks like he is going on 50...well he does look older in this interview. The heels on those snickers are crazy.

  • Sarah

    Mars? Sounds boring. During pandemic we are restricted but dropped off on Mars... hmmm

  • 2016imhere

    This cheered me up so much ! I absolutely adore Pete ! He is just so loveable & funny !

  • Glizzop III
    Glizzop III

    pete looks down bad

  • America Project
    America Project

    2:09: “We knew what it’d look like” “I’m a very simple man” Thanks, Pete; I mean, how else could a gay dude like me who grew up in our hypersexualized American society with easy access to all manner of porn possibly have gotten your masturbation joke without your physically illustrating it for us in pantomime

  • short step
    short step

    one hilarious dude

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