Phil Robertson's Daughter Opens Up About Meeting Her Dad | Ep 96
Phil Robertson
Phil introduces his daughter, the best thing to come out of his sinful past. Phyllis shares the story of her life, how she discovered that Phil is her father, and what it's like to become a member of the Robertson family at age 45. Miss Kay also joins the podcast to reveal what it was like to find out about Phyllis and how she reacted when she heard the news.
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Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his sons are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.

Missing #DuckDynasty? Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Al Robertson, and more are here to share hilarious stories, laughs, and real talk about Jesus, the Gospel, and the Bible.

  • Isabelle Monfils
    Isabelle Monfils

    This is so emotional for me, I also have the same story I never felt like a belong in my family until the Lord told me the truth and my mother finally told me who my dad was , as a born again Christian I would of loved if my story ended like yours.

  • Brandon LeJeune
    Brandon LeJeune

    Such a great family!

  • Kenneth Rice
    Kenneth Rice

    Amazing the grace from the most high flows through this family through, the word, the faith, and the love of the almighty and the testament helps to wash us clean. God bless your wonderful family with all things forever. Amen.

  • Rhonda M 4 Him
    Rhonda M 4 Him

    I never liked the fakery of Duck Dynasty; Hollywood destroys everything it touches. This is a wonderful channel, and I look forward to sharing it with my husband. Jesus first; others second; myself last.

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting

    Who’s the daughter? Phylis...

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting

    Who’s the dad? Phil is...

  • k green
    k green

    I would love to see a movie of Phil in the beginning to now. The life of Phil and his family

  • Peggie S
    Peggie S

    God bless and keep you all in the palm of His hand❣️🙏🏻❤️🤍💙

  • Andrew Munro
    Andrew Munro

    Most god fearing people who speak as if their shit dont stink are usually full of shit themselves... makes sense

  • Len Hanley
    Len Hanley

    "The Miracle of trusting in God" -

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    Agree Jase and Al should have cut their talking by 50%. Jase more than Al. Should have been a talk with Phil and Phyllis and Kay, who clearly has lots more on her mind and heart. They were short changed. My take for what it matters. I love this family. Been listening to Sadie. She is an amazing young lady. God bless everyone.

  • Johnny Rocket
    Johnny Rocket

    I hooked up with a chick in college. She gave me Phyllis.. I've yet to get rid of it for good.

  • james allen
    james allen

    Good story

  • William Kephart
    William Kephart

    this family is awesome and a great inspiration to us all! God Bless

  • Gordon Corey
    Gordon Corey


  • Little Bear
    Little Bear

    There has been one man I would like to meet in my lifetime even before duck dynasty ever came to be he had brought something positive to my life and it wasn't just the first to Phil Robertson duck call that I bought when I was in my 20 sthroughout my life I was able to go back and watch the duck hunting videos he had made which carried more of a life lesson than most anyting I had found it wasn't just about watching somebody shoot ducks it was about somebody teaching me how to be a better person through helping others in bringing them into the outdoors thank you Phil and thank you to the Robertson family I really enjoyed your devotional bookthe only problem was I could not find it to purchase it I had to get it from the library and they only let me check it out so many times

  • Barbara Yochem
    Barbara Yochem

    Miss Kay.. your health has fallen since the daughter has been announced. . You may know your husband is having an affair, but to see it 45 years later is a harsh shock. Miss Kay you are loved and all these men are over powering you and your inner feelings.

  • kandis

    Al was loving he got his mama started on Jase 🤣🤣 I’m dead hahahaha I love this family!!! Welcome to the family, little lady! I just can’t get enough of this family and this talk. The love you guys have and forgiveness. I could only pray to be half the people you all are. Ms. Kay... you’re one heck of a woman! I admire you. Love you all!

  • Damned Soul
    Damned Soul

    funny how she came outta the woodwork when she realized they were on tv. imagine that.....🤭🥴🤣

  • Mr. Big
    Mr. Big

    jase im telling you boy, get your money out the stock market n go do as dad did go buy you some land that way if you lose your butt off......your land still gon be there.

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands

    You took a 100 bucks from your mom?

  • Lois Rickman
    Lois Rickman

    God is good. He knows all.

  • NoName Mcgee
    NoName Mcgee

    Such a tough situation. Forgiveness doesn't mean it doesn't hurt it means you accept what has happened and decide to follow love

  • Michelle Carter
    Michelle Carter

    Love y’all and your show

  • William Spence
    William Spence

    What a great blessing from god you are all together now

  • Jason Martina
    Jason Martina

    Kind of wish they would do a short prayer at the end of each pod cast...

  • momma sed
    momma sed

    At least she had a dad worth tracking down..... found mine, he answered the door and I'm like( long pause)..............." Do you have a few moments to talk about the book of Mormon today sir "😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey

    Miss Kay’s always so classy and remains a Lady thru everything!

  • Mandy Mandy
    Mandy Mandy

    Anyone else catch the Joe Biden crack? 😂. I wish Phil coulda finished his story.

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp

    How could anyone hate this family

  • Melissa Tedford
    Melissa Tedford

    Love Ms.Kay ♥️♥️ Wish I could give her a big role hug

  • V wd
    V wd

    I love these guys. I want to adopt them all as brothers. Running short on them, only have two left. Not surprised bout Miss Kaye. That's the way a Godly woman would handle this. I'm proud of her.

  • Michael Tveten
    Michael Tveten

    Miss Kay was quiet and respectful, but you could sense a little “Catelyn Stark” animosity in her posture..........

  • Kyle Harris
    Kyle Harris

    Please bring the show back I miss it maaaannnn😫🙁

  • Wes Peacock
    Wes Peacock

    Interesting share.

  • Alyssa Trujillo
    Alyssa Trujillo

    What a neat family not perfect but neat.

  • Gustave Viking
    Gustave Viking


  • Marilyn Adams
    Marilyn Adams

    I enjoyed this. It was love.

  • Sarah Michaels
    Sarah Michaels

    God is always working. We may not always see it, we may not always understand it, but He is in control.

  • apex Timelines
    apex Timelines

    Lisa Ann the Porn Star is Phillis mother! #RBF

  • apex Timelines
    apex Timelines

    #Covid19 + #LittleLori + #DuckDynasty + CleetusMacFarland + AmyJoFrancis = #RBF

  • Marla Sturgill
    Marla Sturgill

    What a strong God filled woman Ms.Kay is ..

  • L B
    L B

    GOD Bless you Miss Kay! It must have been so difficult then, such pain! & now it is all dredged up the again I hope Phil realizes this because he may have to work thru it with her again!!! Finding out you have a beautiful daughter & welcoming her is to be celebrated BUT Miss Kay is actually reliving even though she has forgiven it is NOT FORGOTTEN!!!

  • Linda Cassell
    Linda Cassell

    I thought sex before marriage was a sin.

    • Mrs4

      It is. There are consequences. Do you know Phil’s entire testimony? And Ms Kay’s?

  • Jes Larcy
    Jes Larcy

    DISGRACEFUL no wonder he believes in fairy tales its to ease his guilty conscience and no wonder hes a trump supporter ! YUCK

  • William Davies
    William Davies

    Wow, very nice story and God is so good that you found each other with the Grace of God. Miss Kay is the strongest woman that she stayed with Phil during the first 10 years or so in the Marriage, but with God's Grace, forgiveness is possible! Thanks for sharing this personal story.

  • Diane Todd
    Diane Todd

    I am in the same position, didn't know my father or mother, found my mother a long time ago but didn't know who my dad was. Then my 1/2 brother came from Alaska to see me and told me he found his real father with the help of Ancestry DNA test. So he paid for mine (I am 73 ) and found my real father (deceased a world war 2 vet) and I knew it was God that allowed this!!! When I get to heaven I will see my earthly Dad. Thank you Jesus ❤️

  • Michael j
    Michael j

    I would. Be ashamed. Your just another Bible thumper. Ms Kay looking like a fool. You all are full of sin . You have nothing in life


    TY Robertson’s


    I love your family!! Nurse Grad from Harding’83

  • Ann Hair
    Ann Hair

    This is the same as #95. From the title I thought it would be a continuation of the story?

  • Sad Sack
    Sad Sack

    If "Jesus" was in Phil's life back then he wouldn't have his daughter.

    • jarah layton
      jarah layton

      he wasn’t

  • Laura Davis
    Laura Davis


  • Nicole-real mom life
    Nicole-real mom life

    The fact that her momma named her Phyllis I think was gods way of keeping phill a part of her💜

  • Johanna Kanae
    Johanna Kanae


  • pam clark
    pam clark

    I pray for Kay this can't be easy for her.

  • Dana Owen
    Dana Owen

    This was such a wounderful story.

  • R Rios
    R Rios

    Right on!

  • Godzilla Kaiju
    Godzilla Kaiju

    God is GREAT!!

  • Dennis Taft
    Dennis Taft

    This would be a lot better if we didn't have to go to church.

  • blucollardad

    Love Phil!!

  • Diana

    Amazing story!

  • Edward Radocy
    Edward Radocy

    So Phill isn't quite the saint everyone thinks...I was a fan when he played football QB behind Bradshaw

  • jennifer bessmer
    jennifer bessmer

    Is miss Kay really okay? It’s understandable if she isn’t, she just looks numb. Like she’s saying this too be a “nice Christian woman”. She usually has more emotion but her body language says she’s numb. I’m not judging nor am I saying I’m right. This is only my perception. Phyllis looks like she she wants too be a part of it all but she’s tiptoeing waiting for a confirmation from miss Kay. Last little bit that I got from this was everyone is a little hurt that Phyllis has brought a part of phil that nobody has ever done. A softness. I appreciate how candid everyone is under the microscope. Thank you.

  • Samuel Cypert
    Samuel Cypert

    The story of the yea,r in my opinion. God is so good! He's the Redeemer! Things could've gone bad in bunch of different ways in this kind of situation. A surprise 45 years in the making! It is GOOD to wait upon the LORD!

  • Davey Sanders
    Davey Sanders

    I’m glad things worked out the way they did , but I went through a 15-20 yr spree of drugs & alcohol & I mean it was a dazed & confused kinda of time , but I always remembered or I was reminded of the things I done . Shame it took so long but Hey it is what it is. Give GOD the GLORY.

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner

    Ya'll need to thank God for Miss Kay,she is a godly and graceful lady

  • Regina Sahner-Stiles
    Regina Sahner-Stiles

    Miss Kay your a saint. I know you have forgiven but this whole time you look so upset. Im sure its not easy. Bless yall.

  • Crystal Taylor
    Crystal Taylor

    Love it but u know Miss Kay said really phil it wasn't all rainbows at 1st!! But you can tell They are all good now

  • Pusalieth

    Miss Kay has so much hatred for God's grace, and love of herself she borders idolatry. 51:30. As Phyllis just gets done giving glory to God to save a man and his family, putting Phil as the patriarch, Miss Kay feels the need, AGAIN to tear Phil down, and put herself there instead. Her entire story is about how good she is. How forgiving, how righteous for staying, blah, blah, blah. How come NO ONE else brought that up? Because it's not about her, who would have known. She still has not forgiven Phil. She does NOT want people to love Phil more than her, at in her perception, because of what God did in his life. She only wants others to love her for what SHE did in Phil's life. She has not made peace with God's underserved grace making Phil worth admiring and not her. Sorry woman, but you did nothing for Phil. What kind of woman do you think of yourself, when you married a sleep around, alcoholic, adulterer? Those boys were raised by you before Phil was born again. Their change was because of God's grace in Phil. What right do you think you have? You're not a victim, or a white knight. You didn't change Phil, God did. You didn't hold your family together, God did. You didn't do the right thing, God did. Stop glorifying yourself, and give glory to God alone. "Those who are first, will be last. And the last will be first." "The greatest among you will be your servant." "God gives grace to the humble, but rebukes the proud." "But without looking up to heaven, beat his breast, and said, "Have mercy on me, a sinner.""

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