Photos You Will NEVER Be Able To UNSEE..
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      she did not bleed from her foot she got her period

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      My mums name is shelly to

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    Uh i unsee to day

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    the knee face looks like Darth Plaugus

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    amaia amaia song

    "U know that girl...-whispers- hit me up girl" XD

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    That music haha haha

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    You say freakin waayyy to much like this if you agree

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    Who thinks patrisha is on her period

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    I can't unsee the thumbnail

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    some blud on but col oh oh its ya shes u jocker helo silena gones baby face on a ne weard a girl but dat is weard dat is col wendie mom weard im confusd lg is pacman wow dat is good it loks like coala i saw hapea facs dat is her shes fik big hed tinea tinea bodea eoe he has stewiw grifin dat is waerd

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    1:32 caylus getting scared by the siren sound was hilarious 😂😂 i spit my apple juice out 😭

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    I thought that was pee-

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    You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Most Special Person Is In This Hole Intier World Is Look at the first two words

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    You're high bro.ahahhaaah bruh

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    He said hit the notification bell so I punched my phone

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    I my god call the ambulance

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    Kit Katz are my favorite so NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO

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    i have a n64

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    GuYs He KnOwS wHaT a PeRiOd Is He JuSt AcTs LiKe He DoeSn'T bEcAuSe DeMoNiTiZaTiOn

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    The reason why the Wendy’s logo says Mom on the collar is because Wendy was adopted by a dad and didn’t have a mom

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    Yeah i also just see cute faces on that tabel

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    My dad works for lg

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    Caylus:Patriciawhats going on Me: -_-

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    u wanna know my name?

    That happy, skinny face is dead

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    Lion king it now my fav movie 😂😂

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    I wonder how many times he says fricking not just in this video, but in his whole life??

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      Trillions of times Riza b.

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    Shes on her period dumby

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    Can You Dye your hair blue so You look like a smurf

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    Im KiKi the koala ps the daughter

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    Lion king one. Once you see it you can Unsee it

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    Right away the Wendys thing im like what

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    Baby Alive The way to go

    Fun fact everyone has a face on there knee

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    Crazy kids TV

    I see cars being faces also

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    Stewy griffin looks like a Lemon head

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    I know what n64 is i grew up on it

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    What did the librarians say to the kids? Read more

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    Eric Vasquez

    I used to own 2 Nintendo 64s

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    That was hilarious 6:05 😂

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    Infinite:I'm going to call the ambulance....... oh no the devils in the phone booth calling 911

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    Patrisha be lick puberty

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    Is frickin ur fave word

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    Leg is bleeding

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    gay bananamilk

    That girl is on her perioid. Nothing serious

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    Best you tubeer

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    She’s ok 😑it’s called a period 😑

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    I'm watching this on the same day witch that happens alot :p BUT I LOVE THE VID

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    Dell Dellarayne

    Is this a coincidence he talkin about lion king coming out and it just came out today and im going Date tuesday 17

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    Breckyn -irl

    My grandma’s name is Patricia

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    hossana rogers

    3:53 Hahaha. when I'm home alone. ;)


    And Selena Gomez is on Barney

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