Plane made emergency landing near Cocoa Beach Air Show
FOX 35 Orlando
A pilot had to make an emergency landing in the water near the Cocoa Beach Air Show on Saturday. Fortunately, the pilot was not injured.
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  • NomadGrimm

    Laid to rest the easy way.

  • Steve w
    Steve w

    1945: 5 navy torpedo bombers disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. 2021: a vortex opens and one of them returns

  • Imaspecofdust

    thought someone got bit by another shark again after seeing the firetrucks

  • Zachary Jones
    Zachary Jones

    Okay but imagine it had flown into some Bermuda triangle type shit in WWII and just now got out.... This looked like something out of a movie

  • Oscar Cruz
    Oscar Cruz

    I mean he could've landed away from people what an idiot he said my life is worth more than all y'all

  • Blu

    Plot twist: He's actually from 1945, went through a wormhole over the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Jacob Beckley
    Jacob Beckley

    Looks like a TBM-1 Avenger torpedo bomber. God Bless that brave pilot.

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Plane down and salvageable, Pilot safe, no injuries on the ground... Great job!

  • Aero Air
    Aero Air

    RIP physical distancing XD

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    flotation device.

  • The Grin Creeper
    The Grin Creeper

    What kind of plane is that? This one had a built- in gun turrent mounted on the back...

  • Sean Callaway
    Sean Callaway

    "We don't know what's going on with the plane right now, why it's still in the water..." What do you THINK it's doing, waiting to catch its breath before it transforms into a robot?

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      All these people from the PAST coming to the FUTURE. THEY TOOK ERR JOBS

  • Alex11531

    wow well you look at that , toxic masculinity went and tried to get to the pilot

    • Alex11531

      @yasio bolo grow a pair

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      WTF!!! Air shows are ridiculous and dangerous. This crap should have stopped years ago.

  • Willowy13

    Wow! Great landing (or beaching). I remembered the Hudson River accident.

  • ツꜱᴀꜱʜᴀ_ᴄʜᴀɴ

    I was there the day before it happend 😕

  • T N
    T N

    The war is over so I'm gonna land here and have a 🍻.

  • nelson lariccia
    nelson lariccia

    Strange FACTS about Usa flights aviation safety concern lately Usa FL FLORIDA reasons of private and civil aviation NTSB be safe out there

  • odgeUK

    Does anyone else think that he only avoided swimmers more by luck than judgement. I'd have expected him to start heading out to sea once he knew he had a failure so near a public space? Prob thinking more about landing somewhere where the irreplaceable aircraft could be salvaged more easily.

  • Bertrand146

    Was Gaetz on board ?

  • Ashley Evans
    Ashley Evans

    Cleetus Mcfarland would be proud. HELL YE BROTHER

  • asif getto
    asif getto

    so the plane will be at the museum.

  • MasterMindmars

    Good invent: aqua-airport

  • Teresa Moore
    Teresa Moore


  • BK WIL
    BK WIL

    The witness yeah everybody ran out there I wanted to but I didn't what an idiot

  • Orion 77
    Orion 77

    there was NOTHING "dangerous" about it....... sheesh, ignorant newspeople!!!! thumbs down for having such ignorant stupid people as your reporters....

  • Ax Verheij
    Ax Verheij

    All these people from the PAST coming to the FUTURE. THEY TOOK ERR JOBS

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    The pilot said: I was flying the bermudas triangle and got lost, but what is the litlle flat thing everybody is pointing me with?

  • Polarbearsrus

    WTF!!! Air shows are ridiculous and dangerous. This crap should have stopped years ago.

  • Amin Son
    Amin Son

    This incidents need to be investigated! The pilot decide to land near the beach, just to save the plane rather than avoid crash in to someone and cause death.

  • Sammy Maxwell
    Sammy Maxwell

    Surfer still catching waves...epic!

  • Business Of Seyy
    Business Of Seyy

    What made me mad was the people sitting in the water like that wanted to DIE... why are you just sitting THERE?!?

  • nunya biznez
    nunya biznez

    Any landing you can swim away from...

  • Randy W Horton
    Randy W Horton

    why the police are dressed in military fighting clothes?

  • Norris Horris
    Norris Horris

    For some reason I can’t listen to American newsreporter. Their voice gets up and down at a random point spontaneously. She’s talking like she just got here avocado chilli cheese burger without salad at McDonald’s and is no trying to complain about it

  • Marcos Fulling /CEO
    Marcos Fulling /CEO

    Landed like a pro

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W

    They should've pulled the plane from the water as soon as it touched down. Not sure what they're waiting for.

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    Anyone know what type of plane that is?

  • Annette S
    Annette S

    I ALMOST ran to HELP another human being......Hmmmmm. Not sure I would have admitted that one.

  • Ammo4u RagingJudge
    Ammo4u RagingJudge

    Great piloting! One question why are those cops impersonating military?

  • lasarousi

    I love how nobody moved from the water until the plane splashed in. Love humans.

    • Debra Anderson
      Debra Anderson

      That plane was going faster for any of the swimmers to have gotten out of the water

  • SquawkCode

    Best news headline in aviation history! It was a landing not a crash. Well done.

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens

    That was actually a really really good landing.

  • Ed Graves
    Ed Graves

    Another air head on air person babbling about something they know nothing about.

  • The Touchdown With Doug Smith
    The Touchdown With Doug Smith

    Praise God no one was hurt. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️

    • The Touchdown With Doug Smith
      The Touchdown With Doug Smith

      @mikeydiablo I’m sorry God took your puppy 🐶 when you were six years old. But if you don’t believe in God then maybe that’s why he took your puppy

    • mikeydiablo

      Your invisible wizard wont help you. In fact if you beleive then he caused this.

  • William Stalvey
    William Stalvey

    Glad your ok pilot....get back up on that Horse

  • gamespotweek

    "it's been half an hour and the plane is still in the water". UMMMMM 3-6 guys are not pulling it out. they are waiting for vehicle to pull it out, and "some people have gone up to it" probs trying to have a look and see if the plane is damaged and safe to pull out. (So it wont leave that much behind in the water)

  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie

    They need Tom Cruise as the pilot!

  • DeManual

    He's now a Triple War Time Hero. Don't fuck with him. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE MR. Glad you made it out..AGAIN!

  • Chico Meow.
    Chico Meow.

    Imagine after the crash and then a Bf-110 come to swoop in and attack it.

  • MrTang

    Flight in 1941 🛩️ Landing in Florida 2021 Pilot : Where is Nippon?

  • Tony Alexander
    Tony Alexander

    Well there’s $1 million repair bill

  • Savid Watkins
    Savid Watkins

    Grumman Avenger - Torpedo Bomber US Navy (WW2)

  • koczisek

    Apparently the plane is still there. Waves kinda pushed it to shore. We don't know what's happening with the plane right now. OMFG! Did you think it should've dissolved by now or something? The pilot splashed it intentionally very close to the shore, not to lose this flying WWII museum, and did it indeed brilliantly, yet a bit risky, hopping over the swimmers' heads. Is it really that hard to figure out when you watch it?

    • FiveCentsPlease

      @koczisek Probably FOX 35 just removing uncredited photo links from their channel, which they have to do.

    • koczisek

      @FiveCentsPlease 2 of our comments with links were removed! :(

    • FiveCentsPlease

      @koczisek Well I was wrong because it was removed the next day. So it sat in the surf all night getting pounded by the waves, which did a lot of damage. That's unfortunate.

    • koczisek

      @FiveCentsPlease I was referring to comments provided by Ms. Stephanie Buffamonte. I should've quoted them. Obviously, the plane won't be ideal after such a treatment, but it's in a single piece and easy to lift. If he splashed 50m from shore, it'd just sink and probably be tormented by the tide. Thanks for the pic! It's such a battered bird now! I hope it can be saved soon. Aha... where's your 5 cents inbox? ;)

  • Gordon Crouch
    Gordon Crouch

    Why not have the correspondent standing off to the side so that we can see more of the background?

  • Tyson Cott
    Tyson Cott

    I bet both reporters have shaved muffs, just sayin........

  • Frank Cuzzola
    Frank Cuzzola


  • Erik Capozzi
    Erik Capozzi

    I drove by this morning when they had it pulled out and on the thing to see

  • Luis Laplume
    Luis Laplume

    Apparently Jeannie thought somebody stole the plane from the U.S. Air Force and blinked the plane down.

  • Madeinusa

    Grandpa ran out of gas AGAIN!

  • J Rambo
    J Rambo

    Why do they do this ANNOYING crap,just to have chemicals leak into the ocean??

  • Mizar

    Me playing war thunder be like:


    60 meter perhaps? shortest landing ever


    BREAKING NEWS: Avenger plane from flight 19 squadron that vanished in the Bermuda triangle in 1945 emerges out of time warp vortex ,pilot stunned to find he travelled 76 years into the future

  • teddy ruxspin
    teddy ruxspin

    perfect landing

  • swamp fizz
    swamp fizz good

  • rodeye2

    Flight 19 is back.

  • John O
    John O

    Flight 19 has finally returned from the Bermuda triangle.

  • Cyberdeck Café
    Cyberdeck Café

    not doing masks anymore in FL?

  • Jerry Campbell
    Jerry Campbell


  • KSI Revelations
    KSI Revelations

    I'm glad the plane is okay. That's history right there

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