Playing Basketball In The Hood!
Danny Duncan
My friend who plays for the Miami Hurricanes "Chad Allen" hooked all of us up with tickets to the bowl game. We drove to Orlando to check it out. Thanks for watching! ily
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  • YT- Galaxy
    YT- Galaxy

    you (guys) are sister HAHAH

  • God

    Back to when Danny was broke

  • Christopher Jeffery
    Christopher Jeffery

    2:39 is the best part

  • YGL Bull
    YGL Bull

    Danny is one of the blackest white guys

  • RC car bomb shell
    RC car bomb shell


  • ßaßy ßußßa
    ßaßy ßußßa

    Yo I used to eat those sausages with bread 2020??

  • frigoff rick
    frigoff rick

    Never listened to one guns and Rose's song

  • Jaiboyz Skating
    Jaiboyz Skating

    bro im the kid in the last clip

    • Tristan Vaux
      Tristan Vaux

      Are u tho...

  • pablo mayfield
    pablo mayfield

    I'd eat those Vienna sausage

  • River Jakepaul
    River Jakepaul

    I live in wv

  • Anthony

    Kewan looks taller

  • pierre ware
    pierre ware

    When he die ima were a 69 suit

  • Expo_StabZ

    wv is the best

  • Benjamin Henderson
    Benjamin Henderson

    Danny dunks on some 7 year old kid half his height Takes his shirt off🤨🤦‍♂️

    • Tristan Vaux
      Tristan Vaux

      It’s a joke you spastic

  • MeekWood

    When your grandpa goes to woman’s bathroom and he comes out 20 years younger 😂😂

  • Bradley Cochran
    Bradley Cochran

    Did anyone notice how right when he got in the car the song said 100,000 in my face?

  • Dxadmxn

    *haha black friends! :D*

  • Very Rare
    Very Rare

    is that kejuan when he was tall

  • x x
    x x

    I like wvu

  • Dabiboujia

    Let’s go 4 millions subscriber

  • BIG D
    BIG D

    Fuck u im from wv

  • Blake Hultgren
    Blake Hultgren

    Everyone says I'm weird cuz I like vianna sausages they are so good

  • Robert Hammock
    Robert Hammock

    I don't like what you are doing

  • CrazyFastPixe L
    CrazyFastPixe L

    Now ran my is rich

  • keith chiro
    keith chiro

    What is the rock cookin that eggroll on that guys head

  • refill

    rewatching this because it's funny as fuck hahahahaha

  • Andrew Maes
    Andrew Maes

    Who else is here in 2020 because of corona

  • country boy
    country boy

    Dude I live in west Virginia

  • The moto guys
    The moto guys


  • Seth Neal
    Seth Neal

    We need another update! (Obviously whenever you find the time) but fr I’d be cool af!

  • Coop Doop
    Coop Doop

    Deez niggas be ballin

  • Sun hat kid ツ FN
    Sun hat kid ツ FN

    The little kid flipping His dad off

    • Sun hat kid ツ FN
      Sun hat kid ツ FN


  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson

    Grandpa got game.


    Hope you good

  • prium572poison ps4
    prium572poison ps4

    I was there

  • Zurxzy -
    Zurxzy -

    Danny belongs in Florida

  • ToxicMade SZN
    ToxicMade SZN

    Danny Duncan is the GOAT🤟🏽 he’s really hilarious

  • FBI

    1:15 I thought he was gonna hit the mirror😳

  • GERG

    Title "playing my basket ball in the hood" as soon as the video starts "were going to a football game"

  • The Book Potato
    The Book Potato

    Miss these old videos

  • James Gallo
    James Gallo

    Who watchin in 2020

  • Isaiah da name
    Isaiah da name

    Danny I love you but useing the hood for view's

    • issai ramirez
      issai ramirez

      Hows he using the hood😂

  • SwiffftyD

    lol my names dylan


    Wvu for life Danny like it and wvu will not be the worsts college of all time

  • Lrscootz #
    Lrscootz #

    Danny exsposed the old guy using his tampons

  • cooljagge


  • JackaBoi227

    i wanted Danny to run across the field

  • Ysidro Sandoval
    Ysidro Sandoval

    Bro Danny’s just cool,hed make it in any life style he chose.

  • Señordarkness666

    Grandpa Dylan probably was batin' in the women's bathroom xD

  • Kyle Kilmer
    Kyle Kilmer

    But I’m from West Virginia

  • Carter Ericson
    Carter Ericson

    Like if Danny should make another video with him

  • Kadin Rubley
    Kadin Rubley

    He stretched the outro for them 10 mins lol

  • Mr Watto
    Mr Watto

    Why does the fella at 25 seconds walk like he’s got stones in his shoes 👞?

  • Jc Beane
    Jc Beane

    Danny I’m from West Virginia and I love their

  • Nick Leonidov
    Nick Leonidov

    6:37 Lmmaaaoooooo, that was perfect

    • Exhibitz

      i couldn’t stop laughing

  • Joel Nelson
    Joel Nelson

    I’m a huge wvu fan

  • Swift Cactus
    Swift Cactus

    0:26 the tall version of Keiwan lol

  • rkmx22

    Oh so just because their black it’s a hood👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Trippy Hippie
    Trippy Hippie


  • Fade Noisy
    Fade Noisy

    I’m from wv

  • mondn

    why you ain't hanging with him nomore?

  • Zexra _
    Zexra _

    Here from the future 2020 😂😂

  • Michael Best
    Michael Best

    What happened to ur black friends

  • kegan lowe
    kegan lowe

    It’s all about the u baby

  • Braxton Wilson
    Braxton Wilson

    Dude Danny i have a aunt that used to go to to that school and I used to love the hurricanes

  • stAT1cZ_WdR Clan
    stAT1cZ_WdR Clan

    I’m wvu all the way that’s where I’m from

  • Manny Baldi
    Manny Baldi

    Bruh Michael?😂

  • Chillafied

    childish gambino damn

  • STiG

    Ponytail dude looks like vin diesel

  • Wvdhhdb Shdidne
    Wvdhhdb Shdidne

    That looks like Roman reigns not the rock but still hilarious

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