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Get ready, Trainers: we’ve got updates for you about upcoming the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass!
📅 September 29
⏰ 6:00 a.m. PDT
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  • Red Hellgar
    Red Hellgar

    that's cool and all, but where's my Houndoom?

  • Kelam

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  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones

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  • Ângelo Gomes
    Ângelo Gomes

    Only the good part 7:40

  • LunatheMoonDragon

    You can't distract me from the most lazy, pointless update i've ever seen in my life with the best music video i've ever seen. FIX YOUR GAME. MAKE SOMETHING GOOD AGAIN. ADDRESS CRITICISM. we know the pokemon company had NOTHING to do with that music video, because it was actually good. POKEMON IS MY FAVOURITE GAME SERIES OF ALL TIME. MAKE IT GOOD AGAIN

  • Astrospect

    Can we have an anime like that?

  • James Maverick
    James Maverick

    Anyone really miss Unova after seeing how dark and emotionally mature that section of the music vid alone was?

  • Ryan Hughes Jr.
    Ryan Hughes Jr.

    i love it

  • Rapp3r M
    Rapp3r M

    Sooooo, basically pokemon is an actual anime now.

  • myalienscrew

    I just hope they give us all our pokemon back...

  • Katie

    Me waiting for the new Pokémon anime to come out like: 👁👄👁 I seriously loved the MV! It made me cry ;-;

  • Jared Velazquez
    Jared Velazquez

    At the end of the video it looked like the person sitting next to the Pokémon was giving head

  • Kaiden Reid
    Kaiden Reid

    Game freak hey web professor oak to the game

  • Wolfie Gamer
    Wolfie Gamer

    0:52 Slowking look wack.

  • Artemaeus Pheos
    Artemaeus Pheos

    I love bump of chicken

  • Sonny

    Bruh just make a new game we don’t care anymore

  • Devtective

    I would absolutely watch that last clip as a full anime series

  • Ewix

    Oh I can’t wait to find a Palkia in Max raid battles... Yeah yeah... the literal Pokémon of space is just chilling in this den

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart

    Hy cow that music video was actually damn awesome made me go thru the motions! Everytime a new Pokémon thing drops my love for this fictional world reignites everytime! I sure hope my Emboar can finally come to Shield!

  • DaBoiii

    This is going to be better than Christmas I can almost guarantee it

  • Astrospect

    More pikachu.... yay....

  • cody stezaker
    cody stezaker

    why did that music video fondle my heart in such a way....😢

  • Luxurious_Lemon

    no megas

  • Connor Burbine
    Connor Burbine

    Glad they brought back all the legendaries

  • Unfunny Flygon
    Unfunny Flygon

    You can unlock every legendary [If you purchase both copies]

  • Gianluca Fortino
    Gianluca Fortino

    I really want to see that anime that totally doesn’t exist now.

  • Azmain Abrar
    Azmain Abrar

    as expected from matsumoto-san and bump of chicken 🔥🔥

  • Moisn Choy
    Moisn Choy

    The music video, when I saw Hilbert to Nate, while seeing Bianca and Cheren grew up, I was like, "Nice touch with it"

  • Halepeno 2401
    Halepeno 2401

    I didn’t know how many people loved Pokémon

  • Grandmaster Yoda
    Grandmaster Yoda

    Man, I just want Blaziken back

  • Rare & Shiny
    Rare & Shiny

    Sweet Christmas, I'm currently finding all shiny legendary is the ultra moon. Now that I will be able to transfer them soon makes it all the more exciting.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Nintendo: Creating Furries since the late 90s.

  • Tyreek Foster
    Tyreek Foster

    I’m mad Leon still trying to run things like he still champion or something 👀

  • Skylar

    8:28 Seeing all the silhouettes of all the protagonists really hits you in the feels

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod

    The Red vs Gold fight part made me physically pog

  • MrAdrian the Grey
    MrAdrian the Grey

    Can we please talk about this raid den adventure fiasco(misunderstanding)? Only rental pokemon? For real for real? So why did I train these pokemon for the last 15 years to not be able to use them in the latest game mode? I just cant understand help please.

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    This just looks like more of the same garbage we've been spoonfed for a while now

  • Neospiral Gaming
    Neospiral Gaming

    I am so excited

  • Heyoyo10 Gaming
    Heyoyo10 Gaming

    7:40 You're welcome

  • Justin McCarthy
    Justin McCarthy

    any small channels wanna support eachother?

  • Hollow Hunter
    Hollow Hunter

    9:21 Best second of my entire life...... I love you Marnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonic x Gundam oo seven stars Cerberus
    Sonic x Gundam oo seven stars Cerberus

    That’s was awesome

  • Shiro-Luna

    Now that Regigias is apparently returning, the time of reckoning is upon us. Plus, I always found that Regigas and Galarian Weezing to be a cute couple.

  • • Sleepy Kaitlon •
    • Sleepy Kaitlon •

    Does this mean if we just currently have the base game, we have to buy the Part 1 and Part 2 dlcs just to get 1 (sword dlc) then another Part 1 and Part 2 (shield dlc)? 4 dlc payments in total to get it all??? Ummmmm my bank account is crying


    I'm so tired of pikachu exclusives

  • Cakophony

    Galarian regis?

  • Landon

    But anyone gonna mention how amazing that music vid would be as an anime?

  • MrMist

    thank you

  • Dead Yoshi
    Dead Yoshi

    1. WHAT ABOUT DARKRAI 2. That music video was so cool

  • Landon

    They should’ve brought past trainers to compete in the star tournament giant missed opportunity, disappointed but still will probably be able to enjoy the expansion somewhat

    • Tristan Jones
      Tristan Jones

      That would be a good idea!

  • Shin Uchiha
    Shin Uchiha

    The music video though that would make a great opening for a new pokemon show with totally different characters

  • Nicholus Williams
    Nicholus Williams

    Ultra beast

  • Tylar Brown
    Tylar Brown

    No Darkari.......

  • Wayne Wilde
    Wayne Wilde


  • Carson Cox
    Carson Cox

    Huh, neat

  • Snack Bomb
    Snack Bomb

    Seeing all the professors was nice but i noticed they forgot willow from pokemon go, just wanted it point it out.

  • Devante

    I had to turn off my camera before class started y’all have me crying like a baby with that music video 😭I lost it when Cynthia came up, Diamond was my first Pokemon game

  • Steven Flores
    Steven Flores

    Nice plush

  • Abidul Islam
    Abidul Islam

    The op at the song has to be an anime... I'm not asking *It's an order*

  • Speedrunner 5001
    Speedrunner 5001

    Those legends better not be shiny locked

  • Moved -GoTo Community Tab
    Moved -GoTo Community Tab

    i honestly forgot about this game..i've been focused on games that aren't fixed by the entire community to market more challenging, better and not butt ripping you off lol. the dlc looks nice tho..not gonna pay for it :D Edit; this was a bad direct lol

  • Gregory Mirabella
    Gregory Mirabella

    if only the recent games were half as good as that MV.

  • Astro Snake
    Astro Snake

    lol, crazy theory, but what if the guy and girl are actually ash's or red's parents? We will never know..

  • Raheem Faulkner
    Raheem Faulkner

    Let me get a free code



  • frederick schiller
    frederick schiller

    Best. Music. Video. Ever.

  • Paris oneal
    Paris oneal


  • Kirby Sword
    Kirby Sword

    October nice

  • frogluck

    i loved that music video soooooo much

  • M3rtyville

    let's see if this is worth the 30 dollars you pay for the DLC or if it is another mess of bugs an just a few minutes worth of content.

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