Pouring One Out - Key & Peele
Key & Peele
Pouring one out is too wasteful for this guy.

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  • mostmost1

    Pour out a little liquor.

  • Gill Mccuddy
    Gill Mccuddy

    I think hes scottish

  • Amalgamation Prime
    Amalgamation Prime

    This one gangster is so me right now. The rest are people that likes Howtobasic.

  • Mashiroom

    I agree, "it's not gonna bring them back."

  • stanley oleyte
    stanley oleyte

    And that’s when the gang realized alcohol addiction is a horrible monster

  • Jazmine Ramay
    Jazmine Ramay

    Hahahahahajaja 😂

  • Skunky Jumbag.
    Skunky Jumbag.

    Key & Peel are so ridiculously white it’s cringey as fuck.

  • Shane Jarvis
    Shane Jarvis

    Now that you have woken the beast in his wife you can bet that I won't ever rest until you all go to hell

  • Elle O
    Elle O

    When u a Capricorn

  • Abraham Amekah
    Abraham Amekah

    Don’t waste the beer. That would be being cavalier with your finances.

  • ParrisOTurner

    I needed this laugh.

  • Monkey JumpStarr
    Monkey JumpStarr

    the tradition is just a capful ... this is fake news

  • MrAgodine

    I laughed way to hard at this 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Rod Powers
    Rod Powers

    Straight Savage...

  • Amateur Workout
    Amateur Workout

    I wasted my day at work for what, a few dollars man, what the hell are we ?

  • 和顺翡翠珠寶


  • Daughter Of the King
    Daughter Of the King

    Matthew 4:17 - From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  • Dwelling Dreams
    Dwelling Dreams

    Wastein beer.

  • Suman Malla
    Suman Malla

    “ Jeez!! I cannot win on dis “ 💀💀

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis

    In Taiwan you put REAL food out at the temple for ancestors. However, after a few hours you can go get it and eat it, because the nutrition that the spirits take are different from what the body takes. Both the living and the dead can have a go at it without interfering with each other. This is a good solution to the problem, IMHO.

    • Mark Davis
      Mark Davis

      ​@Herbert Erdferkel All of it seems a bit silly to me, but it is by no means unique. Many cultures have rituals supposedly conducted "for the dead." Whether burning incense, or leaving out pan de muertos, or conducting tomb sweeping - I would guess a lot of participants of these rituals don't believe that the dead literally have such needs, but they participate anyway as a means of remembrance. Ultimately it's probably mostly about comforting ourselves that when we're dead, somebody is going to carry, burn, construct, or sweep something that forces them to remember us once a year.

    • Herbert Erdferkel
      Herbert Erdferkel

      Its ridiculous to believe the dead need any kind of nutrition. The western/middleeast tradition of pouring one out doesnt come from giving the dead nutrition, its about sacrificing to the gods and deities so that the fallen will be treated well in their afterlife ... while keeping the memory of the dead at the same time. Setting real food out for a dead person and then go back to get/eat it isnt a sacrifice, it just highlights how meaningless the entire gesture is. Its even worst then the nonsense to give material objects to the dead so that they could use it in the afterlife. Even if one would believe in an afterlife, being dead should mean one is above and beyond the material world, including the need for nutrition/stuff ... otherwise you would make the implication that those not getting anything from the living (and eventually this will be all of them) are screwed for eternity, thats screwed up.

  • OrangeFox

    Pour one out for RBG

  • Y A
    Y A


  • andrej4395


  • Tree Tree
    Tree Tree

    it's more of a "symbol" then a "gesture", someone back me up on this?

  • Sean Clough
    Sean Clough

    I was thinking "repack them and reuse em" but heard "to recycle them" ... heh

    • ray diesel
      ray diesel

      You're not alone bro

  • YourMomsApartment 710
    YourMomsApartment 710

    “Respect the liquor” - Jim Layhe R.I.P.

    • Brandon Snyder
      Brandon Snyder

      I am the liquor, Rand!

  • B l u e M e s a
    B l u e M e s a

    “going back and collecting the shells to recycle” 😂😂😂😂

    • Matthias Roca
      Matthias Roca

      @grimy outcome it would be wouldn't it

    • grimy outcome
      grimy outcome

      Images killing 5 different people with the same casing. That’d be something.

    • Matthias Roca
      Matthias Roca

      That's a thing a lot, and I mean a lot of people do. Ammo is expensive and reusing them is cheap and pretty easy

  • Jose Caballero
    Jose Caballero

    Damn Back home they do this all the time, i dont even like alcohol but i aint pouring none for no dead one. am i a Dººº? so be it lol

  • Anthony Salazar
    Anthony Salazar

    The peak of alcoholism

  • Ben P
    Ben P

    He got his azz whooped on the air plane for not buckle up LOL.

  • Charles Murray
    Charles Murray


  • Charles Murray
    Charles Murray

    RIP KEY & peele

  • Ruff Prophet Productions
    Ruff Prophet Productions

    he was ahead of his time in this skit. sustainable homie

  • Nathan Sam
    Nathan Sam

    Alcoholics anonymous....


    .‏﴿ لا تسمع فيها لاغيةً ۞ فيها عين جارية ۞ فيها سُرر مرفوعةٌ ۞ وأكوابٌ موضوعة ۞ ونمارقُ مصفوفةٌ ۞ وزرابيّ مبثوثة ﴾ - اللهم أجعلنا من اهلها ..🤍

  • Gutierrez Elias
    Gutierrez Elias

    All good but the end

  • FaReal WitIt
    FaReal WitIt

    Lololol funny as hek. Somebody bak me up on this 1 yall lol

  • mase ofspades
    mase ofspades

    we need more like this

  • Khalilah Muhammad
    Khalilah Muhammad

    LMAO I love them. They are too funny


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  • Juho Jutila
    Juho Jutila

    I mean hes right though. Im feeling him!

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu

    Gu gub gu gub 😂😂😂

  • Mason Mead
    Mason Mead

    It’d be better if they said hommies

  • aitana cardoso
    aitana cardoso

    jay z

  • Marcel Kearns
    Marcel Kearns

    Come on mannn😂😅😅

  • Kevin Lu
    Kevin Lu

    Story of so many Asian parents

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    Title should be Golden Shower

  • gladiator legs
    gladiator legs

    Sadly this is ghetto logic.

  • Christof Rodmurd
    Christof Rodmurd

    Legend says, he went on to leave the gang, moved to Russia where he sold guns and made a fortune

  • Augustine Choi
    Augustine Choi

    u know u poor when u trying to save as much of a 40 oz. as u can ..damnnn lol

  • Jack Carver
    Jack Carver

    I always eat my friends piza crusts xD

  • V M
    V M

    As a black person, I never understood this. Pour out a little liqa!

  • hardwire

    he is an alcoholic is what it is.

  • Kendale Bailey
    Kendale Bailey

    When u a drunk

  • MOFO 73
    MOFO 73

    No no he's got a point

  • Elijah Leftridge
    Elijah Leftridge

    I keep thinking I’ve seen all the Key & Peele episodes but yet I haven’t lol

  • 10,000 subscribers challenge
    10,000 subscribers challenge

    Key and peele crack me up 😂

  • awilda2790


  • Sazuki Senpai
    Sazuki Senpai

    He didn’t pour out beer for the homie... CONSEQUENCES!

  • Kit Cloudkicker
    Kit Cloudkicker

    The struggle is real

  • Eve Florez
    Eve Florez

    Glu glu glu 💀💀

  • Breezy YT
    Breezy YT


  • G Reaper
    G Reaper

    0:58 " hey man, you got your thumb in there"😛

  • Potato Nugget
    Potato Nugget

    Wasting beer is just financial irresponsible

  • Dunk Tron
    Dunk Tron

    You pour one out for the homies cuz that’s what they woulda drank if they were here they can still get a sip till the day I’m gone

  • Gav Tatu
    Gav Tatu

    polices his brass...... respect.


    Tell me why there’s people really like this 😂

  • Monya Motley
    Monya Motley

    Hilarious I was expecting other scenarios Lol! Good one!

  • Alex_ 754
    Alex_ 754


  • Shadilay McKek
    Shadilay McKek

    I was just waiting for him to say "im an alcoholic, there I said it"

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