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From April's new best friend Tynnifer to Greg Pikitis' war with Leslie, all the way through to Jerry's fart attack. Here are all the memorable pranks from all 7 seasons of Parks and Recreation
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  • slow mo
    slow mo

    April's face when Ron pulls his tooth out

  • José Gomes
    José Gomes

    ...cause nobody wants to steal a Saturn 💅🏾

  • Mister Wiakers
    Mister Wiakers

    That Hillary photo is the best thing! Lol

  • D E V O T I O N I
    D E V O T I O N I

    Jerry such a sweetheart and everyone treats him like Toby from the office lmao

  • Chris Blackburn
    Chris Blackburn

    I like the callback to The Office at 2:44 of having Solitaire on the screen.

  • Gary York
    Gary York

    Was that Louis C.K?

  • Joshua Brandy
    Joshua Brandy

    Amy Poehler lookin hot with that hair in the bandana

  • thetrashslingingasher

    [quote from the video that everyone in the comment section watched]

  • Faye

    is april really oldr than andy?

    • kate justice
      kate justice

      No April is 9 years younger than him

  • bella

    What is the show called like??

  • Titan 515
    Titan 515

    Wow...any else have their video ruined by like 5 unskippable gambling ads?

    • Daniel Callahan
      Daniel Callahan

      All you have to do is fast forward to the end gets rid of them

  • Samuel Sternberg
    Samuel Sternberg

    First time I saw the episode with Ben's prank I actually jumped from the gunshots.

  • jake elwood
    jake elwood

    Ron pulling that tooth is the best prank ever, television or real life.

  • Prin S
    Prin S

    6:44 i love leslie’s obsession with PIKITIS!!!

  • Eriey3

    Donna saying the f word gets me every time 😂😂😂

  • Pixel Sea
    Pixel Sea

    I never noticed Clint McElroy in the prom scene

  • Will

    5:10 I give that joke a 9

  • Dravin Talks Sports
    Dravin Talks Sports

    Donnas reaction to Bens failed prank is one of my favorite moments Lmao

  • MJ W
    MJ W

    April and Tynnifer are craze-mazing.

  • TwoBaton

    “I’m Bert Maclen, I’m in the #*@•ing FBI”

  • Jwen7836

    2 things worth noting during Ron's tooth-pulling nonsense: 1) Tom passed out on the spot 😂 2) Leslie was the only one strong enough to stay 💪

    • lRobinHoodI

      @Yahya Shaikh April isn't strong. Donna said it, she is the opposite of Leslie

    • Jordan Jackson
      Jordan Jackson

      Donna was there she left after

    • Phrasing

      And Ben was already gone 😂

    • Yahya Shaikh
      Yahya Shaikh

      even April runs out

  • Amos

    ... 47/immortal! 🤣

  • João Simão
    João Simão

    She's the worst person I ever met. I Want To Travel The World With Her

  • Joshua Carriel
    Joshua Carriel

    "As your prom king, I am your ruler" (Laughter) "Silence!!" (I Know the current amount of likes is not that big but thanks tho) 👍👍👍

  • venice m. v.
    venice m. v.

    The way Ben has a panic attack is so real it was kinda not funny but it also was

  • venice m. v.
    venice m. v.

    “She’s the worst person I ever met, I want to travel the world with her.” Me doing anything

    • Jesse Harrington
      Jesse Harrington

      Line accidentally inspires the movie Ingrid Goes West.

  • Inscipio

    I've never noticed how Tyynnifer just shakes her head when Leslie says that commitment is crazemazing XD

    • Inscipio

      How did I forget that line XD.

    • Kaden Cerny
      Kaden Cerny

      official_ginger843 Hummel *fyycts

    • official_ginger843 Hummel
      official_ginger843 Hummel

      going home faccts

    • going home
      going home

      guys it's tynnyfer with two Ys no I .

    • official_ginger843 Hummel
      official_ginger843 Hummel


  • David Hames
    David Hames

    April's smile: " this is too easy, you're mine!"

  • Esther

    No one: Literally no one: April: WInoNA RocKS mY WOrLd

  • KingDuckGuy

    The best prank is when Ron yanks his "tooth" out, everyone's reaction was priceless.

    • Dopey Diablo
      Dopey Diablo

      Yes but I expected April to stay in the room

  • Despiser Despised
    Despiser Despised

    FDR may as well have bombed Peral Harbor himself. His actions lead directly to Japan bombing us. The New Deal wasnt about Soup either. The New Deal brought Fascism to America. Mussolini wrote glowing reviews of the New Deal. "FDR finally ended the frenzy of market speculation in America." The New Deal turned the American free market economy into a Federally managed National Security issue, forever. Fascism. We see the results today everywhere.

    • Sharvan Ramana
      Sharvan Ramana

      @Despiser Despised bro its a park and rec video. Get ur pollitics out of here

    • Ab William
      Ab William

      Look everyone we have a future president here. Sarcasm aside, it's always easy to look back and think people did a horrible job at something. Funny how you're bitching about somebody long dead when the orange monstrosity you americans call mister president is in office.

    • Melody Johnson
      Melody Johnson

      Dude. I'll bet you're a blast at parties. Nobody's asking for a political diatribe here. Take it to whatever incel chat group you're in.

    • Despiser Despised
      Despiser Despised

      @Visplight Why does History bother you indoctrinated leftwits so much? Why its almost the same kind of reply an indoctrinated Socialist Hittller Youth would have made in Germany in 1932. Your Parent must be oh so proud of you. Dont you have a riot to go to?

    • Visplight

      You forgot to take your meds again.

  • Savage Guinea Pig
    Savage Guinea Pig

    Gregory is the best

    • Gregory UK
      Gregory UK


  • Cucumber Watermelon
    Cucumber Watermelon

    *plus it’s always fun to see Tom faint*

  • Joren Lavaerts
    Joren Lavaerts

    TOM, JERRYS HAVIN A HEART ATTACK!!! oo, didn't know that, you okay jerry?

  • Phoebe Clark
    Phoebe Clark

    "I broke the coffeemaker. It burned my hand so I punched it."

  • Stardust Edits
    Stardust Edits

    “I’m allergic to jerks” says Andy to a teenager 😂

    • Miles Life
      Miles Life

      Well he was a jerk, and also it wasn't andy. It was burt macklin FBI

    • Waslo

      Doug egg, and egg peralta

  • Gunnar the Viking
    Gunnar the Viking

    When Ron pulls the tooth out

  • jamesck 755
    jamesck 755

    Did anyone else’s really glitch out at 0:30

    • Mahmoud Alawneh
      Mahmoud Alawneh


    • Samuel Sternberg
      Samuel Sternberg


    • TwoBaton


    • RemixedVoice


  • erin lynch
    erin lynch

    I wish the scene when Andy and Leslie tp Greg’s house was in this. I love Leslies excited panting

  • William Sison
    William Sison

    The way ron looks at the camera 2:36

  • Wararrow 10
    Wararrow 10

    Andy attempting to interrogate the kid was hilarious.

    • John Ross
      John Ross

      I'm not crying, I'm allergic to jerks!

  • Thehenhen 7
    Thehenhen 7

    “Winona Rocks My World”

  • Thehenhen 7
    Thehenhen 7

    “Follow to me guys”

  • Misha Kapadia
    Misha Kapadia

    Hahhaaahaha Ben attempting to prank everybody is so funny

  • Nick.peterg


  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Omg lol first scene

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