Pres. Donald Trump: If states don't take action, I'll deploy military and quickly solve the problem
CNBC Television
President Trump delivers remarks on the federal response to the recent protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
As the nation prepared for another night of violent protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, President Donald Trump threatened to deploy the military if states and cities failed to quell the demonstrations.
“I am mobilizing all federal and local resources, civilian and military, to protect the rights of law abiding Americans,” Trump said during a hastily arranged address at the White House.

“Today I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets. Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming presence until the violence is quelled,” Trump said.
“If a city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” said the president.
Trump stopped short of invoking the Insurrection Act, an archaic law from 1807 that would allow Trump to deploy active-duty U.S. troops to respond to protests in cities across the country. “At this time, the president has not enacted the Insurrection Act,” a senior Defense Department official told CNBC. “I refer you to the White House for more.”
During his address, Trump said he was taking “swift and decisive action to protect our great capital, Washington DC,” adding, “What happened in this city last night was a total disgrace.”
“As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property.”
As the president spoke, riot police and military police outside the White House were using tear gas to clear protesters out of Lafayette Square, a public square in front of the president’s residence.
Following his remarks, Trump left the White House and walked through the square, and it appeared strongly as though the riot police had forcibly cleared the square for the sole purpose of clearing a path for the president.
Once he reached the far side of the square, Trump raised a bible in front of St. John’s Church, which had been set on fire by protesters the night before. The president did not try to talk to any of the protesters, however, leaving little doubt as to where his sympathies lay.
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  • Karan Sabharwal
    Karan Sabharwal

    I love Donald trump 💝💝💝

  • Jay

    #Bunkerbitch telling us what to do lmao

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller

    Yea, and the military won’t take your commands, commander bone spurs.

  • imran raja
    imran raja

    A person in a free nation has a right to the fruits of their labour. Take police out and let them ring local dealers gangbangers etc for everything🤣🤣😂😂 enjoy the fruits of their labours in full.

  • imran raja
    imran raja

    Pres. Trump is a God send to America. Future generations will write his name in Gold in the history books. Pres. Trump American Lion

  • Kcech Oxzar
    Kcech Oxzar

    step 1. let the garbage set up their little enclaves like in Seattle step 2. napalm step 3. profit

  • Truth Life
    Truth Life

    How does giving proof you are a Christian apostate help you? Mathew 24;10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

  • freeman mutayaunga
    freeman mutayaunga

    the people simply dont want you .you are racist .the power is in the people .not in your loud mouth

  • Bradley Burns
    Bradley Burns

    What a deaf dumb and blind wannabe dictator. What a narcissistic power-hungry nightmare baby. He drips sewage from both sides of his mouth, damning his friends and enemies all. He's the closest thing we have to an Anti-Christ, and America has everything. No justice, no peace.

  • Peter Panino
    Peter Panino

    BLM is the new NAZISM.

  • Azul

    stop the looters

  • S. Leona
    S. Leona

    Mr🍊, Bunker 🤣

  • Tr N
    Tr N

    It look weird for Joe Biden kneeling for George Floyd die come didn’t see this guy kneeling for many Americans police die about taking care protests ..?? Or Americans police die it doesn’t bring for him any good things for vote 🗳 November coming up..? Dolnal J Trump is number one 2020 - 2024 👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉

    • Dion McGee
      Dion McGee

      So you have no problem with racist cops shooting innocent unarmed black men? Wait a second- you're a Trump supporter. Of course you have no problem with that. I'm sure you're fine with it. Know yourself.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      Nice try Ivan. Maybe take a few more english courses before commenting again. No Putin bonus just yet.

  • Rock-n-Roll

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • John

    Did Mexico pay for the wall around the wh? Or, did Mexico throw in a free bunker for president ch****n s**t??

  • John

    Law and order bunker boy

  • Mel Wat
    Mel Wat

    Random thought.... I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist, but as I watched this, I wondered if trump and his millions paid people to do this. His ratings were down and he, of course, wants reelected. Did he pay his good friends in China to release a virus so he could be there hero, but it got out of hand? Then, did he get people to start riots amidst peaceful protestors so he could quell the noise about the virus and focus on something else that could make him look good for reelection? He tends to prey on human emotion rather than logic, so it seems plausible....

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      I would find it doubtful that Trump paid them, but arrests of looters and rioters were actually members of white supremacist groups trying to take advantage of the situation and sow distrust in the Black Lives Matter movement. And we all know who the white supremacists vote for. You just have to look at their red hats.

  • NoFearSweden

    We need this man in Sweden

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      I wouldn't wish him on anyone, especially a lovely country like Sweden, but trust me; you can have him.

  • Larrylovesmichele H
    Larrylovesmichele H

    He can't do that

  • Maccy Bear
    Maccy Bear

    Why would anyone in their right mind have a child? Humanity is lost. You have this cartoon character running the US.

  • Quant Renegade
    Quant Renegade

    The right has destroyed your right to assembly and speach, the left will come for your guns in the same manner.

  • Jeffrey Osborn
    Jeffrey Osborn

    Remember when all the right wingers were scared Obama was going to start martial law? They were right about martial law, they just had the wrong president.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      @CzarOfDefault What does this have to do with peaceful protesters being fired upon by military and police so the king could take a walk? Honestly, this sort of distraction isn't going to work.

    • CzarOfDefault

      Lmao man people are getting murdered by rioters, would it be a better plan to just let them do their thing and just hope they decide to stop being the bad guys?

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      And have been strangely quiet about it. No. All those speeches about needing guns to "protect citizens from a tyrannical government" was just a smoke screen.

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide

    Democrats & Media will just blame Russians for this.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      Trump is to blame. No Russians required.

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide

    Everyone gangsta until Marines shows up

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith

      Yaaawwwwn. More cannon fodder here. Are there any more Marines left?

  • T higgman
    T higgman

    Don't do it. Let Democrat cities burn and do NOT provide these sh__holes with federal assistance. Let Democrat voters finally feel what their choices have led to for themselves and their families and the degradation they do to their own States. Let the mobs go to the suburbs and best of all the gentrified areas where the expensive Democrats live after kicking out all of the black people.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      The protesters have all been peaceful. It's alt-right white supremacist groups who have been rioting. They vote GOP.

  • Podcast with Friends!
    Podcast with Friends!

    I mean shoot the states due need to find a way to stop the break into businesses. And like he said he’s trying to help us people with the least power

  • bud long
    bud long

    using us military on us property is against the LAW!!!!......NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW???????

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Fawk your Sniffy Joe ads!

  • AtlantisHeals

    Trump....trump... throw it in a junk yard dump!

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones

    Trump: I'm going to pay my respects to a very special place Also Trump : Returns To Bunker....

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      @Studenheim Also Trump: then lied about it and said he was "inspecting" it.

    • Studenheim

      Also trump: forced to bunker by secret service

  • TheFourthSun

    Just like the recording of George Floyd. There are all of the recordings of the Thug like behavior that happened during all of this. All of those who participated in the looting stealing destruction of private businesses and property as well the beating hurting and killing of innocent people for no reason taking advantage of a tragedy? Should not be surprised if the Police who are just doing their "JOB " show up at their door to ask questions or arrest them because they were called upon by all who were effected by their decisions.

  • News15 telugu
    News15 telugu

  • US Deutschland America
    US Deutschland America

    We want military because the damn Democrat states are deliberately allowing thousands to destroy America. BLM and Antifa are both terrorist organizations and the leaders and people of those groups should be locked up for good. Damn communists. It’s designed to take this nation down. See Jefferson 1807 act. And Trump doesn’t need Congressional approval. Furthermore many do not believe Floyd died. They think it’s another hoax to destroy America. Deport millions of Migrants whom Obama got in here from Africa. Repatriation for them and some Mestizos. And finally Sorros and those Jews who want to take our nation down for their despicable NWO globalization of the West can gth. Rothschild to Bilderburg to SPLC to AIPAC to ADL and Bill Gates are all rotten.

  • arif mahmood
    arif mahmood

    Imagine that night Trump's parent's were using condom. These day moght not came.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      Mitch McConnell and the GOP-enablers would have cut it open. Trump has been the racist Alt-Right wet dream come true.

  • Larry Tate
    Larry Tate

    Great speech

  • Zi

    Love Mr.Trump

  • La vida Linda
    La vida Linda

    People have no business in the street whether they be peaceful protesters or not . More people are getting sick (corona virus ) from running around town. Please stop the stupidity of spreading the virus By staying home and being respectful to our laws in the medical field. We owe a great gratitude to Mr. Trump for his efforts. Trump 2020.

    • Tim Shea
      Tim Shea

      *People have no business in the street whether they be peaceful protesters or not* No. They literally do. Protected by the Constitution to do so. Much like to MAGA-hatters who marched on the Michigan State house with their military weapons.

  • Ng Soon Lee
    Ng Soon Lee

    Small brain, big talk, no action. Start your killing if you have the balls.

  • barrych mak
    barrych mak

    LARGEST AMERICAN FLAG RIPPED IN HALF LAST NIGHT ( June 2 , 2020 ) @ Trump should stag a photo-op under this flag .

  • NightsPhenom712

    Damn I bet all these businesses that were looted wish he sent out the military. A car dealership lost a couple million recently

  • karateka oss
    karateka oss

    Yeah yeah shut up

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan

    Donald trump is the best

  • Eval Zeyn
    Eval Zeyn

    Hilary and the extreme left causing destruction to turn ppl away from #frazzledrip

  • Eval Zeyn
    Eval Zeyn

    Gods watching.

  • Raymond Reese
    Raymond Reese

    I'm surprised the government didn't activate MARSHALL LAW ?.

  • jerry hunter
    jerry hunter

    To all the looters and scum who beat innocent people I hope you get back 10 fold

  • Vince Giner
    Vince Giner


  • ufo laoguy
    ufo laoguy

    good job Trump make America great again where have u been

  • Mrkrazy EddyDog
    Mrkrazy EddyDog

    I thought he was impeached, what is he still doing here not doing anything to help.

    • Studenheim

      Hahaha not even close to impeached. Giving condolences and stopping communities from being destroyed and innocent lives like david dorn from being taken sounds like a damn good start for helping though. What is your plan to help? Scream black lives matter as the city around you burns to the ground?

  • ByeDon 2020!
    ByeDon 2020!

    Bunker Boy!

  • orion9k

    What about stopping the looting of other countries by military force and by abusing young men and women through brainwashing?

  • Obi Juan
    Obi Juan

    Remember how peaceful life was before Trump?

  • Craig Dust
    Craig Dust

    Quit showing the idiot biden ads jerks

  • Commander B
    Commander B

    The President is giving them the chance to do their job, which they won't, so he'll have to come in and be 'the bad guy' He could solve all the world's problems right now, and the Left would still hate him. Democrats have become a clear and present danger in my view, and should be evicted from politics. All they do is obstruct when not in power, and drag America's reputation through the mud when in power, accomplishing nothing along the way. Just look how much they're struggling to impeach the President, grasping at the faintest of straws like a drowning man would a life preserver? They still haven't accepted that they lost the election in 2016, and are willing to do ANYTHING to win this upcoming one. I honestly have fears that if something doesn't go their way as we get closer to November, that they will start trying to assassinate the President, they are that deranged, it is so very clear when you see these 'people's' reactions, they are nuts. I don't say this to be mean or derogatory, if anything I'm saddened by how opposite the 2 Parties of our country are, there literally cannot be any compromise or working together, the virus proved that in spades, the relief bill took so damn long because Democrats were trying to hide abortion funding and airline emission regulation among other BS in those bills, and when not doing that, they were taking a break for a couple weeks while Americans suffer and starve. I hope we see who is really on the side of the People, and it ain't the Democrats, that much has been proven many times over, just a matter of seeing if the thickest amongst us voters can realize that

  • vachevyguy

    Can't wait to vote TRUMP in 2020🇱🇷

  • Commodor

    what are your solutions to stop looting and other degradations ?

    • Baguette Chevalier
      Baguette Chevalier

      Just use the police not the damn Army

  • C S
    C S

    Hilarious comments

  • Koty Cox
    Koty Cox

    Notice how CNN totally ignores the positive takes of this conference, and calls him out.

  • J. M.
    J. M.

    Let's not forget trump our president of the United States is the only President with enough courage to speak out on the war in Afghanistan we need to end that WAR. it should never have been what it is support your president as much as you can do not let personal personal tragedies. Scar your RESPECT FOR THE POWER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HOLDS IN THIS WORLD. WITH IT, IT HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW NO PERSONAL EGOS JEALOUSY AGAINST OTHERS ON THE SAME SACRED GROUND WE LIVE & DIED FOR IN AMERICA. but no mr. President I do not, CANNOT SUPPORT THE PHOTO OP WALK & TOUR ACTIONS TO DISPLAY STRENGTH . YOU KNEW YOU WERE VAUSING HARM ON PEACEFUL PROTESTERS RIGHT THERE. NOT ACCEPTING YOUR TOTALITARIAN DISPLAYS AGAINST THE RESPECT FOR LAW & ORDER. YOU SHOWED US YOUR DISTESPECT FOR LAW & ORDER THAT DAY.u showing your strength against your loyal Countryman you cannot waive a way the law with your hand even if it has a Bible in it to attack your own citizens without warning I am ashamed at times to be a republican because of you but I Stand My Ground for you just the same.(?)

  • matt Wiggin
    matt Wiggin

    This man comes from cloud cuckoo land and doesnt know what human beings are

    • Kâ Lys
      Kâ Lys

      Oh he knows, that's why he knows how to deal with them when they stop being humans. He reminds them, "you are only humans, stop acting like you are not" with appropriate methods. Vote Trumps Again.

  • Mike Librizzo
    Mike Librizzo

    Noble I'm mister mister president let me tell you something I was 100% for you and I'm down to 60 I don't know if tomorrow it's going to be 40 but let me tell you something instead of going back and forth with matters and this one and that one take care of the problem you have now take care of the virus what you're doing I know that take care of these situations with the writing and everything that's what you got to be concerned about not that yours say Madison is this and medicines that he says about you ignore that ignore it I thought you were StreetWise like me from the streets of Brooklyn evidently you're not you're not going to win this year I'm telling you you're not going to win you lost a lot of volts a lot of boats a lot of Oats and that's it and I think you're going to lose while I'm not phone so you're not going to lose my volume I'm just not going to vote that's it thank you God bless you and your family by

  • Cashed Out My Luck
    Cashed Out My Luck

    We’re going to use violence to stop violence. This is fascism.

    • Baguette Chevalier
      Baguette Chevalier

      Violence wont work ever. We'll never win. Have you seen the drones they have? But yeah this is fascism

  • Family Tablet
    Family Tablet

    Kobes Death, Covid 19, George Floyd Riots! What's next? MARTIAL LAW, CIVIL WAR 2, THE OFFICIAL REVEAL OF ALIENS!!!

    • Baguette Chevalier
      Baguette Chevalier

      Martial law is likely. The other stuff will never happen

  • Jay Blackberries
    Jay Blackberries

    No more looting !!! Protests must be done without any type of violence.

  • Nick N
    Nick N

    This is the president that just stole 6 trillions of our tax dollars and gave it to his Wall Street banker buddies, with no oversight. What did those forced into unemployment by a intentionally hyped flu get? They got crumbs along with more lies and lobbyist owned government.

  • RSP Shout
    RSP Shout

    Thank you Mr President for protecting us during these awful times. I trust you to protect me from anarchy. We will succeed together. God Bless America!

  • Brad Lehman
    Brad Lehman

    If states don't take action, I am going to build a wall around the white house!

  • Ben C.
    Ben C.

    Good job Republicans. You have doubled down against our first amendment. Congrats, you win the collapse of America. You protected your conservative boys right to bear arms and riot at Charlottesville. You protected your peoples right to protest Covid-19 lock downs. You protected your presidents words that he would send the military in on one of our countries largest scale protests ever. And yet, a movement much larger than the first two is unreasonable? Sure there are rioters. There are also bad cops. But you're the same people that would say a few bad apples don't make a bad organization. Those actions do not make sense to anyone. What is the point in our country if we can't protest injustice?

  • Said Mohames
    Said Mohames

    Dear Mr. President, correct me if I'm wrong but your pledge to keep us safe and lead the nation!! So let me remind you the pledge again!! "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the to the Republic of which it stands, One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL" This is the America I came to as refugee and the America that I love so much!!!! Please unite the people by doing the right thing!!!

  • thousandyoung


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