President Trump walks across Lafayette Park to St. John's Church
President Trump walks across Lafayette Park to St. John's Church. Holding a Bible he says, "We have a great country. That's my thoughts."

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown

    Trump is a mfkn gangster

  • Allen Bennett
    Allen Bennett

    All for his ego

  • Greater Life Donna
    Greater Life Donna

    Trump 2024

  • Megatron2013

    The moron holds the Bible upside down. Christian Conservatives praised this until he lost the elections and was no longer President.

  • Tim Ber
    Tim Ber

    Thanks to General Mark Milley for being prepared to stop him from trying to start a coup d'état.

  • honey bozo
    honey bozo

    7:00 One could not make this up.

    • honey bozo
      honey bozo

      actually it was Ivanka's idea..... (no one had a clue as to what would happen when he was at the church)

  • Cesar Briones
    Cesar Briones

    HAHAA Fuckin idiot Trump

  • Luis Enrique Juvinao Navarro
    Luis Enrique Juvinao Navarro

    It’s like watching the Blair witch project

  • dagggeN

    7:47 of sickness it is ugly

  • Josh

    “coming back strong, stronger than ever before” lmao same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

  • Donald Tackett
    Donald Tackett

    Holding a Bible like he is a man of God what a piece of garbage!

  • Donald Tackett
    Donald Tackett


  • Donald Tackett
    Donald Tackett

    What a piece of garbage holding a Bible like he is a man of God so sickening!!

  • Angie J
    Angie J

    Anyone else watching this because you've just got to this bit in the book "Frankly we did win this election?"....just to remind yourself of the lunacy.

  • Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Robinson

    Humpty dumpty would be a better president! Than that buffoon..!

  • Julian Shapiro
    Julian Shapiro

    Donald Trump is garbage.

  • Koolie Williams
    Koolie Williams

    This is some real shitty recording. It sucks

  • Nathan Foleney
    Nathan Foleney

    Kind of sad how this video has so many dislikes. More then the ones of Trump telling you to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

  • Commie Tube
    Commie Tube

    We were all trumped!

  • spunky world
    spunky world

    I will go to my grave wondering how this moron got elected president.

  • caseclosed93

    This aged well…

  • SleepyJoe

    Make America Great Again

  • OuachitaDawn DeplorableRedneck
    OuachitaDawn DeplorableRedneck


  • Tim Daugherty
    Tim Daugherty

    This didn't age well for the MSM.

  • __

    Look at how the press tried to spin this, knowing what we know now. It’s amazing how I truly distrust media. To the point where I know almost everyone, down to my local channel. Is someway or another, politically motivated in their choosing of what to show. Propaganda has truly divided this country in the last 5 years in the most extreme way in America since last century during the beginning of the world wars.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s here after this turned out to be a lie?

  • Eddie Gadsey
    Eddie Gadsey

    I love the way people deflect below in the comments whenever they find out what they thought was real was actually a lie

    • Miguel Chairez
      Miguel Chairez

      The police said they didn't do anything last year. People just need to do their own research. Stay positive.

  • natalie holbrook
    natalie holbrook

    Love my President Trump

  • Alejandra contreras
    Alejandra contreras

    ugliest president ever, idk why melania ended up marrying him, i mean she is beautiful but i dont like her at all

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy

    They fucking lied to you people wake up 😆

  • Kara Tiernan
    Kara Tiernan

    Trump is evil and darkness😈 😡✊

  • Kara Tiernan
    Kara Tiernan

    No evil shall enter the churches and destroy them😡✊.

  • Rick Arnold
    Rick Arnold

    With Bible in hand he says "Thank You Stormy Daniels"

  • M Greg
    M Greg

    Did no one notice he does not have a bible in his hands? who was the woman that handed the bible to him.

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods

    Barr & Trump 20 to 40 in 2020

  • Wearethevirus

    Beautiful, the Lord is the Light

    • M Greg
      M Greg

      Where is his bible he is not carrying it?

  • Shawn Kim
    Shawn Kim

    I have 2 prayer request. Please give it a thought and pray. 1. Let all churches follow after the True Lord Jesus Christ and the True Gospel in Jesus Christ name. Amen 2. Let all men and women in this world exemplify the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ through the True Holy Spirit. In Yeshua name. Amen

  • Michael Goldie
    Michael Goldie

    Good on him. We are a nation under God. Get over it liberals! We were found by God fearing Americans! Proud to be an American 🇺🇸

  • Lufc 2310
    Lufc 2310

    Jesus christ has returned like he said he would. Anyone wana argue with me

  • quannga99

    God don’t have time for stupid people.

  • Agnes Mary C
    Agnes Mary C

    Revelation 20:3. Welcome to the little season

  • I AM J.C
    I AM J.C

    Do you know the reason why Trump is America's choice? He is among the WORST but he is LESS EVIL than the REST of them. He is an outsider from the political LIES & He will be back to the White House thanks to my Father God!!! Amen🙏🏽

  • Julie Hirsh
    Julie Hirsh

    Mark Meadows is Judas and Barr is Simon Peter. Both sell outs for the Cabal. May God shame them.

  • L.K.

    Yeah, the randomness of that...was creepy. Did not look genuinely done and that in itself is why I dislike it.

    • L.K.

      I mean like I "liked" the video, it needs to be seen. But, know what I mean? Crazy.

  • Stupidity Slayer
    Stupidity Slayer

    Can you shut up Islam FUCK ASS

  • Boss Payne
    Boss Payne

    🇺🇸😎🇺🇸 45

  • Mp-GOcare ITALY
    Mp-GOcare ITALY

    Really miss you, the real 🇺🇸 president

  • Mack Grant
    Mack Grant

    People always wondered or commented about trumps erratic arm movements like when he was struggling to drink a glass of water and the media made a big stink of it. But, it’s apparent that he is wearing a huge amount of body armor for protection when he was out.

  • George Ramos
    George Ramos

    This is the greatest country in the world that kept nice & safe, because that piece of trash 🗑 is finally out of the White House! 🥾👢

  • RB26 350z
    RB26 350z

    Hearing reporters question him on using the military is fucking irony at best.

  • Ibrahim Kamara
    Ibrahim Kamara

    Fuck Donald trump

    • Lufc 2310
      Lufc 2310

      Fuck u pencil neck

  • Isaias da Silva
    Isaias da Silva

    Trump I LOVE YOU!

  • Barry Squatter
    Barry Squatter

    I wanna be a secret service guy.... just so I can smack a journalist in the face with his own camera

  • Joseph Fitzsimmons
    Joseph Fitzsimmons

    What a complete a total jack ass. 'Look at me, I'm holding up a bib-le. See... everyone... it's a bib-le. Very important book.'

    • Lufc 2310
      Lufc 2310

      Enjoy hell u bum

  • Christopher Maiolo
    Christopher Maiolo

    Good job DRAINING THE SWAMP asshole

  • Christopher Maiolo
    Christopher Maiolo

    Ciao Donald (Duck) Trump

  • Christopher Maiolo
    Christopher Maiolo

    Fuck Trump

    • Lufc 2310
      Lufc 2310

      Fuck u pencil neck

  • Christopher Maiolo
    Christopher Maiolo

    Trump you're such a douche bag

  • Christopher Maiolo
    Christopher Maiolo

    Adios Miseur Trump!!!!!

  • xImBeaST12321x

    Who the fuck are all these people following him? Don't they have jobs to do?

  • xImBeaST12321x

    *Press we got to go* . _-we've got a picture to take-_

  • 671JH

    is the Secret Service guy yelling at the press Edward Meechum??

  • Niecy Earvin
    Niecy Earvin

    Bunch Of Idiots 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

  • Max - Fucking - Payne
    Max - Fucking - Payne

    Freakin protesters, he all fucked.

  • lupehn

    He’s a boss

  • Nevdet Alpay
    Nevdet Alpay

    Sarı donat turp iş başında

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis

    Watching him walk past “fuck trump” graffiti tho

  • Daniel O'sullivan
    Daniel O'sullivan

    Has to be the worst footage ever, audio and picture!

    • Lufc 2310
      Lufc 2310

      This will be the best video footage ever captured. Mark my words

  • automotive addiction
    automotive addiction

    Looks like if I was an American...I would start a wood sales business...or a glass shop...

  • George wilson
    George wilson

    I can't wait to hear what he has to say when he leaves the white house in couple weeks. Can he be trusted with state secrets??? Let's admit it the man is different 2020 was different lol. Happy new year everyone.

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