Prince Andrew ‘must cooperate’ over Epstein after Ghislaine Maxwell charged - BBC Newsnight
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Sir Keir Starmer says Prince Andrew must cooperate with the FBI over his links to Jeffrey Epstein. But what should this cooperation look like? We ask both sides of the Atlantic. Subscribe to our channel here:

Labour leader and former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer has said Prince Andrew should cooperate with the FBI over his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
The Duke of York, who denies any allegations against him, has publicly stated that he has cooperated on at least three occasions. The US has also stated it seeking voluntary cooperation from the Duke of York. So what should happen now?
The Duke of York is also not a target of the investigation.
At the start of July 2020, Ms Maxwell was charged with six counts of sexual exploitation, grooming and enticing minors - as young as fourteen - to engage in illegal sex acts with Epstein, assisting Epstein, trafficking the minors across states and on occasion taking part herself in the sexual abuse.
Ms Maxwell has previously denied any involvement in or knowledge of Epstein's alleged sexual misconduct.
The charges relate to the years from 1994 to 1997 and include some allegations relating to an alleged victim in London.
Ms Maxwell is a friend of Prince Andrew - when Newsnight interviewed him last year, he told us how the socialite introduced him in 1999 to Epstein.
The Duke of York has denied any allegations of impropriety.
Epstein died in prison on 10 August as he awaited, without the chance of bail, his trial on sex trafficking charges.
US Correspondent David Grossman reports the latest from Washington DC.
In the studio, Emily Maitlis is joined by the former Chief Prosecutor for the North West of England, Nazir Afzal, and from Michigan Conchita Sarnoff - the first person to make public the friendship between Prince Andrew and Epstein, in 2010.
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  • IEl tr
    IEl tr

    So let me get this right. Maxwell publishes the list as it was initially planned by the Israeli intelligence services and she gets to walk free as an appreciation of her cooperation. Wow!! This is clever.. Not only she abused all these girls but she is allowed to keep her wealth and just walk way. Truly evil plan.

  • brits72

    Interesting facts about Andy on Sean attwoods IT-my

  • Viv doolan
    Viv doolan

    How is Andrew ' just a witness' when there are direct allegations against him, photographic evidence and corroborating witnesses to say he was with Robert's. One saw them engaged in sexual activities on St James. This is an absolute travesty. The Home Office is turning a blind eye. Haul his ass in !

  • Cara Chapina
    Cara Chapina

    Please refer to the victims as girls! That is what they were when they were raped! Do better by these girls BBC!!!

  • m w
    m w

    Were they victims or groupies? Did they go there for a good time or were they coerced? Did they have a motive for filing this law suit? Did they file the law suit with the intention of havng a massive payout from a dead man's fortune? People lie for thousands of dollars. People will lie for millions of dollars. Let's hear ALL THE TRUTH from the world wide media instead of ONE SIDE of the story.

  • Noneed Toknow60
    Noneed Toknow60

    Why has the F.B.I not issued an arrest warrant for Prince Andrew Windsor through Interpol ??? it appears big coverups are in the making.

  • Mistress of Macabre
    Mistress of Macabre

    Just how many doctors were involved, Pay Me to shut up🙄😢👷🤒

  • lizellie1

    How in the world can a previous deal with a child Human trafficker give immunity to his partners who are also involved in the same crime? What idiot judge would agree to accept just an inhumane deal? I don't get it. Am I to understand that myself and 10 others committed a crime and I am the only one accused of this crime, I can then strike up a deal to forgive and ignore the 10 other people who helped me commit the crime I'm accused of? Seriously? What total nonsense is this. Hey guys, o.k. I've been caught and am in jail, great... just please don't prosecute or blame my accomplices. O.k.? O.K. no problem... if you commit suicide we will let everyone else just slide on by without any consequences. For Fuck sake.... what kind of crap are they trying to feed us in this year of our LORD. AUGUST 2020? GHISLANE MAXWELL will need to face her maker in due time. May GOD BLESS HER SOUL in HELL....

  • Diego Saint-Auret
    Diego Saint-Auret

    Do not worry, all, Ghislaine is just going to have some kind of (fatal) accident. Countdown is already on...

  • Lady Laois
    Lady Laois

    She needs to repay the pensions her family stole! And be held accountable for her disgusting behaviour. She’s a dirty abuser, don’t dress it up.

  • George

    i think Andrew should come out and said , yes i had sex with that girl ,she was 17 going on 18, if he had known she was forced to have sex with him , he would of had nothing to do with her ?so there could be entrapment here ?

  • Veeken 777
    Veeken 777

    If reports that Keir Starmer has ties with PIE, then if he gets to be a PM, then he will help pardon Andrew

  • Veeken 777
    Veeken 777

    If reports that Greg Hallet will be announced the stand in king, then the Royals are going down?

  • Veeken 777
    Veeken 777

    Paedophile britania at its best. Watch the establishment use Covid1984 to distract from Maxwell Mossad links to London ect ect and so on.

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty

    Has Vegas posted odds yet on when Maxwell commits “suicide”? She’s never going to sing - too many rich guys are feeling the nooses tightening around their necks.

  • Laura Lutz
    Laura Lutz

    She’ll flip out in Brooklyn. She’ll make a deal & sing. No chance for suicide for her. I think she will get into witness protection & she will give up Bubba & Killery Clinton, Prince Andrew & all others who like young girls.

  • Michael Forde
    Michael Forde

    still not ,

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    Such a Pantomime really, we all know the truth. This is just smoke and mirrors.

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    Will appear in court IF she survives; but if Jeffrey Epstein is anything to go by, then it seems unlikely. She has a high price on her head.

  • Infinity Divinity
    Infinity Divinity

    Luxurious complices of sexual criminality.. Mafia Epstein


    He needs to get locked up for trying to hide the nasty truth

  • Schuyler Stewart
    Schuyler Stewart

    Epstein didnt kill himself dont let the QUEENS news confuse ya

  • Anthony 0
    Anthony 0

    This is so funny... the BBC reporting about sex offenders when 99% of them are nonces themselves...

  • mel jackson
    mel jackson

    Andrew pretends to cooperate so doesn’t seem above the law. Fixed your title.

  • Collin Thomas
    Collin Thomas

  • theTruth

    Isn’t this the same reporter who interviewed prince Andrew or they just look alike?

    • MVE

      The same indeed

  • David Crews Author
    David Crews Author

    According to Buckingham Palace he won't. Just another rich perv getting off the hook claiming, "the photo was doctored.' Yea right.

  • nayr borksta
    nayr borksta

    Price Andrew is innocent time to lay off him already

    • Tina Springer
      Tina Springer

      Hey Andy. How ya been?

  • lost quantity
    lost quantity

    in the U.k .the age of consent is 16

  • OnlyUseMeEquip

    i wanna here the names of all the cult billionaire members that are involved in this, i would love to see her take the "im a dead women walking so i might aswel bring them down with me" approach.... but its not going to happen

  • Darren Donald
    Darren Donald

    That guys fish tank could be doing with a wipe

  • Sue Chambers
    Sue Chambers


  • Nobby Noble
    Nobby Noble

    ghislaine maxwell wont have a throne to sit on without Andrews permission

  • Nobby Noble
    Nobby Noble

  • Nobby Noble
    Nobby Noble

    sexual orgies were a regular occurrence at jeffrey epstein's island house where prince edward visited as revealed today

    • MVE

      Prince Andrew, not Prince Edward!

  • nellie wessels
    nellie wessels


  • Don Vedo
    Don Vedo

    Its not what the F B I wants to do, its what they Need to do!.....Prince Baby, come on in and lets have a word......."Now this Table Knapkin Written statement you have here".....Hmmmmm

  • Don Vedo
    Don Vedo

    15 (Min) will get you 20 (years).........Ha!!!!

  • Isaac May
    Isaac May

    Has there been any updates on the criminal charges and has she said anything?

  • Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer
    Isabel Zellmann-Rohrer

    This might be beside the point, but every time someone refers to a member of the BRF, it is ‘Title First Name’, does Prince Andrew have a last name?

  • Teri McCollum
    Teri McCollum

    Please, whoever is at fault, stop filing your nails! I couldn’t even finish listening while someone on audio clipped and filed their nails! If this continues with this set of reporters, we *will* figure out which probable female (by the sound of the length of nails being filed), and promptly report it to the BBC group responsible for these broadcasts. I am shocked with the amateurism this conveys, certainly, but mostly with the annoying sound, I have no idea what was said, so irritated am I with this audio. Fix it BBC, or I can not listen to your new broadcasts any longer. 😡

  • ohwell94

    Maybe it's just me but when I want to distance myself from a bad situation with an on/off friend I unfriend or block them on social media and dont take their calls not fly overseas and hang out at their house for 3 or 4 days because it's a convenient place to stay (I guess the luxury hotels in the area were all booked up)

  • Johnb

    Must cooperate? When grass grows on the Moon! Don't get your hopes up. She has immunity and can't be prosecuted. Thanks a lot DOJ.

  • sarkawt j
    sarkawt j

    prince should go to jail all of them lairs

  • Amir ardavan Mirshekari
    Amir ardavan Mirshekari

    He will not cos he is in shit up to neck

  • martin patrusky
    martin patrusky

    Y the prince 👑 y don’t the FBI take to Bill Clinton

  • Rated R
    Rated R

    Lol they still wana say epstien killed himself lol thats how you can tell fake media from real if any

  • Marcus S
    Marcus S

    I’d never harm a women but maxwell is another story kids

  • patcha mama
    patcha mama

    shadowbaning le début de la dictature !

  • patcha mama
    patcha mama

    shadowbaning begin of dictature

  • patcha mama
    patcha mama

    ce mec devra être pendu après avoir répondu aux questions !

  • Karl Schaap
    Karl Schaap

    Andrew knows his days are numbered if he goes ahead with that interview considering how well he did on BBC Newsnight. Offered to help 3 times? I smell BS and guilty as F*ck. If he was innocent he wouldn't have cut everything and went into hiding but instead cooperated. Hope she names him. He must be sweating, oh wait he apparently doesn't 🤣oh that damn condition...😂

  • kinggimped

    Imagine believing for even a second that Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew aren't guilty.

  • Gis MG
    Gis MG

    What about Prince Andrew? He was eating pizza again??

  • Gatto Di Ossa
    Gatto Di Ossa

    Though their actions were reprehensible and I don't condone that kind of behaviour but it begs the question What is MONEY then good for? But to get out of tight spots. So don't fret they already have their reward.

  • Top 7
    Top 7

    This is not an indictment against the Royal Family. Just Prince Andrew. Let's remember that. And for all we know, he is innocent.

    • Top 7
      Top 7

      @David Berry Fortunately, in the US, trial is not by media.

    • David Berry
      David Berry

      @Top 7 No, only the media trial which he initiated

    • Top 7
      Top 7

      @David Berry I don't know if he lied or not. I haven't seen his trial. Have you?

    • David Berry
      David Berry

      Innocents have no need to lie.

  • Bible news
    Bible news

    Epstein is alive.

  • Suzanne Bree
    Suzanne Bree

    And Prince Andrew has guilt righten Al ovr his face!!!!!! SCOTLAND

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer

    I bet when Andrew looks in his rear view mirror these days, he sees the scowling face of Bill Barr over the caption "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." :)

  • Martin Rudden
    Martin Rudden

    There all sick twisted people

  • Martin Rudden
    Martin Rudden

    Prince Andrew is gonna deny it and then try buy his way out of it

  • Aries Martes
    Aries Martes

    Bill Clinton should be in jail too, and the whole bunch of scambugs, politician, movie director, Catholic church! Elite, HOLLYWOOD,

  • geoff edwards
    geoff edwards

    Love to know what this is really about?

  • R S
    R S

    EVERYONE watch this!!! Corruption at it's Finest!

  • BabaBee

    the CIA is covering it all up

  • FTSETrader Steve
    FTSETrader Steve

    Well....Prince Andrew has been naive over Epstein....but let's be honest here everybody is analyzing his body language from this interview and nobody is analyzing the body language of Guiffre who looked pretty happy meeting the young Prince in the well publicized photo...I mean she didn't look frightened or about to leg it off out of there on her heels did she?...Nah it is a set up and he fell into a honey trap is all I am about to swallow....What does she want...publicity, revenge....Oh of course they may be MONEY in a settlement....Andrew is not a bad person I think he just made a judgement error like anybody and everybody could make....problem is you or I could admit it he cannot...imagine how that must feel...!!!

  • Tamii Will
    Tamii Will

    Surely no one believes that any of the perpetrators are going to be bought to justice...?👀

  • Dean Gallagher
    Dean Gallagher

    Who will get bumped off first,Maxwell or the Peado Prince?

  • Cazzac111

    Those with Maxwell /Epstein are also with the international children's charity ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). They also promote the coronavirus pandemic. Here (the text box is essential reading) and here: What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent? (Comments section essential reading)

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer

    Andrew already offered to answer questions, I somehow think circumstances have changed...

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