Prince Andrew ‘must cooperate’ over Epstein after Ghislaine Maxwell charged - BBC Newsnight
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Sir Keir Starmer says Prince Andrew must cooperate with the FBI over his links to Jeffrey Epstein. But what should this cooperation look like? We ask both sides of the Atlantic. Subscribe to our channel here:

Labour leader and former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer has said Prince Andrew should cooperate with the FBI over his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
The Duke of York, who denies any allegations against him, has publicly stated that he has cooperated on at least three occasions. The US has also stated it seeking voluntary cooperation from the Duke of York. So what should happen now?
The Duke of York is also not a target of the investigation.
At the start of July 2020, Ms Maxwell was charged with six counts of sexual exploitation, grooming and enticing minors - as young as fourteen - to engage in illegal sex acts with Epstein, assisting Epstein, trafficking the minors across states and on occasion taking part herself in the sexual abuse.
Ms Maxwell has previously denied any involvement in or knowledge of Epstein's alleged sexual misconduct.
The charges relate to the years from 1994 to 1997 and include some allegations relating to an alleged victim in London.
Ms Maxwell is a friend of Prince Andrew - when Newsnight interviewed him last year, he told us how the socialite introduced him in 1999 to Epstein.
The Duke of York has denied any allegations of impropriety.
Epstein died in prison on 10 August as he awaited, without the chance of bail, his trial on sex trafficking charges.
US Correspondent David Grossman reports the latest from Washington DC.
In the studio, Emily Maitlis is joined by the former Chief Prosecutor for the North West of England, Nazir Afzal, and from Michigan Conchita Sarnoff - the first person to make public the friendship between Prince Andrew and Epstein, in 2010.
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  • Woswa Milne
    Woswa Milne

    Don't forget Bill Clinton 😜

  • IbnBahtuta

    Rendition used to be very popular.......just sayin' lol

  • Tammy Incoln
    Tammy Incoln

    I heard that andrew killed himself. Is this true? I thought he would have done so immediately after that train-wreck of an interview. It isn't like he has much to do. The quicker you die, the sooner you rot in hell. He should have spoken to the FBI and got it over with.

  • Emas Trends
    Emas Trends

    Prince andrew is a pardon but he's protected by that old bitch we call our queen .all the lot of them should be arrested and put in jail

  • Doreen Daykin
    Doreen Daykin

    That will happen over The Firms dead bodies. PA will NEVER be held accountable for the degenerate he is unless the British citizens scream for & demand it. He & Fergie belong in jail.

  • Ray Maynard
    Ray Maynard

    When the queen 👸 prince Phillip die so will the. Monarchy no one strong enough to carry it on Like Our Queen and PHILLIP that team was what you called awesome 😎 it will take a long time to even come near Andy singlehanded brought down the royal family 🤥 LIARS

  • Ray Maynard
    Ray Maynard

    Out Queen 👸 must step in Sort out this mess with her son Not smack his hand 🤚 you can’t rely on Charles to weak. OUR Queen 👸. Is strong So is Phillip How Andy could bring such shame to our QUEEN and PRINCE PHILLIP

  • Edith Fox
    Edith Fox

    That I don't believe it's all a con job in the end nothing happens to them

  • มะลิ มาริสา
    มะลิ มาริสา

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  • ROY FR
    ROY FR

    Maxwell isn't in jail... They say she is but... She wasn't in jail for xmas.

  • Lynne Barkas
    Lynne Barkas

    If he cooperates with the FBI, connect him to a lie detector.

  • Maria Wolski
    Maria Wolski

    You are wrong... My Prince Andrew is above all LAWS... NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING..

  • Eclectic1394

    They should not get any plea bargain to have less jail time they all should have jail time and they should all suffer in jail and most of them should die in jail because they are scams for what they've done the room the girls lives that last is forever I know because I'm a victim and it just gets worse as you get older and they don't deserve to have their life and also I find because this is come out so long ago that they should not have the right to communicate with one another and their phones and all their homes and every place they go should be watched and it should be topped they should be monitored they should have a monitor on them even though they're not found guilty yet because of the situation because the tapes there's enough there that they should not have the life they've had before with their money and other people's money and husband's money so they should suffer ate through because a lot of those girls are going to suffer and might even a day come that they might commit suicide because of people like them scumbags so they are they're not rich and famous and whatever they are rotten scumbags their money just brought them more evil that's what they used it for evil they are evil people and the prince should rot rotten jail he deserves it too he's not any better than anybody else Royal or not they all done the crime they all should rot

  • Stephen Thomason
    Stephen Thomason

    This is a big joke.....right??

  • Patsy Trest
    Patsy Trest

    Can't wait for names. Andy is one.

  • bert

    Dirthy Andrew, guilty as hell.....

  • aadrianlee

    This case is just like the Belgium X files 🙈🙉🙊👀👍

  • aadrianlee

    Jo Biden is included in this 🙈🙉🙊👀👍

  • aadrianlee

    Satanic secret society child molesting pedophiles 🙈🙉🙊👀👍

  • Kico Sumpter
    Kico Sumpter

    im sorry to say in the past , that is a riduclous comment , it does matter who you are , its shouldnt be that way but unfortunately , this is how its been for many many years , ,money power and contacts , knowing people in high places , thats how they have all got away far too long with the worst crimes ,Its time this all stops and they are just humans , regards who they know , it is disgusting that these high progile people should be allowed to get away with criminal acts from human trafficking to god know s what other sick things , lets go down the rabbit hole and let the truth come out once and for all .others as they put it normal hard working people , looking down at us like we are all peasants , we wouldn't be allowed to get away with even the least minor crime , why should these people who think they have earned the right to be untouchable , no such thing everyone is touchable , they are not better than us they are all actually worst breed of people ,sick , illusional individuals not living in the real world and they need to be brought down to earth .

  • Paul Horgan
    Paul Horgan

    I'll tell you what Britain sends Andrew to face the F B I America sends Ms Scolaras to face the Thames valley police

  • Paul Horgan
    Paul Horgan

    What do you expect she's a Robert Maxwell family member. Honestly

  • N30 R3TR0 CYB3R
    N30 R3TR0 CYB3R

    Kill em all

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    They’re going to keep moving it till I put her in a place where she can be killed that’s what they’re gonna do and I’m sure prince Andrew and all the other high officials had anything to do with it is the one that’s having her move they’ll keep moving her to a find a good safe place to get her murdered that’s my opinion

  • D1

    "Your arms were around her waist. How do you explain that?" "Well that's impossible because I have a quiet peculiar condition in that I don't have arms"

  • GavStaR

    "Princess Andrew" once he's in prison.

  • North Star
    North Star

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  • Nydia Pardinas
    Nydia Pardinas

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  • ER TrY
    ER TrY

    The media who announced that Jeff killed himself They’re in the same boat with Jeffrey

  • can i get an Amen ?
    can i get an Amen ?

    I think the Royals had Epstein killed. He def did not kill himself. Diana was only 16 when she first met the 29 year old Charles ...the royal men obviously like young girls and the media covered it up because they want access to William and kate and the Queen has been protecting them. I think the focus on Harry and his marriage has been a cover up for Prince Andrew. If this doesn't show their is two legal systems and even epstein how he got off the first time is a travesty of justice for the young girls now women.

  • SahMai

    Lol! The royal bloodline runs BBC all media channels belong to the royals lol! We all know that the royals will never end up in jail this is all talk and no action lol

  • H Van Kooten
    H Van Kooten

    How long wil she last? If she talks she wil commit non suïcide just like her buddy abuser.

  • Iichthus

    Epstein died of information poisoning. He knew too much about too many politicians, royals, Hollywood actors and the other scum that collect at the bottom of society.

  • Hazza Styles
    Hazza Styles

    Tapos sa wattpad Ceo,Royal FamiLy,lawyers etc.puro nakakakilig.Potek in reality mga evil pero d maman ata lahat.

  • Roland Tinker
    Roland Tinker

    The Royals are spoiled make them pay for their crimes

  • Look Both Ways
    Look Both Ways

    Maybe if Prince Andrew would have been allowed to stay married to the wife he loved he wouldn't have gone else where. Edward VII and Prince Charles were not allowed to conduct their love life and carried on torrid affairs. As if they were saying you can control something's but you can't control where I put my penis.

  • Mad Drivers101
    Mad Drivers101

    This one will get away with anything. He is a VIP a God in UK

  • spencer stewart
    spencer stewart

    Epstein needed Andy to help him out with his chopper

  • Ram 066
    Ram 066

    None of them jail cells are cozy. This reporter is a typical dope who is trying to sell this story.

  • KathleenJoy Cruz dela
    KathleenJoy Cruz dela

    Hope she sings in a good tune! I bet Prince Andrew is starting sweating now 🤥

  • ej

    JE was given immunity a decade ago along with his co-conspirators, but that was in Florida. JE was arrested in New York by the NY authorities for crimes committed in New York. Immunity did not apply there. So why would it apply to JE's co-conspirators?

  • p8ently obvious
    p8ently obvious

    Prince Andrew is a real scumbag . I'm sure prince Andrew could tell us a lot about trump and EPSTEIN

  • Gilberto MJ
    Gilberto MJ

    Many jews and Royals like Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth have done horrible things to children.

  • king of shite
    king of shite

    Prince Andrew defo guilty as hell

  • German Widukind
    German Widukind

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  • Charles Reeves
    Charles Reeves


  • K C
    K C

    I wonder how long it will take the American authorities to work on Ghislaine Maxwell before she "commits suicide"? And it's embarrasing that this Newsnight clip is presented by Emily Maitlis. During her interview with Prince Andrew she didn't *once* ask the Prince *directly* about the controversial events that he was involved with. Instead, she continually asked him about his *memory* of those events. This is a soft-pedal questioning technique (probably planned in conjunction with Buckingham Palace) which allowed the Prince to make categorical denials about his *memories* , but did *not* force him to make denials about the actual events themselves. If Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were to publicly analyse Maitlis' interview with the Prince, they would undoubtedly say that it was full of "non-denial denials", one of their favourite phrases during the Watergate investigation, and a phrase which cropped up often in the superb film "All The Presidents' Men". It's also embarrasing for 65 million British people that Prince Andrew has issued statements where he claims that he wants to "fully co-operate" with any investigation into the activities of Epstein and Maxwell. But in reality, he has done *everything* he can to make himself *unavailable* for questioning. He clearly does *not* want to help the authorities on either side of the Atlantic to get to the bottom of these sordid and nauseating events. And the Prince's determination not to help seems to have been further reinforced by Epstein's murder.

  • Jackie Carter
    Jackie Carter

    These people are twisted and vile! Maxwell and Prince Andrew and all the others guilty of theses repulsive charges need to be locked up for ever with NO PAROLE! We're seeing pictures of the Clinton's and a lot of other people of welth and fame in compromising situations with little girl's! I can't imagine the scary and sexual thing's theses children we're exposed to! We have to get Justice for the children of Ebstins and Maxwells and Prince Andrew's sexual abuse against them! Lock them all up and throw away the key's! God bless all the victim's in the wake of all this evil. May all the children on earth have a Happy and normal life filled with love!

  • Jim Elmore
    Jim Elmore

    I’d consider a reduced penalties for the first one to name names. I wAnt to see justice for these children.

  • Meann Karoline Rieger
    Meann Karoline Rieger

    How embarrassing that the British Island supports such highly ranked men,?

  • Just a mustard seed
    Just a mustard seed


  • Jason Gomez
    Jason Gomez

    Time to dust off the guillotine

  • Anthony Silva
    Anthony Silva

    A US Federal Court (I believe, some type of over-arching court system) overruled the immunity (essentially) by saying the plaintaffs never got their day in court, so the deal was a bust because of being backdoored, hidden in secracy deals being made to cover up everything that will soon come to light.

  • sz sz
    sz sz

    I hope that satanism teaching, paedophille network, secret society and criminal gang who do human trafficking worldwide will be destroyed. And global elites are gone forever. Aameen

  • Justanotherday2012

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  • Bill Baynes
    Bill Baynes

    Andrew is a chip off the old block! I believe Prince Philip went around screwing who he wanted. Old and young!

  • kefkahkefkah

    The thing with this conspiracy theories is just that, its not enough just to state something you actually have to research into it. From the start, its quite obvious a human being in his position is a suicide risk, and he tried it before, and no matther what would happend to him the un-thinkers would withouth even looking at it say they know it was "x". Literally means actually reading, stop watching youtube videos and joe-rogan podcast where amount of logic squezzed is laughable, and read the 319 page document into his death. Yes, why have a opinion not based on facts. Were people glad he died? like prince andrew sure. You guys dont know human phsycology at all if you think a billionare disgraced person like Epstein would not be suicidal with life in prison.

  • Ry C
    Ry C

    Abolish the monarchy

  • Daniel Swan
    Daniel Swan

    Keeps up the awareness on social media and by word of mouth. I live in the UK and have seen me sense of justice fly out of the window. Until people in position of power or privileged can be held as accountable as the average citizen then I will no longer seek justice through the proper channel. There is a reason for justice, it is so people do not take it into their own hands.

  • El Hajj Malik El
    El Hajj Malik El

    *Conspiracy Theory:* Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

  • Bhadra

    Very casual in the lie that Epstein killed himself.... not suprising, but still disappointing

  • dreamhobbiz

    So brave to commit crimes but such cowards in reality.

  • peter wright
    peter wright

    When Anne Sacoolas returns to the UK to face her accusers then we can talk about Prince Andrew.

  • splinterbyrd

    Given Epstein's "suicide," it's perhaps understandable the Duke of York doesn't feel like surrendering to the PD, although he certainly won't be the first English prince to be done to death in a cell or publicly beheaded (Prince Arthur of Anjou, Edward II, Richard II, Henry VI, Richard D. of York, Edward V, the D of Clarence, the Earl of Warwick etc etc....)

  • jini MURRAY
    jini MURRAY

    “....Be sure your sins will find you out...”Numbers 32:23

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    Harry moved out for a very good reason 👍

  • Perry Biney
    Perry Biney

    How much more can the BBC Hollywood and all pedos that are running the world rite now.. keep up the lying and confusion.. Wake up people's if you just watch this and it doesn't seem at all connected in some way then what is really happening in the world. why so serious if someone has not done nothing wrong why not cooperate and help all them poor innocent lives

  • NZ SUBZ3R0
    NZ SUBZ3R0

    They should just lie to her and tell her that she will get full amuity if she names all the sickos involved including details of her own involvement all while warming up the electric chair for her after she's done so

  • billy mccluskey
    billy mccluskey

    We are all being fucked by the elite one way or another pure fact

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    One of Miss Maxwell's accusers says that she was raped 20 to 30 times by mismatch well which is it you don't get 10 Mulligans

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