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  • Bridie Kerr
    Bridie Kerr


  • MaddieXLayla 11
    MaddieXLayla 11

    Emma: Talking loud while pulling an all nighter Me: To scared to push the home button on my iPad

  • RebTV

    I love doing that. I only do it because I have no plans the next day so I just sleep all day. In fact I'm doing it while making this comment.

  • Alexander Riley
    Alexander Riley

    What’s up with her voice?

  • salma saleh
    salma saleh

    no thats not super fuckin boring its fuuuuuuuuuuuunnyyyyyyyyyyyyy ily. byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hollyjaanee _
    Hollyjaanee _

    now i really want fucking cheezits and i live in australia and they don’t even sell them here i’m gonna CRYYYYYY FJSHSJ

  • Brooke Mcmillan
    Brooke Mcmillan


  • Brooke Mcmillan
    Brooke Mcmillan


  • Nadirah Hanim
    Nadirah Hanim

    I remember this video was unavailable for awhile. Idk for what reason. Thank God it's here now

  • Once_ Shhido
    Once_ Shhido

    Same here-

  • Ani Champlin
    Ani Champlin


  • rosey• life•
    rosey• life•

    I had funn!!!! I

  • bindi middleton
    bindi middleton

    why do i love but also hate that sound she plays when she drinks something ..🤔

  • Family of 4 and more
    Family of 4 and more


  • Ben_92

    2:13 am and im pulling an all nighter and I wanted to know what ppl do, so I watched this U-U

  • Leandra M
    Leandra M

    Hi, it‘s 4:30 am :|

    • Harleen

      @Samantha Caroline same lmaoooo

    • Samantha Caroline
      Samantha Caroline

      Leandra M i’m pulling an all nighter too :)

  • Erika Botha
    Erika Botha

    It's currently 3 in the morning here and I'm also pulling a all nighter cause why not, and I'm watching all of Emma's vids and I'm like 'What better way to keep a all nighter going then literally watching Emma pull one!' 👏🏻🎉❤️

  • Molly Brady
    Molly Brady

    Those straws had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Little cute edits
    Little cute edits

    I love you so much💕

  • issie harris
    issie harris

    me waiting for emma to tell us the scary reason she moved:👁👄👁

  • _.brooxlyn .
    _.brooxlyn .

    The thumbnail thooooo

  • Edith F
    Edith F

    Why does this girl sound like jojo siwa 💀

  • Salty Sea
    Salty Sea


  • papaya bubbles
    papaya bubbles

    did emma ever actually tell us the reason she moved lol

  • Nathalie Smyth
    Nathalie Smyth

    I literally wana know so bad why she moved from San Fran

  • david Alexander
    david Alexander

    tbh, this video isnt even boring cuz its so relatable.

  • Sloane &miliania Franco
    Sloane &miliania Franco

    Wait this was one year ago

    • Georgia Morris
      Georgia Morris

      nearly 2 years ago

  • Sloane &miliania Franco
    Sloane &miliania Franco

    Those stawsss thooo

  • Gracie Hill
    Gracie Hill

    Imagine how fun it would be to have a sleepover with Emma ?👏🏻

  • Bristic Music
    Bristic Music

    Lowkey I stay up every night

  • Srishti Mishra
    Srishti Mishra

    Is no one going to talk about the loud noise of emma cracking something. 8:09

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia

    Emma and larray literally are the only people I’d usually watch on here

  • shayrah

    Me: *sees this title in quarantine* Also me: “ I do this shit 8 times a week “

  • Mimi Xox
    Mimi Xox

    Watching this after I just pulled an all nighter 😂😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Tufaga
    Alyssa Tufaga

    Ootd time killed me haha haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jade a dumbbutt
    jade a dumbbutt

    wait can someone tell me what she uses for editing

  • Sub to a tomato Plz
    Sub to a tomato Plz

    THAT HAPPENS TO ME WHEN I WATCH SM SCARY 😂 my heart beats and then I just run to my light switch 😂😂

  • Soraya Hosford
    Soraya Hosford

    Don’t worry I care about your coffee pots

  • xWindfighterx Roblox
    xWindfighterx Roblox

    Who's been binge watching Emma's videos and her old videos are just popping up on ur recommended no just me?

  • Parinoor Purba
    Parinoor Purba

    Does anyone else hate when theyre reading the comments while watching the video and then some ad comes and the comments get scrolled all the way up...ugh no? Just me ok.

  • Olivia Windfelder
    Olivia Windfelder

    I am pulling one because I am bored and stupid

  • Marina Hohler
    Marina Hohler

    emma this is amazing !!! so funny

  • alinadenise

    what's that ting on your rest

  • Ally Creamer
    Ally Creamer

    just realized this was posted on my bday hehe

  • LifeWithNae

    this is so funny dude

  • Eleanor Jones
    Eleanor Jones

    With quarantine going on i have not shaved my legs in 2 months woopty do

  • Nataly zam
    Nataly zam

    Who is watching this on quarantine

  • Lola Alvarez-Maldonado
    Lola Alvarez-Maldonado

    Who else is still waiting for her to tell the story about why she moved?

    • Lillie Carter
      Lillie Carter

      just a stalker who started doing some really creepy shit so she left

  • juicebox

    I pull all nighters everyday

  • Acira Joshi
    Acira Joshi

    Who else is watching this while pulling an all nighter?

  • yesy morales
    yesy morales

    me watching this at 12 am basically pulling an all nighter with her

  • hzchapo

    it's literally 8.40 in the morning. haven't slept yet and watcing your vlogs. I'm not good,,,,,,,

  • Rose Kheder
    Rose Kheder


  • Kayla Luv
    Kayla Luv

    Why is this my favorite video of all time Lol

  • joey colavolpe
    joey colavolpe

    Who’s watching this June 2020

  • I hate u Want
    I hate u Want

    Who's watching when she changed her profile pic lol

  • Avacado Holick
    Avacado Holick

    lol i want her voice..

  • gaj !
    gaj !

    Emma’s vids hit different during quarantine

  • That Horse Girl
    That Horse Girl

    “I’m going to save my planet” -Emma Also Emma: uses plastic cup

  • Julia Ackerman
    Julia Ackerman

    this is actually creepy xos as you said it’d 2am i looked at my clock - 2:02am FUICKCKCKELS

  • Stephanie Keung
    Stephanie Keung

    did she even explain why she moved yet???its 2020 here btw just binge watching coz of COVID in case any kids in the future loves Emma

  • door handle
    door handle

    How the hell does she have 9 mil subs??

  • Shoshi Satran
    Shoshi Satran

    anyone else just watching all of her videos during quarantine now....

    • Ryleigh Doyle
      Ryleigh Doyle

      Yes lol

  • Korgaye Ndure
    Korgaye Ndure

    Everything that is happening in this vid was me a few dayz agr

  • you got No jams
    you got No jams

    pulling an all nighter rn

    • Ryleigh Doyle
      Ryleigh Doyle

      I'm pulling one tomorrow lol

  • Sydney Rozeboom
    Sydney Rozeboom

    Why are you eating Cheez-itz if you are vegan lol.

  • Dorian Garrett
    Dorian Garrett

    I am pulling an all nighter

  • N0tsu73anym073

    Me thinking life is awesome: 11:30

  • EmmySky

    who else is shook after Emma changed her IT-my profile pic

  • Gracieee Barrios
    Gracieee Barrios

    Me watching this video at 3am I’m 2020 like: 👁👄👁

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