Pulling Fake Fire Alarms in Front of People
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David Sanders @names.dave
Fire Alarm Beat by @gttcily
0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Going to a Smash Room and Not Breaking Anything
2:06 Meeting Baseball Players
2:38 No Pickles
3:35 Pulling Fake Fire Alarms in Front of People Prank
7:07 My New Room

7:55 Asking My Mom if I should Move Back in
8:51 Empty Mall
9:27 Huge Bee

9:53 No Girls Allowed
10:43 Elliot Crying
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Personal @namesross
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  • Vlog Creations
    Vlog Creations

    0:02 Going to a Smash Room and Not Breaking Anything 2:06 Meeting Baseball Players 2:38 No Pickles 3:35 Pulling Fake Fire Alarms in Front of People Prank 7:07 My New Room 7:55 Asking My Mom if I should Move Back in 8:51 Empty Mall 9:27 Huge Bee 9:53 No Girls Allowed 10:43 Elliot Crying

    • Whycloudx Roblox
      Whycloudx Roblox

      Adventures with Natalie I sure won’t (:

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      Whycloudx Roblox


    • MrNihilism

      Hey man been on and off with your channel for years now , the way you are with Elliot is really awesome an amazing keep being there for that little guy yall kill it ! Much love and stay blessed!

    • Dragon Jai
      Dragon Jai


    • William Zarate
      William Zarate

      @Garry Taylor stop

  • Mammoth Clapz
    Mammoth Clapz


  • Vo1d Stealth
    Vo1d Stealth

    I saw a murderhornet in the US today...IT WAS HUGE

  • Vo1d Stealth
    Vo1d Stealth

    You should’ve been like “Help, he’s taking my child!” When the guy touched elliot

  • Lil Muffin
    Lil Muffin

    it was so sad when Elliot was crying but it was so hot when Charles was comforting him

  • Alex Courtois
    Alex Courtois

    You make my day when I watch your videos because they make me laugh

  • JJdaBro

    Elliot is like that one kid who doesn’t care about anything

  • Grace Outen
    Grace Outen

    Omg I could have watched you all day before. But now you put Elliot in there, it’s a whole new element. The Elliot Element. Genius. You are pure genius and training that boy well hahaha

  • Seth Wolfe
    Seth Wolfe

    Holy shit at the end I can't believe that. That guy was such a dork.talking about having the police come down.. Don't worry Elliott we won't let him ruin our fun 😂

  • Seth Wolfe
    Seth Wolfe

    Does anyone ever see fire alarms at the beach I mean I think it was like public restroom or something like that made out of concrete 🤔😁

  • Seth Wolfe
    Seth Wolfe

    What about the janitor he's probably there everyday Completely over his head

  • Seth Wolfe
    Seth Wolfe

    This is one of the funniest damn pranks 😅

  • Seth Wolfe
    Seth Wolfe

    It's like a video game she pulled down you beat the game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and you know that chick was recording

  • Gaming Tacocat
    Gaming Tacocat

    If you see this place where Elliot cried at place tons of fire alarms and light the building on fire

  • _Uno

    Getting peer pressured by Elliot to do something silly in public

  • Earths Crust
    Earths Crust

    I also despise Dill Fickles

  • Chip Diamond
    Chip Diamond

    That’s not your mom,, pshh unreal

  • ii_Rxilia

    this is cringe as hellll

  • Vicious V
    Vicious V

    Trying to run a business while you’re outside complaining about people having fun? Yea no, he’s bored of his pathetic life

  • robsfooty

    What a funny, down to earth, genuine, and nice guy Charles is. Thanks for the entertainment man.

  • Clixy Hallows
    Clixy Hallows

    10:43 what an idiot, he's a kid let him have fun

  • Asian Anims
    Asian Anims

    You going to the smash room and not breaking anything makes me triggered

  • Rybread 212
    Rybread 212

    I feel bad for you you don’t enjoy pickles

  • snipewa4

    The horror build music got to me lol

  • Megan

    Letme know that guys address so i can make him cry

  • Megan

    Ur 25?

  • OV3VO

    10:43 made me cry, i remeber being little and those small things just made u cry when u thought u did somthing wrong

  • Kamden Miguel
    Kamden Miguel

    1# uncle.

  • Gimme subs. Please?
    Gimme subs. Please?

    Who elliot to ross

  • Promotion

    What camera setup do you use for the van?

  • J M
    J M

    Man you should have acted like you called the cops and said a guy was standing next to an activated fire alarm.

  • Crazy Hand Grows
    Crazy Hand Grows

    LMAO, Elliot is gonna be way too damn smart when he gets older lol

  • Albert Rinconn
    Albert Rinconn

    There is a special place in he'll for people that make Elliot


    11:02 uncle Charles

  • Annabelle Singley
    Annabelle Singley

    I'm not one to pick fights, but I want to destroy that man that made my baby Elliot cry


    Elliot crying was so sad to watch, you can tell he’s just use to having fun🥺glad Ross comforted him

  • withindistruction54

    Wooo! That chick is fine!!!!

  • Trent Henderson
    Trent Henderson

    Hey google! play my whales mating playlist.. ahh yess

  • CeeRstar

    I kinda wanna go there and set up a speaker and blast the music to see if he talks to me like that. It must be noted that I'm 6' 1" 235 lbs and my hobbies include, going to the gym, working out, and Also lifting weights.

  • Meow Cat
    Meow Cat

    Yo I can’t believe he got gttc beat on here

  • Michael Eroyan
    Michael Eroyan

    If you make Elliott cry, I will hunt you down. NEVER

  • Jasmine Tuvlin
    Jasmine Tuvlin

    Am I the only one that notices that Ross and his mom have a weird sexual chemistry

  • Adrian Mora
    Adrian Mora

    you know its a good video when elliot's in it

  • who cares
    who cares

    link the beat bro that shit FIRE like an alarm

  • Tara the cat
    Tara the cat

    Bloody hilarious and that ending made me want to give the little boy a hug aww.

  • PajamaLlama

    you may have gotten rid of your stress but you gave me more than what you had

  • Mikayla Hough
    Mikayla Hough

    "You can't go to jail anymore" had me dying

  • Siraj Imran
    Siraj Imran

    Stg that guy who made Elliot cry has a special place in hell carved out for him.

  • Bilal Tariq
    Bilal Tariq

    I had no clue there was such a place as a smash room

  • Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare
    Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare

    The videos are better without him, sorry b it it’s true

    • Antoni0the0g •1000000 years ago
      Antoni0the0g •1000000 years ago

      Then why you here?

  • Camel Cantalamessa
    Camel Cantalamessa

    man drove next to my house

  • Blue Fr0g0
    Blue Fr0g0

    Elliot baaby noooo! we love youu! .·´¯`(>▂

  • Tom zhimomi
    Tom zhimomi

    Why is this guy always seen eating but skinny af 🤣

  • Benedict Lorenz
    Benedict Lorenz

    The first girl with the fire alarm prank was fine damn

  • Josie Lofi
    Josie Lofi

    walk into a store with a security shirt on and say your security

  • xXDaboss_ PlayzYT
    xXDaboss_ PlayzYT

    When Elliot started dancing I lost it 😂

  • The real Coach Potato
    The real Coach Potato

    No ones weren’t a mask what the fucking hell

  • Kallyn B
    Kallyn B

    Next time put a blue Thoth speaker somewhere and play fire alarm sounds


    i was gonna cry when that dude made elliot cry

  • MysticGuide 8209
    MysticGuide 8209

    There are people then people who make Eliot cry and there’s only a select few love u Eliot

  • HackFrauds

    Whos got the @ for the girl sitting at the table in the fire alarm prank 🔥

  • Sean Haines
    Sean Haines


  • Oscar The Grouch
    Oscar The Grouch

    I am 16 and a male, 5" 6 and a half will I reach 5" 8 or 5" 9 in my lifetime at all? Mom: 4" 9 Dad: 5" 10

  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott

    Kinda want to see a flash mob show up, blare music and just ruin that business owner’s day


    Watching Elliot cry after seeing him for all these years it was like my own little brother, nephew, or kid crying. That hurt my heart for him, he's so lucky to have somebody like you in his life, Ross. He's going to have so many great stories and memories he won't be able to write enough books to contain them. Your kindness and understanding is unmatched.

  • Blox_Head666

    Charles is Dr phill, helping Eliot out cuz the scary man!!


    Loooool who knew GTTC and Ross would collaborate, this is a dream come true for me 😂😂

  • no_ ob
    no_ ob


  • Slimeshit

    Thanks now I'm crying

  • EASsirenVids 01
    EASsirenVids 01

    Welp. Time to go grab my BG-12

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