Puppy Meets Wolf!
Joey Graceffa
The day is finally here! After almost 2 months some of the puppies meet my dog Wolf for the first time!!
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  • Joey Graceffa
    Joey Graceffa

    Should I introduce the rest of the puppies to wolf on vlog channel?

    • Gavin davis
      Gavin davis


    • Carly Wieslander
      Carly Wieslander

      Best part of this entire channel:::: JOEY’S IMPRESSION OF EACH OF THE DOGS/PUPS!!! Toooo funny!!!

    • Lina Bru
      Lina Bru

      The puppy’s got so big

    • Tatia's Travels!
      Tatia's Travels!

      Joey Graceffa please keep pink

    • Abigaga does gaming
      Abigaga does gaming

      Joey Graceffa yes

  • Tyler Nazario
    Tyler Nazario

    Lol I just heard Yoshi sounds

  • Snow Blizzard pets
    Snow Blizzard pets

    Who’s the dad?

  • Fluffy Unicorn
    Fluffy Unicorn

    I think the puppies are Wolfe's pups

    • ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
      ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda

      Fluffy Unicorn no they are not

  • Itz_Beanovi0987 CZ
    Itz_Beanovi0987 CZ


  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose

    6:16 She's such a good mama! she's teaching her babies patience! wow

  • marlyn bondoc
    marlyn bondoc

    i choose both wolf and pupppy

  • Queensmilesz

    I can’t stop laughing at the fact that Joey sits at home all day talking to himself in different voices as different dogs HAHAHAHA

  • Waterlec

    @6:48 Dude take that nail polish off. W-T-F 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Amy j
    Amy j

    i’ll take the rest of the puppies 😍

  • Patricio malo
    Patricio malo

    Can we just cut to the fucken point

  • Kiley Babicky
    Kiley Babicky

    The puppies are SOOOOO CUTE (◍•ᴗ•◍)(◔‿◔)🐶

  • Sergio Smith
    Sergio Smith

    So who’s the dad of the puppies wolf or storm?

    • ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
      ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda

      Sergio Smith neither

  • wolfythewolf0707 wolfy
    wolfythewolf0707 wolfy

    Thats wolfythewolf

  • Vault101 Vault Tec
    Vault101 Vault Tec

    I curse you that your dogs shall eat you alive along with your accursed partner you've been cursed by a native american shaman

  • future

    Still waiting to see them meet a wolf.

  • Alen Ashim
    Alen Ashim

    He’s gya

  • Kylen whitt
    Kylen whitt

    Can you talk like a normal dude and not some chick

    • ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
      ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda

      sarah whitt he does talk normal

  • QuartzKing31

    Name pink rose or ruby

  • Melina Iveljic
    Melina Iveljic

    that’s a mum Siberian husky. Not a wolf.

  • • A N G E L A •
    • A N G E L A •

    i’ve always loved that Joey gives all of his dogs voices lol!!

  • jaileen gutierrez
    jaileen gutierrez

    I think puppies are cute Joey Graceffa

  • Pink fluffy Unicorn
    Pink fluffy Unicorn

    Ur dogs eyes are soo beautiful

  • Wølfу Tøast
    Wølfу Tøast

    The puppy/ husky looks a lot like a wolf

  • Veronica Allende-Cruz
    Veronica Allende-Cruz

    I LIKE WOLFS 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Madelynn Le
    Madelynn Le


    • ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
      ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda

      Madelynn Le you’re like 2 months late 😂 they kept teal

  • Ronny Hewitt
    Ronny Hewitt

    I love wolves

  • Dragon glitch & Arielle london & Fire
    Dragon glitch & Arielle london & Fire

    I WANT A PUP!!

  • Dragon glitch & Arielle london & Fire
    Dragon glitch & Arielle london & Fire

    can i have the wolf plsss :(

  • Christy Lopez
    Christy Lopez


  • Amélie Lesage
    Amélie Lesage

    Who the dad of the puppy

  • rahul u
    rahul u

    are you ....???

  • Donna Jamieson
    Donna Jamieson

    Who’s the daddy?

  • RealLove

    This not wolf that husky

  • Pauline Cook
    Pauline Cook

    hi I love your vids

  • Cody Vance
    Cody Vance

    Where’s your boyfreaind

  • YEET me out the window
    YEET me out the window

    Oh my gosh when Joey yelled “How did you get in here?!” I laughed but when Wolfie said “WHAT HAPPEN?” And jumped up I died. 🤣

  • Cullen Meyer
    Cullen Meyer


    • Cullen Meyer
      Cullen Meyer

      Hi. Like. Puppies

  • nich p
    nich p

    i heard the voice see the fingernails and got scared .

  • Moon lovesGacha
    Moon lovesGacha

    Keep all of them!!!!!!!!!

  • Jun Xiang YAP
    Jun Xiang YAP

    Yes but wy you keep 2 pupys wy

  • Xx_. Jupiter ._xX
    Xx_. Jupiter ._xX

    I love how he loves all his dogs equal 💖

  • ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda
    ForeverLoveJaniel DanielPreda

    Forever love janiel

  • CheekyBear 10
    CheekyBear 10

    All of them are super cute I can't even tell them apart

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez

    I am new are the puppies all named colors? But they are adorable.

  • Wolfer The Wolf
    Wolfer The Wolf

    I love huskys

  • QueenPuffball 20
    QueenPuffball 20

    WHOS the daddy 😂

  • aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ?
    aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ?

    who's here after the decided who to keep🧼❤️? (the emojis give it away XD)

  • -BяøКЄп-

    Red reminds me of Billie Eilish 😂💙💚

  • Catie Lucas
    Catie Lucas

    who the dad

  • HOBO Z
    HOBO Z

    6:39 wtf

  • Grey and Tiger
    Grey and Tiger

    Keep there names

  • Mckeina kendall
    Mckeina kendall

    wolf ok

  • Kyndal Blackwell
    Kyndal Blackwell

    Wolfie: Dear Diary, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Lovely Bomi
    Lovely Bomi


  • Laila Owens
    Laila Owens

    Green and pink are sooo cute I wish I could keep green soo cute

  • Anahita Reads
    Anahita Reads

    What happened to storm

  • Vinz Pacomios
    Vinz Pacomios

    Awwwwwwww, its very cute Joey pls introduce the puppies to storm

  • Sarah Rean
    Sarah Rean

    Who’s the Dad?

  • Xx_Kandy _KaylaxX
    Xx_Kandy _KaylaxX

    Storm in the backround doo

  • Kittenball Grim Reaper Gamer Chan
    Kittenball Grim Reaper Gamer Chan

    I want you to keep all the puppies except I know that will be a lot of work!

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny

    Gonna Sniff his Butt :-P

  • Kaitlyn Tanner
    Kaitlyn Tanner

    Yellow and teal plz ❤️

  • Who Knows?
    Who Knows?

    Who’s the father?

  • Pedro Fralre
    Pedro Fralre

    Wolfe:can I show my butt to the people plz wolfe:I don't care anyways wolfe:*just shows butt to us

  • Maze_wolfie :3
    Maze_wolfie :3

    I feel like you should keep ALL THE PUPPIES!

  • Devon Hickey
    Devon Hickey

    Hi Julie I love your puppies

  • Elle S
    Elle S

    I wish that you were able to keep blue bear, teal and moo! Since pink already has a home and red seems to be an only child type of dog

  • Tatia's Travels!
    Tatia's Travels!

    Please keep pink

  • Reaper Nurse
    Reaper Nurse

    Joey’s teeth are cleaner than my future

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