Quad Thief Tries Selling My Quad
Tommy Mx
The quad thief that stole my quad tries selling my quad that I paid for. I found it on craigslist and I found him. He tries to pull an axe on me but I don't let him.

  • Aiden E
    Aiden E

    You left you dirt bike and you phone

  • Letty Bedarte
    Letty Bedarte

    How about your things

  • Allan Alsayegh
    Allan Alsayegh

    That's the best u can think of

  • Allan Alsayegh
    Allan Alsayegh

    He Said smelly armpit lane seriously

  • Dustin D
    Dustin D

    I love how he leaves his stuff

  • SNIPAR 1
    SNIPAR 1

    Notice when he go it back he forgot his stuff

  • ashley mccormick
    ashley mccormick

    That's one reason you can't have good things

  • Kierin Hoy
    Kierin Hoy

    He sounded so depressed at the end

  • Malcolm Fisher
    Malcolm Fisher


  • Francisco Plantillas
    Francisco Plantillas

    He forgot his dirt bike lol 😐

  • Francisco Plantillas
    Francisco Plantillas

    Lol smellyarm pit lane 😂😂😂

  • Timmy Fennimore
    Timmy Fennimore

    I crashed on my dirtbike lol😎

  • Isaiah Arnold
    Isaiah Arnold

    1.Left bag 2.Phone 3.Axe 4.Dirtbike Plus I would be more worried about your stuff than the dirtbike cause your just gonna find it on Craigslist. Thr usual

  • Caleb Sproule
    Caleb Sproule


  • Caleb Sproule
    Caleb Sproule


  • 《Alpha Gaming》
    《Alpha Gaming》

    Hey idiot, you got your quad back, that doesn't mean that you leave your bag and phone

  • Nayiri Husari
    Nayiri Husari

    Smelly arm pit road and then it goes to stinky pit road

  • Amani Iqbal
    Amani Iqbal

    You left your gun and phone at that weirdos house

  • Michele Morgan
    Michele Morgan

    Is he really thirteen years old?

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger

    Bruh u need to repair that phone dude

  • Noah Alcaro
    Noah Alcaro

    You left your phone and your dirt bike.😪


    Why does the thief always wear a mask he has his friends wearing the masks or else after showing him the gun he would call the cops he left his things purposely and why does his quads gas not finish till now lol

  • deondre Caldwell
    deondre Caldwell

    Will you sell me that dirt bike please

  • katie Dawtry
    katie Dawtry

    you should of knocked him of the bike

  • Hunter Z
    Hunter Z

    He left his phone

  • Hunter Z
    Hunter Z

    See not blue

  • Naif Mohamed
    Naif Mohamed

    and your dirtbike if i was you i should go with nothing

  • Sophie Fleming
    Sophie Fleming

    nnnnnnnnnooooooooo wwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyy

  • Sophie Fleming
    Sophie Fleming

    he went back for them 😍😍😍😍 do you always have a defens weapon on you

  • Thomas Hankinson
    Thomas Hankinson

    Your bag! I cringed so hard

  • Crow 33
    Crow 33

    Guy:yeah I get it back! Me:hehe you forgot something

  • Isaiah Navor
    Isaiah Navor

    Your phone

  • Kimberly Hoover
    Kimberly Hoover

    You've got your phone

  • Alex Denton
    Alex Denton

    This is how many times he says bro

  • Strange Steel
    Strange Steel

    Every time someone steals his stuff he films

  • Strange Steel
    Strange Steel

    Smelly armpit rd.lol

  • Ford Cull
    Ford Cull


  • Dominique Jones
    Dominique Jones

    Is there actually a thing call stinkey pit road

  • Kyran Lawrence
    Kyran Lawrence

    Smelly armpit lane 😂

  • Vincent Fernandes
    Vincent Fernandes

    Left his motorcycle and phone

  • Vincent Fernandes
    Vincent Fernandes

    Smelly Armpit lane what the hell

  • Ariel Leveque
    Ariel Leveque

    nice cluch

  • Rocio Bocardo
    Rocio Bocardo

    You forgot the stidf

  • Sand Storm
    Sand Storm

    Still forgot his phone

  • Millie Batten
    Millie Batten

    Hope you find your 100

  • Kubek Plays
    Kubek Plays

    Yeah best way is to throw the axe on the phone

  • supermario Matthew
    supermario Matthew

    But you know where he lives so you can get it back

  • Benjamin Gillespie
    Benjamin Gillespie

    He left his phone behind WOW

  • Lucky Justlucky
    Lucky Justlucky


  • fusionmix parody and beyblade channel
    fusionmix parody and beyblade channel

    Mission passed Respect+

  • Faze Sway
    Faze Sway

    This is how many times he said not cool bro I I I I V

  • the bad boys
    the bad boys

    Dude you left also your phone

  • snake Hello
    snake Hello

    This is how many times he has been too crazy lady. , 🎅 🎅

  • Jason M
    Jason M

    In the next video he gonna have his 100 back

  • Jason M
    Jason M

    Every time he steals his bike or quad back he leaves something else

  • Lucky Justlucky
    Lucky Justlucky

    And Your Qwaud

  • Lucky Justlucky
    Lucky Justlucky

    Wow Hes So Stupid That Guy That Stole Your Bike

  • Paul Kan
    Paul Kan

    U lost your phone too

  • Bhreagh Mackenzie
    Bhreagh Mackenzie

    When they say there address maybe you should beep it out

  • Harry Mccue
    Harry Mccue

    Smelly arm pit road

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    That is not a real sreat

  • Chryztalmae Pannogan
    Chryztalmae Pannogan

    what about your phone and your bag???

  • Bianca Soto
    Bianca Soto

    Sad Tommy

  • George Mechkov
    George Mechkov

    You left your phone

  • hooked storie teller
    hooked storie teller

    shoot him plzzzzzz

  • Iron man Jake
    Iron man Jake

    See this is why you don’t take off with her quad without your stupid bike stop leaving your stuff this is all your stuff gets stolen

  • Iron man Jake
    Iron man Jake

    Listen this is how your quad got stolen someone stole your bike or something during your green Forielar and then you just left the dang that’s why that’s why I got stolen stop leaving your stuff

  • DazeWithJohnny


  • Deysi Mendez
    Deysi Mendez

    I mean dirt bike

  • Deysi Mendez
    Deysi Mendez

    You left your bike

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