EXPECTATION vs REALITY!! - Quarantine Life
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  • Jalen Green
    Jalen Green

    Guys I'm the same age or older than the daughter but she is so freaking pretty 😍😍

  • xXFluffy_WolfXx

    Do you were a jumper in bed?

  • Nadya Elizabeth
    Nadya Elizabeth

    2:30 OMG this is so me and my siblings!!!! 🤣😂😅

  • pedro hernandez
    pedro hernandez

    *When quarantine is making you go insane-*

  • Mila Clutterbuck
    Mila Clutterbuck

    Mr bee sounds so whered when hes happy

  • Derpy Potatoe
    Derpy Potatoe

    This is funny but its also not relatable at all because no one says this and also its kinda cringy . I love your other videos though.

  • Elijah Brooks
    Elijah Brooks

    They are good at this game

  • isaac durand
    isaac durand

    Really funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️😃😃😃🔥🔥🔥

  • RealKiwiPlays


  • Luke_Person1234

    But tbh I HATE it when people breathe heavily!!😡😂

  • Khloe DeClerck
    Khloe DeClerck

    didnt anyone see when gabby wakes up she was wearing her clothes

  • Kathrina Gragasin
    Kathrina Gragasin

    Expectation No school no homework just chill Reality School: pls submit ur project and homework in my email *school giving me 1B home worls and projects*

  • Gravuhty 2020
    Gravuhty 2020

    I was half awake when I saw this and I tho it that was his real hair

  • the_ bean
    the_ bean

    i love how miss bee has the same alarm clock as me 👊🏻🖐🏻

  • ayan ayan
    ayan ayan

    That's a vig

  • Roula 31
    Roula 31

    Omg the last one is so funny😂😂😂😂

  • ItsLily XOX
    ItsLily XOX

    When she pretended to be a sleep her clock legit says 3 pm lol 😂😂

  • Hello im cool
    Hello im cool

    3:50 Epic scream :,)

  • md abdul Alim
    md abdul Alim

    When you see a comment and your like aww I wished I wrote that

  • Elesar Salman
    Elesar Salman

    My reality is the same as miss be and all😂

  • Zaina Qro
    Zaina Qro

    The last clip is me rn HAHAH

  • name 9016
    name 9016

    This so funny I don’t know if not so post to be funny

  • Lucy Attwell Loves you
    Lucy Attwell Loves you

    Reality is when every one is tired Well my thought 💭

  • Brenda Scully
    Brenda Scully

    I love how they don't talk at the start 😀😃

  • Leen Maghraby
    Leen Maghraby

    Gabby your funny 😆


    My parents work at a hospital so I cant hang out with them

  • Jusy_Mommy 69
    Jusy_Mommy 69

    3:51That Voice Crack tho... LMFAO

  • Je5po !!!!!
    Je5po !!!!!

    I hope you’re okay doing qrnten

  • Camryn Claybrooks
    Camryn Claybrooks

    Lol I sleep in every day

  • J w
    J w

    She slept in jeans 👖?

  • Ziad Ghettas
    Ziad Ghettas

    i love these videos im gonna watch it each hour

  • JJ Lim
    JJ Lim

    2:44 100% Sarcasm 😂😂

  • Tamara Ahmad
    Tamara Ahmad

    The end tho 😂

  • CraZY Young
    CraZY Young

    Kid during quarantine: YAY no school Online Classes: let me introduce myself

  • The wierd channel
    The wierd channel

    Amazing vine lol if it is

  • Sajida Ismail
    Sajida Ismail

    lets see exercise......ok and the breakfast

  • CANDY Brenner
    CANDY Brenner

    Reality is bab

  • Suzie Leveque
    Suzie Leveque

    Mama bee is an icon

  • fluffy and me
    fluffy and me

    When eh bee’s family’s reality is better than your expectation

  • Terry Frix
    Terry Frix

    This is hilarious

  • Nicole Pham
    Nicole Pham

    there are some perks of being home all the time, but its all fun in games when you have online test

  • Abdul Alsaleh
    Abdul Alsaleh

    We still have work to do

  • Cyber Princess
    Cyber Princess

    I love how the parents in the beginning act like roblox emotes 💀💀💀💀💀

  • hari dahal
    hari dahal


  • Jo Mison
    Jo Mison

    Papa bee looks like my step dad. (This is not a hate comment) love you guys👍👍

  • Jaimee Wright
    Jaimee Wright

    1:06 he should have said with a let me but of sugar and a spice turn my wife from mean to nice Who remembers that 😂

  • pooja J
    pooja J

    What is mr bee name

  • GamingwithKen

    Oi, lets be honest, Those "ExPeCtAtIoNs" Are not expected at all, i mean, dont get me wrong, All of us do the reality and it isnt expected, Im sorry if you think this is hate, im just saying.

  • Sunita Upadhyay
    Sunita Upadhyay

    Lol 😆

  • Carolyn Di-Mieri
    Carolyn Di-Mieri

    I have a netendo switch as well

  • No Name
    No Name

    Wow the brother got taller than before!

  • Isabelle carson samer
    Isabelle carson samer

    Mr bee put a wig so he doesn't ruin his hair

  • Omar Mohammad
    Omar Mohammad

    Expectation more like in the first clip they were losing there mind 0:14

  • Alyssa Sullivan
    Alyssa Sullivan

    Hi Eh bee family I love you so much and can you give me a shout out. You guys are so funny and I would really apreciate you reading out my message in a video. Thx

  • Rubecca Afaq
    Rubecca Afaq

    Omg Gabbie is sooooooooo beautiful like wow 😲 😯 😮

  • Allison Gardiner
    Allison Gardiner

    Love this my life is more expectation!!💖💖

  • Fernando Suqui
    Fernando Suqui

    With out school idk what day it is

  • Zoey Lee
    Zoey Lee

    Did they really do fifty push ups or just three

  • Kacey Bell Rose
    Kacey Bell Rose

    3:50 voice crack

  • autentic2010

    Im not speek english or american

  • autentic2010

    I am portugues

  • Silverfang SF
    Silverfang SF


  • Afnan Sebyani
    Afnan Sebyani

    Name son bee

  • Maisie McGhee
    Maisie McGhee

    Hi do you like

  • Ella The unicorn
    Ella The unicorn

    I'm relatable to the one where she got annoyed bc he was breathing so loud and then held his breath but I'd also be annoyed if I were him lol 😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖

  • Life As i am
    Life As i am


  • Harleen Randhawa
    Harleen Randhawa

    Kumbaya my lord kumbaya

  • Karter Robinson
    Karter Robinson

    Dad:we should probably work out Mum:what do you mean we are working out Me: its quarantine workout😂

  • J O N A ' S life
    J O N A ' S life

    Your the best i love your videos❤ thanks for existing!

  • Elberta Willimgham
    Elberta Willimgham

    2:24 omg let's just chill is want they should say😆😭😆👍

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