• Tmanaz480

    Intro=another vivid word-epic.

  • Dean William
    Dean William

    intercourse,pa or hell,mi

  • Famille Delisle
    Famille Delisle

    6:02 right there ! As a Canadian now living in France, married to a French woman who loves to cook, it struck me and made me realize one of the reason there is an obesity problem in the US. It would never occur to my wife to use industrial mayonnaise, she would make her own. Sour cream ... same. The presenter looks like a chef, but she is just putting together a bunch of processed food with hidden sugar. I showed this to my wife who first burst out laughing and then noticed the plastic bottle of Dijon Mustard and screamed in agony.

  • Peter Fernandez
    Peter Fernandez

    Everything about Quarantinewhile makes me smile.

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller

    Jon...do not go to Australia! There is a serious mouse problem there, like a plague! And don’t go to India as I’m sure you know about that variant there! We don’t want to lose you!



  • Round Ruby
    Round Ruby

    "Popcorn salad... which is why so many young people stopped believing in God!" XD I can't even... Thanks a lot, this made me laugh.

  • dens790130

    They missed a great opportunity to compare the dog-robot to the one from Black Mirror. Hunting down the last humans.

  • Dark Iris
    Dark Iris

    Just more proof that far too much of communities’ tax money goes to law enforcement.

  • MegaTomHo

    John has no clue what a "umbria" is :D

  • LYCANSS999

    The intros are getting so ridiculously long they've become annoying. Been skipping them for a while now.

  • J Bos
    J Bos

    Stephen on Italian food, "Any bowl with anything will make you weep." Songbirds, Stephen? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Karen Johannessen
    Karen Johannessen

    Tuscany is indeed awesome! Enjoy yourself, Stephen ;)

  • mano a mano
    mano a mano

    Sorry. Big down-vote for any video that features that atrocious format with the blurry sides.👎🏿

  • Eleonora Gioia
    Eleonora Gioia

    We would love to host you here in Italy!🤗

  • Rachel Erin
    Rachel Erin

    Hahaha what? A gratuitous Fermat reference? Where do you even come up with what metaphors to use for this 😂😂

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank

    "Nightmare hellscape of futuristic terror." "Lubricated vegetable madness." LOL!

  • Per Nordin
    Per Nordin

    Again... PLEASE tune that piano!

  • Helen L
    Helen L

    I thought those dogbots were designed for carrying bomb disposal stuff in warzones and helping in emergency evacuation for bombs and earthquakes, etc. When you need something that can get through the debris and carry heavy loads... WTF, why/when do police need them?! The budgets of US police forces are ridiculous! 🤯🤯 (edit: typo)

  • RDF1nner

    Definitely love watching two rich guys talk about places I'll never go. Let's get more of that. Talk about what supercars you will buy next year.

  • Patrik

    Hey Stephen! If you like the Lake Como area so much, maybe you'd like the Italian speaking part of Switzerland too! It's right next to it, with two more big lakes!

  • Jochem

    Should have been Deeznutz-upon-Thyne..

  • StrongnBeautiful

    "Popcorn Salad." SMH. Caucasian on 💯😮😂

  • Mark Roaquin
    Mark Roaquin

    I see these segments and I click like. I'm never disappointed. This one moved me to comment. Amazing.

  • Ian Jay
    Ian Jay

    Not Mr Pullman!?!?

  • Ian Jay
    Ian Jay

    John, you one smooff brother my man, tryna tell you

  • Jim Fleming
    Jim Fleming

    NOAA 11521

  • Shane Yates
    Shane Yates

    I watched this while eating his ice cream uwu caught me by surprise lol

  • Bella Noelle
    Bella Noelle

    I had the Dolly Parton ice cream; I like it!

  • cannibalbananas

    Sicily's pretty awesome. I lived there for 3 years, and miss it all the time 🇮🇹

  • godless yuri fan
    godless yuri fan

    I was born and raised in the Midwest to a pastor's family, and I NEVER remember hearing of any such abomination unto God as popcorn salad, let alone seeing it in ANY of our churches' basements.

  • Diogo Barros
    Diogo Barros

    best quarantinewhile introduction ever!

  • Brian Glodde
    Brian Glodde

    Love Colbert, can't stand Jean Baptiste.

  • Mallory G
    Mallory G

    It's bad enough that this crazy "chef" lady is trying to put popcorn in a salad, but why in Jesus' name does she have sour cream in a squeeze bottle??!!! Was anyone else horrified by that? I have never in my life seen sour cream in anything other than a tub.

  • Danrarbc

    That intro was quite the ride.

  • The young Turk
    The young Turk

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      Michael David

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      Daniel Donald

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      Floyd Donald

      Text him on What's ap ⬆️💯

  • Lisa Wiley
    Lisa Wiley

    “Check-minus” 😂 the memories!!!

  • PlumBerryCherries

    That Salad Made my soul hurt. #BitcheNoooooooo

  • Christy Stainer
    Christy Stainer

    Popcorn salad does not exist. Don't drag Midwesterns down with you! We have enough on our plates without this slander.

  • Redmenace96

    Dude. Stephen Colbert's writers (and his great performance) are so much better than every other late night host out there. So much better, it isn't even a competition. If you like/watch any other, you are horribly misguided.

  • Michelle Karbon
    Michelle Karbon

    That salad is 0% Midwestern...

  • drcatspaw

    Any other math nerds who paused the video to check Steven on his math in the intro?

  • Syahrir Sukarno
    Syahrir Sukarno

    This actually cleared my sinuses!!

  • Jackie Learns & Teaches
    Jackie Learns & Teaches

    Please stop the slam voice 😭 it kills the jokes and it’s so annoying

  • Altrue

    I loved Stephen's comments on the popcorn salad, I know "react" is usually low effort but this seemed like it would be worth it to have more of it!

  • pocket size for your travel convenience
    pocket size for your travel convenience

    Those popcorn salad jokes were 🔥🔥🔥

  • sandy120

    Why did you make up an English Town with a silly name when we have so many ridiculous ones to choose from? We have a town called Wetwang for Christ's sake.

  • Sue Shortall
    Sue Shortall

    There may not be a Deeznuts On Heath in the UK, though there is a town in Yorkshire called Wetwang.

  • Michael Moraga
    Michael Moraga

    "Metalhead"... be afraid.

  • VideZoniX !
    VideZoniX !

    Hot Diggidy. You Know Where that Way Away is, Yeah? Australia Baby. Colbert Show Down Under ( once you're cleared and quarantined for entry yoah, we ain't muckin' around with that) You gonna call it quits at NZ? Waaaahh?

  • VideZoniX !
    VideZoniX !

    "Bitch, Please" oh My Lordy Me. Atrocious

  • R Ray T
    R Ray T

    Jon Batiste is a Lord.

  • Jennifer Herron
    Jennifer Herron

    That intro was really something. Love it

  • Jess Ragan
    Jess Ragan

    "Lubricated vegetable madness." Sounds like an album Pink Floyd would have released in the 1960s. But yeah, that is pointless, wasteful, and gross. Stick a spoonful in your mouth, get a kernel stuck in your teeth! Mm mm!

  • Leah L
    Leah L

    Ima try making that popcorn salad sometime!

  • SkittleNutz77

    1:39 Thank you!!! That’s my explanation exactly. THE FOOD IS EXQUISITE AND FELT LIKE I WAS LIED TO MY WHILE LIFE AS AN AMERICAN.

  • luckyjasonfan

    That looks DISGUSTING!! Stephen's right, that ain't Salad! 😩😂 "Salad you eat with a spoon"

  • Kristina Collins
    Kristina Collins

    That math intro was a wild ride also, not how proofs work

  • phil thow
    phil thow

    JOHN BAPTISTE...... You are more than welcome to come to New Zealand when you can. youll love it!!!!

  • Kara, Giver of Hugs - even virtually
    Kara, Giver of Hugs - even virtually

    Yeah, I grew up in the Midwest and I've never heard of or seen that popcorn salad. 🤢

  • Nicholas Cecil
    Nicholas Cecil

    Video starts at 2:25

  • Rem Forrest
    Rem Forrest

    That thing cost 100k dollars. Are they defusing bombs or something. In the army we didn't even use those unless a IED needed to be defused

  • SentinalSlice

    Quarantinewhile intros keep getting longer. And I love it!

  • Arcana Octonus
    Arcana Octonus

    This attitude of flippant international travel by anyone rich enough during the Beginning of a pandemic is sociopathic. Yes. The Beginning.

  • Marcos

    How much did that cost? Oh right education comes last on the budget!

  • Anthony Runstedler
    Anthony Runstedler

    Don't crap on the robots, they dance!

  • Sean Gagnon
    Sean Gagnon

    Yes small talk about traveling to Italy and how I’ve been there previously. Yes, I completely identify because i am offered vacation from my job and have extra money to spend... as im sure most everyone else does also....

  • Ben

    Sitting here next to my French wife whose family comes from Bitche... Which is in an area referred to by natives as 'Bitcherland'....

  • Kimberly Cronen
    Kimberly Cronen

    I've lived in the Midwest my entire life and never ever ever heard of putting popcorn in a salad. Ew. You'll find lots of things in Midwestern salads that don't sound salady (like jello), but not popcorn. Nope. Was this possibly for April Fool's Day?

  • Melinda CHAMPAGNE
    Melinda CHAMPAGNE

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wtf popcorn

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