Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)
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The official 'I Want To Break Free' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

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  • I Naglis
    I Naglis


  • Andreas jams !!!
    Andreas jams !!!

    Me in 2008:that girl has nice hair... *Me now realizing that its Freddie Mercury:does that make me gay?*

    • qwer ty
      qwer ty

      what about Roger?

  • kяïztīæи Guevara фшф
    kяïztīæи Guevara фшф

    Oooo a huacho me fui

  • devansh thakur
    devansh thakur

    Freedy mercury gay 🤐😦

    • qwer ty
      qwer ty

      you're gay)ahahaha and Fred was BISEXUAL

  • Andro Bozic
    Andro Bozic


  • Mad Feldor
    Mad Feldor

    Damn, they are so hot! Especially.. Cheers...

  • LuccaMakesVideos

    for a sec I thought roger was was a actual girl when I watched this 2 yrs ago

  • Joel Rosales De Jesús
    Joel Rosales De Jesús

    Aguanto un refri XD

  • Paul Levasque
    Paul Levasque

    Damn!!! Your gorgeous Rogerene.. I'm pretty sure that you was Elizabeth Taylor long lost sister.. but couldn't find you until watch this MV..

  • Minilars :3
    Minilars :3

    agua en tu refir xd

  • lonely cloud
    lonely cloud

    omg who's that blonde girl i'm in love with her

  • Caio Alves
    Caio Alves

    muito engracado os cara vestido de mulher

  • ur a thot
    ur a thot

    *this all fucking men😳😳*

  • Denis Aguila
    Denis Aguila

    Aguanto una refri

  • Miriam Trujillo
    Miriam Trujillo


    • Niko Laurente
      Niko Laurente


  • Meliodas pecador
    Meliodas pecador

    ola a sua musica e otima adorei a melhor

  • BenDizzy19

    Like: Melina Mercury. Comment: Rogerina Taylor. Whose going to win?

  • LAMPIÃO% 157
    LAMPIÃO% 157

    Quem Tá aqui em 2019

  • paul finlayson
    paul finlayson

    To all the Tory voters in the 2019 general election -from scotland

  • Steve K
    Steve K

    One of my fave Queen songs of all time, not crazy about the video, but Ben Orr makes a fairly cute girl, lmfao...

  • Dibujo 2006
    Dibujo 2006

    ¡¡¡AGUA EN TU REFRI !!! ¡¡¡ YA NO !!!! ¡¡¡ YA NO AGUA EN TU REFRI!!!!

  • Nikos K
    Nikos K

    help me break free from all 1J8cTns8mQJkWqbVgxmDRSDSdj3xC3YZqi


    De aqui salierln los memes

    • Niko Laurente
      Niko Laurente


  • Богдан Терсков
    Богдан Терсков

    А брюнеточка ничё такая

  • Planet Animal
    Planet Animal

    coooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • P Karppinen
    P Karppinen

    God knows.. Sounds like in russian "govno" .. Govno i want to break free 😆

    • Константин Макаров
      Константин Макаров


  • lavila Moon
    lavila Moon

    Esto es arte

    • Niko Laurente
      Niko Laurente

      Exacto :3

  • Mat' Grill
    Mat' Grill

    Rogerina=Marty McFly's Daughter

  • Lisandro Echeverria
    Lisandro Echeverria

    Sabee Federico mercurio 😎😎

  • Katabellion

    *i WanT to BReaK kNEE*

  • Vinicius Cardoso ortenzi.
    Vinicius Cardoso ortenzi.

    os mamonas assassinas devem fazer uma parodia dessa musica se estivecem vivos!

  • Туся Вацловик
    Туся Вацловик

    Fred,we are all still love you!

  • golden dragon
    golden dragon

    that synth solo is obscene...it's like someone sitting on a toilet with diarrhea and capping it off with a nasty roaring fart at the end...I'm sure that's the crude similarity he was shooting for

  • Sally Jean Fernandez
    Sally Jean Fernandez

    Love me sum QUEEN!!!!!

  • Coldgamer 2006
    Coldgamer 2006

    E depois funk é qualidade

  • Freddie Fucking Mercury
    Freddie Fucking Mercury

    Freddie doesn't need autotune autotune needs him!

  • _.scared_toga_cos_.

    The 75k dislikes are girls at school who can’t accept Rogerina is prettier that they’ll ever be

  • Carolina Cornejo
    Carolina Cornejo

    Genio!!! Siempre recordado😍


    Love love love♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Paula Hidalgo Araque
    Paula Hidalgo Araque

    Me encanta esta canción.Y solo tengo 11 años.

    • Niko Laurente
      Niko Laurente

      Que buenos gustos tienes UwU

  • qwer ty
    qwer ty

    Roger Taylor: sexier and more feminine looking than your girlfriend.

    • qwer ty
      qwer ty

      @Vince vice DON'T STOP ME NOOOOOW!

    • Vince vice
      Vince vice

      stop copyin comments dumfuk

  • qwer ty
    qwer ty

    Факт: Роджер Тейлор намного женственнее и сексуальнее,чем твоя девушка :))

  • Elena Zayac
    Elena Zayac

    Роджерина шикарная

  • Asel Kubatbekova
    Asel Kubatbekova


  • Apple Knock
    Apple Knock

    Who’s that Magnifique specimen made by god with crisp Golden locks and clear golden legs?

  • Apple Knock
    Apple Knock

    The Rogerina on the film is also good.

  • Music Box
    Music Box

    Freddie mercury is the only Bisexual guy who can steal:your girlfriend,your boyfriend and Show

  • Il Segretario Di Xiuder
    Il Segretario Di Xiuder

    2020? ©honeyvacca

  • El pedorro CR
    El pedorro CR

    1:07 becareful Roger 😏

  • Nora Soulje
    Nora Soulje

    Everyone talking about Rogerina but no one’s talking about grandma Deaky 🤤🤤

  • FistDaPam Matsvyy
    FistDaPam Matsvyy

    I stopped having crushes on boys dressed in drag since 7th grade. And then I saw Rogerina.😂😂

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit Jain

    People: OMG Taylor Swift is so hot! Me: Have you ever SEEN Rogerina???

  • julian sargiotto
    julian sargiotto

    Que linda canción

  • JohnnyBoy7267

    Roger looks like Alicia Silverstone xD

  • Batang Buang
    Batang Buang

    petition to remove the dislike button

  • User Of The Unknown
    User Of The Unknown

    If only Americans were as open minded as us Brits then they would have seen Freddie touring one final time.

  • Jhenrry Campbell
    Jhenrry Campbell

    Agua en tu refri :v

  • Louise Fadden
    Louise Fadden

    Such a god 2019 anyone x ?!! ❤️❤️

  • random guy
    random guy

    This is werid

  • Beatriz Gaka
    Beatriz Gaka


  • Zuzana Martináková
    Zuzana Martináková

    Neuvěřitelný zpěvák, showman... (Odpočívejte) X rozjeďte to nahoře. :)

  • Jooheon and Changkyun
    Jooheon and Changkyun

    The dislikes are from those who couldnt break free.

  • SSub HUN
    SSub HUN

    This is me while I'm studying. Go to '0:45' seconds.

  • R Vr
    R Vr

    LEI que destrói. até que a sepultura os trague. DA NOJO DA DOENÇA SÓ, PURAMENTE CHAMADA DE INVEJA!

  • R Vr
    R Vr

    e a todas as muito mal amadas que juraram selo as custas da minha (NAO) frustraçao: Pv 30:21/23- se alvoroça a terra, pela mulher aborrecida quando se casa. oooo dó deus profano da inutilidade e burrice. vao cuidar das crias, as que tem elas.

  • R Vr
    R Vr

    LIVRE JA SOU! ja outros ignobeis, presos pra sempre na lei maçom. a cigana tenta vigiar cada passo meu, ela e seus ESTUPRADORES. sem sucesso claro. SOU LEI QUE CONFUNDE E DESTROI.

  • Станислав Самсонов
    Станислав Самсонов

    Фредди, я всегда тобой восжищался! Ты в серцах многих, ты можешь одеть юбку, но останешься Мужчиной! ! Я горжусь что жил с тобой в одно время! Я тебя Люблю!✌ и Шоу продолжается....

  • phill desekai
    phill desekai

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Ni un alma: Mexicanos: AguANta Un ReFri

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez


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