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  • Matty Boi
    Matty Boi

    10:50 I've tried to accomplish what this man has but failed many many times. It pains me to know I have lost this battle. He is truly a mad lad. I salute you *salutes holding back tears*

    • thebo22 ray
      thebo22 ray

      @octo star how???

    • Aaricia // zeepaarden
      Aaricia // zeepaarden

      @2EXTREME2008 Uhm, you don't have to be poor. Many to most supermarkets in Europe have this, even the 'richer' stores.

    • Doomguy 6 21 3 11
      Doomguy 6 21 3 11

      @Charbacca 453 Your not serious right

    • Arctic Fox Fan
      Arctic Fox Fan

      Ha Aldi’s gets to suffer

    • Lumbrub

      i just need that one quarter man

  • Jumin Is mine
    Jumin Is mine

    The joe thing says: still good friends, always be loyal.

  • A adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah army
    A adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah army

    Oh no no

  • Waltonmg TV
    Waltonmg TV

    As a former 7th grader that watched the outsiders I approve of you calling it a good movie

  • Baloonboy 254
    Baloonboy 254

    Emkay 4:51 it's Minecraft 1.5.2

  • Universal

    I just realized there are two dudes at Emkay... Opinion Zach

  • Scrooter

    10:54 the mad lad moment is he rigged the carts where you put a quarter in the slot so nobody steals the cart

  • Randal Schattenfalke
    Randal Schattenfalke

    How come nobody noticed the jayne hat on the axe guy? (firefly) he`s the hero of Canton!

  • Lord Kermit
    Lord Kermit

    Pfff weakling, failed at 3:20. I ended my suffering at 1am nov 1

  • Pumpkin

    I failed No Nut November literally on the last day at like 11:00

  • ChasmaHyena

    10:57 They locked the trolley into itself, that's what's happening

  • AG Wolfie Nightcore
    AG Wolfie Nightcore

    ok so the "shopping cart cup Holder" thing is actually the chain that binds the carts together and so my and my lil bro used to do that and wrap the chain aroun the thingly like that... it-my.com/watchvideo/video-A6ZrAp_G0Do.html

  • Becca Voss
    Becca Voss

    The battleaxe dude from Michigan, did noone else notice the Jayne hat? Of course a Browncoat did that, because he's not afraid of anything.

  • MrBunanaYT

    Battle axe

  • Aiden Walker
    Aiden Walker

    10:38 I haven’t used these in years and yet I still have my designated quarter

  • Super Vegito
    Super Vegito

    I once took a chair from school. I, in the middle of class was unscrewing the legs so i could take it out easier and SOMEHOW no one noticed

  • Alp Tuna Tuncer
    Alp Tuna Tuncer

    Emkay: When you turn 21... I'm sorry, is this some sort of american joke that I'm too european to understand?

  • Jayaratne Batepola
    Jayaratne Batepola

    My favorite one in this video is in 6:58 Chonkr

  • Red

    GOT OIL? red white and blue is comin for u


    On the one at 10:55, it is not supposed to do that, you must put in a quarter just to use the cart, like at Aldi's.

  • CatchyPompano 49
    CatchyPompano 49

    3:29 "Still good friends. Always be loyal.

  • Jillian Donoghue
    Jillian Donoghue

    Ah ha ha A ha ha Ah ha ha

  • Odd Potterhead
    Odd Potterhead

    3:34 the last word is loyal. "Still good friends Always be loyal"

  • Dexter Newman
    Dexter Newman

    Thanks for the parenting tip

  • C cnd Dndjdjjd
    C cnd Dndjdjjd


  • · Sakura Edits ·
    · Sakura Edits ·

    3:32 I read "Still Sood Juans Alump be loyal!" I have no idea what it means but okay

  • Riddle Me Fish
    Riddle Me Fish

    God I love Damien's laugh

  • Whitefang 73005
    Whitefang 73005

    Uhhh I’m pretty sure 3:00am is the devils hour and 12:00 is witching hour H M

  • Lucas Possnien
    Lucas Possnien

    13:15 its an alien character from lost in space... the 'multiple tails' are his cut off upper body looking for its legs... its a sick fucking piece, goddamn

  • Dakota Coe
    Dakota Coe

    2000 kids are not millennials they are generation Z get it right

  • Asuna Sao
    Asuna Sao

    Still good friends always be loyal

  • Lunala Games!!!
    Lunala Games!!!

    ITS 11/30/19 almost beat NNN

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    I failed at 12:00:01

  • Summer Owl
    Summer Owl

    My mom did the same thing with my sister. Minus calling her a horrible daughter. She threw a tantrum when she did at home, and again while at a grocery store. My sister never threw a tantrum since.

  • Cramberry-leemon Cola
    Cramberry-leemon Cola

    I’m to sad to actually laugh at this I’m sorry

    • YourCorvus

      God damn.. same man

  • •[]• YöoMişs Dėmøn •[]•
    •[]• YöoMişs Dėmøn •[]•

    0:36 There was this rusty table in the back of my class and one of it's leg broke off. My friend brought it home, snd he still have it.

  • Frick

    ah yes, the good old shit in the chimney trick 6:34

  • - Cup of Silver Stars -
    - Cup of Silver Stars -

    Outsiders is a good movie, liked the book better. Sodapop is always gonna be my favorite.

  • Fire Raven
    Fire Raven

    3:12 probably born in Florida

  • Dat smol bean
    Dat smol bean


  • Bansheebah *
    Bansheebah *

    jhj uhuyeuy 89e8978e u354uhk u kuiy 88989 89897?**#$ GGSDFGSFD BXHHk XijQL

  • Vivianne MJ
    Vivianne MJ

    6:57 how did my penguin club penguin become sentient?

  • Inari 321
    Inari 321

    3:32 still good friends Always be loyal

  • GoldenApplGamer

    10:37 that's one of those lock things on shopping trolleys where you have to put a pound (Or whatever your regional currency is) into it to use it. It's meant to stop people from stealing trolleys. To get your money back, you have to connect it to another trolley. On the end of a chain is a metal bit that fits into a slot onto other trolleys. What this mad lad has done is connect it to itself.

  • Bubble gum depression UwU
    Bubble gum depression UwU

    I failed on the 2nd.

  • NYX thewolf
    NYX thewolf

    10:37 the shopping cart is from Aldi's, a grocery store that has chains connecting their carts to prevent lost carts. you unlock a cart by sliding a quarter in a slot. this also makes sure people return carts! the chains are just short enough to prevent you from getting your quarter back without putting your cart away. this man managed to bend the plastic enough to get his quarter out without returning his cart

    • Aidan da Acorn
      Aidan da Acorn

      Ah yes a man of savings I respect you know this is a Aldi’s thing Thank you

  • electro_ swinger_07
    electro_ swinger_07

    10:45 you put a quarter into the front and the only way to get it back is to take that part and put it in, but normally you have to use one from another cart, he however found a way to use that one, basically cheating the system

  • Iceic Gaming
    Iceic Gaming

    5:21 Ha jokes on you I failed at 12 AM EXACT on November 1st. Get rekt.

  • BlackWater 49
    BlackWater 49

    8:27 Heinrich Himmler was the "Reichsführer SS". The guy you are thinking of was Josef Mengele.

  • Merc with the mouth
    Merc with the mouth

    That last one is like bloodborne in Lego.

  • LushenIV

    2:25 NOT AGAIN DAD

  • ApplePie

    1:19 what a mad lad

  • Life is a train wreck UwU
    Life is a train wreck UwU

    I’m eating ice cream............. BEFORE DINNER iM sUcH a MaDlAd

  • Scptic inden Man
    Scptic inden Man


  • Bobtron97 Asphalt
    Bobtron97 Asphalt


  • Oscar Ward
    Oscar Ward

    always be loyal is what it says your welcome you came here very well

  • nexus1g

    2:48 I bet that's Davie504.

  • ligering spirit
    ligering spirit

    Taking shit on the chimney is good

    • ligering spirit
      ligering spirit

      @Aidan da Acorn fiiiuuuu splat!! Ewww whats thats smell Is that a shit? Yeah thats a shit Owww shit Whos where that shit come from??? Its coming from top of the chimney ''saw a random guy wearing a santa claus costume" Hey what are you doing!!!??? What im just taking a shit On my chimney????? Pffttt yes that what happen when you mess with me HAHAHAH!!!! HEY MF GET DOWN FROM THERE OR I THE POLICE!!!! Im afraid to no police because im santa claus bitches GET DOWN FROM THERE AND STOP TAKING SHIT ON MY CHIMNEY!! NEVER!!! *call the police* Hello nypd how can i help you Yes there is a crazy person taking a shit on my chimney and he wearing a santa claus costume What? Someone take a shit on my chimney We didnt have a time for joking around sir please give us whats the info SANTA CLAUS TAKING A SHIT ON MY CHIMNEY AND I WANT A HELP RIGHT NOW!!! *putting down the phone* *afew minutes later* So whats the problem sir SEE THAT CRAZY SANTA TAKE A SHIT ON MY CHIMNEY *police trying to hold the laugh* Pfffff i i mean yeah i will take care of that sir Ok finally hey it s nypd get down from there or you will get hurt no mf im going to stay here till im done with my shit Im not afraid if police or not you cannot make me HAHA!!! Wait sir im getting my tazer gun Sure You have a ladder Yes miss Get down from there or im going to get up there and taze ur ass Try make me bitch Ok you make give me no choice *getting on the ladder* *a raindeer coming from the sky to pick him up* HOHOHO IM DONE BITCHES *getting on the sled* BYBYBYE MF HOHOHO Wtf was that i just watch is that the real santa? Maybe.... Well who would know that santa could be an asshole Yeah Ohh shit I think im done with this script... Ohh well

    • Aidan da Acorn
      Aidan da Acorn

      Imagine just knitting in your rocking chair near the fireplace and a massive turd comes down into through your fireplace

  • DEUS_M8

    Himler the chicken farmer

  • Plazz Dragon
    Plazz Dragon

    3:29 Yes Emkay, you were very close "Still good friends - always be loyal"

  • Xep Playz
    Xep Playz

    i failed NNN the second it turned november 1st

  • Xerem

    Like you're gonna get a girl to fuck

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie

    4:30 thats a *real* madlad

  • DerpyJack21

    3:31 Still good friends - Always be loyal! That is what it says

  • Skye

    Sometimes you sound so much like Kronk and it makes me so damn happy

  • Jakeyman81

    6:54 Santa came early. His present? A Keister Cake ™️ just for you!

  • the fox trotter 01
    the fox trotter 01

    0:45 I saw this on r/teenagers when it was just a few seconds old (slowly tearing up) it makes me proud that they made it to emkay

  • HUNTER 55
    HUNTER 55

    Lol I wrote an exam on the outsiders yesterday #staygolden

  • Zendin

    6:06 but what if it's 11:59 at night?

  • Tershi

    joe bidens thing says still good friends always be loyal. Some of you haven't grown up with medical field parents and it shows!

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