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  • Matty Boi
    Matty Boi

    10:50 I've tried to accomplish what this man has but failed many many times. It pains me to know I have lost this battle. He is truly a mad lad. I salute you *salutes holding back tears*

    • XenomorphQueen666

      *press F to pay respects*

    • Joseph McDonagh
      Joseph McDonagh

      Whatever. I'll find another way to fuck shit up for people and you should too.

    • t slimey
      t slimey

      ya that was a coter cart you need a courter to use it

    • Mr_ O _Blue_Ninja
      Mr_ O _Blue_Ninja

      Don’t you mean 10:20

    • The Greengamer
      The Greengamer

      If you find out what it is you'll die in 10 seconds it was hilarious

  • Nicola McCormack
    Nicola McCormack

    10:22 my dude straight up plugged the shopping trolley *into* the shopping trolley

  • יובלולול המשוגע
    יובלולול המשוגע

    5:57 it says in hebrew: lo orid et haseret betsura bilty hukit.

  • Thomas McGregor
    Thomas McGregor

    Okay so ever since i joined my new school, i’ve been stealing 1 pair if scissors each day and now i have over 700 scissors in a closet hidden in my room (it’s easy to hide since i have no friends)

    • Thomas McGregor
      Thomas McGregor

      Also not once in my entire life have i nutted in november

    • Thomas McGregor
      Thomas McGregor

      One day i got bored as fuck and decided to steal over 60 pots from my asshole hoarding neighbor and made a tiny house for my cat with it

    • Thomas McGregor
      Thomas McGregor

      And one time i went fishing with my friends but we forgot our fishing so we straight up sharpened our spears and started spear fishing at a pond(they were my old friends, before they left the school)

    • Thomas McGregor
      Thomas McGregor

      One day i also spent over 9 hours texting my friend old famous quotes

  • Dustonian

    10:19 I’m disappointed in you for not knowing what that is

  • Sam Smiles
    Sam Smiles

    I’m in eighth grade and we just finished the outsiders book. No movie because of COVID. Darn.

  • big tasty
    big tasty

    damien i will venmo you 2.50 american us dollars for you to read "what would you do if i kissed you right now... haha jk... unless" in the Chills voice

    • big tasty
      big tasty

      i will double it if you post it on the main channel

  • Gavin Hutton
    Gavin Hutton

    Somehow Damien saying “he did it” triggered siri

  • Daragon 12
    Daragon 12

    4:30 there’s Minecraft education edition and it is used for coding and has the elements in it. It can also be used to play normal Minecraft. I know this because we had a coding club that was shut down due to COVID and I’m allowed to play it at lunches because I tell my teacher I’m doing ‘coding’.

  • gamingNooobanimates

    Wait he thinks school computers have firewalls?

  • DJ Wither
    DJ Wither

    8:39 that right there, I approve of cuz I'm the same boat

  • Inferno MC
    Inferno MC

    8:19 *PARKOUR*

  • enchanted tap
    enchanted tap

    3:12 Still good friends Always be loyal.

  • Baguette is nice-sfs channel
    Baguette is nice-sfs channel


  • helena P.
    helena P.

    i own a battle axe but not a gun too

  • Mr art And stuff
    Mr art And stuff

    Himmler was a want to be soldier who created the consentration camps and verified the holocaust

  • Universal

    You had A SON

  • Lint Edgybun
    Lint Edgybun

    Little did the guards know the first Area 51 raid was just a trick July 3 the Karen’s and the anti vaccine children will act as Shields the Naruto runners will flood in from all directions and the kyles and chads will come from the back if any furrys come they wear their fursuit as armor and attack from the corners and from the front we have cars ram the gates the rock throwers in the back we Break through the gates and then the real fun begins

  • Fishing pole studios
    Fishing pole studios

    2:48 Damo and old mate with the stupid hat, battle brothers. To war!

  • linda Bonilla
    linda Bonilla

    That wasn't a cup holder that is a thing that stores use to get money it's a lock and you use a quarter or get the quarter back by putting the cart back

  • Youtube Person
    Youtube Person

    8:07 he was a Nazi General during WWII

  • SX-Nova

    6:09 imagine sitting in the livingroom and suddenly hearing a *plop* coming from your (idk what it's called in english so i'll just say fireplace)

  • Konstantin Sidorkov
    Konstantin Sidorkov

    wtf, the hand just levitates at the pic with chair leg

  • Yohshee


  • Pokemongenix Coffman
    Pokemongenix Coffman

    It's impossible to do that in aldis

  • Pokemongenix Coffman
    Pokemongenix Coffman

    Himmler was in charge in of the concentration camps

  • Pokemongenix Coffman
    Pokemongenix Coffman

    You are now history buff

  • Jason South
    Jason South

    4:50 hi Karen

  • Rj Peterson
    Rj Peterson

    2:44 I chased a burglar out of my house with a rapier. I can now sing along with Whiskey In The Jar without any irony.


    87 forb eye now wut wer gona doo todaay


    You spelt brib wrong

  • Brickbrainz

    The bird was the sign or the sign was the bird

  • King Slimey
    King Slimey

    6:13 bruh that laugh tho

  • Blu Soldier
    Blu Soldier

    4:39 better question: how the hell did he get diamond tools with such a small screen

  • XenomorphQueen666

    6:10 imagine that woman looks up her chimney and sees and a$shole and two cheeks as the man's sh*t hits her in the face at 20 miles per hour XD

  • Vx2 Snake
    Vx2 Snake

    made on my b day

  • Spinel and Rex
    Spinel and Rex

    10:35 that thing on the shopping cart is used in my country to prevent theft of carts you have to put a coin in and plug the chain in to get you money back

  • 《Gubbins Gacha》
    《Gubbins Gacha》

    The meme read: "Still good Friends- Always be loyal!" And I am guessing the big letters at the end spelled out his name "Joe Biden." The date at the end is 2-3-18, or Febuary the 8th, 2018.

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night

    “How did you go from agriculture to serving hitler” How do you go from art to being Hitler

  • Mr Reaper
    Mr Reaper

    6:35 Naw ya see, what you really need to do is eat some chipotle and then take some laxatives and unleash the unholy hell that will be liquified shit on this womans chimney.

  • Julie Cook
    Julie Cook

    whats the difference between a porcupine and BMW's? a porcupine has the pricks on the outside

  • vengful howl 2358
    vengful howl 2358

    7:47 can someone please translate this?

  • Nico McGee
    Nico McGee

    Bird : That sign won’t stop me because I can’t read !

  • Delebonov

    In school there is Minecraft education edition on Microsoft store

  • Miss L C
    Miss L C

    Hey Damien, the shopping cart at 10:19, is about the fact that the person used an extended chain lock so that he/ she can get the cart released without inserting the coin.

  • Devin Chandler
    Devin Chandler

    3:15 As a bad writing dude my self i can say dat it's probably: Still good friends Always be loyal! (Probably name or somethin) Date Yes, my teachers always notice my bad writing and no i still doesn't change it Goin to grade 10

  • e

    still good friends always be loyal

  • Bram Postma
    Bram Postma

    6:49 why cant i ever have privacy 😥

  • SkyleeKates

    Oh how we will miss him

  • Ronin Whisler
    Ronin Whisler

    10:25 it is the shopping cart lock

  • Paulo Arkantus
    Paulo Arkantus

    9:57 you take my life, i take yours

  • Scott Tivey Jr
    Scott Tivey Jr

    1:05 To alcohol The cause of And solution to All of life’s problems.

  • Deedjay 451
    Deedjay 451

    peasants i have my personal cracked Minecraft launcher on my own USB key and have absolutely no need to use google. open then play, and i'm good to go

  • Jellsnell

    Stupid super power: You have regeneration but you're forced to tell wiener every time you wank at the top of your lungs

  • Boston Talbot
    Boston Talbot

    7:50 very pretty under face

  • Fam lit foot dab
    Fam lit foot dab

    My class was watching a movie and I had an invisible pen and drew a dick on the chair

  • vermin lord
    vermin lord

    0:40 I’m pretty sure that that happened in the movie and it was accidental but they kept it anyway

  • Random Person
    Random Person

  • Brady Van Ness
    Brady Van Ness

    He ended racism he ended racism

  • Davis M
    Davis M

    Hats off to the lad using the whites only fountain... he knew it was dangerous and he still told segregation to go fuck itself Legend

  • Forest Bunny
    Forest Bunny

    0:58 Bird: how 'bout N O


    That's Russia alright 6:10

  • Yobama

    notch and lannan ate awesome

  • spinosaurusrex

    8:00 where is her phone camera? Is the phone upside down?

  • alienmagic

    10:27 thats a self-locking cart you have to pay to use it

  • Joe Hovis
    Joe Hovis

    2:39 was Davie 504?

  • Kepler15A

    10:24 That's a shopping cart lock. I've seen them before, and I have tried many times to do that. Also, HE IS THE MESSIAH!

  • rederos

    10:33, you know some shopping carts in some countries have like a place in which you need to insert coin to unlock it, and then insert the previous carts that chain to get your coin out (which locks the cart to the previous one), but its built the way that you can't get the coin out with only one cart. Now that guy apparently managed to actually do that. I tried many times for fun, it's impossible

  • Jawwles H
    Jawwles H

    Did Damien go to a school in Ohio by cahance

    • Jawwles H
      Jawwles H


  • i҉n҉k҉

    BASS NOT BASE. And that battle axe? That's what my family calls a wedding gift.

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